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862 examples of  scourged  in sentences

862 examples of scourged in sentences

But the lessons taught him before war scourged the world came back to him on getting his first view of the Holy City.

For I hear that you Lacedaemonians, O Chirisophus, such of you at least as are of the better class, practise stealing from your boyhood, and it is not a disgrace, but an honor, to steal whatever the law does not forbid; while, in order that you may steal with the utmost dexterity, and strive to escape discovery, it is appointed by law that, if you are caught stealing, you are scourged.

" Then again, according to a Swedish legend, the dwarf birch tree afforded the rod with which Christ was scourged, which accounts for its stunted appearance; while another legend tells us it was the willow with its drooping branches.

Shelley wrote thus: 'I have received the heartrending account of the closing scene of the great genius whom envy and ingratitude scourged out of the world.

Thus fares the land by luxury betrayed: In nature's simplest charms at first arrayed, But verging to decline, its splendours rise, Its vistas strike, its palaces surprise; While, scourged by famine from the smiling land

" "But I tell you, Maternus was scourged, and then crucified at the place of execution nearest to where he committed his last crime.

We all know Maternus was scourged, for that was done in Antioch; but they did not scourge him very badly, for fear he might die on the way to the place of execution.

And besides, you can't persuade me that a man who had been scourged, and crucified, if only for one day, could walk into Daphne two or three nights afterward and carry on a conversation.

Ye spirits of the free, Can ye forever see Your brother man A yoked and scourged slave, Chains dragging to his grave, And raise no hand to save?

Faithful was tied to a stake, and scourged, and stoned, and burnt to death.

But if in all the book there is not a person who makes her bow her head, there is not an idea, a line, by virtue of which the adulteress is scourged, it is I who am right, and the book is immoral!

When Liberty, scourged from the old, sought out a new world wherein to raise her sacred temple, it was to his master hand she confided the noble work.

Fifty-three of the officers and magistrates of Capua were scourged and beheaded in the marketplaces of Cales and Teanum by the orders and before the eyes of the proconsul Quintus Flaccus, the rest of the senators were imprisoned, numbers of the citizens were sold into slavery, and the estates of the more wealthy were confiscated.

Ayesha's defamers were publicly scourged, and the matter dismissed from the Muslim mind, save that regulations had once more been framed upon personal feelings and specific events, and were to constitute the whole future law regarding an important and difficult question.

Long since these lands had fallen back into the possession of the nations that had been scourged by Merimna's armies.

"I appeal to the people," said Volero, "since the tribunes prefer to see a Roman citizen scourged before their eyes, than themselves to be butchered by you each in his bed."

A consul's wife wished to use the men's bath at Teanum; and because the bathers were not cleared out quickly enough, and the baths were not clean enough, M. Marius, the chief magistrate of the town, was stripped and scourged in the market-place.

The builder, who was the chief magistrate of the town, sent him the smaller piece as being the most suitable, and Crassus had him stripped and scourged.

Pilate at last yielded; his weak pusillanimous character could not withstand such violent demonstrations; he delivered up Barabbas to the people, and condemned Jesus to be scourged.

but he determined to adhere to his resolution of not condemning our Lord to death, and ordered him to be scourged according to the manner of the Romans.

The pillar where criminals were scourged stood to the north of Pilate's palace, near the guard-house, and the executioners soon arrived, carrying whips, rods, and ropes, which they tossed down at its base.

These cruel men had many times scourged poor criminals to death at this pillar.

I soon after saw Mary and Magdalen approach the pillar where Jesus had been scourged; the mob were at a distance, and they were partly concealed by the other holy women, and by a few kind-hearted persons who had joined them; they knelt down on the ground near the pillar, and wiped up the sacred blood with the linen which Claudia Procles had sent.

The procession marched in this order from Pilate's palace to the forum, where an elevated seat, used on these particular occasions, was placed opposite to the pillar where Jesus was scourged.

There were eighteen archers on the platform; the six who had scourged Jesus, the four who had conducted him to Calvary, the two who held the ropes which supported the cross, and six others who came for the purpose of crucifying him.

Another of his slaves was sent to the Forum and severely scourged, because he had insulted a prominent man.

"Who are these," said he, "coming hither, scourged in the blackest part of the hurricane?" "She at the head of them," said Virgil, "was empress over many nations.

In the first were beheld Pimps and Seducers, scourged like children by horned devils; in the second, Flatterers, begrimed with ordure; in the third, Simonists, who were stuck like plugs into circular apertures, with their heads downwards, and their legs only discernible, the soles of their feet glowing with a fire which made them incessantly quiver.

The light of Judas Maccabeus went spinning, as if joy had scourged it.

Here he is scourged by prejudice, and has to go back, and sink down to some of the employments which white men leave for the most degraded.

His money is received, but he is scourged there by prejudice.

To this Postumius replied, "In the mean time surrender us as unsanctified persons, which ye may do, without offence to religion; those sacred and inviolable personages, the tribunes, ye will afterwards deliver up as soon as they go out of office: but, if ye listen to me, they will be first scourged with rods, here in the Comitium, that they may pay this as interest for their punishment being delayed.

Thus, in the short space of one hour, the Samnites were put to the sword, the Satricans made prisoners, and all things reduced under the power of the consul; who, having instituted an inquiry by whose means the revolt had taken place, scourged with rods and beheaded such as he found to be guilty; and then, disarming the Satricans, he placed a strong garrison in the place.

Having scourged the guide with rods and crucified him, in order to strike terror into all others, he fortified a camp, and sent Maharbal with the cavalry into the Falernian territory to pillage.

Above seventy of these were arrested, and, with the late deserters, scourged with rods; and after their hands had been cut off, were driven back to Capua.

These were all accordingly brought forth, scourged, and beheaded.

On gaining possession of the town, Laevinus scourged and beheaded those who took the lead in the affairs of Agrigentum.

In 1255, in Lincoln, the report was suddenly spread that a child of the name of Hughes had been enticed into the Jewish quarter, and there scourged, crucified, and pierced with lances, in the presence of all the Israelites of the district, who were convoked and assembled to take part in this horrible barbarity.

At least, if the Irishman emigrates to England, or the Englishman to Canada, he is not hunted out with blood-hounds, and delivered back to his landlord to be scourged and chained.

" "That you can love meme, the slave; me, the scourged; the scarredOh Stangrave!

They have their share of injustice, tyranny, disappointment; one by one each bright boy's dream of success and renown is scourged out of their minds, and sternly and lovingly their Father in heaven teaches them the lesson of all lessons.

"He shall be soundly scourged for his insolence.

So live, that when thy summons comes to join The innumerable caravan, that moves To that mysterious realm where each shall take His chamber in the silent halls of death, Thou go not like the quarry-slave at night, Scourged to his dungeon, but, sustained and soothed By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave, Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams.

Although "he knew that for envy the Jews had delivered Christ," yet he consented to surrender the Son of God into the hands of a brutal soldiery, after having himself scourged his naked body.

Or perhaps like Pilate, thinking they could prevail nothing, and fearing a tumult, they determined to release Barabbas and surrender the just man, the poor innocent slave to be stripped of his rights and scourged.

Who is so ignorant as not to know, or so incredulous as to disbelieve, that the early Baptists of New England were fined, imprisoned, scourged, and finally banished by our puritan forefathers?and

[Footnote 9: How terribly and justly as the guilty nation been scourged, since these words were spoken, on account of slavery and the slave trade!]

[Footnote 10: How terribly and justly has this guilty nation been scourged, since these words were spoken, on account of slavery and the slave trade!]

[Footnote 92: How terribly and justly has this guilty nation been scourged, since these words were spoken, on account of slavery and the slave trade!

For this they were scourged more severely than for any thing else.

"Dr. K. a man of wealth, and a practising physician in the county of Yazoo, state of Mississippi, personally known to me, having lived in the same neighborhood more than twelve months, after having scourged one of his negroes for running away, declared with an oath, that if he ran away again, he would kill him.

Again he was scourged, until his flesh, mangled and torn, and thick mingled with the clotted blood, rolled from his back.

Who is so ignorant as not to know, or so incredulous as to disbelieve, that the early Baptists of New England were fined, imprisoned, scourged, and finally banished by our puritan forefathers?and

[Footnote 9: How terribly and justly as the guilty nation been scourged, since these words were spoken, on account of slavery and the slave trade!]

If, however, it was comparatively fortunate as regards the horrors of that ferocious war, it was severely scourged by the most appalling epidemics of the Middle Ages.

Scourged | | in Matthew; but | Passover.

| | one male- | Scourged by Pi- Led to cruci- | | factor repents.

When we read that blessed story of Him who was born in a stable, and laid in a manger, who went about doing good, because God was with Him, who condescended of His own freewill to be mocked, and scourged, and spit upon, and crucified, that He might take away the sins of the whole world, who prayed for His murderers, and blest those who cursed Himwhat sort of life does this life of God, which He lived, seem to us?

When Christianity had power in Tahiti, the bored natives were sometimes scourged into church, and fines and imprisonment for lack of devotion were imposed by the native courts.

Then he ordered the man to be scourged severely all over his body.

The utmost malice of their stars is past, And two dire comets, which have scourged the town, In their own plague and fire have breathed the last, Or dimly in their sinking sockets frown.

The whole beach was scourged with shrapnel, and landing operations became perilous in the extreme.

"Brigham was right," he said, "when he declared that any of us might receive revelations from on high; even the least of usonly we are apt to be deaf to the whispered words until the Lord has scourged us.

Juno, Venus, and Pallas, to shame were so callous, And have always so widely from decency swerved, That it well might be urged, if their statues were scourged And then thrown in the kennel, their doom was deserved.

Italy had been scourged, Rome sacked, the Church chastised.

Then may we "So live, that when our summons comes to join The innumerable caravan, that moves To the pale realms of shade, where each shall take His chambers in the silent halls of death, We go not like the quarry slave at night, Scourged to his dungeon; but sustained and soothed By an unfaltering trust, approach our graves Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams.

"Being mocked, scourged, spit upon, and crucified.

Walk with them into the homes that have been scourged by it.

Departing from their usual policy of clemency toward native rulers, the Romans caused him first to be scourged as a common criminal and then ignominiously beheaded.

Men that used iron money to prevent the accumulation of wealth, and, as youths, had volunteered to be scourged, scratched, beat about, and kicked about, to inure them to pain, were just the persons to affect a nauseous food to discipline the appetite.

Fate, which had scourged him with the initial scourge of blindness, had seen fit to take his Angelina away.

The elder was severely scourged yesterday.

A Great War Band Threatens Kentucky Throughout the summer of 1781 the settlers were scourged by an unbroken series of raids of this kind.

Is it then for nought that He was scourged and spat upon, crucified and dead?"

If pains are this bitter cup, He was bound, and scourged, and crucified.

I scourge no one, I am scourged.

You are going to have two newspaper writers scourged, because they drew their quills against you.

They stood in the middle of the square, and, bewildered with terror, their help-imploring looks swept over the gaping, silent multitude, who gazed at them with eager countenances and malicious joy, and would have been outrageously mad if they had been denied the enjoyment of seeing two of their brother-citizens scourged by the enemy's soldiers.

What would the world, what would mankind say, if two writers were scourged for the articles they had written?

They did not make them sleep on rotten straw; they did not let them starve, and die of misery and filth; they did not have them scourged and tortured until they wet with their tears the bit of bread thrown to them.

Hitherto I have been driven with revolt to what I would not; I was a bond-slave to poverty, driven and scourged.

It has indeed been known, that some of them have been used by their incensed Worshippers like the Chinese Idols, who are Whipped and Scourged when they refuse to comply with the Prayers that are offered to them.

" He lurched as if a fiery lash Had scourged his hide, and through and through His furious eyes O'erscanned the skies, But nearer dared not go, But nearer dared not go.

The gypsy responds with becoming admiration and humility, praises the beauty of the Child, and then proceeds to examine his palm: which having done, she breaks forth into a prophecy of all the awful future, tells how he would be baptized, and tempted, scourged, and finally hung upon

Criminals may deserve to be bound and scourged, but they do not cease to be persons, nor indeed do even the insane.

Goethe scourged it for its "mystic-religious" aspirations, and demanded a more vigorous, cheerful and progressive outlook for German painting.

Scourged | 9 a.m. | Pilate.

Matthew; but | Scourged by Darkness from 12 | | one | Pilate before to 3. Died at 3.

"But the majority certainly come like galley slaves scourged to their dungeon.

[Footnote 21: The Rev. Samuel Johnson, degraded from his clerical rank, scourged, and imprisoned, for a work called "Julian's Arts to undermine Christianity," in which he drew a parallel between that apostate and James, then Duke of York.

Men superabound Men stalwart, vigilant, patient, bold; The stokehole's heat and the crow's-nest's cold, The choking dusk of the noisome mine, The northern blast o'er the beating brine, With dogged valour they coolly brave; So on rattling rail, or on wind-scourged wave, At engine lever, at furnace front, Or steersman's wheel, they must bear the brunt Of lonely vigil or lengthened strain.

The name was adopted by Geoffrey of Anjou, the husband of Matilda, the daughter of Henry I., whose badge was a sprig of broom (which the name denotes), and which he wore in his bonnet as descended from the Earl of Anjou, who was by way of penance scourged with twigs of it at Jerusalem.

PLATOFF, MATVEI IVANOVICH, COUNT, hetman of Cossacks, and Russian commander in the Napoleonic wars; took part in the campaigns of 1805-7, and scourged the French during their retreat from Moscow in 1812, and again after their defeat at Leipzig 1813; he commanded at the victory of Altenburg 1813, and for his services obtained the title of count (1757-1818).

'They took Jesus and scourged Him.'

Her day of judgement came indeed, and a severe one it proved, for Mr. K had her tremendously flogged, and her end of things ended much like Mr. Miller's; but whereas he escaped unhanged, in spite of his atrocious practices upon the fanaticism and credulity of his country people, the spirit of false prophecy was mercilessly scourged out of her, and the faith of her people of course reverted from her to the omnipotent lash again.

Men do fight, no doubt, from mere recklessness, from hope of plunder or glory; and sometimes they have been scourged to it.

There need be no charm of nature; there are tracts of mere sand in dreary Brandenburg, where old Frederick, with Prussia in his hand, supple and tough as if plaited into a nation out of whip-cord, scourged the world; and these tracts are precious.

Then the aspect of the case that she had been offered to him and refused! scourged her again; then the remembrance that he had taken her, for love.

If Mars has driven his chariot into our homes, he comes at your bidding, an unwelcome intruder, to be scourged back again.

For us God was raised upon the cross, received death, suffered the passion, was scourged and loaded with chains and crowned with thorns upon the cross....