422 examples of saturates in sentences

As War shows plainly to the most stupidly gross imagination, the germs of our own self-destruction as a species saturate our blood.

This rhythmicity saturates their personalities, so that poetry and music almost morbidly appeal to them.

But our job has not been rendered any easier by the difficulty we have experienced in pacifying the simple blacks by attempts to dispel the fears of rapine and murder at the hands of our soldiers, with which the Germans have been at such pains to saturate the native mind.

The alluvial soil that lay spread around him was principally the result of ages of deposit while the place was covered with water; but, as the overflowing of the water had been produced by a regular dam, the latter once removed, the meadows were free, from the excessive moisture which generally saturates drained lands.

Saturate milk with Epsom salts, or common salt.

Certainly he had a conscientious tailor and a busy valet, both saturate with British tradition.

V. moisten, wet; humect^, humectate^; sponge, damp, bedew; imbue, imbrue, infiltrate, saturate; soak, drench &c (water) 337. be moist &c adj.; not have a dry thread; perspire &c (exude) 295.

V. sate, satiate, satisfy, saturate; cloy, quench, slake, pall, glut., gorge, surfeit; bore &c (weary) 841; tire &c (fatigue) 688; spoil. have enough of, have quite enough of, have one's fill, have too much of; be satiated &c adj..

After the rains have fallen in sufficient quantities to saturate the ground, a seed-bed is generally planted in one corner of the field, in which the rice is sown broadcast, about the month of June.

impregnar, to impregnate, saturate, imbue.

(d) The proper method of oiling a barrel is as follows: Wipe the cleaning roll dry; select a clean patch and thoroughly saturate it with sperm oil or warmed cosmic, being sure that the cosmic has penetrated the patch; scrub the bore with the patch, finally drawing the patch smoothly from the muzzle to the breech, allowing the cleaning rod to turn with the rifling.

The whole story is just this, if you can saturate your pupils with the character of just such men and women as that, then you have trained a generation of heroes and nobody can spoil them.

"Simply this," said Frances with conviction, "that each in turn has left his layer of concentrated thinking and belief behind him; because each believed intensely, absolutely, beyond the least weakening of any doubt the kind of strong belief and thinking that is rare anywhere today, the kind that wills, impregnates objects, saturates the atmosphere, haunts, in a word.

Shall we give him an hour or so among the portraits at the Royal Academy, or shall we make an enthusiastic tour of London sculpture and architecture and saturate his soul with the beauty he makes possible?

The religious instructor in every creed is one who makes it his profession to saturate his pupils with prejudice.

Wright, good-hearted, strong, keen, striving to saturate his mind with the ice problems of this wonderful region.

If only we keep a foothold, if only we leave behind us a growing host to fight when we are gone!" "And to-morrow?" "We will scatter the Food; we will saturate the world with the Food.

Its aim is not merely to reunite all the dispersed classes of poetry, and to place poetry in touch with philosophy and rhetoric; it aims and ought to aim to mingle and combine poetry and prose, genius and criticism, artistic and natural poetry; to make poetry lively and social, to make life and society poetic; to poetize wit, to saturate all the forms of art with worthy materials of culture and enliven them by the sallies of humor.

It will, and should, also now mingle and now amalgamate poetry and prose, genius and criticism, artistic poetry and natural poetry; make poetry living and social, and life and society poetic; poetize wit; and fill and saturate the forms of art with sterling material of every kind, and inspire them with the vibrations of humor.

It therefore saturates the cushion of moss on the surface, and, aided by the almost perpetual sunlight of June and July, excites it to a rapid and wonderfully luxuriant growth.

Is it possible that subtile** distillations of personality penetrate and saturate inanimate things, so that aromas imperceptible to the sense are given off for ages and affect all who come in receptive mood within their influence?

Therefore, this and similar articles must be suppressed, not because they are not true, but because they would interfere with the delusion of hate which saturates the mind of the new Germany.

The patient has had re-introduced into the body the emanations from himself which day after day and week after week saturate his unaired bedding.

And if you consider the enormous quantity of organic matter from the feet of people coming in, which must saturate it, this is by no means surprising.

Besides this, the animal exhalations from your inmates saturate your furniture.

422 examples of  saturates  in sentences