2122 examples of scenery in sentences

They played just as well at one end of a drawing-room, with a rampe of flowers only separating them from the public, as in their own theatre with all the help of scenery, acoustics, and distance.

All these new Sierra landscapes were evidently predestined, for the physical structure of the rocks on which the features of the scenery depend was acquired while they lay at least a mile deep below the pre-glacial surface.

The great granite domes a mile high, the cañons as deep, the noble peaks, the Yosemite valleys, these, and indeed nearly all other features of the Sierra scenery, are glacier monuments.

The scenery became more rigidly arctic, the Dwarf Pines and Hemlocks disappeared, and the stream was bordered with icicles.

For, besides the surpassing grandeur of the scenery about the summit, the trail, in ascending the western flank of the range, conducts through a grove of the giant Sequoias, and through the magnificent Yosemite Valley of the south fork of King's River.

Though more than a thousand feet lower than the Kearsarge, it is scarcely less sublime in rock-scenery, while in snowy, falling water it far surpasses it.

Here the scenery undergoes a sudden and startling condensation.

How excitedly such an addition to the scenery would be gazed at!

The stage is generally a temporary erection improvised in a market-place, and the stage arrangements are of the most primitive character; no scenery is employed, and the actors introduce themselves in a sort of prologue, in which they state the name and character they represent in the drama.

So, too, the host of local names by which every peculiar feature of shore-scenery is individualized,as, for instance, the Needles, the Eddystone, the Three Chimneys, the Hen and Chickens, the Bishop and Clerks.

After reaching, at Pittston, the junction with the Susquehanna River, the scenery was grander; and, as they passed down through the far-famed Wyoming Valley, Ralph thought he had never before seen anything quite so beautiful.

I made my big hit at the concert in reciting 'Lasca.' One of the mates told me that somebody does 'Lasca' on every trip, but I was the first one that furnished scenery by letting down my hair.

I have seen nothing so beautiful in point of scenery for many a long day.

As the scenery on the Hudson, although picturesque and highly romantic, savours somewhat of sameness, I shall forbear any further description of it.

No one visiting America should omit, if possible, a passage to Albany, in order to enjoy, perhaps, the finest natural scenery in the world.

The view of scenery was inexpressibly beautiful.

The passage quoted occurs in his Nicaragua, its people, scenery, and monuments, published in 1852.

The scenery and the incidents of the poem are alike composite.

The whole scenery of the wood, in the densest thicket of which Pan is feasting with his mistress, while about their close retreat the satyr keeps watch and ward, mingling now and again in the action of the mortals, is strongly reminiscent of the Midsummer Night's Dream.

Cannock Chase is one of the prettiest parts of England, and as you care for scenery you can get some amusement out of that.

The bluff was therefore little resorted to, except by some occasional admirer of scenery, or by those countrymen whom business, at long intervals, drew to the spot.

Do you love music, Mr. Bainrothe?" "Not very much, except in opera; then the scenery and lights and people are half the charm.

A human being by Voltaire bears the same relation to a real human being that stage scenery bears to a real landscape; it can only be looked at from in front.

THE ASTRAL WORLD Its Scenery, Dwellers and Phenomena By Swami Panchadasi Containing treatment on such matter as the following: CHAPTER I.The Seven Planes of Being.

It was naively intimated to him by Dot that he might provide the theatre and the scenery, so that the profits might be quite unencumbered.

2122 examples of  scenery  in sentences