89 examples of scabs in sentences

The royal branch from Pictland did succeed, With troops of Scots and Scabs from North-by-Tweed.

American soldiers are Uncle Sam's scabs in disguise.

These are the scabs now that hang upon honest Job.

I am Job, and these are the scurvy scabs

And furthermore, Of pockes, and scabs, and every sore Shall shepe be hole, that of this well Drinketh a draught: Take keep of that I tell!

Tending to good, as Morphew, scabs, itch, breaking out, &c. Black jaundice.

de vinis, of borage, balm, bugloss, cinnamon, &c. and highly commended for its virtues: "it drives away leprosy, scabs, clears the blood, recreates the spirits, exhilarates the mind, purgeth the brain of those anxious black melancholy fumes, and cleanseth the whole body of that black humour by urine.

"Neither is it any wonder, if we but consider how many other diseases closely, and as suddenly are caught by infection, plague, itch, scabs, flux," &c.

On the 25th of December, scabs fell from her feet and hands, and there only remained white scars, which became red on certain days, but the pain she suffered was undiminished in the slightest degree.

The Indians still call them 'no-scabs,' and when boiled they make a kind of jelly food which is a little better than starvation.

Eczema proper is an eruption in which the formed matter dries off into scales or scabs, and dog eczema, so-called, is as often as not a species of lichen.

Scabs form, the patches extend, or come out on other parts of the body, head, legs, belly, or sides.

" "So you fellows are cutting under the strikersyou're scabs.

He has made scabs of you all.

" "What's picketing?" "March up and down in front of a factory and try to keep scabs out.

" "What are scabs?" asked ignorant Myra.

It's hard to keep cool, with scabs egging you on and calling you cowards.

The crowd of "scabs," untrained white sailors, and coal passers was supplemented by Raratonga natives, lounging about the gangway and sitting on the rails.

The few scabs who sold fish in the market only made sore those unable to buy.

He praised their fortitude in the struggle, and after the editor had interpreted stiffs by te tamaiti aroha e, which means poor children, and scabs by iore, which means rats, and had ended with a peroration that brought many cries of "Maitai!

The bitter and often true complaints made by workmen that women have stolen their trade, that having learnt it, well or ill, they are scabs all the time in their acceptance of lower wages and worse conditions, relatively much worse conditions, and that they are often strike-breakers when difficulties arise, form a sad commentary upon the men's own short-sighted conduct.

Each interval of thought grew longer; the scabs of forgetfulness were picked away, the red sore was exposed bleeding and bare.

Monopoly is created if unions strong enough to keep "scabs" from getting work, fix their dues high or put other obstacles in the way of increasing the membership.

Women have been called the scabs of the labor world.

The scabs of the labor world are becoming the co-workers instead of the competitors of men.

89 examples of  scabs  in sentences