475 examples of scald in sentences

Divide the apricots in half, scald them until they are soft, and break them up with a spoon, adding a few of the kernels, which should be well pounded in a mortar; then mix the fruit and other ingredients together, put a border of paste round the dish, fill with the mixture, and bake the pudding from 1/2 to 3/4 hour.

A very good plan to scald milk, is to put the pan that contains it into a saucepan or wide kettle of boiling water.

Mode.Wash, bone, and pound the anchovies well in a mortar; scald the parsley, chop it, and rub through a sieve; then pound all the ingredients together, mix well, and make the butter into pats immediately.

I tell thee, knave, I have cracked the head of many a better man than thou art, and even now I would scald thy crown for thee but for the ale thou hast given me.

A child may have one of his fingers burned off with less danger to life than an extensive scald of his back and legs.

A deep or extensive burn or scald should always have prompt medical attendance.

Take Carps scald them, take out the great bones, pound the Carps in a stone Morter pound some of the blood with the flesh which must be at the discretion of the Cook because it must not be too soft, then lard it with the belly of a very fat Eale, season it, and bake it like red Deere and eat it cold.

To fry Chickens. Take five or six and scald them, and cut them in pieces, then flea the skin from them, fry them in Butter very brown, then take them out, and put them between two Dishes with the Gravy of Mutton, Butter, and an Onyon, six Anchoves, Nutmeg, and salt to your taste, then put sops on your Dish, put fryed Parsley on the top of your Chicken being Dished, and so serve them.

To make a fat Lamb of a Pig. Take a fat Pig and scald him, and cut off his head, slit him and trusse him up like a Lamb, then being slit through the middle, and flawed, then parboyle him a little, then draw him with parsley as you do a Lamb, then roast it and dridge it, and serve it up with Butter, Pepper, and Sugar.

I have found that children between the ages of two and seven years, are subject to the measles, hooping cough, fever, ophthalmia, ringworm, scald-head, and in very poor neighbourhoods, the itchand small-pox.

As children are frequently apt to burn or scald themselves, I will here insert a method for adoption in such cases.

Yet there are pangs of keener wo, Of which the sufferers never speak, Nor to the world's cold pity show The tears that scald the cheek, Wrung from their eyelids by the shame And guilt of those they shrink to name, Whom once they loved with cheerful will, And love, though fallen and branded, still.

The frenzied floundering of my horse had in the first instance suggested to General Washburn the idea that the under stratum was hot enough to scald him.

Greedy creatures scald themselves in the pudding so badly that they sometimes carry the marks for life.

Jus' scald some meal and roll up in a ball and drop in with the greens.

Pick them from the stems, wash thoroughly, and scald without the addition of water, in double boilers until the grapes burst open; cool, turn into stout jelly bags, and drain off the juice without squeezing.

To make Quince Cream:Take quinces, scald them till they are soft; pare them, and mash the clear part of them, and pulp it through a sieve; take an equal weight of quince, and double-refin'd sugar beaten and sifted, and the whites of eggs, and beat it till it is as white as snow, then put it in dishes.

Take the weight of the juice in fine sugar; boil the sugar candy-height, and put in your juice, and let it scald awhile, but not boil; and if any froth arise, scum it off, and when you take it up, have ready a white preserved quince cut in small slices, and lay them in the bottom of your glasses, and pour your jelly to them, it will candy on the top and keep moist on the bottom a long time.

To make white Quince Marmalade:Scald your quinces tender, take off the skin and pulp them from the core very fine, and to every pound of quince have a pound and half of double-refin'd sugar in lumps, and half a pint of water; dip your sugar in the water and boil and scum it till 'tis a thick syrup: then put in your quince, boil and scum it on a quick fire a quarter of an hour, so put it in your pots.

ZWIEBACK Scald one-half cup of milk and when lukewarm add to one cake of compressed yeast.

Scald out the tin cake box each time before putting a fresh cake in it.

Scald one-half pint of milk with one-half cup of sugar and a pinch of salt.

Filling: Scald one-fourth pound of almonds (by pouring boiling water over them), remove skins, put them on a pie plate and set them in the oven to brown slightly.

CREAM FILLING Scald two cups of milk.

Scald a pint of milk, beat up the whites of three eggs very stiff and put them into the boiling milk, a spoonful at a time.

475 examples of  scald  in sentences