5801 examples of scattering in sentences

I entreat you then From one that so imperfectly conjects, You'd take no notice; nor build yourself a trouble Out of his scattering and unsure observance: It were not for your quiet, nor your good, Nor for my manhood, honesty or wisdom, To let you know my thoughts.

Instead of scattering about over the country, the requirements of education and of public worship, as well as of defence against Indian attacks, obliged them to form small village communities.

" With this usage may be compared one performed by the fishermen of Weymouth, who on the first of May put out to sea for the purpose of scattering garlands of flowers on the waves, as a propitiatory offering to obtain food for the hungry.

So it swept with a bustle right through a great town, Creaking the signs, and scattering down The shutters, and whisking, with merciless squalls, Old women's bonnets and gingerbread stalls.

As they still flee, the English pursue; they push out their lances and stretch forth their hatchets, following the Normans as they go, rejoicing in the success of their scheme, and scattering themselves over the plain.

Bullets scattering the gravel ahead of him and singing around his head, and hoarse cries behind, with a heavy-booted tread of pursuers, gave Kurt occasion to hurry.

Through the still air fell scattering flakes of snow, big and unbroken and feathery.

At the first scattering of the wild troop, several of the younger and more feeble horses were secured; and some of the hunters, who despaired of nobler game, contented themselves with capturing or slaying either elks or buffaloes.

" There was a scattering then and there, Bluff heading in the direction of the building where his father had his offices, while the other two kept on in company, their homes being close together.

Each time she had passed him she had brushed his elbow, scattering his checkers about.

his bright blade puzzling the sight, scattering like quicksilver in the endless whirl and clash.

But the bush is the porters' safeguard, and at the first scattering volley of the raiding party, they drop their loads and plunge into the undergrowth.

my God!" shouted Sukey, and he writhed and leaped, until he displaced the gratings, scattering the nine-tails of the scourge all over his person.

" Norbanus made a gesture with his right hand that sent the Cappadocian cavorting to the road's edge, scattering a little crowd that was trying to pass.

Instantly, then, shouts of laughtertorchlight scattering the shadows amid gloomgreen cypresses firecolor splurging on the bosom of the waterbabel of hundreds of voices as the gay Antiochenes swarmed out from behind the treesand a cheer, as the girls by the altar threw their garments off and scampered naked along the river-bank toward a bridge that joined the temple island to the sloping lawns, where the crowd ran to await them.

His vigorous winnowing sent chaff to the winds, but not without some scattering of wheat.

At first the grey of the palisades became visible; then the chapel, in its sombre outlines; the skirts of the woods; the different cabins that lined them; the cattle in the fields, and the scattering trees.

The country was rolling and high, with scattering timber, but not much of it.

" Others there be, whose parts stand not so much towards Tall Words and Lofty Notions, but consist in scattering up and down and besprinkling all their sermons with plenty of Greek and Latin.

Our own War Office are quite prepared to deal in any original methods of scattering death that happen to be on the market just at present.

I should like to wear always the costliest of silks, very plain and never of bright colors, but heavy and soft and shining; and laces that were like fleecy clouds when they are just scattering.

I have too many demands on my means, to be scattering dollars broadcast.

But finally Azazruk made out that only an hour before, as he watched the reindeer, a great hairy monster had dashed at the herd, scattering it far and wide, and carrying away a yearling buck as easily as if it had been a rabbit.

"This up here," he said, pointing to the illuminated cover, "is the Muse of Poetry She is scattering flowerspoems, you know.

Near sundown I came to a small prairie of about 500 acres surrounded by scattering burr-oak timber, with not a hill in sight, and it seemed to me to be the most beautiful spot on earth.

5801 examples of  scattering  in sentences