Do we say say or se

say 84798 occurrences

What I say is that it is derogatory to national dignity to think of permanence of British connection at any cost.

That you are intent upon getting Swaraj at the earliest possible moment and that you are intent upon getting Swaraj by means that are legitimate, that are honourable and by means that are non-violent, that are peaceful, you have resolved upon, so far you can say to-day.

The old man seemed partially satisfied, and, as he rode away, he twisted himself half way round in the saddle to say: "Now, Fernando, if ye meet Sukey's crowd, I want ye to remember to shoot easy.

"Are you pleased to see me?" "I am happy, Fernando, oh, so happy" Then he was partially awakened by some one throwing logs of wood on the fire, and he had an indistinct impression of hearing a soldier say: "It's four o'clock and has begun to snow a little.

"Say, Fernando," said Sukey, "those fellows are officers, ain't they?"

"Say, Fernando, I ought to count three or four for that one, shouldn't I?"

"Say, Capen, dat Britisher doan git dis chile no more," said Job.

Is it yersilf safe afther all?" The poor fellow could say no more, but burst into tears, for a more tender heart never beat in any breast.

My car shall come round and fetch you at any time you say.

"Say, I remember your golf, Mr. Busby!

"Very excellent productions, if you will allow me to say so.

What did you say your line of business was, Mr. Romilly?" "I don't remember mentioning it," Philip observed, "but I am a manufacturer of boots and shoes.

"Is it your voice, I wonder, that is so soothing, or just what you say?"

"I see that the acceptances due next 4th are unusually heavy, but I think I understood you to say that you had spoken to Mr. Henshaw at the bank concerning these, and in any case I presume there would be no difficulty.

A young man who was in love with me," she sighed, "but that was long ago, used to say that they reminded him of fallen leaves in a place where the sunlight sometimes is and sometimes isn't.

Who shall say how much of the subsequent success of a once neglected work is due to the preparation of the public mind through the works which for a time eclipsed it? Let us look candidly at this matter.

They say his voice was sepulchral.

Now listen to this: between the time when they learned of Maternus' execution and their passing the place of execution that is to say at the narrowest part of the pass, where it curves and begins to descend on this side of the mountainthey were attacked by robbers who made use of Maternus' war-cry.

"That would be difficult to say.

But none shall say of Marcia that her Caesar met Nero's fate, whose women ran away and left him.

I myself would be afraid to face Paulus, being not much good with the javelin in any case, besides being superstitious about killing emperors, who are gods, not men, or the senate and priests wouldn't say so.

I heard Galen say that men created gods in their own image.

Likewise shall the ladies of Persia and Media say this day unto all the king's princes, which have heard of the deed of the queen.

"Guess he's been dead ten thousand years, to say the least.

"Some glacier, I'll say!" "Our glacier!" repeated a jackie.

se 3978 occurrences

Il se repose de ses travaux, Et ses oeuvres le suivent.

The satirical epigram of Destouches, "Ci-gît Jean Rosbif, écuyer, Qui se pendit pour se désennuyer," was literally and strictly true of many Romans during this epoch.

The satirical epigram of Destouches, "Ci-gît Jean Rosbif, écuyer, Qui se pendit pour se désennuyer," was literally and strictly true of many Romans during this epoch.

But per se it is good, to show the introv[ol]utions, extravolutions, of which the animal frame is capable.

On arrival at the village of the Simplon, which lies at nearly the greatest elevation off the road and is more than half-way across, I wrote in my enthusiasm for the author of this gigantic work, the following lines: O viaggiator, se avessi tu veduto Quel monte, pria che fosse il cammin fatto, Leveresti le mani, e stupefatto Diresti, "chi l'avrebbe mai creduto? Son come quel

" With him as leader they all sanga song of the Pyrenees mountaineers, then a waltz from the cafes chantants: "Bien gentiment l'on se balade.

Un nuage confus se répand sùr ma vuë, Je nentens plus, je tombe en de douces langueurs; Et pâle, sans haleine, interdite, esperduë, Un frisson me saisit, je tremble, je me meurs.

Would not this explain her otherwise unaccountable fondness for witnessing the execution of murderers, for the horrible in novels and the deaths and catastrophes in the newspapers, that she has a constitutional relish for such horrid things, and that she enjoys them, not because they are in se productive of pleasure, but just, as is the case with her "crying," because she feels better after it?

Another speaking more explicitly, said that the fact that the Negro is such per se carried with it the "inference or the necessity that his educationthe cultivation of his faculties, or the development of his intelligence, must be in harmony with itself."

Space, time, and causality spread out like a triple veil between us and the per se of things, and prevent a vision of the true nature of the world.

The world is per se will.

For him who has slain the will in himself the motley deceptive dream of phenomena has vanished, he lives in the ether of true reality, which for our knowledge is an empty nothingness ("Nirvana"), yet (as the ultimate, incomprehensible per se, which remains after the annulling of the will) only a relative nothingnessrelative to the phenomenon.

An instance of it came to my notice to-day, in a complaint made by an Indian named Me-ta-koos-se-ga, i.e. Smoking-Weed, or Pure Tobacco, who was living with two wives, a mother and her daughter.

Se-gwun, Spring.

The figures are to be pronounced in French, as un, deux, trois, &c. Ses vertus le feront admiré de chac 1 Il avait des Rivaux, mais il triompha 2 Les Batailles qu' il gagna sont au nombre de 3 Pour Louis son grand coeur se

Harry is a name which, per se, arouses my ire, but which carries with it also the soothing qualities which dispel irritation.

"Se viriliter expedivit.

Examples: "He then goes on to declare that there are, and distinguish of, four manners of saying Per se."Walker's Treatise of Particles, p. xii.

Better: "He then proceeds to show, that per se is susceptible of four different senses.

[Greek: hallælous]: ab [Greek: hallos], alius,) is a single derivative word, the case of which is known by its termination; and each other is sometimes expressed in Latin by a compound: as, "Et osculantes se alterutrum, fleverunt pariter.

En Flandes se ha puesto el sol.

Deux coeurs se cherchent, roman d'amour.

En Flandes se ha puesto el sol; edited by Ernest Herman Hespelt and Primitivo R. Sanjurjo, with a critical introd.

Tandis que le soleil se couche. R122134.

," in the Prologue of Lydgate's Translation of Boccaccio's Fall of Princes, is a misprint: corrige "In youth he made a translation Of a boke, which called is Troyle, In Lumbardes tonge, as men may rede and se, And in our vulgar, long or that he deyde, Gave it the name of Troylous and Cres-eyde.

Do we say   say   or  se