61 examples of scared to death in sentences

"Well, they heard such funny humming noises and jingling like the rattling of chains an' things," said the driver, "that they got most scared to death and ran back home like the old Nick was after them.

They were simply scared to death, and they broke out the side of the tent near the lemonade stand and went whooping out into the open air and freedom, while the audience yelled with joy.

I went down first, and when I saw him I was almost scared to death.

" "Or get scared to death.

"That's very decent of you, Yates; you must pardon me; I was naturally half scared to death at first; but I realize you are acting very handsomely in this horrible dilemma" "Naturally," interrupted Yates.

The cat's scared to death.

You see, it's just awful; because he doesn't come home we're all scared to death: he may come home drunk at any time.

He came in, naturally scared to death, and told us that story based on the legends of the Cedars and the doctor's supernatural theories.

He must go somewhere, where there was light and heat, if he wasn't going to be entirely scared to death.

"Scared to death, I redoubled my efforts to find a way out.

But they're scared to death of being found out.

I was scared to death because they had just said Miss Clay was outside.

They had Miss Sue walking and crying and us three children clinging to her skirt tail scared to death and crying too.

Well, I certainly was scared to death.

"She used to have us scared to death with 'em.

I was scared to death of himhe beat me so.

I jest took hold of the team and drove it on the boat, scared to death for what you'd do when you come,so I kept still and they kept still.

They had me scared to death.

She was scared to death of both of them.

They wanted to shake hands but he was scared to death and wouldn't do it.

Also I have them all scared to death, Miss Carewthe volunteer army of our country is taking water.

Never hit any nearer home than the unspeakable Turk, and then he was scared to death till he found out that the dark-skinned fellow under the gallery was an Armenian.

If the woman in the wagon was "scared to death" at the sight of the prairie, I surely had cause to be afraid; but I was not.

I've been scared to death for fear you'd tell ever since I found you were coming here to live; and

And suppose,now Buck's deputy is here to listen to it,suppose I was to say that Buck is scared to death of High-Chin Bob.

61 examples of  scared to death  in sentences