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62 example sentences with  sanitariums

62 example sentences with sanitariums

I'm not running a sanitarium.

The woman looked at pa as though he had escaped from a sanitarium, and then she seemed to think he was trying to make game of her, and she said: "You old skate, do you know who you have the honor of addressing?

A sanitarium appears to be one of the necessary components of the condition.

Living a sort of quasi-sanitarium life, with the rules and regulations of one undergoing a rest cure for thirty-six years, he thus accomplished infinitely more than the millions who have led the strenuous life.

Manifestly an unstable thymocentric should not be treated as a criminal, but treated in a sanitarium.

Your list of cousins is a very long one, and even if there were room for them in the house, the care and responsibility of such a house party would be enough to land you in a sanitarium when it was over, if not before.

The hill sides, terraced into beds of flowersmany wild and more cultivated, especially dahlias, which grow in great luxuriance and richness of colour in the hills of Indiaform the beautiful ground-work of an Indian cemetery in a sanitarium like Mussooree.

Sanitarium Lake Reservation 193 WISCONSIN.

Well, two years before the storming of the Bastile Pinel walked into the sanitarium of the Salpetriere and committed the brave act of freeing the insane of the chains that weighed them down.

The 1st of April found him at Kussowlie, from which point he visited two places which greatly interested himthe 'Lawrence Asylum' and the Military Sanitarium at Dugshai.

Salubrity N. salubrity; healthiness &c adj.. fine air, fine climate; eudiometer^. [Preservation of health] hygiene; valetudinarian, valetudinarianism; sanitarian; sanitarium, sanitOrium.

The Continent is yet in ignorance of what will be one of the grandest show places, as well as sanitariums.

The trip extended further along Vettern's shores; and after a little they came to Sanna Sanitarium.

They advised a sanitarium in the Adirondacks for her.

My little daughter is in a sanitarium dying with an incurable heart leakage.

One branch runs on to the frontier of Afghanistan via Lahore and Peshawur, and the other via Umballa, an important military post, to Simla, the summer capital and sanitarium of India.

XXVI THE HIMALAYAS AND THE INVASION OF THIBET Darjeeling is one of the most favored spots on earth, the loveliest place in India, and the favorite resort and sanitarium of the citizen element as distinguished from military and official circles.

Darjeeling is a sanitarium of the greatest benefit to the people of India.

I telegraph to him and he comes at once and takes Arnold back to his sanitarium, till he's himself again."

She knew of the sanitarium to which Arnold had been taken and did not like it.

The place was some sort of a health resort or sanitarium that failed several years ago.

It had the post- mark of Hornell Sanitarium, New York.

People who hadn't slept for weeks found repose in the First Congregational Church an' Sanitarium of Pointview.

Farewell!" Prof. Smith had been suddenly stricken down by severe illness and with difficulty removed to the well-known Sanitarium at Clifton Springs.

This desire to penetrate to the interior of the celebrated sanitarium, then in great request by the wealthy invalids of the United States, was natural enough on the part of a foreigner.

It is now necessary to explain how this Frenchman came to quit France, what motive attracted him to the United States, why the Federal government had judged it prudent and necessary to intern him in this sanitarium, where every utterance that unconsciously escaped him during his crises were noted and recorded with the minutest care.

Beatrice Roethke (W); 17Dec64; R351494. Lines upon leaving a sanitarium.

Beatrice Roethke (W); 17Dec64; R351494. Lines upon leaving a sanitarium.

She's in a private sanitarium, at Livermore, you know."

You can do so, for I know that Mr. Close is living at the St. Francis Club until his wife returns from the sanitarium.

Why cannot a book be written which will free the helpless slaves of all creeds and colors confined to-day in the asylums and sanitariums throughout the world?

It was also worn by skaters, gymnasts, tourists, and in sanitariums.

The names of those who wore the bloomer costume, besides those already mentioned, were Paulina Wright Davis, Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, Sarah and Angelina Grimke, Mrs. William Burleigh, Celia Burleigh, Charlotte Beebe Wilbour, Helen Jarvis, Lydia Jenkins, Amelia Willard, Dr. Harriet N. Austin, and many patients in sanitariums, whose names I cannot recall.

Mr. Walton is now an inmate of a sanitarium, a victim of paresis.

On February 3, 1902, a little sanitarium was opened in a small native house at Baguio.

People of this class are much interested in the establishment of Baguio as a summer capital, and when the road is completed a town will spring up, made up of comfortable residences, of a fine, extensive army post, and sanitariums for the relief of persons suffering from diseases prevalent in the lowlands.

E. E. KELLOGG, A.M. Superintendent of the Sanitarium School of Cookery and of the Bay View Assembly School of Cookery, and Chairman of the World's Fair Committee on Food Supplies, for Michigan 1893 PREFACE.

A little less than ten years ago the Sanitarium at Battle Creek Mich., established an experimental kitchen and a school of cookery under the supervision of Mrs. Dr. Kellogg, since which time, researches in the various lines of cookery and dietetics have been in constant progress in the experimental kitchen, and regular sessions of the school of cookery have been held.

During this time, Mrs. Kellogg has had constant oversight of the cuisine of both the Sanitarium and the Sanitarium Hospital, preparing bills of fare for the general and diet tables, and supplying constantly new methods and original recipes to meet the changing and growing demands of an institution numbering always from 500 to 700 inmates.

During this time, Mrs. Kellogg has had constant oversight of the cuisine of both the Sanitarium and the Sanitarium Hospital, preparing bills of fare for the general and diet tables, and supplying constantly new methods and original recipes to meet the changing and growing demands of an institution numbering always from 500 to 700 inmates.

Those who have tested the results of Mrs. Kellogg's system of cookery at the Sanitarium tables, or in their own homes through the instruction of her pupils, have been most enthusiastic in their expressions of satisfaction and commendation.

The great success which attended the cooking school in connection with the Bay View Assembly (the Michigan Chautauqua), as well as the uniform success which has met the efforts of many of the graduates of the Sanitarium school of cookery who have undertaken to introduce the new system through the means of cooking classes in various parts of the United States, has created a demand for a fuller knowledge of the system.

The accompanying cuts illustrate a sink of four compartments for dish-washing, devised by the writer for use in the Sanitarium Domestic Economy kitchen, which can be closed and used as a table.

GRANOLA GEMS.Into three fourths of a cup of rich milk stir one cup of Granola (prepared by the Sanitarium Food Co.).

Zwieback may also be purchased in bulk, all ready for use, at ten cents a pound, from the Sanitarium Food Co., Battle Creek, Mich., and it is serviceable in so many ways that it should form a staple article of food in every household.

DRY GRANOLA.This prepared food, made from wheat, corn, and oats, and obtainable from the Sanitarium Food Co., Battle Creek, Mich., forms an excellent breakfast dish eaten with cold or hot milk and cream.

GRANOLA CRUST.For certain pies requiring an under crust only, the prepared granola manufactured by the Sanitarium Food Co. makes a superior crust.

GLUTEN GRUEL.Stir two and one half tablespoonfuls of the wheat gluten prepared by the Sanitarium Food Co., Battle Creek, Mich., into a pint of boiling milk; boil until thickened, when it is ready to serve.

GLUTEN MEAL GRUEL.Into a cup and a half of boiling water stir four tablespoonfuls of gluten meal (prepared by the Sanitarium Food Co.), let it boil for a moment, add six tablespoonfuls of rather thin, sweet cream, and serve.

The various cooked preparations of grainsgranola, wheatena, avenola, wheat gluten and gluten mealmanufactured by the Sanitarium Food Co., Battle Creek, Mich., form excellent articles of diet for many invalids, when served with hot milk or cream, or prepared in the form of mush.

The various crackers, wafers, and invalid foods manufactured by the Sanitarium Food Co., Battle Creek, Mich., are also to be recommended.

GLUTEN MEAL GEMS.Beat together one half cup of ice water, one half cup of thick, sweet cream, and one egg; then add one cup and a tablespoonful of the gluten meal prepared by the Sanitarium Food Co. Turn into slightly heated gem irons, and bake in a moderately hot oven from one half to three fourths of an hour.

PREPARED FOODS FOR INFANTS.Of prepared infant foods we can recommend that manufactured by the Sanitarium Food Co., Battle Creek, Mich., as thoroughly reliable.

The wafers mentioned are the whole-wheat and gluten wafers manufactured by the Sanitarium Food Co., which by many families are considered more convenient for general use as a hard bread than the crisps, sticks, etc., which upon some of the menus are designed for the same purpose.

A great German expert on brain disorders had held out hope that a six month's treatment at his sanitarium in Berlin might aid in restoring her mind.

Also in 2003, the band had participated in the Summer Sanitarium Tour.

Agayeva, who works in a children's sanitarium, says the hopes she had for Putin 20 years ago have since evaporated.

All residents along Crystal Springs Road and North Fork Crystal Springs Road must leave immediately, and the entire community of Deer Park, including Sanitarium Road, is also under an evacuation order.

Firefighters work to contain the Glass fire along Sanitarium Road in Napa County on Sunday.

Blank sheet of stationery from the Sanitarium Hotel in Banff.

Dr. J.H. Kellogg, head of their Sanitarium there, was a man of influence, having many friends.

Founded as a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients, West Park has expanded on its role as a leader in tuberculosis care to develop services for other respiratory illnesses and complex conditions.