89 examples of scabs in sentences

The royal branch from Pictland did succeed, With troops of Scots and Scabs from North-by-Tweed.

American soldiers are Uncle Sam's scabs in disguise.

On the eleventh day the swelling and inflam of the skin of the body and face subside; the pimples upon these parts dry up and form scabs, which fall off about the fourteenth or fifteenth day.

THE ERUPTION.In the natural and mild form of this disorder the pustules generally break from the sixth to the eighth day; dry scabs succeed; and in about nine or ten days the parts heal perfectly, requiring no treatment.

It is a popular error to suppose that by wearing masks of fine linen or cambric illined with particular ointments, these scars or pits may be prevented: it is impossible to prevent them; and any local application, except a little cold cream or oil of almonds applied to the scabs when they harden, will prove more injurious than useful.

Again: as the contagious property of smallpox hangs about the child as long as any scabs remain (which indeed may be said to retain the poison in its concentrated form), a parent must be most careful that the invalid is not too early brought in contact with the healthy members of the family.

These are the scabs now that hang upon honest Job.

I am Job, and these are the scurvy scabs

And furthermore, Of pockes, and scabs, and every sore Shall shepe be hole, that of this well Drinketh a draught: Take keep of that I tell!

He is a reasonable cleanly man, considering the scabs he has to deal with, and your finest ladies are now and then beholden to him for their best dressings.

Tending to good, as Morphew, scabs, itch, breaking out, &c. Black jaundice.

9. "When melancholy gets out at the superficies of the skin, or settles breaking out in scabs, leprosy, morphew, or is purged by stools, or by the urine, or that the spleen is enlarged, and those varices appear, the disease is dissolved.

, adds dropsy, jaundice, dysentery, leprosy, as good signs, to these scabs, morphews, and breaking out, and proves it out of the 6th of Hippocrates' Aphorisms.

de vinis, of borage, balm, bugloss, cinnamon, &c. and highly commended for its virtues: "it drives away leprosy, scabs, clears the blood, recreates the spirits, exhilarates the mind, purgeth the brain of those anxious black melancholy fumes, and cleanseth the whole body of that black humour by urine.

On the 25th of December, scabs fell from her feet and hands, and there only remained white scars, which became red on certain days, but the pain she suffered was undiminished in the slightest degree.

" "So you fellows are cutting under the strikersyou're scabs.

He has made scabs of you all.

" "What's picketing?" "March up and down in front of a factory and try to keep scabs out.

" "What are scabs?" asked ignorant Myra.

It's hard to keep cool, with scabs egging you on and calling you cowards.

Scabs they must be, if left alone.

The bitter and often true complaints made by workmen that women have stolen their trade, that having learnt it, well or ill, they are scabs all the time in their acceptance of lower wages and worse conditions, relatively much worse conditions, and that they are often strike-breakers when difficulties arise, form a sad commentary upon the men's own short-sighted conduct.

Women have been called the scabs of the labor world.

The scabs of the labor world are becoming the co-workers instead of the competitors of men.

Some had the deep red hue of scars that have just closed or the dark tint of incipient scabs.

89 examples of  scabs  in sentences