549 examples of scouring in sentences

Madam, I have so lately 'scap'd a scouring, That I wish you would take it for a mark Of my Passion to disobey you; For he is in a damn'd humour.

I set out only after long thought, seizing the moment when the vaguely perceived band were scouring in the other direction intercepting the travellers.

" This facetious epigram was duly relished, and the sage was turning his toasted side from the fire to present the other, when the clatter of a horse coming up the hillside sent the group scouring toward their guns, stacked near the unfinished walls.

THE DISEASES OF FOWLS, AND HOW TO CURE THEM.The diseases to which Gallus domesticus is chiefly liable, are roup, pip, scouring, and chip.

I shall keep Nicolas here, for there is no need to send children of five years old scouring the roads.

But she had a terribly impulsive and wilful nature, and would run off and disappear for hours at a time, beating the hedges and scouring the countryside in search of birds'-nests and flowers and wild fruit.

And the three of, them, after scouring the back garden, where flowers mingled with vegetables, had now rushed up in despair at their vain search.

" Thereupon they went their way, scouring the fields as far as the road to Mareuil.

Andy saw several men armed with shotguns and rifles scouring adjacent wood stretches.

In the first three days you have no water, except a few salt, bitter ponds, of a green colour, like the juice of herbs; and whoever drinks even a small quantity of this water, cannot escape a dysentery, and even beasts that are compelled to drink of it, do not escape without a scouring.

Are they scouring the other streets?

He was hardly more successful in this line, as he never found anything to reward his toil except a solitary five-pence, that he mistook for a gold piece, and which required more rubbing and scouring to make it distinguishable than it was worth.

They fell to scraping and scouring with the greatest zeal, and then placed me before the kitchen fire to dry.

The Scouring of the White Horse; or the Long Vacation Ramble of a London Clerk.

She was not at the wash-tub, as the old lady had said; but on her knees, scouring a step that led to a side-door, her drugget gown pinned up about her.

She was not at the wash-tub, as the old lady had said; but on her knees, scouring a step that led to a side-door, her drugget gown pinned up about her.

He was struck by a strange likeness between her hard look and the frown with which the old woman at the door had received him; and this, or something in the misfit of her gown, or the glimpse he had of a stocking grotesquely fine in comparison of the stuff from which it peepedor perhaps the cleanliness of the step she was scouring, since he seemed to see everything without looking at itput an idea into his head.

The tenth of Ianuarie Vechter Willemson dyed, being a verie honest man, and Pilot in Molenaers shippe, for whome we were much grieued, and the same day we determined to put backe againe for the Islande of S. Laurence, for as then wee began againe to haue a great scouring among our men, and many of them fell sicke:

We saw him at that time," says his contemporary Guibert de Nogent, "scouring city and town, and preaching everywhere; the people crowded round him, heaped presents upon him, and celebrated his sanctity by such great praises that I remember not that like honor was ever rendered to any other person.

His sister-in-law, Anne do Salm, wife of his brother D'Andelot, was also there with a child of two years, whilst her husband was scouring Anjou and Brittany to rally the friends of his cause and his house.

Clinch, for it was he, scouring the shore in quest of the lugger, on his way back to the Proserpine, gave a growl when he found that he must speak in a foreign tongue, if he would continue the discourse; then he mustered all the Italian of which he was master for the occasion.

In August 1720, we find him at sea again, scouring the harbours and inlets of the north and west parts of Jamaica, where he took several small crafts, which proved no great booty to the rovers; but they had but few men, and therefore were obliged to run at low game till they could increase their company and their strength.

Frequent scouring should be avoided by careful washing, as too much rubbing wears out plated ware and dulls the best of silver.

Rust may be removed from steel by scouring with emery and oil; but if there is much corrosion, some weak muriatic acid will be needed.

Here they had cast up some works, and fired from their lines very regularly, considering them as militia only, the governor encouraging them by his example; so that finding without some foot there would be no good to be done, we gave it over, and drew off; and so Aylesbury escaped a scouring for that time.

549 examples of  scouring  in sentences