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935 example sentences with  sanest

935 example sentences with sanest

New Monthly Magazine, May, 1826, where it appeared as one of the Popular Fallacies under the title, "That great Wit is allied to Madness;" beginning: "So far from this being true, the greatest wits will ever be found to be the sanest writers..." and so forth.

It contains fine passages of verse and some of his sanest and maturest philosophy; but the work is not the masterpiece that he hoped to make.

It is not uncommon for the sanest people of delicate organisation to see faces before them while going to sleep, sometimes in fantastical succession.

He is perhaps the sanest man and has the fewest crotchets of any I chance to know,the same yesterday, to-day, and to-morrow.

Not only was he a great creative genius, equally the first modern sculptor and the sanest, but he was himself tall and comely, open-handed, a warm friend, humorous and of vigorous intellect.

no sane man ever dances.

Multa sane hinc consequuentur absurda, et si nihil aliud, tot Cometae in aethere animadversi, qui nullius orbus ductum comitantur, id ipsum sufficienter refellunt.

"Can he be a sane man who records the subsequent reverie as matter of fact?

He owes it to you that he's sane now.

His conscience was appeased by Maisie's coldness, and Jerrold told himself that the life he led now was the best possible life for a sane man.

"This pleased me, for it seemed the sanest thing to be done in the extraordinary circumstances and meanwhile I should continue my investigations; but until the marriage was accomplished, my chief thought was to keep Miss Hisgins near to me.

This man is perfectly sane except on one point.

Yes, it was a curiously unreal world; and, for the first day or two, as Henry, bent, lonely and bewildered, over his desk, studied it furtively with questioning eyes, it seemed to him as though he had strayed into some asylum for the insane, where fantastic interests and mock honours take the place of the real interests and honours of sane human beings.

Are you mad?" "No, dear, not at all; very sane and very determined.

To those who have read her books and the letters written to her by one of the sanest and least ecstatic men of her day, or have conversed with people who knew her well, it is evident that Florence Nightingale was at no point like that.

She was at this moment as sane as he.

He was brought into the District when four years old; and it does not appear that he ever had a chance allowed him of growing into a sane man.

In a sane moment he would never have attempted that leap.

He said once that any sane person in this world was like a civilized man with plenty of gold coin, cast away on a desert island with a tribe of savages who only valued beads and calico, and buttons and junk.

It seems to me, therefore, the function of sane criticism not to be particular about the easel-pictures ascribed to Venusti, Del Conte, and Bugiardini.

For the rest, the easel-pictures, which abound, can hardly now be distributed, by any sane method of criticism, between Bugiardini, Jacopo del Conte, and Venusti.

Rather ought we, in Michelangelo's case, to dwell upon the remarkable sobriety of his life, his sustained industry under very trying circumstances, his prolonged intellectual activity into extreme old age, the toughness of his constitution, and the elasticity of that nerve-fibre which continued to be sound and sane under the enormous and varied pressure put upon it over a period of seventy-five laborious years.

I, therefore, made him of our Table Round, Not rashly, but have proved him everyway One of our noblest, our most valorous, Sanest and most obedient: and indeed This work of Edyrn wrought upon himself After a life of violence, seems to me

After telling Atticus that his guest sat down to dinner when the bath was over he goes on: "[Greek: Emetikaen] agebat; itaque et edit et bibit [Greek: adeos] et iucunde, opipare sane et apparate, nec id solum, sed bene cocto condito, sermone bono, et si quaeri, libenter.

To their authority, in every department of thought, the sane mind bows promptly, gratefully, fully.

But the ultimate of all sane European policy, as distinguished from oligarchic and dynastic foolery, is the establishment of the natural map of Europe.

No sane man, German or anti-German, who has weighed the prospects of the new age, will be desirous of a restoration of the now vanished German colonial empire, vindictive, intriguing, and unscrupulous, a mere series of centres of attack upon adjacent territory, to complicate the immense disentanglements and readjustments that lie already before the French and British and Italians.

It is no good arguing about the finer ethics of the things that are; the business of sane men is to get things better.

The business of all sane men in all the countries of the Pledged Allies and in America is manifestly to sink petty jealousies and a suicidal competitiveness, and to organise co-operation with all the intellectual forces they can find or develop in the subject countries, to convert these inept national systems into politically efficient independent organisations in a world peace alliance.

And that is the business of the sane Germans too.

In a way it is the solidest and sanest time in English letters.

He's wounded in the head with a shrapnel splinter, and, although he seems sane and sensible enough in other ways, he's been begging me and the doctor not to send him back to the hospital.

If he felt blue and discouraged, or dried up and in want of inspiration, he merely called her over, and her quiet talk, her sane views, her quick thinking, her never-failing good humor and faith, acted upon him as a tonic.

If a possibly harmful quantity of a soluble compound, of tin be placed in a portion of canned food, the latter will be so nasty and so unlike any ordinary nasty flavor, so "metallic," in fact, that no sane person will eat it.

It was quite, quite sane and very comforting in Paris.

Modern warfare is an insanity, not a sane business proposition.

Driven sane with despair, he then (Our staff here cut the story off.

In his present mood he was almost ready to admit that the sanest philosophy of life was that which brought the greatest happiness.

The next five years were probably the sanest and the busiest in his life.

It was a sane and a glad evangel that he gave to his students, and brought in almost constant and always ardent addresses to the youth of many colleges.

" No sane critic would dream of comparing the genius of Pitt with that of Burke.

But I am sure that if you should ever be really in love with me, without fine phrases or passionate fictions, your affection would be more sane and deep than that of other men....

There's scope for the truculent passion Of JUVENAL'S masculine muse To flagellate folly and fashion In dress and in manners and views; But we've plenty of prophets and poets; We've few who are sober and sane; We don't want another DE BLOWITZ; We want a DELANE.

The large majority, and by far the sanest part of the Rumanian nation, are thus fraudulently kept outside the political and social life of the country.

The Rumanians of Hungary form by far the sanest element in the Rumanian nation.

He was a little mad himself that night, he admits, or else very, very sane.

This is not a war against Germans, as we know Germans in America, where they are among our sanest, most industrious, and most responsible fellow countrymen.

Mr. PETT RIDGE is as good as a tonic in these depressing days, and without any effort he keeps at a high level of sane cheerfulness.

Why, then, I think sane persons are to be commiserated.

I put it to you, is that the contrivance of a sane man?

Quod autem ad exemplar ipsum, quo Adamus Exsul comprehenditur, spectat, id lubens, si meum foret, ad te perferri curarem, verum illud a clarissimo possessore tanti aestimatur, ut perrsuasum habeam me istud minime ab ipso impetraturum: et sane sacra carmina Grotii adeo raro obvia sunt, ut eorundem exemplar apud ipsos remonstrantium ecclesiastas frustra quaesiverim.

Utinam illustrissimus Bensonus in usum serenissimi principis, atque ingeniorum in altiora surgentium, eadem forma, lisdemque typis exarari juberet divinos illos Ciceronis de Officiis libros, dignos sane, quos diurna nocturnaque manu versaret princeps, a quo aliquando Britannici regni majestas et populi salus pendebunt!

Sane and sensible views of life.

SEE Haldeman-Julius, E., ed. Sane and sensible views of life.

Your wife strikes me as awfully sane, Mr. Burch.

J. Martin-Sane (E); 22Jul63; R319173.

SEE Johnson's sane nuts.

JOHNSON'S SANE NUTS, "they're more refined," (Salted nuts)

Sane and sensible views of life.

SEE Haldeman-Julius, E., ed. Sane and sensible views of life.

MARTIN-SANE, J., executor of the Estate of Abel Bonnard.

Mari Sandoz (A); 5Jul63; R317905. SANE, J. MARTIN-, executor of the Estate of Abel Bonnard.

No sane man would ever expend two annas where one would do!

From Celia's own showing the abstract right and justice of the matter had been on his side; no sane civilisation could tolerate the code that Celia cited.

You are not sane, sir!

Typically English, and in intellect typically of the eighteenth century, logical, sane, practical, he is not, at first sight, the man one would expect to find in sympathy with the mystics.

But a sane letter and a true letter, telling about the abuses which exist here would stand no show of being mailed.

It was the unanimity of sane opinions that helped me to correct my own views; and I am confident that each talk with relatives and friends hastened my return to normality.

I have said much about the obligation of the sane in reference to easing the burdens of those committed to institutions.

I then proceeded to unfold my scheme; and, though I may have exhibited a decided intensity of feeling during my discourse, at no time, I believe, did I overstep the bounds of what appeared to be sane enthusiasm.

In fact, I did assent the more readily because I admired the thorough, sane, fair, almost artistic manner in which my brother had brought me to bay.

The sane part of me, which fortunately was dominant, subjected its temporarily unruly part to a sort of scientific scrutiny and surveillance.

My every whim was at least considered with a politeness which enabled me to accept a denial with a highly sane equanimity.

All deeds executed by the person thus appointed shall be valid in law, and shall convey the interest of such insane person in the real estate so conveyed; said power shall cease and become void as soon as he or she shall become sane and of sound mind, and apply to the court to revoke said power, and the same shall be evoked; but such revocation shall in nowise affect conveyances previously made.

An epigram from one of the sanest and cleverest of our modern humorists flashed into my mind.

[Footnote 116: It is interesting to compare these sane therapeutics with Cato's practice less than two hundred years previous (ante, p. 47), which was characteristic of the superstitious peasant who in Italy still seeks the priest to bless his ailing live stock.]

And when he returns he will be as sane as you and I, and if you ask him where he has been he will say that he went out to see if he could get a shot at something."

Hedwig,"and I am reluctantly forced to confess that he is not sane, according to the ordinary standard of the mind.

"He was as sane as anything now, grave and serious and rather ironical, just as he always looked.

This was her own Guy come back to her, clean, sane, with the boyish humour that she had always loved in him, and the old quick light of understanding and sympathy in his eyes.

"It is that sort of madmen who are often the sanest," Francis Markrute answered.

To illustrate the degeneracy of the age, Peire relates a fable, perhaps the only instance of this literary form among the troubadours, upon the theme that if all the world were mad, the one sane man would be in a lunatic asylum: "there was a certain town, I know not where, upon which a rain fell of such a nature that all the inhabitants upon whom it fell, lost their reason.

The sane man was deeply surprised and saw that they were mad; nor could he find a single man in his senses.

The good news has just come to hand, however, that a band of Church of England missionaries, despatched by the Bishop of ZANZIBAR, has now entered the country; and it is delightful to contemplate the beneficent result that may be expected from their broadminded attitude and their sane teaching on the subject of the brotherhood of man.

In his view a tub once a week was all that any sane person should need.

Because my husband is not always sane, and I am afraid of what he might do to you if he were provoked any further.

"He is not always sane," she repeated.

Access to public lands is one of the few things that kept me sane after returning to civilian life.

Bliss capitalised with Twisted Bliss on to Sane to get the pinfall and get WrestleMania off to a dramatic start with a title change.

But no sane person can also accept the destruction of property; no sane person can be convinced that riots are spontaneous and do not carry political goals.

But no sane person can also accept the destruction of property; no sane person can be convinced that riots are spontaneous and do not carry political goals.

ā€œBut that is what keeps me sane; as crazy how things have changed, there are constants, and that constant is still doing the work, meeting the deadline.ā€

Fans of the comics may already know this arc for J'onn J'onzz reforming Joker's mind to make him sane.

ā€˜I try and steer as clear from politics as possible to keep you sane.

On occasion, I am prompted to believe that I am the wisest one around here, and since that is far from accurate, I will settle for the sanest.

What a delight itā€™s been to see other lepersā€™ pets, their Netflix rosters, and pro tips on how to stay sane.

When people are socially distanced they donā€™t need masks and every sane person knows this.

While Iā€™m stuck inside, this means the things Iā€™m watching, reading, and doing to keep sane.

Divorcing couples who are sane, mature and child-focused enough to ``share'' parenting are already doing so, without benefit of expensive courtroom battles or hoked-up parenting plans.

Hand-writing static HTML beats the socks off Minisleep's attempts at being portable and sane.