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717 example sentences with  scantest

717 example sentences with scantest

The brilliant sun of the tropics, burning mercilessly through the rarefied air, causes the scant vegetation to wither.

Crows in Africa are not so scant.

He was hun-gry and wea-ry, and had a great sor-row at his heart, for he had lost his fa-ther in the ear-ly spring, leav-ing his mo-ther to toil for a scant live-li-hood to sup-port her-self and him.

We read in the Cowden Clarkes' Recollections of Writers: "The latter name ('Cowden with the Tuft') slyly implies the smooth baldness with scant curly hair distinguishing the head of the friend addressed, and which seemed to strike Charles Lamb so forcibly, that one evening, after gazing at it for some time, he suddenly broke forth with the exclamation, ''Gad, Clarke!

Hardy repressed his annoyance by an effort, and endeavoured, but with scant success, to return the other's smile.

Growing bare with the scant days to be.

But like Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, and others of these worthies, the story goes that they treated him with scant courtesy, and in anger at their ingratitude, he left them forever, in order to seek a nobler people.

The furniture was scant and simplethe bed, a table covered with things belonging to Veronica, beside which lay sewing-materials, two chairs, a shabby chest of drawers, a deal washstandthat was all.

Bareheaded and unkempt women gossiped in the doorways or passed back and forth with scant marketings in their arms.

The lean dogs snuffed around me: my lank bones, Fed on the berries and the crusted pools, Were a scant morsel.

Not the scantest and toughest of rock-growths thrust a leaf through its brassy surface, not a well-head or a darker depression of the rock gave sign of a trickle of water.

Suddenly the cotton hangings fluttered again, and a tiny child in the scantest of smocks rushed out and scampered across the court.

The Bear had fifty yards to cover, the man had fifteen, but she came racing down the bank before he was fairly on the horse, and for a hundred yards the pony bounded in terror while the old Grizzly ran almost alongside, striking at him and missing by a scant hair's-breadth each time.

I met one yesterday, whose green eyes, great nose, thick lips, and sallow wrinkles, under a bonnet of fifteen years' standing, further clothed upon by a scant merino cloak and cat-skin tippet, would have cut a sorry figure in the gallery of the Vatican or the Louvre, and put the tranquil Madonna of San Sisto into a state of stunning antithesis; but if Saint Agnes or Saint Catharine was half as good as my saint, I am glad of it!

His companion and chance seat-mate was young, probably a scant five and twenty, tall, lean, close-knit of frame with finely chiseled, almost ascetic features, though the vigorous chin and generous sized mouth forbade any hint of weakness or effeminacy.

It was always very plain as to line, and simple as to cut, having a skirt neither full nor scant, a waist crossed in front with a white fichu, and sleeves reaching just below the elbow with white turn-back cuffs.

In the interval before the arrival of the later members of the quartet, he fluttered around her like an ungainly old moth, racking his scant English for complimentary speeches.

A valiant carpet-knight, skilled in all parlor exercises, great at whist or euchre, a dream of a dancer, unexcelled in Cakewalk or "coon" impersonations, for which he was in large social demand, Ellis had seen him kick an inoffensive negro out of his path and treat a poor-white man with scant courtesy.

The two young men parted with as scant courtesy as was possible without an open rupture.

But scant he lays him on the floor, When hollow winds remove the door, A trembling rocks the ground:

She was pallid-faced, and, it must be confessed, extremely scant of locks; and the idea of marrying her was to Mr. Augustus Richards little short of preposterous.

Below them the slope was not so steep by any means, and, by holding to the rocky outcrops and scant bushes, they could make the full descent of the mountain.

Wait here," and with scant courtesy the old servant left Alice standing in the blue-tiled hallway, near a long diamond-paned window.

Her one passion was the theatre, a passion that had very scant opportunity for feeding in Wapello, Iowa.

She refuses nourishment, but as nature is exhausted she is prevailed upon to partake of food; the supply is scant, but on every occasion the best and largest proportion is deposited upon the grave of her husband.

There in the distance rose North Berwick Lawbut though we have plenty of time now for description, we had scant time then for beholding perhaps the noblest scenery in Scotland.

When she had ceased, Equitan made answer, "Lady, I can offer you but short thanks for your words, since they savour of scant courtesy.

In her scant leisure she worked patiently towards the end that girls in the poorest trades should win for themselves the power of making the collective bargain.

Sir Ar'tegal, with scant ceremony, knocks the life out of Guizor, for demanding of him "passage-penny" for crossing the bridge.

scant sufficient for many to continue eating and quaffing.

Their commons, though but coarse, were nothing scant, Nor did their minds an equal banquet want.

He was lying on a scant straw bed, with nothing but rags to cover him.

O Pan, who hauntest Homolรจ's fair champaign, Bring the soft charmer, whosoe'er it be, Unbid to his sweet armsso, gracious Pan, May ne'er thy ribs and shoulderblades be lashed With squills by young Arcadians, whensoe'er They are scant of supper!

Bebrycia shouted loud, the Greeks too cheered Their champion: fearing lest in that scant space This Tityus by sheer weight should bear him down.

How often spake I thus before your face, Yea I myself, though scant I am of phrase: 'Not thus, fair sirs, do honourable men Seek to woo wives whose troth is given elsewhere.

We was a scant two hundred fightin' men, and the only artillery we had was what we made ourselves.

On the borders of the valley, where the steeps arose, were little patches of purple and dusty brown, oak-bush, squaw-berry, a few dwarfed cedars, and other scant growths.

Thou art ready to cry all day long, 'I have left undone that which I ought to have done;' till, at times, thou longest that all was over, and thou wert beginning again in some freer, fuller, nobler, holier life, to do and to be what thou hast never done nor been here; and criest with the poet 'Tis life, whereof my nerves are scant; 'Tis life, not death, for which I pant; More life, and fuller, that I want.

When he found by inquiries that he had passed the outposts of the Parliament forces, he joyfully threw the hat, the bands, and cloak into a ditch, for experience had taught him that, however useful as a passport they might be while still within the lines of the troops of the Commons, they would be likely to procure him but scant welcome when he entered those of the Royalists.

It was hardly a fair contest, this of youth and scant experience against suavity and shrewdness strengthened by years of public life.

She had often protested inwardly against the sordid views of life which her mother unconsciously held and veiled with scant decency in the family circle in her unguarded moments.

They employ adjectives of an abbreviated form: as, dread, for dreadful; drear, for dreary; ebon, for ebony; hoar, for hoary; lone, for lonely; scant, for scanty; slope, for sloping: submiss, for submissive; vermil, for vermilion; yon, for yonder.

Custody and maintenance, the former mainly a reliance on force, the later often of scant provision, were the sum total of what was deemed necessary for the lunatics.

And against him, scant hope to those who watched, was a man; tall, but not heavy, smooth-cheeked as a boy of fourteen, soft-eyed, soft-handed, without the semblance of a weapon.

The place where she glanced, the point toward which the light was mounting, was beside her own bed and where, from rough-fashioned wooden pegs, hung the Indian's pathetically scant wardrobe.

Finding herself upon her father's death with no other fortune than her gowns and a few artistic gems of scant value, she had coldly decided upon her destiny.

So, in scant outline said the boards, or more in detail read one man aloud to another as they hurried by the carriage.

ah, what a strange home-coming after a scant year-and-a-half of banishment!the flag of the Union, rippling from every peak.

As Greenleaf and the Doctor, withdrawing, shut her door, and until their steps died away, she had stood by her table, her wide thought burning to know the whereabouts, doings, and plight of him, once more missing, with whom a scant year-and-a-half earlierif any war-time can be called scantshe had stood on that very spot and sworn the vows of marriage: to know his hazards now, right now!

Now past Round Island, up Lake Borgne and through the Rigolets they swept into Pontchartrain, and near the day's close saw the tide-low, sombre but blessed shore beyond which a scant half-hour's railway ride lay the city they called home.

During the two months before starting from Asuncion, in Paraguay, for our journey into the interior, I was kept so busy that I had scant time to think of natural history.

Queen, while she waited with very scant patience for the strange situation, diverted herself by nipping viciously at any one who went past, and Baldy stood quiet and different save when Ben Edwards was near, or "Scotty" spoke kindly to him.

Till one arose and from his pack's scant treasure The hoarded volume drew, And cards were dropped from hands of listless leisure To hear the tale anew.

The horses suffered most; the extreme toil, and scant pasturage weakened them so that some died from exhaustion; others fell over precipices and the magpies proved evil foes, picking the sore backs of the wincing, saddle-galled beasts.

This bad water causeth many of the people to be like lepers, and many of them haue their legs swollen as bigge as a man in the waste, and many of them are scant able to go.

Indeed, he might have lost his principality entirelyor, at least, his subjects; for, as I later had occasion to observe, the frequency with which a dethroned reason mounts a throne and rules a world is such that self-crowned royalty receives but scant homage from the less elated members of the court.

That lady, indeed, treated him with but scant courtesy, and on two occasions had left him to visit Mr. Tasker; Mr. Vickers's undisguised amusement at such times being hard to bear.

I there was an English-man; You'l scant find any now, to make that name good: There were those English that were men indeed, And would perform like men, but now they are vanisht: They are so taken up in their own Country, And so beaten of their speed by their own women, When they come here, they draw their legs like Hackneys: Drink, and their own devices have undone 'em.

The English had superior numbers, between 8,000 and 9,000 men, against a scant 6,000 under Jackson, and their force was made up of veterans of the European wars.

We are of "the fighting race", and in our enthusiasm for the fighting man the fact seems to have been overlooked that in other noble fields of endeavor, and in some respects infinitely more important, men of Irish blood have occupied prominent places in American history, for which they have received but scant recognition.

Sir Marmaduke is oft away: when he is at home, I scarce ever see him, and he but rarely speaks to me ... and methinks there is but scant sympathy 'twixt Mistress de Chavasse and me, though she is kind at times in her way."

The scant bedclothes were so short that one extremity or the other must freeze, so I compromised by protecting the "midway plaisance," and in my cramped quarters, thought with envy of Dr. Root of Byfield, who was said to stretch his long legs out the window to secure plenty of room for himself, and a roost on his pedal extremities for his favorite turkeys.

Scant tears, oozing like blood, moistened her eyes.

The pack-train and the drivers had begun to zigzag down a long slope, bare of rock, with scant strips of green, and here and there a cedar.

The horses were turned loose to fare for what scant grass grew on bench and slope.

When he stopped I took a shot at him and missed by apparently a scant half foot.

It was a gully where the gravel washed down during rains, and where a scant vegetation, greasewood, and few low cacti and scrubby sage struggled for existence.

Perhaps it was owing to scant and poor wood.

The troops had scant room in the hollow; they hugged the earth thick.

GRAVY TOAST.Heat a quart and a cupful of rich milk to boiling, add salt, and stir into it three scant tablespoonfuls of flour which has been rubbed to a smooth paste in a little cold milk.

Dilute with one half as much water, heat to boiling, and thicken with cornstarch, a scant tablespoonful to the pint of liquid.

" "Then herebut first, bring me from anywhere thou canst a gentleman's suit that will cover me in plentynot too scant, remember, and bring a horse from where thou likest to the door below.

Most of the time even that scant leave was denied him.

I did say loving things, but they seem to me now to have been but scant and shabby.

For the great rains in January being now over, the mouth of the river was so choked up with sand, that though there were ten feet of water on the bar when we came in, which was scant enough, there were now only two feet when we wished to have gone out.

There was no one else in the house; and she shut the door upon us after one sullen look and one scant sentence, as if we, and any other, were naught, and went back to her silence in that green waste, now gilded by the level sun, miles on miles.

Chop up two sour apples, one large onion or two small ones, chop the pickles and mix all thoroughly in a bowl and sprinkle over them a scant half teaspoon of pepper (white) and a tablespoon of sugar (either white or brown), adding a pinch of salt if necessary.

When ready to use them next day, grate, add two eggs, salt, a little nutmeg if desired, one wine-glass of farina, a tablespoon of chicken fat, one scant cup of flour gradually, and if not dry enough add more flour, but be sure not to make the mixture too stiff as this makes the balls heavy.

In the meanwhile rub one-fourth cup of chicken-fat to a cream, add a scant cup of powdered sugar, a little cinnamon, the grated peel of one lemon, the yolks of three eggs, adding one at a time; one-half cup of raisins seeded, one-half pound of stewed prunes pitted, then add the cold rice.

Make a sponge cake batter of eight eggs and two scant cups of sugar and a pinch of salt and add the grated peel of a lemon and beat until thick, at least half an hour.

Beat thoroughly, add one scant cup of potato flour, and beat again.

Who, after their money waxed scant, and turned to a very lowe ebbe, they three drinking a poysoned potion one to another (which was the last cuppe that they kissed with their lippes) passed out of this life (as it were from a banquet) to the powers infernall.

Small game and scant!

Well, Sir, Let's hope your stock, though scant, may sell, Sir! "Eh?

Yet her scant fare she shared With me, who worse have fared In homes of wealth.

The meal finished, Teresa washed their scant table equipage in a little spring near the camp-fire; where, catching sight of her disordered dress and collar, she rapidly threw her shawl, after the national fashion, over her shoulder and pinned it quickly.

On the first of these occasions she received him with some preoccupation, paying but little heed to the scant gossip he brought from Indian Spring, and retiring early under the plea of fatigue, that he might seek his own distant camp-fire, which, thanks to her stronger nerves and regained courage, she no longer required so near.

Without money, without food, with scant shelter, these poor people endured every hardship.

His scant gray hair was tied behind with a piece of black ribbon, and he carried his hat under his arm, after the fashion of Elliston and the Prince Regent, as one sees them in the colored prints of fifty years ago.

Scant warning reached Absalon of the danger.

He met them on the way to the capital, surrounded by his Finnish horsemen, and gave scant ear to their speeches while he drove on.

For many years, there has been public outrage at the scant regard that many dog owners have paid to the harm and injury inflicted by the dogs,โ€ she pointed out.

He made throws that only a scant number of QBs could have made down the stretch.

It was almost shocking, then, when Netflix recently added to its platform a catalogue of classic Middle Eastern films, including a dozen from a giant of Arabic cinema whose work has before now received scant exposure in the west.

Andy Kleiss of the Eisner team edged Mark Budden of Morris Construction for the Senior Division battling crown by a scant four percentage points.

As typical for the president, scant evidence was offered to back the claim.

โ€˜Why do people choose to believe lies even on scant or non-existent evidence?โ€™ she asks.

With the Euro, the biggest component in the Dollar index, offering little resistance, coupled with the risk-aversion stemming from the coronavirus outbreak, the US Dollar has scant reason to come off these elevated levels.

In 2015 there was scant snowfall during the winter, followed by a summer that saw four months without rain.

Scant leaves on the plants.