790 examples of sanest in sentences

Their individual value, as they go out into the world, is to set right values on social customs and decrees; to establish the law of freedom in the home; to lead men and women out of the thraldom of ignorance, vulgarity, hearsay, and "style," into simplicity of living and a sane scale of household expense.

" "He was as sane as any man I ever knew," I retorted drily.

The sane men are the average ones, who are fairly honest and yet tell white lies on occasion, who succumb to temptation now and then; who temporise and compromise, and try to lead a comfortable and quiet life.

Most probably no sane English-speaking person has read it through and preserved his sanity.

"She is not mad," I cried, "but as sane as you yourself.

She will be a sane and healthy element in the future international order.

He's sane for the first time in years.

And there isn't any sane reason why we need stop at that.

So far had belief in the invulnerability of the modern ship curtailed sane and proper provision for taking care of her people in time of calamity.

SANITY OF TRUE GENIUS So far from the position holding true, that great wit (or genius, in our modern way of speaking), has a necessary alliance with insanity, the greatest wits, on the contrary, will ever be found to be the sanest writers.

New Monthly Magazine, May, 1826, where it appeared as one of the Popular Fallacies under the title, "That great Wit is allied to Madness;" beginning: "So far from this being true, the greatest wits will ever be found to be the sanest writers..." and so forth.

It contains fine passages of verse and some of his sanest and maturest philosophy; but the work is not the masterpiece that he hoped to make.

It is not uncommon for the sanest people of delicate organisation to see faces before them while going to sleep, sometimes in fantastical succession.

Not only was he a great creative genius, equally the first modern sculptor and the sanest, but he was himself tall and comely, open-handed, a warm friend, humorous and of vigorous intellect.

"This pleased me, for it seemed the sanest thing to be done in the extraordinary circumstances and meanwhile I should continue my investigations; but until the marriage was accomplished, my chief thought was to keep Miss Hisgins near to me.

To those who have read her books and the letters written to her by one of the sanest and least ecstatic men of her day, or have conversed with people who knew her well, it is evident that Florence Nightingale was at no point like that.

In a way it is the solidest and sanest time in English letters.

In his present mood he was almost ready to admit that the sanest philosophy of life was that which brought the greatest happiness.

The next five years were probably the sanest and the busiest in his life.

The large majority, and by far the sanest part of the Rumanian nation, are thus fraudulently kept outside the political and social life of the country.

The Rumanians of Hungary form by far the sanest element in the Rumanian nation.

This is not a war against Germans, as we know Germans in America, where they are among our sanest, most industrious, and most responsible fellow countrymen.

An epigram from one of the sanest and cleverest of our modern humorists flashed into my mind.

He is perhaps the sanest man and has the fewest crotchets of any I chance to know,the same yesterday, to-day, and to-morrow.

"It is that sort of madmen who are often the sanest," Francis Markrute answered.

790 examples of  sanest  in sentences