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4893 examples of  saw me  in sentences

4893 examples of saw me in sentences

As the Thing saw me, it gave a sudden, uncouth squeal, which was answered from all parts of the Pit.

[Illustration: "LADY STUDLEY HAD COME HERSELF TO FETCH ME."] Accordingly, two days later saw me on my way to Wiltshire, and to Studley Grange.

Then she looked aside and saw me.

When I was an outcast she was ready to shelter me; but now that I was in some degree of favour with others the need for this was gone, and she saw me without illusion in all my angularity and roughness.

I may want you to state you saw me break the seals.

For me he lived, for me he fought, for me he mourned and wept, When he saw me in this captive home like a ship to the breakers swept.

Such is the vanity of youth, for I have since been assured many times by one who saw me that I was a very ordinary looking fellow.

The Indian saw me coming, and waited calmly, tomahawk in air.

Oh, may Heaven bless Dear Lady Proserpine, who saw me wake,

He saw me fall into a river and dissolve completely.

"But Lise saw me in front of the door and said that I should take the letter up with me and give it to you, and tell her whether you wanted to give the Rector an answer or not.

The lanes I sought, and, as the sun retired, Came where beneath the trees a faggot blazed; The travellers saw me weep, my fate inquired, And gave me foodand rest, more welcome, more desired.

So Peter stuck around all the time, and he drove me everywhere, and always saw me home.

Skinny was all bunged up but, oh, boy, you should have seen the scout smile when he saw me.

"You know, he saw me!"

"Breathless as he saw me, he stayed not for congratulation or reply, but mutely stalked away, leaving me to chew upon his new-blown dignities at leisure.

Whether he knew me or not, I know not, or whether he saw me through his poor glazed eyes; but the group I saw about him I shall not forget.

I worshipped her from afar so that she saw me not, being occupied with many adorers less timid, who made nothing of snatching a hair ribbon.

She saw me, our eyes met, and the story was told.

And he answered it was so by adventure that I came upon the mount of Gilboa, and Saul rested upon his spear, and the horsemen and the chariots of the Philistines approached to himward, and he looked behind him and saw me, and called me, and said to me: Who art thou?

"Even if he saw me, he couldn't recognise mehe doesn't know me.

Then Angus McRae saw me one day.

She saw me coming down the steps of a physician's houseI suppose she mistook my camera case for a case of medicines.

he said when he saw me.

"You saw me with Lanpher, didn't you?

You never saw me before, but my husband's talked about you ever since he first saw you on the street, that day.

When he saw me he tried to laugh and said he was just going to shave; I asked him if he generally shaved without soap and water, and he burst into tears.'

" "I paid Joe his half-dollar, certainlyyou saw me pay him, captain Gar'ner.

He had no roomperhaps no inclinationto get into the scrimmage; so he saw me first, and he needed no spur to his enmity.

But nothing happened, M. Hamel saw me and said very kindly: "Go to your place quickly, little Franz.

When he saw me he straightened up, looked at me, and settled back again.

Sure you saw me at the station.

Call in the Captaine You saw me speake with at the dore.

And she saw me that night to the hedge-gap, having her three great boar-hounds with her, to company her home again.

And surely, I lookt at her; but she did have her lids something downward, when that she saw me turn; and so in the end, I said naught, but went to my sleep, and had the Diskos very handy, as ever, beside me.

If they saw me with youat this hour" He felt her shuddering against him.

The Wit and the Beau met one day at Charing Cross, and it can well be imagined that the latter was rather disgusted at being seen so far east of St. James's Street, and drawled out to Sheridan,'Sherry, my dear boy, don't mention that you saw me in this filthy part of the town, though, perhaps, I am rather severe, for his Grace of Northumberland resides somewhere about this spot, if I don't mistake.

As soon as she saw me, she panted, and struggled to speak; but could only say, O Mr. Lovelace!

"And it's quite sure I am, sir," replied the man, "when I first came over from the ould country I lived with them awhile, and though when she saw me to-day, she did not let on that she remembered my doing that same, she could not help calling me James.

He never waited a second when he saw me, but jumped off his horse and beamedjust as if we had parted the best of friends!!!

Dear Papa, he looked so pleased, smiled so brightly when he saw me.

" "He didn't appear anxious to talk with me when he saw me open the door.

An old gentleman fairly roared the instant he saw me.

"The only time you ever saw me was at Santa Barbara last May, but you were very good to me andand I found out your name" "Of course.

" "Oh, no," Miss Sinclair said, "I'm sure no one saw me go to their rooms, and it will be supposed that you were hidden somewhere there, and have taken them yourselves.

He stopped when he saw me, and I shrank back from the light, but he had seen me.

He did not even stir until I said how at the last she bought me the homely shoes and the plain dark suit so I could go as Mary, and be Mary when Aunt Jane first saw me get off the train.

But though there were many goats here, more than on my side the island, yet it was with much more difficulty that I could come near them; the country being flat and even, and they saw me much sooner than when I was upon a hill.

You did not open it even when you saw me arrested, when you must have been convinced that I was a spy?

"From the first moment he saw me, he had conceived an affection for me."

" He made me no answer; but when, with my fingers squeezed together ร  la Normande, he saw me make a gesture of grasping something, he could not prevent himself from smiling, with that bashful expression of Yes, which he had not courage to utter.

They had their consolation, and at the close of a six months' campaign saw me walk into the streets a beggar.

The year 1878 was a dark one for me; it saw me deprived of my little daughter, despite the deed of separation by which the custody of the child had been assigned to me.

At last, with astonishment and horror I saw my venerable friend, Mr. B, put into the box, and heard him swear in positive terms that he was present in the room, and saw me at play.

Some of the prisoners who saw me thus attired assured me that it was impossible to detect me.

The next year saw me advanced to the trust and power of adjusting the ceremonial of an assembly.

I threw the rays full in his face, and he looked up, saw me, and ran away up the beach, yelping like a frustrated beast.

" Our own drinks were coming by now, and as the steward stirred about, Llewellyn for the first time saw me.

"If you once saw me in battle, you'd never forget it; would he, sergeant Drill?"

This means serve me, in everything, as you would do if you saw me standing by your side.

As soon as he saw me, he said: "Oh, my Pamela, you have made me quite well!"

He did but the man who owned the place saw me just as I got the melon and whipped us and told us if we hollered he would kill us.

Of the former he said the day before his death: "He saw me coming from Geneva a perfect strangerlying sick, helpless, wretched, and miserable in the earsand spoke to me, inquired who I was, and took care of me.

(In fact, my appearance was considered the omen of trouble, and the Mussulmans said when they saw me, "Are we going to have another war?")

I'd lose prestige with her if she saw me in your company.

When he saw me he dropped his eyeglass and said: "I was just thinking of going to look for you.

And then he saw me and gave a sort of growl and then he slipped at the top of the landing and I ran.

It is through their power that I have entered here unperceived, and it is for this reason that none saw me on my way or obstructed my entrance.

As I came near she saw me, and called playfully, "What birds are you flying here so early?" "I am a handsome youth and not a bird," I replied, "But like a bird I am mateless and forlorn.

"Never saw me!"

Besides, I noticed you always pulled the blind down when you saw me looking, so I thought it didn't matter.

He saw me in an elevated train just now, and told this other man, who is a detective, that I was the party who took that woman to the restaurant.

It was dark behind the stairs, but she saw me instantly, greeting me with a little cry of delight and a quick outstretching of the hands.

Nor vainly gay the sight to please, But blest with pow'r mankind to ease, The goddess saw me rise: "Thrive with the life-supporting grain," She cried, "the solace of the swain, The cordial of his eyes.

One day the Pope happened to walk upon the ramparts, when he saw me fire a swivel at a Spanish colonel who had formerly been in his service, and split the man into two pieces.

When she saw me she put her finger to her lips and stole softly out into the hall.

"What the devil is the matter with you, Simsen?" cried Sรถlling as he saw me.

175 "O, here he is!" cried little Bess She saw me at the garden-door; "We've waited anxiously and long," They cried, and all around me throng, Full nine of them or more!

I feared she saw me.

The Uhlans fired into me, too, when they saw me help him.

Why, the little children stood with their mouths open and their eyes like this whenever they saw me.

When she saw me she went into the sitting-room to show that she had not yet forgiven me.

But so soon as she saw me she vanished within and was seen no more.

My father went on: "Otho von Reuss it washe saw me in my red apparel, and cried aloud with mighty fear.

She saw me as the soldiers of Duke Otho closed threateningly upon her.

I think it was as Olivia that Eleonora Duse first saw me act.

" "And you recognized me," I said, "when you saw me at the gardener's house?

Quite by accident, a week or so later, I discovered that he still saw me home, lurking across the street among the shadows of the mango-trees.

You cannot deceive Stock Exchange men, at least not the kind that Bob Brownley employed on panic days, but his coolness reassured them, and when they saw me it was odds-on that they guessed to a man why Bob had ignored his wiresguessed that I had been pleading for the life of "the Street.

I did not care to visit, for in consequence of being turned out of school, which was considered an indelible disgrace and long remembered, my schoolmates regarded me in the light of a Pariah, and put on insufferably superior airs when they saw me.

When she saw me, she raised a saucer to her face, pretending to drink from it.

She walked the room in speechless distress when she saw me, and could not refrain from taking an immense pinch of snuff in my presence.

"Hum," he said, when he saw me observing him; "this is the oldest darter, is it?"

He raised his head, looked across the hall, and saw me.

She started a little when she saw me, and tried to look unruffled.

I had in the morning sharbat, [103] and various kinds of sweetmeats for my breakfast; in the afternoon, fresh and dried fruits for my luncheon; and at dinner and supper she having procured for me pulaos, [104] kababs, [105] and bread of the most exquisite flavour and delicious cookery; she saw me eat them in her own presence; and in every manner she took care of me.

Such of them as saw me before hand, used to run up the cross streets or lanes, which were nearest to them, to get away.

Last night the Prophet saw me; And, while he held me there, The holy fire within his eyes Burned all my secret bare.

Miss V.'s married sister told me, without any prompting from me, that she had seen me in the passage going from one room to another at half-past nine o'clock, and that at twelve, when she was wide awake, she saw me come to the front bedroom, where she slept, and take her hair, which is very long, into my hand.

"You saw me at my worst, andyou conquered me.