2147 examples of scares in sentences

Now here's the part that scares me, Dame, Maggie Murphy, that hates cards like I do the divil; says I to him, 'Oh, go on, Mr. Belmont; I don't mind at all!'

I have before me a number of descriptions of scares in various parts of the Fatherland.

"Don't you want to entertain your admiring relatives?" "Yes," said Patty, "of course I do; but it scares me to death to think of it!

Dear ,We got here safely, with the usual submarine scares en route, but apparently no real danger.

"Scares you, don't it?

Since the Suffragette scares, I have quite an eye for a detective, and there has been a fellow within a few yards of your elbow ever since you spoke to me.

he asked himself"horrible and beautiful and sort of poisonousit plumb scares a fellow" A diminished moon, battered and dim like a trodden silver coin, stood up above him.

Though thou shouldst In thine own veil enwrap the guilty one, Thou couldst not shroud him from his wakeful foes; And e'en thy sacred presence, heavenly maid, But driveth them aside and scares them not.

The sight they encounter, It still hath been fair! (Pause) Not alone for pleasure-taking Am I planted thus on high; What dire vision, horror-waking, From yon dark world scares mine eye!

It always scares me to talk to Father.

This mode of shooting is all very well once in a way, but if indulged in habitually it scares the birds, driving them on to other manors.

Eznarza: He scares Love away with weak white hairs and with wrinkles.

Poor little Love, poor Love, Time scares him away.

"It scares the sea-birds from their nests; They dart and wheel with deafening screams; Now darkand now their wings and breasts Flash back amid disastrous gleams.

Junior's sex play scares parents needlessly.

Junior's sex play scares parents needlessly.

"It scares me somehow," he said.

Andit scares me.

The other terror that scares us from self-trust is our consistency; a reverence for our past act or word because the eyes of others have no other data for computing our orbit than our past acts, and we are loath to disappoint them.

But in my wishes; For know Sir, that the wings on which my Soul Is mounted, have long since born her too high To stoope to any prey that scares not upwards.

" "But why do you shout that way?" "Scares the other hosses," Tunk answered, dropping the reins and tossing his whip aside.

" "So do I." "Scares me.

The vane a little to the east Scares muslin souls away; If broadcloth breasts are firmer Than those of organdy, Who is to blame?

on frocks, upon petticoats and socks, Scares the women-folk of Yankee doodle dandy, O!

And now this midnight, as he sits forlorn, The printed page for him no meaning bears; With every word some torturing dream is born; And every thought is like a step that scares Old memories up to make him weep and mourn.

2147 examples of  scares  in sentences