997 examples of scalping in sentences

He seized me by the hair, and I actually rejoiced, for I knew that the pain of scalping would make me oblivious of all else.

It was time, for as I glanced back, I saw the Indians rushing from the wood, cutting down and scalping the last of the fugitives.

After our retreat, no pursuit was attempted, the Indians busying themselves killing and scalping the wounded and gathering up the rich booty which the army had left behind.

We rarely consider the Indian as a member of a familywe associate him with the tomahawk and scalping-knife.

Then came the tomahawk and scalping knifethe former to finish the work of death, the latter to bear a trophy to their country, to say, Our comrades are avenged.

But they hated the "Pale-faces" with bitter hatred, because their encroachments had at this time materially curtailed the extent of their hunting-grounds, and nothing but the numbers and known courage of the squatters prevented these savages from butchering and scalping them all.

"We have heard," says a correspondent (25th July), "from Chicago, that the ravages of the cholera are tenfold worse than the scalping-knife of the Black Hawk and his party.

At least, the redskins do sometimes attack the trains, and the chance of a scalping on the road cannot but add to the charm of the voyage!

They walked in single file, each with his tomahawk in one hand, and scalping knife in the other.

To some timorous people, their new situation would be thought dangerous, as they are liable to a visit from the Indians, and perishing by the scalping knife and tomahawk.

" Barrow declares (269) that if Bushmen come across a Hottentot guarding his master's cattle, "not contented with putting him to immediate death, they torture him by every means of cruelty that their invention can frame, as drawing out his bowels, tearing off his nails, scalping, and other acts equally savage.

They were Bible-readers in this fort, and they had their Presbyterian minister with them, having organized a special party to bring in the books he had left in his cabin; they joined in prayer and thanksgiving for their successes; but this did not hinder them from scalping the men they killed.

Except a small force of horse-riflemen the men were on foot, each with tomahawk, scalping-knife, and long, grooved flint-lock; all were healthy, well equipped, and in fine spirits, driving their pack-horses and bullocks with them.

British Agents Greet the Scalping Parties.

Every warrior had one, and would no sooner hunt, or go to battle, or appear among his tribe without it, than he would neglect to wear his bow or his scalping-knife.

When gold is scarce in the East, they substitute scalps and furnish Indians with scalping-knives by the thousand, that they may collect their dues at their own convenience.

Thousands of dollars' worth of agricultural machinery lay "rotting in the sun" while the noble red aristocrat played poker in the shade; his original contempt for labor intensified by his power to extract a living from laborers, through their fear of his scalping knife.

He dressed like a white man, dined with State officers in St. Paul, went to church with a lady on his arm, sat in a front pew, and was a highly distinguished gentleman of the scalping school.

Most girls whose capital of good looks is only moderate, marry, and marry young, because they're like a fellow on 'Change who's scalping the marketnot inclined to take chances, and always ready to make a quick turn.

There we miraculously escaped the scalping knife and tomahawk.

Indeed, sir, if I drew blade, if I as much as raised a finger, both sides would come swarming all over usrebels a-looting and a-shooting, Indians whooping off my cattle, firing my barns, scalping my tenantsrebels at heart every one, and I'd not care tuppence who scalped 'em but that they pay me rent!" He clinched his fat fists and beat the air angrily.

And, aloud, with an abrupt and vigorous gesture, "McCraw's band are scalping the settlers, they say?" I told him what I had seen.

Marked with the Seneca symbol to whom they were delivered before scalping.

"They took us alive instead of scalping us; while there's life there's hope, ... a little hope....

It was reported and believed among us that he said we had armed ourselves, and were prepared to carry all before us with tomahawk and scalping knife; that death and destruction, and all the horrors of a savage war, were impending; that of the white inhabitants some were already dead, and the rest dreadfully alarmed!

997 examples of  scalping  in sentences