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2147 examples of  scares  in sentences

2147 examples of scares in sentences

Hole in my chin he scares me with!

"Baby, when you talk like that it's you that scares mama!" "Hehe" "Why, you think, Ruby, I been making out of myself a servant like you call it all these years except for your future?

The days passed without further scares until the time finally came when the boys were to arrive.

For purposes also of sorcery it has been reckoned of considerable importance, and as a preventive of nightmare and other night scares it is still in favour on the Continent.

Now here's the part that scares me, Dame, Maggie Murphy, that hates cards like I do the divil; says I to him, 'Oh, go on, Mr. Belmont; I don't mind at all!'

I have before me a number of descriptions of scares in various parts of the Fatherland.

"Don't you want to entertain your admiring relatives?" "Yes," said Patty, "of course I do; but it scares me to death to think of it!

This is the bugbear which scares thousands.

He returned to his office in the afternoon, half inclined to back the chances of peace, for of all war scares not one in ten comes to pass.

Dear ,We got here safely, with the usual submarine scares en route, but apparently no real danger.

"Scares you, don't it?

Since the Suffragette scares, I have quite an eye for a detective, and there has been a fellow within a few yards of your elbow ever since you spoke to me.

"It's a good thing that we've got that new fool-proof contrivance that Mr. Wright invented, on this machine right now, because only for that you'd be giving me more than a few scares when you swing from one side to the other so quickly.

Just in this place I find the Svia-Sciaeren, or Swedish Scares, a cluster of little islands, surrounded by rocks.

Sciringes-heal, therefore, was "the harbour of the Scares," and was probably at the entrance of the gulf of Bothnia, and consequently where Stockholm now is; and the tract of land where these Scares lay, towards the sea, was the Scarunga of Paul Warenfried.

Sciringes-heal, therefore, was "the harbour of the Scares," and was probably at the entrance of the gulf of Bothnia, and consequently where Stockholm now is; and the tract of land where these Scares lay, towards the sea, was the Scarunga of Paul Warenfried.

Each religion scares him from its contrary: none persuades him to itself.

Don't you walk enough daytimes that you still want to wander around at night and scare people, just like.... VASILรSA PEREGRรNOVNA.

He scares off all the puny fowl.

It has been said that the mule never scares or runs away.

It scares me, too, how quickly things come to an end.

"O Mis' Kinney, Mis' Kinney, do cry a little, can't ye?" exclaimed the warm-hearted woman; "it scares us to death to see ye this way.

You just put a scare into that hellion with a word, like you had a thousand devils in you!" said Jim.

Don' you-all know that blastin' scares all th' deer away from a minin' camp?" Bennington looked confused.

and I'd scare her out of all the wits she has left.

he asked himself"horrible and beautiful and sort of poisonousit plumb scares a fellow" A diminished moon, battered and dim like a trodden silver coin, stood up above him.

You would make a better scare-crow than soldier, I fancy, just now.' "'Well, captain! said Crosby, 'if I'm a scare-crow, I can frighten the enemy, if I cannot fight themso I shall be of some service.'

You would make a better scare-crow than soldier, I fancy, just now.' "'Well, captain! said Crosby, 'if I'm a scare-crow, I can frighten the enemy, if I cannot fight themso I shall be of some service.'

"Well, father, did they hang up Crosby for a scare-crow?" Henry.

He was a scare-crow to the enemy in a different way from that which Capt. Benedict meant.

A razor scares him to death.

how you do scare a chile!

Though thou shouldst In thine own veil enwrap the guilty one, Thou couldst not shroud him from his wakeful foes; And e'en thy sacred presence, heavenly maid, But driveth them aside and scares them not.

MEPHISTOPHELES Such a commission scares me not; I can provide such treasures, it is true.

The sight they encounter, It still hath been fair! (Pause) Not alone for pleasure-taking Am I planted thus on high; What dire vision, horror-waking, From yon dark world scares mine eye!

It always scares me to talk to Father.

The way to fix her is to throw a scare into her.

This mode of shooting is all very well once in a way, but if indulged in habitually it scares the birds, driving them on to other manors.

Doctoring scares me sometimes.

Eznarza: He scares Love away with weak white hairs and with wrinkles.

Poor little Love, poor Love, Time scares him away.

Seeattentive at her side, The ghastly lover woos his bride; Whilst sepulchral music flowing, Scares the dawning day from growing.

For excitement, the frequent Indian uprisings, and more frequent Indian scares, afforded abundant material upon which the young enterprising and adventurous spirits of the day could work off their surplus energies.

These scares arose from isolated murders by the Indians, whose cupidity could not withstand the temptations of the white man's property.

"Scares, mischief-mad, the maiden from her bower, The bride from her warm couch."

No foeman's tramp scares monster-peopled Nile, Waking to war her far-off villages: No armed robber from his war-ship leaps To spoil the herds of Egypt.

"It scares the sea-birds from their nests; They dart and wheel with deafening screams; Now darkand now their wings and breasts Flash back amid disastrous gleams.

This was soon found, and in a couple of hours two good-sized ones were made; the walls were formed of interwoven branches, and the roofs of bark; the fourth side of the men's was to be left open, as a fire was kept up every night in front of it, to scare away the wolves, and other wild beasts, should there be any in the neighborhood.

If a man has no specific intentions towards a girl, and has not determined in his own mind that he wants to marry her; if he is only liking her a great deal, with but an occasional wonder in the depths of his own heart whether this girl is the wife for him; to call upon her casually and see the family scatter, and other callers hastily leave, is enough to scare him to death.

"The head of a wolf, dried and hanged up, will scare away vermin.

He says most all things that scare us are just mental hazards.

It's a wonder and a wild desire, but it scares me stiffyou're so strange.

It scares me and the natives when it begins to pipe up.

Well, no fear, young JanieI'll find some way if I'm put to itsome nice, safe, pretty way that wouldn't scare a neurasthenic baby, let alone the dauntless Miss Abbott.

They scare me, skin me, bully me, and bilk me.

Among them, without a scare-head, in the most modest of type, we read: "England and Germany have declared war."

Somebody says she does it all by appealing to men's fears, she scares men into penitence and devotion.

Lippmann scares me this morning; drawing.

Junior's sex play scares parents needlessly.

Lippmann scares me this morning; drawing.

Junior's sex play scares parents needlessly.

"It scares me somehow," he said.

"All being reported present, we resumed our journey, the men screaming chorus to scare our unwelcome visitors, whom I several times fancied I heard rustling among the brushwood on the road side, as though they were moving on our flanks in order to cut off any straggler who might drop astern.

There'd bae an and of these scares, an' wae sudn't 'ave t' roon these awful risks.

I'll make my pony dance and perhaps that will scare Hans so he won't care to go.

"That howling would scare me a great deal quicker than any ghosts or witches," observed Tom.

"That lion must have come quite near, to scare 'em so," asserted the young rancher.

Andit scares me.

First he had been accused of screaming in the night to waken and scare the little meadow and forest people who wanted to sleep.

I confess the evident endeavor to do it quietly gave me a scare, for it seemed to me it couldn't be an above-board movement.

But the scare must have taught him a lesson, for ever since then he's been conservative, and talks about the foolishness of investors who try to get more than five per cent, or who think of anything but good railroad bonds.

They keep a light burning all night to scare Renwood's ghost away.

I was sorry to have to scare her, but I couldn't help it.

" The monarch's youth did not scare the country, itself everywhere animated and excited by a breath of youth.

"Three persons stifled," says La Harpe, "one more than for Scudery; and on the stage, after the rising of the curtain, the finest collection of talent that had probably ever had possession of the Theatre Francais, all employed to do honor to a comedy scintillating with wit, irresistibly lively and audacious, which, if it shocks and scares a few of the boxes, enchants, rouses, and fires an electrified pit."

" "Yes, he must be somewhere around here, and we'll scare him up before long," was the assuring expression.

" "Well," replied Hogan, "don't scare her by taking too much off her at first.

The other terror that scares us from self-trust is our consistency; a reverence for our past act or word because the eyes of others have no other data for computing our orbit than our past acts, and we are loath to disappoint them.

But you don't get me to no New York, I've seen this place an' it just scares me,' His strength is in the drawing of hay and the feeding of cattle.

that scares wandering cows from the line, and the dry roar of the engine at the distance-signal.

But in my wishes; For know Sir, that the wings on which my Soul Is mounted, have long since born her too high To stoope to any prey that scares not upwards.

" "But why do you shout that way?" "Scares the other hosses," Tunk answered, dropping the reins and tossing his whip aside.

" "So do I." "Scares me.

It makes her dizzyand scares her awfully; can you take her?"

"If anything scares yuh," he repeated stubbornly, "shoot it.

The vane a little to the east Scares muslin souls away; If broadcloth breasts are firmer Than those of organdy, Who is to blame?

They couldn't follow their own any farther, and they managed to scare our quarry into hiding in the interior.

He wept, too, and clung to his mother as if in fright, while she told him that he must always do just what she told him and, above all, not scare her by going off so that she did not know where he was.

Then, catching sight of him, she at once began to scoldas folks will, after a scare.

The Apaches, heartened by what they supposed to be a panic, swarmed along at increased speed, and gave out their most diabolical screeches, hoping no doubt to scare men into helplessness, and beasts into a stampede.

"Jim, you gave me an awful scare," he said brokenly.

When the 'System,' after manufacturing Sugar stock, sell 100,000 shares to the people for $10,000,000, they so manipulate the market by the use of the $10,000,000 that they have taken from the people as to scare them into selling the 100,000 shares back to them for $5,000,000.

Aspen is so steady now, it may not scare him.

the smell of carnage through the door Scares me from itdrags me toward it Phoebus Apollo!

on frocks, upon petticoats and socks, Scares the women-folk of Yankee doodle dandy, O!

The crack of the plantation-whip scares Washington no longer, but it pierces the heart of Westminster with terror.

And now this midnight, as he sits forlorn, The printed page for him no meaning bears; With every word some torturing dream is born; And every thought is like a step that scares Old memories up to make him weep and mourn.

If a kiss explodes with unusual violence in a cab near mine it sometimes scares the horse, but it no longer disturbs me in the least.

There's somethingI don't rightly know whatabout him that fair scares me.

It fair scares me, and that's the truth.