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451 examples of  scotchmen  in sentences

451 examples of scotchmen in sentences

Hastily collecting a large number of Scotchmen and other Tories, he fled to the woods by the way of the Sacandaga, where it is supposed they were met by Indians sent from Canada to escort them thither, for a certain time afterward, in one of his speeches, Thayendanega said: 'We went in a body to the town then in possession of the enemy, and rescued Sir John Johnson, bringing him fearlessly through the streets.'

" Somewhat similarly Thomas Campbell remarks of Burns, "he was the most un-Scotsmanlike of Scotchmen, having no caution."

Driving the enemy through the woods, a Scotch regiment hustled its foes right into the fishponds, the Scotchmen jumping in after the Germans up to the middle to finish them in the water, which was packed with their bodies.

It needed the shock of the great war to bring home the wisdom of that old Scotchman of Kรถnigsberg to the mind of the ordinary man.

I have been trying all my life to like Scotchmen, and am obliged to desist from the experiment in despair.

London Magazine, August, 1821, where the title ran: "Jews, Quakers, Scotchmen, and other Imperfect Sympathies.

Lamb's criticism of Scotchmen did not pass without comment.

on Scotchmen, 67.

Scotchmen, Lamb on, 67, 371.

'I have been thinking, Dr. Johnson, that there should be a bill brought into parliament that the controverted elections for Scotland should be tried in that country, at their own Abbey of Holy-Rood House, and not here; for the consequence of trying them here is, that we have an inundation of Scotchmen, who come up and never go back again.

'You know, Sir, (said he,) that no Scotchman publishes a book, or has a play brought upon the stage, but there are five hundred people ready to applaud him.

Let it be remembered by those who accuse Dr. Johnson of illiberality that both were Scotchmen.

The Scotchman took what she had to say with no outward sign of excitement.

" "They're both good lads," the Scotchman summed up, and passed to his second bit of news.

I shall suppose Scotchmen made necessarily, and Englishmen by choice.'

It includes Scotchmen, Irish Presbyterians, people who have turned over from Baptism, Independency, Catholicism, and several other creeds, and all of them seem to be theologically satisfied.

For a few years his life of alternate toil and dissipation was occasionally illumined by his splendid lyric genius, and he produced many songs"Bonnie Doon," "My Love's like a Red, Red Rose," "Auld Lang Syne," "Highland Mary," and the soul-stirring "Scots wha hae," composed while galloping over the moor in a stormwhich have made the name of Burns known wherever the English language is spoken, and honored wherever Scotchmen gather together.

After reading these nine volumes we know Scotland and Scotchmen as we can know them in no other way.

The wealthiest nobleman whose home and dwelling-place I passed, is the Duke of Maclew (a Scotchman) whose annual income is estimated at ยฃ350,000 or about $1,700,000.

His favorite heroes are either Englishmen of good family, or Scotchmen educated in England,gallant, cultivated, and reproachless, but without any striking originality or intellectual force.

But the sturdy Scotchman accepted no dole; he set himself to work out his own salvation.

For the sake of being near his printer, while the Dictionary was on the anvil, he took a convenient house in Gough Square, near Fleet-street, and fitted up one room in it as an office, where six amanuenses were employed in transcribing for him, of whom Boswell recounts in triumph that five were Scotchmen.

On his return from Leyden, where it was then the custom for young Scotchmen to complete their education, Archibald married Barbara, the daughter of Mr. Cunningham, of Gilbertfield, near Glasgow; and died soon after the birth of our poet, leaving him, with another son and a daughter, dependent on the bounty of their grandfather.

But he delights in pleasing, in giving, in showing his lovely islands to all who will come and see them; Creole, immigrant, coloured or white man, Spaniard, Frenchman, Englishman, or Scotchman, each and all, will prove themselves thoughtful hosts and agreeable companions, if they be only treated as gentlemen usually expect to be treated elsewhere.

A cultivated Scotchman, now no longer young, but hale and mighty, had taken up three hundred acres, and already cleared a hundred and fifty; and there he intended to pass the rest of a busy life, not under his own vine and fig-tree, but under his own castor-oil and cacao-tree.

Long before Tasso and Camoens and Ercilla, two Scotchmen had attempted to put patriotism into epic form; Barbour had written his Bruce and Blind Harry his Wallace.

His hair, for he wore his own, had been red, though it was now grizzled; and the colour of it was set down in Moonfleet to his being a Scotchman, for we thought all Scotchmen were red-headed.

The question was whether this very young lady could manage it at all; and if she failed, as the last incumbent had,failed egregiously, too; the school had broken up in riotous confusion before the end of the year,the canny Scotchmen of the School Board did not wish to be pledged to pay that extra five pounds.

You can keep no men long, nor Scotchmen at all, off moral or theological discussion.

[Note 11: You can keep no men long, nor Scotchmen at all.

The summit of this volcano was considered inaccessible until two young Scotchmen, Paton and Stewart by name, demonstrated the contrary.

Everybody in Albay, however, assured me that the two Scotchmen were the first to reach the top of the mountain.

A third reason which our great historical critic puts forward for the disfavor with which the Union was at the time regarded by many high-minded Scotchmen, he finds in "the gross prostitution with which a majority sold themselves to the surrender of their own legislative existence."

The Union with Scotland, where the majority of the population was Presbyterian, had rendered it almost impossible to maintain the exclusion of Englishmen resembling the Scotch in their religious tenets from preferments, and even from seats in the House of Commons, to which Scotchmen were admissible.

The children of both sexes were committed to the care of private tutors, usually young Scotchmen, the graduates of Glasgow, Edinburgh, or Aberdeen, sent over to the planter, upon order, along with his yearly supply of goods, by his merchant abroad.

There were Canadians, half-breeds, Iroquois, and Scotchmen.

No class of men are better able to appreciate and understand the principles on which a system of true education should be based than Scotchmen, and hence, though cautious in taking up new things, or new views of things, they can do justice to, and appreciate, that which is worthy of their attention.

And to look at home, what is the modern poetry which lives on the lips and in the hearts of Englishmen, Scotchmen, Irishmen?

Such, for example, was that respectable Dr. John Campbell, whose parties Johnson ceased to frequent lest Scotchmen should say of any good bits of work, "Ay, ay, he has learnt this of Cawmell.

Boswell's surprise seems to indicate that Scotchmen in those days were even greater bears than Johnson.

" This sturdy British and High Church prejudice did not prevent the worthy doctor from having many warm friendships with Scotchmen, and helping many distressed Scotchmen in London.

" This sturdy British and High Church prejudice did not prevent the worthy doctor from having many warm friendships with Scotchmen, and helping many distressed Scotchmen in London.

"Certainly," replied Johnson, "but we must always remember that He made it for Scotchmen; and comparisons are odious, Mr. Strahan, but God made hell.

Together with the posts, indeed, the North-West Company turned over, in effect, some of its agents and the principal part of its clerks, interpreters, and boatmen for this area, who were, I believe, without a single exception, foreigners, chiefly Canadian French, Scotchmen, Irishmen, and perhaps a few Englishmen.

He also invaded Caledonia and captured quite a number of Scotchmen, whom he took home and domesticated.

He was a Scotchman from Ayr, dour enough, and little disposed to be communicative, though I tried him with the "Twa Briggs," and, like all Scotchmen, he was a reader of "Burrns."

All of them knew and loved Dr. Wilson, and although he never ceased to preach the gospel of Christ, his Master, with the energy, zeal and plain speaking that is characteristic of Scotchmen, the Hindus, Mohammedans, Parsees, Jains, Jews and every other sect admired and encouraged him as much as those of his own faith.

The chief machinists, master mechanics and engineers are almost exclusively Scotchmen.

In time, Italians from Piedmont, Moravians and Lutherans from Germany, and Scotchmen from the Highlands, all made settlements in Georgia.

The most flagrant cases of panic that happened in the 'Forty-Five affair befell Englishmen, and rarely occurred to Irishmen or to Scotchmen.

For instance, there are crack regiments in the British Army which wear the kiltthe kilt which, as Macaulay says with perfect truth, was regarded by nine Scotchmen out of ten as the dress of a thief.

Scotchmen improvident!

So the times suit me bravely; but for all that I do not like to think of Englishmen and Scotchmen arrayed against their fellows.

He had red hair and eyebrows, and a foxy, cunning face, and Harry guessed at once that he was in the presence of the Earl of Argylla man who, even more than the rest of his treacherous race, was hated and despised by loyal Scotchmen.

Cromwell will attack us to-morrow, and will defeat us; his trained troops are more than a match for these Scotchmen, who think more of their preachers than of their officers, and whose discipline is of the slackest.

It would be sufficiently analogous with our mode of forming the words, Englishmen, Frenchmen, Scotchmen, Dutchmen, and Irishmen, and perhaps not unpoetical, to say: "Of Sericana, where Chinese-men drive, With sails and wind, their cany wagons light.

He hated Frenchmen, Scotchmen, and Americans, and had a cockneyish attachment to London.

Romans have died for a bronze eagle on a wreathed staff, Englishmen for a flag, Scotchmen for the sound of the pipes.

No Englishman is stirred by the name 'British,' the name 'English' irritates all Scotchmen, and the Irish are irritated by both alike.

Apropos I have seen your Scotchmen fight, and very stout fantassins they make, but I thought from them, that the folk over here all worehow do you say it?petticoats.

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'Droves of Scotchmen would come up and attest anything for the honour of Scotland,' ii. 311; 'I shall suppose Scotchmen made necessarily, and Englishmen by choice,' v. 48; 'It was remarked of Mallet that he was the only Scot whom Scotchmen did not commend,' ii. 159, n. 3; 'We have an inundation of Scotchmen' (Wilkes), iv.

'Droves of Scotchmen would come up and attest anything for the honour of Scotland,' ii. 311; 'I shall suppose Scotchmen made necessarily, and Englishmen by choice,' v. 48; 'It was remarked of Mallet that he was the only Scot whom Scotchmen did not commend,' ii. 159, n. 3; 'We have an inundation of Scotchmen' (Wilkes), iv.

'Droves of Scotchmen would come up and attest anything for the honour of Scotland,' ii. 311; 'I shall suppose Scotchmen made necessarily, and Englishmen by choice,' v. 48; 'It was remarked of Mallet that he was the only Scot whom Scotchmen did not commend,' ii. 159, n. 3; 'We have an inundation of Scotchmen' (Wilkes), iv.

You Scotchmen are no scholars.

You Scotchmen are all alike.

When Siward, the martial Earl of Northumberland, understood that his son, whom he had sent in service against the Scotchmen, was slain, he demanded whether his wound were in the fore part or hinder part of his body.

Yet the stealing of cattle does not now seem a very noble achievement in the eyes of honorable Scotchmen How will the stealing of children, within bounds prescribed by law and custom, appear to future generations of Americans?

These laborious and useful Scotchmen interfere with no one, and pursue successfully their industrious career, without either requiring or receiving any assistance from Home.

On that spot where I had left a party of enterprising Scotchmen busily employed in sawing timber, with crowds of natives assisting them, all was quiet and totally deserted, with the exception of a few nearly starved, wretched-looking dogs, who, hearing someone approach, came out, and tried to bark at us, but were too weak to utter a sound.

I have used the word "British"; but though there were some Englishmen and Scotchmen among the tories and provincials, they were mainly loyalist Americans.]

The new Black Watch, stalwart Scotchmen, bagpipes playing, charged over everything.

You can keep no men long, nor Scotchmen at all, off moral or theological discussion.

My kith and kin had died at the stake, bearing testimony against popery and prelacy; had fought on those fields where Scotchmen charged in solid columns, singing psalms; and though I was wax at all other points, I was granite on "The Solemn League and Covenant."

[Footnote 1: Lord Bute used his influence in favour of Scotchmen with so little moderation that he raised a prejudice against the whole nation, which found a vent in Wilkes's North Briton and Churchill's bitter and powerful satire, "The Prophecy of Famine."

Wilkes refused to see Heberden and Hawkins, whom the House commissioned to visit him; and to laugh at us more, sent for two Scotchmen, Duncan and Middleton.

Her policy prepared the ground for her successor, James I., to exterminate the Irish from large tracts, in which he planted Englishmen and Scotchmen, and to extend all English laws to Ireland and abolish all other laws.

Pat instantly replied, "To give Scotchmen an opportunity of contributing to missions."

Under Henry IV also we find a statute banishing all Welshmen and forbidding them to buy land or become freemen in England; and under Henry VI the same law is applied to Irishmen, and in the next reign to Scotchmen as well.

Scotchmen banished from England.

These four men did not call it by the proper title just given; there were commercial gentlemen in the Creole city, Englishmen, Scotchmen, Yankees, as well as French and Spanish Creoles, who in public indignantly denied, and in private tittered over, their complicity with the pirates of Grand Isle, and who knew their trading rendezvous by the sly nickname of "Little Manchac."

So firmly seated in the Scotch mind was the belief in witchcraft as a sin and crime, that when the laws against it were repealed in 1736, Scotchmen in the highest stations of church and state remonstrated against the repeal as contrary to the law of God; and William Forbes, in his "Institutes of the Law of Scotland," calls witchcraft "that black art whereby strange and wonderful things are wrought by a power derived from the devil.

While in France, attending on the exiled prince, he wrote a number of poetical pieces at his master's desire; among others, a song in honour of an embassy to Poland, which he and Lord Crofts undertook for Charles II., and during which they are said to have collected ยฃ10,000 for the royal cause from the Scotchmen who then abounded in that country as travelling merchants or pedlars.

GORDON, SIR JOHN WATSON, a portrait-painter, born in Edinburgh; was a pupil of Raeburn's, and his successor as a painter of portraits; executed portraits of most of the eminent Scotchmen of his time, and among the number Sir Walter Scott, the Duke of Buccleuch, Lord Cockburn, Dr. Chalmers, and Professor Wilson (1788-1864).

We will only say, in passing, that it is pleasant to see the rapid spread of clubs for the latter game, which a few years since was practised only by a few transplanted Englishmen and Scotchmen; and it is pleasant also to observe the twin growth of our indigenous American game of base-ball, whose briskness and unceasing activity are perhaps more congenial, after all, to our national character, than the comparative deliberation of cricket.

Then a kodak fiend ready to aim at anything or nothin' and hit it; then some Scotchmen in Tarten dress and follerin' clost some Japans, lots and lots of them scattered along.

GOLF Two Scotchmen met and exchanged the small talk appropriate to the hour.

But be sure to get some Scotchmen.

Don't play for money unless you have the majority of Scotchmen on your side.

Between those two Scotchmen he appeared like a glow-worm between two thistles.

It would be worse than affectationit would be ingratitudeto disclaim being deeply impressed by the favourable reception which has for so long a time been given to these Reminiscences at home, in India, in America, and in all countries where Scotchmen are to be found.

The book comprises much that is interesting to the family, and to Scotchmen.

Smoking does not appear to have been practised more in Scotland than in England, and if Scotchmen are sometimes intemperate in the use of snuff, it is certainly a more innocent excess than intemperance in whisky.

When our ambassador at Constantinople, some Scotchmen had been recommended to him for a purpose of private or of government business; and Sir Robert was always ready to do a kind thing for a countryman.

How graphically it describes the interest felt by Scotchmen of his rank in the incidents of their national history.

Church-going, Scotchmen not famous for, fifty years ago.

India, St. Andrew's day kept in, by Scotchmen.