864 examples of scanned in sentences

He reached the end of the path and scanned the hill beyond.

Of the following sixteen lines, nine are pure anapestic tetrameters; one may be reckoned dactylic, but it may quite as well be said to have a trochee, an iambus, and two anapests or two amphimacs; one is a spondee and three anapests; and the rest may be scanned as amphibrachics ending with an iambus, but are more properly anapestics commencing with an iambus.

in sundry grammars, whence came; a couplet of these scanned absurdly by HIL.; HART mistakes the metre of do.: dactylic, example of, ("Salutation to America,").

Sapphics few; scansion of; "The Widow," of SOUTHEY, scanned Eng.

Trimeter line, iambic, the measure seldom used alone; examples of, and do., with diversifications trochaic, examples of anapestic, examples of alternated with the tetram., examp., "The Rose," of COWP.; the same scanned dactylic, examples of.

Arrived at Jim Burke's small store, the customer scanned the place anxiously, and it seemed to him that its supplies had never been so meagre.

" Julius scanned her face.

Julius scanned it, and whistled softly a bar from a popular song, "Now Do You See?"

Indeed, when he scanned their faces and began to remember the circumstances under which he had met them before, his courage was strengthened, and he forgot that he had ever reasoned with it.

" They found a fairly comfortable place in the thicket and soon all were asleep except Black Rifle, who sat with his rifle between his knees, and from his covert scanned the forest on all sides.

"] Day by day they scanned the sea for any signs of a sail, but in vain.

He picked it up cautiously, fearing to attract attention, and, with one eye everywhere else, scanned it closely.

My Friend Sir ROGER alighted from his Horse, and exposing his Palm to two or three that stood by him, they crumpled it into all Shapes, and diligently scanned every Wrinkle that could be made in it; when one of them, [who ] was older and more Sun-burnt than the rest, told him, That he had a Widow in his Line of Life: Upon which the Knight cried, Go, go, you are an idle Baggage; and at the same time smiled upon me.

With eager glance he scanned each horse and rider.

And so, fearing that he might see them before he was ready for them,and how he was going to make himself ready for them he did not know,he stood on the lookout and scanned the ocean for Rynders and his men.

Edna's heart beat rapidly and her face flushed as, with Ralph's spy-glass to her eyes, she scanned the people in the boat as it pulled away from the ship.

Before he reached it he had thoroughly scanned the ocean, but not a sign of a ship could be seen.

"You no eat 'nough, cap'n," said the black man, as he anxiously scanned the countenance of Captain Horn, which, although the captain was in better physical condition than perhaps he had ever been in his life, was thinner than when Maka had seen it last.

She put her chin in her hand, and scanned me with a cool deliberateness.

Presently inquiry had been made from every management in London as to the touring companies of the year; confidential agents had been sent to every provincial town that possessed a theatre; long lists of names had been compiled and carefully scanned.

The two men scanned each other's faces keenly, and I saw the misunderstanding between them growing.

I scanned the water and the borders of the lake for signs of life,—more particularly, I may as well admit, for a certain maroon-colored canoe and a girl in a red tam-o’-shanter, but lake and summer cottages were mine alone.

" "She's perfectly insane," said Philip; but Harold looked thoughtful and perplexed, and scanned his fellow-officer's countenance with a searching glance.

Beauregard for a second scanned Philip's countenance with a searching glance.

Standing close in the shadow, so that, even if directed toward me unconsciously, the glance of those within, I knew, could not penetrate the mystery of my presence, I scanned with a sad derision, the scene before me.

864 examples of  scanned  in sentences