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63 examples of  scooting  in sentences

63 examples of scooting in sentences

"I suppose there are still some of these German submarines scooting about almost under our feet.

I saw him scooting off like a scared dog.

" We could see him scooting pell mell around the edge of the cooking shack, his spindle legs as thin as sticks.

" But as soon as we came into shallow water he jumped out of the boat and scooted around the edge of the pavilion, like a wild animal.

I guess I knew how Skinny felt when he scooted off, because after camp-fire I felt just that same way myself.

We saw it stop at the station in Catskill and we heard the bell ring and saw it start again and go scooting along the shore and far away, till we couldn't see it any more.

Scoot!" "Po-o-o-lice!"

" "Unfortunately," Bridges remarked, as he sipped the cocktail which the cinema man had ordered, "this chap Romilly was broke, wasn't he?did a scoot to avoid the smash-up?

They were scooting away gloriously, rising and pounding the waves, when Mooka, who did not have to steer and whose restless glance was roving over every bay and hillside, jumped up, her eyes round as lynx's.

"Bedad," said the Galway boy, "they mean to scoot like redshanks.

At lastthe Fo'thI humped myself Through chores and breakfast soon, Then scooted down to Taggarts' store

Grim asked at once for the auto for me (I couldn't have had it otherwise), and a moment later Jeremy and I were scooting into darkness through narrow streets and driving rain, with the hubs of the wheels awash in places and "shipping it green" over the floor when we dipped and pitched over a cross-street gutter.

We'll have to do a scoot.

At three hundred feet he saw them distinctlygray streaks scooting across the trodden snow or resting on haunches, their shadows stretching before them.

You'll see me and Sinclair scoot along that there road, with the gang yellin' behind us!" Having made this farewell speech, he waved his hand and, with a smile of confidence, jogged away from her.

Then, when I shouted, of course, he had to scoot.

Then he made me scoot over here with it as fast as I could.

Officers in long gray overcoats with facings of blue, green, black, yellow and four shades of reddepending on the branches of the service to which they belongedwere piling into automobiles and scooting away.

"Well," continued Tom, "after I'd been with 'em a couple of months or so, they kind er got a notion that I didn't care much about gittin' away, and didn't keep a very strict watch over me; so, one night, when I see Carline (that was my old rifle) lyin' by one of the lodges, I made up my mind to scoot.

"I say, wasn't Kent foolish to go scooting off like that?

"Then we are liable to go scooting skyward in a hurry!"

If he wakes up blow out the light and scoot.

There was an ugly moment when a maxim situated in a cornfield began to fire point-blank at a range of one hundred yards, but a Czech outpost entrenched quite near made it so hot for the gunner that after firing about 150 rounds he scooted, leaving a well-placed gun and 5,000 rounds, all belted, behind.

Thor greeted him with an immediate growl of warning, and the badger scooted back up the trail in fear of his life.

Once in the channel we filled away to the south, scooting past the black upper-works of the Kut Sang, as we caught a stiff breeze from the north.

He scooted back to the Moana.

The hard macadam road was no more than dampened, and ambulances and motor-trucks went scooting by as on a city street.

We'd better be scooting back to school.

There was a railing around the tank, which was sunk in, lower than the deck, so she could not fall in, nor could I possibly get out, but as soon as my head began rearing above the water, scoot!

Then Tug would call out some eloquent gibberish like "Seventy-'leven-three-teen," and that meant that on the first down the full-back was to come in on the run, and take the ball through the enemy's left-guard and tackle; on the second down the right half-back was to crisscross with the left half-back; and on the third down the right-guard was to scoot round the left-end.

For in snow-shoe walking the feet must be lifted straight up and then carried forward before they are planted, and any attempt to slide them forward makes a woeful tangle; to try to lift the ski off the ground, however, is to invite ridiculous distress, and the whole art of scooting on the ski is in the long, sliding motion.

After vaulting gaily over one rail fence, and scooting jauntily along across a wide pasture, the Kingstonians were surprised to hear the sound of other footsteps than theirs, and they turned and found a large and enthusiastic bull endeavoring to join their select circle.

The racket stopped as Diamond scooted down the slippery surface.

Forward he scooted in a cloud of dust.

I wish the poor fellow had stayed in the saddle; but his horse scooted off, and he stood right there where he fell, without a leaf to shelter him, and pumped the lead into those stockmen, who were mean enough to shoot the brave fellow in his tracks without giving him a chance for life.

The day before I 'scooted,' a new machine appeared before the house, drawn by six horses.

" He said nothing more until we were scooting downhill in the car in the midst of a cloud of dust.

But when Allenby conquered Palestine between bouts of trying to tame his Australians, and Djemal Pasha scooted hot-foot into exile with a two-hundred-woman harem packed in lorries at his rear, Yussuf remembered that old adage about better late than never.

Only I promised to stick to the missus a while, I'd scoot tomorrer.

ned the Boy Scoot movement.

The chief immediate reaction of this astonishing irruption of gigantic poultry upon the human mind was to arouse an extraordinary passion to whoop and run and throw things, and in quite a little time almost all the available manhood of Hickleybrows and several ladies, were out with a remarkable assortment of flappish and whangable articles in handto commence the scooting of the giant hens.

Accordingly in we went, where a parcel of Muddling Muckworms were as busy as so many Rats in an old Cheese Loft; some Going, some Coming, some Scribling, some Talking, some Drinking, some Smoaking, others Jangling: and the whole Room stinking of Tobacco, like a Dutch Scoot or a Boatswain's Cabbin.

Hump! Scoot!" Through the heavily falling rain he saw the lighted school buildings looming among the trees; turned into the drive, accounted for himself, gave his horse to a negro with orders to care for it, and followed a ward-master into an open-faced shed where a kettle was boiling over a sheet-iron stove.

"Why, I seed the balls that hit his head glance off and scoot up in the air, like skipping stones over the water.

"She came out," said Patsy, "and quietly scooted off across the fields.

ye lived on a tremendous sidehill that reached clear to New York City, so ye could git on a sled an' scoot off like a streak o' lightnin'.

S'pose ye could scoot yer crops right down t' Albany in a day.

"Wal, if there was a railroad, they could scoot back ag'in," said the voice.

Wal, you git your own supper, an' then Sam says, says he, 'I guess I'll scoot over t' Watertown and see my gal fer a few minutes.'

An' some morning ye'll wake up an' find yer moral character has scooted.

If ye do, by an' by there won't be nobody left here but them that's too old t' scoot er a few sickly young folks who don't care fer the sinful attractions o' this world.

" The dread of "scooting" grew for a time, but wise men were able to overcome it.

From official rules of deportment the British soldier knows how to salute when on foot or mounted on bicycle, horse, mule, camel, elephant, motor-lorry or yak, but no provision has been made for the case of an army scooting on ski.

Of course they dinna scoot up the sleeve every time.

'I wish to goodness I could.' 'Scoot hame an' tell yer mither,

never!' "I saw he was goin' to scoot, and I made a grab at him, but he give me a push that nearly tore my collar off, and away he went.

"If you'd a-seen him scoot, you'd a-knowed that he was dead skeered, and would never turn up here no more, bear or no bear.

The cap'en he scooted round into one port an' another arter his own business,down to Caraccas, into Rio; and when we'd rounded the Horn and was nigh about dead of cold an' short rations, and hadn't killed but three whales, we put into Valparaiso to get vittled, and there I laid hold o' this little trinket of a chain, and spliced Hetty's ring on to't, lest I should be stranded somewheres and get rid of it onawares.

He scooted through the underbrush.

Dog my skin, ef I ever get fairly limbered up afore it's 'Dad!' and 'Oh, Dad!'" To Lance's intense satisfaction the girl received this harangue with an air of supreme indifference, and when "Dad" had relapsed into an unintelligible, and, as it seemed to Lance, a half-frightened muttering, she said coolly, "Ye'd better drop that axe and scoot round getten' this stranger some breakfast and some grub to take with him.

He scooted up that tree and slipped in under some hanging strips of bark.

Sech scoots scurryfunging around on the gay old galoot, to go snacks In the profits of other folks' notions, have put you, old pal, in a wax.

It spun him round and round on his back like an overturned beetle, and then scooted him across the lake's surface flat as a floor.