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1947 example sentences with  scanned

1947 example sentences with scanned

And yet the books which then I valued most Are dearest to me now; for, having scanned, 100 Not heedlessly, the laws, and watched the forms Of Nature, in that knowledge I possessed

When the Boy returned, After short absence, curiously I scanned

Neither vice nor guilt, 645 Debasement undergone by body or mind, Nor all the misery forced upon my sight, Misery not lightly passed, but sometimes scanned Most feelingly, could overthrow my trust

Not a look 60 Hope takes, or Doubt or Fear is forced to wear, But seemed there present; and I scanned them all, Watched every gesture uncontrollable, Of anger, and vexation, and despite, All side by side, and struggling face to face, 65 With gaiety and dissolute idleness.

What wonder, then, if, to a mind so far Perverted, even the visible Universe Fell under the dominion of a taste 90 Less spiritual, with microscopic view Was scanned, as I had scanned the moral world?

but I do not think we need read more into the lines than that the boy feltas he scanned the country with his eyes, on the 'qui vive' at every rise in the groundthe feelings of a scout, who questions constantly the distant prospect.

It seemed more discreditable each time he told it, and he scanned the girl's face anxiously as he proceeded, but, like her father, she sat still and made no comment until he had finished.

Outwardly it was like all the others, but when Signor Petrozinni scanned the sheet his eyes lighted strangely, and he stood staring down at it as though to hide a sudden change of expression in his face.

From time to time he scanned shore and river for familiar points of interestsome remembered snag that showed the tip of one gnarled branch.

But before he voiced an opinion he got down from his horse and scanned the sides of the mountains ahead of them through his long telescope.

The three rams sprang up and stood like rocks, their huge battlemented heads held high as they scanned the depths below them and the peaks above for new danger.

They ate their lunch here, and scanned the valley through their glasses.

Conor scanned the horizon for approval.

Ah, little did she suspect that her clouded, dissatisfied face had been keenly scanned by the very eyes she dreaded, yet secretly longed to meet,that her most unconscious sigh of disappointment had been heard by her Romeo of the previous day, now lying just behind the hedge, buried in the long brook-side grass, and laughing to himself a very pleasant laugh of gratulation and triumph.

For a few seconds he scanned the literary horizon of his mind.

Lady Constance, by a look, had made her aware that she was considered intrusive, whereupon she had first stared Lady Constance out of countenance, and then deliberately scanned her work with an expression which conveyed a low opinion of its merit.

The other guard, Howard, scanned his companion's face with mock care.

Tell me, ye who scanned The stars, Earth's elders, still must noblest aims Be traced upon oblivious ocean-sands?

Among the thousands of bills of sale which the present writer has scanned, in every quarter of the South, many have borne record of exceptional prices for men, mostly artisans and "drivers"; but the few women who brought unusually high prices were described in virtually every case as fine seamstresses, parlor maids, laundresses, hotel cooks, and the like.

His lordship did not go to the trouble of welcoming his visitor, but scanned him frigidly through his glasses.

Mr. Wylie produced the cablegram, and Drummond scanned it sharply.

The city had read the story when Anderson awoke the next morning, for The Intelligencer had made a clean "beat," and Burns had played up the story tremendously, hence it was with jumping pulses that Paul scanned the front page of that journal.

She shrank as if wounded; she scanned the speaker's face with startled eyes before turning with a strained smile to say: "So, Doctor, we caught you that time.

He scanned the place wildly in search of means of escape.

Raising his glasses again, he scanned the sombre roofs to the right.

His eyes scanned the surface in every direction.

" Thrice spat she on her robe, and, muttering low, Scanned me, with half-shut eyes, from top to toe: Brought all her woman's witcheries into play, Still smiling in a set sarcastic way, Till my blood boiled, my visage crimson grew With indignation, as a rose with dew:

Between the shouts he scanned the near-by houses intently. At last, half-way up the next block, even as his lungs filled for another peal, he thought his eyes caught for a short half-second the mere thin shadow of a skulking figure.

Now he scanned the spot with a feverish eagerness.

"I've scanned as far as the instruments can reach, and there's just nothing out there in any direction-except the Earth ships, of course.

He turned and rummaged through a box, then scanned a shelf behind him.

Joe's eyes nervously scanned the room and Mark stared at George with his mouth agape.

The man pulled the telescope up to his face plate once again and scanned the area that had been the base on Z25.

Mark dropped down and scanned the floor minutely.

His glasses upon his nose, he scanned the papers gravely.

The more studious portion of the community, "with leaden eye that loved the ground," scanned small photograph-books with absorbing interest; while a group of editors, of whom I was one, were gathered round a writing-table, with pens, ink, and paper, the finger pressed on the forehead, and on the floor proofs of the journal which we editedwas it the Tyro or the Triumvirate?

Eagerly we scanned the wall on the north side for the first sign of an opening fiord or harbor, all of us anxious except Stickeen, who dozed in peace or gazed dreamily at the tremendous precipices when he heard us talking about them.

For a space they scanned the great expanse below them with eager eyes.

He took them, scanned his hand, tossed the discards into the centre of the table, and bet ten dollars.

But they did not succeed in deceiving the veteran Indian fighters who manned the heavy gates of the fort, stood behind the loopholed walls, or scanned the country round about from the high block-houses at the corners.

DeLong, with a stiffed oath, leaned back and scanned the faces about the table.

They found a fairly comfortable place in the thicket and soon all were asleep except Black Rifle, who sat with his rifle between his knees, and from his covert scanned the forest on all sides.

What is the wonder?" "Listen, Philippa;" and, as the duke scanned the newspaper in his hands, he sang the first few lines of his favorite song: "'Queen Philippa sat in her bower alone.'

Leaving the town I scanned the faces of the passers-by apprehensively, and said "Good-morning" or "Good-evening" very meekly to all dangerous-looking persons, but a fortnight later I was even strutting on the road with a smile almost malicious on my lips.

Then Rustum raised his head; his dreadful eyes Glared, and he shook on high his menacing spear, And shouted: "Rustum!"Sohrab heard that shout, And shrank amazed: back he recoiled one step, And scanned with blinking eyes the advancing form; And then he stood bewildered; and he dropped His covering shield, and the spear pierced his side.

There did seem to be a moment's consciousness, for there crept into the eyes a startled, anxious look as they scanned Richard's face; then the lip quivered again, and Ethie said pleadingly: "Don't send me away.

" With a critical eye Max scanned the titles of the books as Jarvis set them forth in an impressive row upon the old mahogany table where the reading lamp stood, surrounded by books, magazines, and papers, in generous quantity.

Uncle Timothy, bringing out chairs at her behest, paused and scanned the horizon with an experienced eye.

And so, fearing that he might see them before he was ready for them,and how he was going to make himself ready for them he did not know,he stood on the lookout and scanned the ocean for Rynders and his men.

Edna's heart beat rapidly and her face flushed as, with Ralph's spy-glass to her eyes, she scanned the people in the boat as it pulled away from the ship.

The history of the works by royal authors everywhere must not be too minutely scanned if we wish to leave them their reputation for originality.

Janet scanned him for a moment and a bit of truth flashed upon her.

" Keenly he scanned the dunes, eager for sight of a white tarboosh, or headgear, at which to take a pot-shot.

M. Sevres caught me looking at it; and hoping his mistress might appear I prolonged the conversation till a tardy sense of the value of his time forced me to bring it to a close; and as I passed down the green garden with him I scanned hopefully every nook, fancying I should see her reading, and that she would raise her eyes as I passed.

Eagerly he scanned the sea.

Philip Cuningham took them with thanks, then scanned the newcomer as he was turning to depart.

Lord Findon looked a little disturbed, and, turning, he scanned the terrace up and down before he bent towards Eugรฉnie.

Presently inquiry had been made from every management in London as to the touring companies of the year; confidential agents had been sent to every provincial town that possessed a theatre; long lists of names had been compiled and carefully scanned.

Although for a month the young sportsmen had been expecting them, and had carefully scanned the river every morning, and listened for the welcome "honk-honk" that should announce the arrival of the wished-for game, this was the first flock that had made its appearance.

The labor questions and the silver questions even come into the Philippines problem to be scanned and weighed.

As they emerged from the coach, Mr. Brace, standing in the doorway, closely scanned their begrimed and almost unrecognizable faces.

While they yet argued the point, the manager of the hotel, an oily-faced fellow, accosted them: "Strangers in Minneapolis, eh?" he queried, with utmost kindness, while at the same time his shifty eyes scanned the country-style suits they wore.

Joe opened the same, and then after he hastily scanned its contents he speechlessly stared at his hostess.

When we went into Batesโ€™ room on our tour of the house, Larry scanned the books on a little shelf with something more than a casual eye.

Then one of the men in the compartment leaped to his feet, scanned the faces of the others and said, slowly and impressively: "Gentlemen, I trust to your honor.

The man looked at the dollar, turned it over and carefully scanned the other side.

Now Mr. Baron Hatsel had shown himself a well- meaning but weak and vacillating judge, whose summing up was apt rather to confuse than to elucidate the evidence; and as to the jury, Mr. Lee scanned their stolid countenances somewhat ruefully when they were marshalled before the prisoner, to be challenged if desirable.

Every day she scanned the obituary, fearing to find the record of another death, fearing and yet wishing to know.

Five to 7% of those scanned didnโ€™t think they had issues with coronary arterial plaque, but the test revealed otherwise, and a stent or bypass surgery was required, he said.

Folks may also use theโ€™Art Selfieโ€™ role to locate their portrait look equally, with their encounter scanned and compared with tens of tens of thousands of artworks exhibited in museums throughout the world.

Moreover, shooting would commence only after all the people involved are thermally scanned and are found asymptomatic.

MPs heard that there were 32,217 hand-delivered submissions (of which only 1,031 had been scanned for review by members and only 100 have actually been reviewed for content); and a further 32,634 emailed submissions.

Once you have all your complete documents, you will be able to fill out your application on the portal and upload scanned copies of all your documents.

Over time, the coverage of that spiral increases: after a short period, it can effectively have scanned the whole area.

Police also scanned Kennethโ€™s internet history that revealed her dad had searched for directions about how to get Manly.

Riders are encouraged to get the touchless Breeze Card that can be scanned on the fare box.

TESS, short for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, scanned about 75 per cent of the starry sky during its primary mission that ended on July 4, NASA said on Tuesday.

There are conflicting reports as to whether his brain was ever scanned for abnormalities.

At his destination, he scanned a code on grocery packages using his smartphone and took those to the shopper's doorstep.

They were asked to furnish their name, number and purpose of visit and were scanned for body temperature.

Troops on landing craft approached and scanned the tanker with sniper rifles.

A DOMA allows you to post your orienteering maps after youโ€™ve scanned or taken a photo of your map after your race.

After sweeping the last leaf off the porch, I stood and scanned the woods.

Bohuslav Matouลกek, Petr Adamec Supraphon Records (compilation: 2008, original sessions: 1996-8) SU 3950-2 134. Includes HQ scanned 44 page booklet and box.

Books 13 and 14 are not indexed, so for these I scanned every entry in the districts of Trinity and Bonavista and extracted those for the surname Prince.

Changes in the copyright environment have enabled more book chapters to be scanned for e-reserve access.

Human participants had their brain activity scanned using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) as they reached towards or grasped an object using either their hand or a set of plastic tongs.

I'd scanned the mailing list for a bit by then and so this lack of reaction didn't particularly surprise or annoy me; instead it cemented my quiet opinion that the dmenu developers and I had different interests and visions of dmenu.

I just scanned the comments and it sounds like nearly all of the โ€œkeep your politics to yourself, or those of us who donโ€™t agree will leaveโ€ have left.

In the case of convection, many algorithms are used to quantitatively analyse the three dimensional volume scanned radar data.

As many of you already know, we have on-line within the BIC a data base of 150 normal subjects that were scanned here at the MNI.

The evaluation sheets are scanned to PDF and then processed through our Remark Scanning Software.

The original material that was too large for digitisation was scanned from the book Old Architecture of Quebec for full representation.

The scanned images dol loose some resolution, but many people have found the combination of Compact PDF and 400 DPI to be a winning combination.

The scanned sources in my case show 94% signal.

The scan-out circuitry would select the correct colormap for each pixel as it scanned out by clipping the horizontal raster position against all the register pairs in parallel.

This landmark publication was scanned from the original and published to the web by PWNHC staff.

Usually, this will be a scanned transcript, but in the case of Canadian post-secondary institutions, the applicant may submit a screen capture of their academic record from their institution's student web service.

We require all transcripts to be scanned from official transcripts with the grading key and uploaded to the online application.

You will receive an email with a link to a PDF with the scanned chapter within 48 hours at the email address you provided.