87 examples of schleiermacher in sentences

Schleiermacher, on Socrates, translated by Bishop Thirlwall, is well worth attention.

And in the opinion of Lichtenberger, Rothe "is unquestionably the most distinguished theologian of the School of Conciliation, and the most original thinker since Schleiermacher," while "he also showed himself to be one of the humblest Christians and one of the finest formed characters of his age."

[Footnote 1: Nitzsch, the most eminent dogmatic theologian among Schleiermacher's immediate disciples, denies the possibility of conceiving of a case where loving consideration for others, or any other dutiful regard for them, will not attain its end otherwise and more truly and nobly than by lying to them, or where "the loving liar or falsifier might not have acted still more lovingly and wisely without any falsification....

Rothe names Marheineke, DeWette, von Ammon, Herbart, Hartenstein, Schwartz, Harless, and Reinhard, as agreeing in the main with his position; while as opposed to it he mentions Kant, Fichte, Krause, Schleiermacher, von Hirscher, Nitzsch, Flatt, and Baumgarten-Crusius.

Dr. Schaff says of him: "Dr. Dorner was one of the profoundest and most learned theologians of the nineteenth century, and ranks with Schleiermacher, Neander, Nitzsch, Julius Müller, and Richard Rothe.

He mastered the theology of Schleiermacher and the philosophy of Hegel, appropriated the best elements of both, infused into them a positive evangelical faith and a historic spirit;" and as a lecturer, especially "on dogmatics and ethics ...

The Philosophers of Religion (Baader and Schleiermacher) CHAPTER XIII.

According to the law of contradiction and reconciliation, a Schopenhauer must have followed directly after Leibnitz, to oppose his pessimistic ethelism to the optimistic intellectualism of the latter; when, in turn, a Schleiermacher, to give an harmonic resolution of the antithesis into a concrete doctrine of feeling, would have made a fine third.

R. Seydel's Religion und Philosophie, 1887, contains papers on Luther, Schleiermacher, Schelling, Weisse, Fechner, Lotze, Hartmann, Darwinism, etc., which are well worth reading.

This is the standpoint of Christian Hermann Weisse in Leipsic (1801-66), Karl Philipp Fischer in Erlangen (1807-85), Immanuel Hermann Fichte (1797-1879; 1842-65 professor in Tübingen), and the follower of Schleiermacher, Julius Braniss in Breslau (1792-1873).

Schleiermacher, for instance, taught, at different times, almost every branch of theology and philosophy.

These thoughts were partly suggested by reading Schleiermacher, who, if I understand him, has some such notions.

Have read the Iliad and Schleiermacher to-day.

I have been as busy as a bee all day; wrote notes, prepared for leaving home, read Schleiermacher, and Philip von Artevelde, which delighted me; walked after tea with Lizzy, then examined my papers to see what is to be burned.

Fifty lines in Homer; Companion proofs; Schleiermacher; the prologue and first scene of Terence's comedy of Andria; two Nos. of N. Nickleby, and walked round the Common with Julia twice.

Studies the same as yesterday, except that I read less of Schleiermacher and spent an hour or so upon Lessing.

I have been much interested in what I have read to-day in Schleiermacher.

I go on with Schleiermacher and have resumed Lessing.

Read or rather studied Schleiermacher.

Mr. Albro has concluded to read Schleiermacher with methat is, to keep along at the same rate, that we may talk about it.

Shall resume Schleiermacher and take up Fichte on the Destination of Man. Nov. 22nd.

"Thanks be unto God, who giveth us the victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ!" SCHLEIERMACHER CHRIST'S RESURRECTION AN IMAGE OF OUR NEW LIFE BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE Friedrich Ernst Daniel Schleiermacher, German theologian and philosopher, was born at Breslau in 1768.

SCHLEIERMACHER 17681834 CHRIST'S RESURRECTION AN IMAGE OF OUR NEW LIFE As Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we should walk in newness of life.

The point of view of Schleiermacher's "Monologues," which is also that of Emerson, is great indeed, but proud and egotistical, since the Self is made the centre of the universe.

It was not for nothing that he had passed an apprenticeship among the divines of Germany, and been the friend and correspondent of Tholuck, Schleiermacher, Ewald, and Sack.

87 examples of  schleiermacher  in sentences