406 examples of sc in sentences

"A wonderfully unspeakable thing it is," says Augustine, "and unspeakably wonderful that whereas this image of the Trinity" (sc., the human soul), "is one person, and the sovereign Trinity itself, three persons, yet that Trinity of three persons is more inseparable than this trinity" (memory, understanding, and will) "of one person."

4, and act v. sc.

" Act v. sc.

" Again, in the "Return from Parnassus," 1600, act v. sc.

So in Middleton's "More Dissemblers besides Women," act i. sc.

" Reed is right in his first explanation; it is so used in Chapman's "May Day," act i. sc.

" See also Shakespeare's "Hamlet," act i. sc. 2, and Mr Steevens's note on it.

sc. 2, and "Cymbeline," act v. sc.

sc. 2, and "Cymbeline," act v. sc.

2. See also "Locrine," act v. sc.

So in the "Second Part of Henry VI.," act i. sc.

" Marston's "What You Will," act ii. sc.

So in Ben Jonson's "Every Man out of his Humour," act ii. sc.

Again, act v. sc.

So in Massinger's "Emperor of the East," act ii. sc.

See Mr Malone's note on "Lear," act i. sc.

Mr Steevens, in a note on the "Comedy of Errors," act ii. sc. 1, has collected a number of quotations to show the meaning of the word stale, and to them the reader is referred.

This passage is quoted by Mr Steevens in a note on "Hamlet," act v. sc.

" Shakespeare's commentators might have added this passage to the long list of others they have brought forward (see note on "Othello," act i. sc. 3), to show that intention and attention, and intentive and attentive, were once, synonymous.

King Lear, act ii. sc.

Macbeth, act v. sc.

Macbeth, act i. sc.

Hamlet, act iii, sc.

1802, vi. 61. Hamlet, act i. sc.

'The thane of Cawdor lives, A prosperous gentleman.' Macbeth, act i. sc.

406 examples of  sc  in sentences
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