862 examples of scourged in sentences

" Then again, according to a Swedish legend, the dwarf birch tree afforded the rod with which Christ was scourged, which accounts for its stunted appearance; while another legend tells us it was the willow with its drooping branches.

Shelley wrote thus: 'I have received the heartrending account of the closing scene of the great genius whom envy and ingratitude scourged out of the world.

Thus fares the land by luxury betrayed: In nature's simplest charms at first arrayed, But verging to decline, its splendours rise, Its vistas strike, its palaces surprise; While, scourged by famine from the smiling land

When Liberty, scourged from the old, sought out a new world wherein to raise her sacred temple, it was to his master hand she confided the noble work.

Fifty-three of the officers and magistrates of Capua were scourged and beheaded in the marketplaces of Cales and Teanum by the orders and before the eyes of the proconsul Quintus Flaccus, the rest of the senators were imprisoned, numbers of the citizens were sold into slavery, and the estates of the more wealthy were confiscated.

A consul's wife wished to use the men's bath at Teanum; and because the bathers were not cleared out quickly enough, and the baths were not clean enough, M. Marius, the chief magistrate of the town, was stripped and scourged in the market-place.

The builder, who was the chief magistrate of the town, sent him the smaller piece as being the most suitable, and Crassus had him stripped and scourged.

I soon after saw Mary and Magdalen approach the pillar where Jesus had been scourged; the mob were at a distance, and they were partly concealed by the other holy women, and by a few kind-hearted persons who had joined them; they knelt down on the ground near the pillar, and wiped up the sacred blood with the linen which Claudia Procles had sent.

Here he is scourged by prejudice, and has to go back, and sink down to some of the employments which white men leave for the most degraded.

His money is received, but he is scourged there by prejudice.

To this Postumius replied, "In the mean time surrender us as unsanctified persons, which ye may do, without offence to religion; those sacred and inviolable personages, the tribunes, ye will afterwards deliver up as soon as they go out of office: but, if ye listen to me, they will be first scourged with rods, here in the Comitium, that they may pay this as interest for their punishment being delayed.

Above seventy of these were arrested, and, with the late deserters, scourged with rods; and after their hands had been cut off, were driven back to Capua.

These were all accordingly brought forth, scourged, and beheaded.

On gaining possession of the town, Laevinus scourged and beheaded those who took the lead in the affairs of Agrigentum.

In 1255, in Lincoln, the report was suddenly spread that a child of the name of Hughes had been enticed into the Jewish quarter, and there scourged, crucified, and pierced with lances, in the presence of all the Israelites of the district, who were convoked and assembled to take part in this horrible barbarity.

"He shall be soundly scourged for his insolence.

Then he ordered the man to be scourged severely all over his body.

The utmost malice of their stars is past, And two dire comets, which have scourged the town, In their own plague and fire have breathed the last, Or dimly in their sinking sockets frown.

Juno, Venus, and Pallas, to shame were so callous, And have always so widely from decency swerved, That it well might be urged, if their statues were scourged And then thrown in the kennel, their doom was deserved.

"Being mocked, scourged, spit upon, and crucified.

Walk with them into the homes that have been scourged by it.

Fate, which had scourged him with the initial scourge of blindness, had seen fit to take his Angelina away.

A Great War Band Threatens Kentucky Throughout the summer of 1781 the settlers were scourged by an unbroken series of raids of this kind.

Is it then for nought that He was scourged and spat upon, crucified and dead?"

If pains are this bitter cup, He was bound, and scourged, and crucified.

862 examples of  scourged  in sentences