862 examples of scourged in sentences

In horror and agony they saw Him mocked and scourged, crucified, dead, and buried, as they thought for ever, and the world around rejoicing over His death.

Yet more shrill, before their mood could alter, the Pretty Lily scourged them with the tongue of a humorous woman.

weary sleeper by the lone sea-shore, Where billows toil for ever 'mid the rocks, Scourged on by winds in stormy equinox, Rise!

The unhappy wretch is chained, scourged, tortured; and all this, because he obeyed the dictates of nature, and wanted to be free.

But if in all the book there is not a person who makes her bow her head, there is not an idea, a line, by virtue of which the adulteress is scourged, it is I who am right, and the book is immoral!

When Liberty, scourged from the old, sought out a new world wherein to raise her sacred temple, it was to his master hand she confided the noble work.

And spat upon Him, scourged Him, crucified...?

A consul's wife wished to use the men's bath at Teanum; and because the bathers were not cleared out quickly enough, and the baths were not clean enough, M. Marius, the chief magistrate of the town, was stripped and scourged in the market-place.

Another of his slaves was sent to the Forum and severely scourged, because he had insulted a prominent man.

They were led into the Comitium, and after being scourged with rods, with the approbation of the people, were thrown down from the rock.

Above seventy of these were arrested, and, with the late deserters, scourged with rods; and after their hands had been cut off, were driven back to Capua.

These were all accordingly brought forth, scourged, and beheaded.

Petrak pulling me up with the rope, while Thirkle scourged me with a leather thong.

"He shall be soundly scourged for his insolence.

Or perhaps like Pilate, thinking they could prevail nothing, and fearing a tumult, they determined to release Barabbas and surrender the just man, the poor innocent slave to be stripped of his rights and scourged.

In a late period of pregnancy he scourged her so that the lives of herself and her unborn child were considered in jeopardy.

[Footnote 10: How terribly and justly has this guilty nation been scourged, since these words were spoken, on account of slavery and the slave trade!]

[Illustration] Similarly, the tomb of Am'asis, king of Egypt, was broken open by Camby'ses; the body was then scourged and insulted in various ways, and finally burnt, which was abhorrent to the Egyptians, who used every possible method to preserve dead bodies in their integrity.

The utmost malice of their stars is past, And two dire comets, which have scourged the town, In their own plague and fire have breathed the last, Or dimly in their sinking sockets frown.

Fate, which had scourged him with the initial scourge of blindness, had seen fit to take his Angelina away.

It is the passions and the scourged vices that twist and bellow like deer under the lash of the trainer.

If pains are this bitter cup, He was bound, and scourged, and crucified.

The gypsy responds with becoming admiration and humility, praises the beauty of the Child, and then proceeds to examine his palm: which having done, she breaks forth into a prophecy of all the awful future, tells how he would be baptized, and tempted, scourged, and finally hung upon

From that house she was taken to the work-house and scourged by the public executioner, backed by the whole force of the United States government.

Votes for the women sold on the auction block, scourged for chastity, robbed of their children, and that admiration was no part of my object.

862 examples of  scourged  in sentences