4893 examples of saw me in sentences

Such is the vanity of youth, for I have since been assured many times by one who saw me that I was a very ordinary looking fellow.

Oh, may Heaven bless Dear Lady Proserpine, who saw me wake,

"You know, he saw me!"

She saw me, our eyes met, and the story was told.

She saw me coming down the steps of a physician's houseI suppose she mistook my camera case for a case of medicines.

"You saw me with Lanpher, didn't you?

When he saw me he tried to laugh and said he was just going to shave; I asked him if he generally shaved without soap and water, and he burst into tears.'

When he saw me he straightened up, looked at me, and settled back again.

Sure you saw me at the station.

And she saw me that night to the hedge-gap, having her three great boar-hounds with her, to company her home again.

If they saw me with youat this hour" He felt her shuddering against him.

" "Oh, no," Miss Sinclair said, "I'm sure no one saw me go to their rooms, and it will be supposed that you were hidden somewhere there, and have taken them yourselves.

But though there were many goats here, more than on my side the island, yet it was with much more difficulty that I could come near them; the country being flat and even, and they saw me much sooner than when I was upon a hill.

Some of the prisoners who saw me thus attired assured me that it was impossible to detect me.

The next year saw me advanced to the trust and power of adjusting the ceremonial of an assembly.

"If you once saw me in battle, you'd never forget it; would he, sergeant Drill?"

I'd lose prestige with her if she saw me in your company.

When he saw me he dropped his eyeglass and said: "I was just thinking of going to look for you.

He saw me in an elevated train just now, and told this other man, who is a detective, that I was the party who took that woman to the restaurant.

175 "O, here he is!" cried little Bess She saw me at the garden-door; "We've waited anxiously and long," They cried, and all around me throng, Full nine of them or more!

But so soon as she saw me she vanished within and was seen no more.

When she saw me, she raised a saucer to her face, pretending to drink from it.

He raised his head, looked across the hall, and saw me.

Such of them as saw me before hand, used to run up the cross streets or lanes, which were nearest to them, to get away.

"You saw me at my worst, andyou conquered me.

4893 examples of  saw me  in sentences