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192 example sentences with  scavenger

192 example sentences with scavenger

I have trailed a coyote often, going across country, perhaps to where some slant-winged scavenger hanging in the air signaled prospect of a dinner, and found his track such as a man, a very intelligent man accustomed to a hill country, and a little cautious, would make to the same point.

It is a very squalid tragedy,that of the dying brutes and the scavenger birds.

The coyote is not a scavenger by choice, preferring his own kill, but being on the whole a lazy dog, is apt to fall into carrion eating because it is easier.

Very clean and handsome, quite belying his relationship in appearance, is Clark's crow, that scavenger and plunderer of mountain camps.

There is no scavenger that eats tin cans, and no wild thing leaves a like disfigurement on the forest floor.

One might think that the hyaena, the universal scavenger, would be as loathed by the native as he is by us whose dead he disinters at night, if we have been too tired or unable to bury our casualties deep enough.

Yesterday President of the Republic, to-day a scavenger.

They kept a clerk to record their names and their proceedings, had a scavenger of their own, and had balls and assemblies among themselves.'

What he is to-day, that was I in mineomnibus, scullion, valet-de-chambre, butt and scapegoat-in-general to the establishment, scavenger of food that no one else would eat....

He is the friend of man, the devourer of insects, the scavenger of the gardens.

lavatory, laundry, washhouse^; washerwoman, laundress, dhobi^, laundryman, washerman^; scavenger, dustman^, sweep; white wings brush [U.S.]; broom, besom^, mop, rake, shovel, sieve, riddle, screen, filter; blotter.

"A condor is like our vulture or buzzard, a scavenger; and he lacks the bravery of the bald-headed eagle that attacked us when we came near his nest on the tip of Old Thunder Top.

210 Now homeward through the thickening hubbub, where See, among less distinguishable shapes, The begging scavenger, with hat in hand; The Italian, as he thrids his way with care, Steadying, far-seen, a frame of images 215 Upon his head; with basket at his breast The Jew; the stately and slow-moving Turk, With freight of slippers piled beneath his arm!

He, too, scavenger though he is, has a genius for being graceful.

Here on a siding we lay all day, grilled in the heat and pestered by swarms of the buzzing scavenger vermin, while troop trains without number passed us, hurrying along the sentry-guarded railway to the lower frontiers of Belgium.

He has, in short, undertaken to be the grand scavenger of the town, and the Government, in addition to a salary of 2,500 francs per annum, which they give him for his trouble, give to him the exclusive privilege of removing all the dung he can collect in the precincts of the city, and of converting it to his own advantage.

Ever since Tom's conversation and Frank's sermon had poured in a flood of new light on the meaning of epidemics, and bodily misery, and death itself, she had been working as only she could work; exhorting, explaining, coaxing, warning, entreating with tears, offering to perform with her own hands the most sickening offices; to become, if no one else would, the common scavenger of the town.

Rothschild, the late English banker, though the richest private citizen in the world, and perhaps master of scores of English servants, who sued for the smallest crumbs of his favor, was, as a subject of the government, inferior to the veriest scavenger among them.

For two shillings, any white scavenger would be freely admitted, and so would negroes, provided they came in a capacity that marked their dependencetheir presence is offensive, only when they come as independent spectators, gratifying a laudable curiosity.

Rothschild, the late English banker, though the richest private citizen in the world, and perhaps master of scores of English servants, who sued for the smallest crumbs of his favor, was, as a subject of the government, inferior to the veriest scavenger among them.

For two shillings, any white scavenger would be freely admitted, and so would negroes, provided they came in a capacity that marked their dependencetheir presence is offensive, only when they come as independent spectators, gratifying a laudable curiosity.

For this purpose the Snail is the natural remedy, being the ready scavenger of all such nuisances.

This information is followed by extracts from various English writers commenting upon America, at one of whom he gets so indignant, that he suggests as an appropriate American translation of the F.R.S. which is added to the author's name, "First Royal Scavenger."

"Mr. Stanly: 'It is the business of a scavenger to have anything to do with him, and I will have to wash my hands after handling him; but the thing has to be done, as he has thrust himself on us as a kind of censor.

He said no more until we reached the village of Bethany, and drew abreast of Lazarus' reputed tomb, where a pack of scavenger-dogs awoke and yelped around the wheels.

Don Antonio was the pet of the Aurora Borealis, and its scavenger.

He is protected neither by custom nor superstition; the sentimentalist cares nothing for him as an object of poetical regard, and the utilitarian is blind to his services as a scavenger.

I am a literary scavenger.

We understand that the Vestryman's vote on a question of salary is responsible for the indignation of the scavenger, a member of a class usually noted for their somewhat ceremonious courtesy.

The only result on the mind, from contemplating him, is that one revels in the possibility of metempsychosis and pictures him as being born again to some dreary and thankless occupation, a scavenger or a sewer-cleaner, or, better still, penned in the body of some absurd and inefficient animal, a slug or a jelly-fish, where he might learn to be passive and contemptible.

He's a scavenger.

Such offal as calves' brains, sheep's kidneys, beef livers, and other viscera, is not fit food for any one but a scavenger.

The too frequent disposition of such material is to dump it into a waste-barrel or garbage box near the back door, to await the rounds of the scavenger.

A shadow crosses our vision, and slowly there comes to our sight a shark, that scavenger of the deep, a fitting spot for such as he to come upon the stage.

They abound in the South, and in Charleston are held in especial veneration for their scavenger-like propensities, killing one of them being, I believe, a fineable offence by the city police regulations.

A few other songs could be found from a scavenger hunt that the band encouraged fans to do.

; it is the size of a small dog and can hunt, although it is mainly a scavenger.

It may have been a scavenger, feeding on dead animals.

Timmy and Remy compete for some rule-free wishes by going on a cross-time scavenger hunt; Cosmo and Juandisimo bet Wanda.

Because of that, James Cole (Aaron Stanford), a scavenger, is sent back in time to try to stop the eventual pandemic.

BEMIDJI -- The city of Bemidji Parks and Recreation Department will host a Nature Scavenger Hunt on the new nature trail located in City Park.

Come to the gardens for the Fairy House Exhibition and to pick-up a Scavenger Hunt and scour the gardens for fairies and more.

โ€œCurrently, we are working on painting rocks for a scavenger hunt, something โ€˜rockersโ€™ can do with social distancing and with their family.โ€

Dakota News Now is reporting, BookYourBillboard is hosting the social distancing scavenger hunt this Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 5:00 PM on select billboards throughout the Sioux Empire.

Event festivities the day of the scavenger hunt will begin with a mandatory registration and packet pickup from 10 a.m. to noon at the 28th Street Pit & Pub.

Events include a Pollinator Chalk Festival, Pollinator Boxes and Pollinator Scavenger Hunt and Garden Tour.

In the same sense as a scavenger hunt, the next idea can be done with prep time or without.

I printed out a couple copies of the scavenger hunt โ€” copies are also available at 215 Depot Street.

It has an event game you can play, scavenger hunt.

It's our first ever Mother's Day digital scavenger hunt!

Join Claire Saffitz, Brad Leone, Chris Morocco, Andy Baraghani, Sohla El-Waylly, Alex Delany, Carla Lalli Music, Priya Krishna and Christina Chaey at home as they compete in a one-on-one scavenger.

Letโ€™s Roam is a leader in outdoor scavenger hunts with over 400 hunts worldwide, indoor scavenger hunts, and virtual game night experiences.

Letโ€™s Roam is a leader in outdoor scavenger hunts with over 400 hunts worldwide, indoor scavenger hunts, and virtual game night experiences.

She heard about the scavenger hunts from a relative in another state and posted the idea on the Nextdoor social networking site.

The 50th anniversary line-up features an interactive virtual marketplace with a scavenger hunt, childrenโ€™s programming, music, artist and author talks, and collaborative programming with several community partners.

The industry started out with locked-room puzzles but has grown to become more adventure-focused, as players visit different locations scavenger-hunt style, collecting clues and trying to fulfil a mission.

The scavenger Graggin rescues Superman's unconscious body, and Hunger Dogs leader Amazing Grace declares this man must be their savior from Darkseid.

These jobs consist of Recon, Bounty, and Scavenger.

โ€œWe had some kids saying, โ€˜This is the best scavenger hunt weโ€™ve done.โ€™

Whether itโ€™s finding Newportโ€™s most epic beard, creating a fabulous gown out of recycled materials, or filming a music video about the Nye Beach Turnaround, this is not your typical scavenger hunt.

With no admittance fee and having fun activities to offer like scavenger hunts and six pumpkin patches to choose from, youโ€™ll feel right home at Granny Maeโ€™s Pumpkin Patch in Dorrance.

Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your camera! to our fall photo all around town scavenger hunt.

Children will take part in an educational โ€˜search and findโ€™ scavenger hunt which will help them learn about the busy life of a forest with its ground bees, shelf fungus, tree rings and more.

Day three is Exploration Day when your child will make a compass, search for fossils, learn about geologistsโ€™ tools and participate in an exciting scavenger hunt.

Encouraging movement and creativity, the chapters are brimming with great ideas such as scavenger hunts, singing spelling games and jumping math quizzes that hold the child's attention and make learning fun.

Explore the Museumโ€™s collections and current exhibitions while you search for scavenger hunt clues, spin some tales with a storyteller, celebrate with a slice of cake, and take home a special loot bag at the end of the night.

For a typical boiler operating at 200 psig, 550,000 lbs/day steaming rate, and 5.5 cycles, the savings from switching to a non-sulfite scavenger would total $23,000 in fuel costs annually.

Freezeโ€, discuss concussions in hockey and find out about a Virtual Scavenger Hunt running in the month of February.

Historical games and crafts, including a scavenger hunt are scheduled at Eldon House.

And for all your family fun, there are winter-themed scavenger hunts around the Brick Works and kid-friendly nature-based activities and crafts in the Childrenโ€™s Garden.

Join us for face painting, a scavenger hunt, live entertainment, food, and drinks.

MARCO was used preferentially over the highly homologous scavenger receptor class A (SRA), which required TLR2 and TLR4, as well as their respective accessory molecules, in order for a slight increase in NF-kappaB signaling to occur.

OBJECTIVE: Scavenger receptor class B type I (SR-BI) is a cell-surface HDL receptor that is implicated in reverse cholesterol transport and protection against atherosclerosis.

One of the most interesting features of the Pacific sleeper shark is that it is mainly a scavenger and rarely hunts.

Organize a BBQ, lunch or picnic and include activities such as mini golf, go-carting, face painting, caricatures, a scavenger hunt, and/or a carnival.

Previously, scavenger receptors were thought to be found only on white blood cells, or macrophages, and a small population of other blood cells.

Artists, musicians, a scavenger hunt, and wagon rides fill the day.

As a full time scavenger and hunter, uncertain of its next meal, where danger lurks, a grizzly needs to have its cunning wits about him to survive the rough terrain.

A scavenger hunt is easy to create and can be customized to any age, theme and place (it's a great incentive to bring your child along on a family walk).

A scavenger hunt with chances to win great prizes A free 24-foot climbing wall.

Scavenger Hunt - Hide seashells around the house or outside and have fun looking for them.

Scavenger receptor, class B, type I (SR-BI) mediates binding and internalization of a variety of lipoprotein and nonlipoprotein ligands, including HDL.

Scavenger receptors do not take up native LDL and are not subject to cholesterol-dependent regulation.

So you can see in the screenshot above that I have two missions for my scavenger hunt.

Students use an app called Goosechase and do a photo and/or video scavenger hunt where they obtain short clips on a topic (in this case - about careers).

Students will also take part in a number of Play Day activities, including a recycling relay, Earth Day eco feud jeopardy game, conservation charades and a nature scavenger hunt.

The annual Easter scavenger hunt for families in and around the Cowichan region.

As the Queenโ€™s University student representative to this campaign, she is participating in numerous public outreach events, including a Virtual Scavenger Hunt that leads people to read online about cutting-edge research happening in the province.

The Grade 3 and 4 students from The Good Shepherd brainstormed ideas ranging from books, scavenger hunts, a peaceful garden on the roof to many other fun activities.

The group also wanted to capture a photo of an Andean Condor and, with advice from some local enthusiasts, Cam did his best impersonation of โ€œroadkillโ€ to attract the opportunistic scavenger.

The kits are made up of books, games, crafts and even scavenger hunts and are suitable for all ages.

The Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre will offer a variety of activities for all ages and the Geo Centre will stage a scavenger hunt on the map.

The Scavenger Hunt was a tool to explore the information in a deeper way.

The visit consists of a guided tour and scavenger hunt followed by an art activity.

Thus, it is used as an antioxidant, an oxygen scavenger, and a corrosion inhibitor in water boilers and heating systems.

โ€œT. rex has previously been accused of being a scavenger due to its keen sniffer, although its nose may point to alternative lifestyles based on what we see in living animalsโ€ says Zelenitsky, the lead investigator on the study.

BACKGROUND: The class A scavenger receptors are a subclass of a diverse family of proteins defined based on their ability to bind modified lipoproteins.

Below are a few digital and non-digital ideas for Scavenger Hunts and other games.

When youโ€™re ready to begin, click for this weekโ€™s scavenger hunt.

You do not need a paper, pen, or a list for a scavenger hunt.