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1152 examples of  scolded  in sentences

1152 examples of scolded in sentences

He immediately ordered his young men to give me back my arms, and scolded them for what they had done.

Once back in her room she scolded herself for being such an idiot, laughed at her fears, and, being a normal, healthy woman, fell almost instantly to sleep.

She scolded me, and then she cried, till I didn't know where to look.

There was never any noise or confusion in the house, and though there was a great deal of work to be done, everything went on smoothly and pleasantly, and no one ever got angry and scolded as they did in the Jenkins family.

He attacked one thing after another, the rugs on the floor, curtains, anything flying or fluttering, and Miss Laura patiently scolded him for each one, till at last it dawned upon him that he must not worry anything but a bone.

I did not get scolded for the broken window.

Miss Laura always picked up the little, dead creature, pitied it and stroked it, and scolded Malta till she crept into a corner.

When we had eaten to repletion, of and from the checkers which were our plates and food as well, Mrs. Judge Robinson suddenly became Irene, who had eaten too much and had to be scolded and put to bed.

It means that I am tired of being scolded.

Afore I get the chapter read; I don't mind being scolded, too, For lots of things I didn't do;

Once there was a boy who never Tore his clothes, or hardly ever, Never made his sister mad, Never whipped fer bein' bad, Never scolded by his Ma, Never frowned at by his Pa, Always fit fer folks to see, Always good as good could be.

It was to her he used to go with all his troubles, and sometimes she scolded, and sometimes she listened.

Arthur had not scolded or reproached her, despite his annoyance, and she had a feeling that his judgment of Charlie Mershone was quite right.

You are a good girl, and you shall not be scolded, or snubbed, either," he muttered, and the party came up, the cavalryman and the Texan loud in praise, the other four clamorous with questions and advice.

She had also interpreted some of her daughter's submissive replies to her admonitions on the subject as a promise that she would not ride, and she scolded her severely (no weaker word can express the asperity of her language) for neglect of her engagement, as well as for the risk of accidents which are incurred by those who follow the hounds, and some of which, as she heard, had befallen the dauphiness herself.

The youth was not overbearing, but as he was at times scolded by Capitan Tiago, he liked in his turn to chide those under his orders.

At each movement or antic that may soil their clothing they are pinched and scolded, so the fact is that they do not laugh or feel happy, while in their round eyes can be read a protest against so much embroidery and a longing for the old shirt of week-days.

With equal fearlessness he reproved and publicly scolded the burgesses for every new injustice and every fresh disorder.

I began to speak to brother about it, but he scolded me.

He scolded and abused, got all wrought up, and wept himself; what didn't he do!

We have both of us scolded and flouted him away, and now you, who suffer the most of either of us, spend your breath to comfort us.

Yet the poor thing bore this ill treatment very meekly, and did not dare complain to her father, who thought so much of his wife that he would only have scolded her.

Here we have nothing to do with our victuals but to eat them, with the garden but to see it grow, with the tax gatherer but to hear him knock, with the maid but to hear her scolded.

All the same, though the chief performer in Marie Bashkirtseff's "Confessions" interested her but little, the stage on which for a little while she had scolded and whimpered did interest herfor should it not have been her stage too, and Henry's stage, and Dot's stage, father's and mother's stage too?

The Austrian officers came on board a few minutes after, when I addressed them in German, and explained to them the behaviour of the boy; they scolded him severely for his impertinence to us and threatened him with the Schlag, should it occur again.

If she had not been so nice, I should have been furious, and you can see, Mamma, how impossible to understand them it is; to be told one moment to be nice, and then, when one is, to be scolded!

For a few seconds he scolded vociferously.

I've scolded and scolded till my tongue is tired, whipping don't seem to do her a bit of good, and I hate to put her out among strangers for fear that they will not treat her right, for after all she is very near to me.

I've scolded and scolded till my tongue is tired, whipping don't seem to do her a bit of good, and I hate to put her out among strangers for fear that they will not treat her right, for after all she is very near to me.

She had sometimes said when grandmother had scolded her that "she was growing cross and cold."

But who will give the oft-scolded Clemens Brentano too little credit?

Nothing in her face or manner betrayed it, nor in her pleasant, easy talk while she tidied my things and scolded my slovenly packing, as her habit was, questioning me about the servants at the flat.

His mother thought him silent (he always called her "mother," and, to do her justice, she could not have loved her own son better, nor scolded him oftener, had she possessed one); Miss Bruce voted him stupid and sulky.

It was clear, and she went, and Ralph drove her there in the gig, and Dora was overwhelmed with joy to see her, and scolded Ralph in the most charming way for not bringing her before; Miriam was taken to see Congo, because Dora wanted her to begin to love him, and they were shown into the library, because Dora said that she knew they both loved books, and her father had gathered together so many.

The sophomores stormed and scolded, and the freshmen, who outnumbered them, laughed and flung back taunts.

" "Oh, Peter," Ann scolded, "I think you are the very greediest little boy I ever knew!"

" "That may be," said Louisa; "but I remember scratching that L with my own needle, and Cecilia scolded me for it, too.

Joe went home and scolded his wife, and boxed little Joe's ears, and kicked the cat; and not one of them knew what it was all for.

Father frowned and scolded, and said, "Tut, tut!"

I knew him thoroughly; I had held him on my lap, fed him with sugar-plums, soothed his child-sorrows, and scolded his naughtiness, many a time; I had stood with him by his mother's dying bed and consoled him by my own tears, for his mother I loved dearly; so, ever since, Frank had been both near and dear to me, for a mutual sorrow is a tie that may bind together even a young man and an old maid in close and kindly friendship.

So they all got angry with the daughter-in-law, and, although she told them about the beggar, they scolded her harder than ever.

When the family came home there was no dinner for them, and they scolded the third daughter-in-law just as hard as they had scolded the second one.

When the family came home there was no dinner for them, and they scolded the third daughter-in-law just as hard as they had scolded the second one.

Her father-in-law and all her brothers-in-law scolded her dreadfully, and at last the king drove her out of the house.

The kind physician scolded him for coming out, sent for a carriage, took him home, and put him to bed.

" "What did Pauline do when Aunt Victoria scolded her?" asked Sylvia.

Even then somebody saw him and scolded him and said 'Either burn it or wash it.'

If they wish to go even for a draught of water, they must ask leave, and if they stay longer than the mistress thinks necessary, they are liable to be punished, and often are scolded or slapped, or kept from going down to the next meal.

Alighting from the carriage, and setting her little feet upon the ground with a vengeance, Madam Conway first scolded Mike unmercifully for his carelessness, and next chided Maggie for manifesting no more concern.

Do now, Betsey, forget, for a few days, that Miss Webster ever scolded or found fault with you.

As a consequence of the whoop Jack was scolded when Mrs. Jarley came down.

Flinging himself before the door, he drove the crowd back, scolded them into quietness and dispersed them.

He glanced at her chamber window before seeing that she stood on the grass by the front door, giving the swan bits of bread from her fingers while the jealous birds, forgetting to go to roost, watched and scolded from the low branches overhead.

She had scolded the boy herself about that very thing many a time.

It is worth recording that, "my wife has not scolded me once, although yesterday I had the spleen badly enough."

We soon found that the old lady had a great idea of taking the reins into her own hands; the children were scolded, and threatened, and locked up in dark closets, until, to use their own expression, they became, most "dreadfully good," and never dared to show off under the espionage of those eagle eyes.

"Yes, we women scolded him right well, but Sarkis said no earthly word.

But she liked and ruled him, and came to him for comfort when she was hurt or when Lorena scolded.

I had an early and a long call from one of our church, who wanted to tell me, among other things, that her husband scolded her for bumping her head in the night; she wept and I condoled; she went away at last smiling.

Another scolded the working-classes in the style of an intoxicated temperance lecturer.

He knew only that a frowning old gentleman stood in a high place and scolded about something.

"You folks make something out of nothing," scolded Sharon, fussily.

I bet She scolded you ...

I got myself well scolded by the fair Madame, (as angels scold,) and had to plead like a lawyer to make my peace;after all, that woman really enchains me.

When he scolded me I answered him softly.

It was not an ideal answer, and historians have scolded the departed planters vigorously for doing the sum in that way, yet the planters were victims of circumstances.

Thereupon, of course, the mistress scolded and equally, of course, the master smiled and gleefully told the news to the guests.

First I hunted in all the bushes, and the Catbirds scolded me and the Brown Thrasher in the barberry bush was very mad and a Robin in the low crotch of the bell-pear tree nearly tipped his nest over, he flew away in such a hurry.

I scolded some of them and made them write immediately to their sweethearts. . . .

Presently the Raja came in and asked what was the matter; she turned and scolded him saying: "You have reared the accursed cat and it has scratched me finely; look, it has taken all the skin off; this is the way the boy repays me for all my trouble.

He told his wife that he would not kill the boy and scolded her and ended by giving her a beating.

Then she ran away in a passion but he did not trouble to go and look for her and in a few days her father and brothers brought her back, and her husband told them what had happened and they also scolded her and told her to mend her ways.

Then she got very angry and scolded the widow and said that she would pay her nothing as she had not done her work properly and she turned her out.

Their parents were much distressed at this, for they thought that if their boys spent all their time together hunting they would grow up unruly and ignorant; so they made up their minds that they must separate the young men so that they would not be tempted to spend so much time in sport, but would be able to learn something useful; they scolded the youths and told them to give up their friendship and their hunting, but this had no effect.

Her mother saw what she was doing and scolded her for touching the forbidden flower, but the girl begged to see what it would look like in her hair; there could be no harm done if she pulled the whole plant up by its roots and put it in her hair and then replanted it; no one would know what had happened.

and she thought Ret Mongla was calling her name; this surprised her and made her very angry; and she made up her mind to pay him back and then if she were scolded for not paying proper respect to her husband's eldest brother to explain that he had insulted her first.

Easier said than done; they none of them knew how to do it; as they all hung back the headman's wife scolded them roundly and bade them take the axe and kill the beast; then they all asked where they were to strike the animal: "Where its life resides," said the headman's wife.

For a joke he could make stools stick fast to his friends when they sat on them; and anyone he scolded found himself unable to speak properly.

How many bitter annoyances, how much care and anxiety had not her debts cost her already; how often Bonaparte had scolded her about them; how often she had promised to do differently, and make no more purchases until she should be in a condition to pay at once!

"Suffer little children to come unto me," urged as decisive: but it occurred to me that the disciples would not have scolded the little children away, if they had ever been accustomed to baptize them.

This gave merit to credulity, and led pious men to extol it as a brave and noble deed, when any one overpowered the scruples of good sense, and scolded them down as the wisdom of this world, which is hostile to God.

"When I told my parents that I wanted to study medicine, they and my relatives objected and scolded me, for they were afraid that I would not marry if I would study medicine.

To the prisoners he was peevish; and instead of keeping up to the humane dignity of the law of England, whose character it is to point out favour to the criminal, he crossed them, and almost scolded at any offer they made towards defence.

I had been down the lanes and brought in five tiny starved primroses with short stems, for which Betsey scolded me soundly, telling me that the first brood of chickens was always the same in number as the first primroses brought into the house.

The seรฑora herself went about with a linen dust-cloth in her hand, and scolded because the smoke from the fires which the peons had tended all night in the barbecue pits was borne straight toward the house by the tricksy west wind, and left cinders and grime upon windows closed against it.

Nay, the devil take thee, sweet landlady, hold thy tongue: Was't not enough thou hast scolded me from my lodging, which, as long as I rent it, is my castle; but to follow me here to Mr Trice's, where I am invited; and to discredit me before strangers, for a lousy, paltry sum of money? Fran.

He was furious with rage at learning that I had been depriving myself of spending my money, and yet he was delighted to see his wishes fulfilled; he laughed and scolded, he looked at his barrel, at his horse, and wiped away a tear, as he said, 'It is too bad.

Sergeant Wilson scolded, stormed, and almost swore at me.

She had been delighted to think that he should come, though she had after her fashion, scolded him for the promised visit.

A sluggish housemaid exclaimed, when scolded for the uncleanliness of her kitchen, "I'm sure the room would be clean enough if it were not for the nasty sun, which is always showing the dirty corners.

And he was scolded if he ever was late in coming home.

He was even observed on a calm day to watch these waifs as they floated off, and was confidently believed to recognise them as his own property, while in such language as he knew, which was not syllabic, he talked and scolded at them, as if, in spite of facts, he meant to charge them with being down there entirely through their own perversity.

the Sister scolded.

Though he complimented me on my self-denial in making what he called "some sacrifice of beauty" to pass for a boy, "so that the audience can't say, 'Why, James must be a fool not to see she is a girl,'" he scolded me for my want of bluntness.

Come and see her to-morrow; tell her so, with an old man's love, and that I scolded your mother heartily for not bringing her to-night.

You may have only just made your dรฉbut, but you have not been schooled and scolded, and frightened into propriety as that unfortunate girl has.

I dragged him away several times, and told him he would certainly be taken for a country booby, and scolded him for demeaning his rank with such ignoble pleasures, and what wise answer do you think he made me?" "A very excellent one, I have no doubt.

She coaxed, she begged, she elbowed and pushed and scolded, now laughing, and now with the passion of tears in her thick, excited voice.

Hope scolded her urgently: why had she got off the sofa when repose was so necessary for her?

Sir, don't you think as you are to be scolded, or the angel you love affronted; all that is over forever.