904 examples of scowls in sentences

The Américains grow derisive and find pastime in gibes and raillery They mock the various Latins with their national inflections, and answer their scowls with laughter.

I know him well, and his arts and his smiles; aye, and his scowls and his grins, too.

"It was tremendous, mon ami," roared Froissart, unchecked by Dawson's scowls.

There comes a guest, thy lord's old comrade, here; And thou art all knitted eyebrows, scowls and head Bent, because somebody, forsooth, is dead! Come close!

Jinks replied, that he was equally indifferent to the scowls of Mr. O'Brallaghan, and expressed his astonishment and disgust at being annoyed, when he was going out to take some exercise for the benefit of his health.

Coughs and scowls passed unheeded, and at last in a hesitating voice, he broached the subject himself.

"And 'elp you spend that money," said Mr. Brown, ignoring the scowls of his friend.

" O'er the dread feast malignant Chemia scowls, And mingles poison in the nectar'd bowls; 365 Fell Gout peeps grinning through the flimsy scene, And bloated Dropsy pants behind unseen; Wrapp'd in his robe white Lepra hides his stains, And silent Frenzy writhing bites his chains.

Scowls greeted her passengers when it was discovered that they were not English but Americans.

He was willing to give Mr. Thomas work, and put tools in his hands, and while watching how deftly he handled them, he did not notice the indignant scowls on the faces of his workmen, and their murmurs of disapprobation as they uttered their dissatisfaction one to the other.

It was not until Claire had gone to her room to pack her bag and the chance to kiss her had passed that Billy recognized that the scowls were intended to convey the fact that the beer bottles were empty.

"I didn't expect to 'ave the pleasure o' seeing you 'ere, my lad," ses Jack, still staring at Charlie, and twisting 'is face up into awful scowls.

But, if the blithe Muse will indulge a smile, Why scowls thy brow, O Bookseller!

The fact that a man always smiles on his customers, proves that he never scowls at those who dun him!

Evidently, she feared the scowls of Butscher, who had none of the white's ideas of the equality of females with males at the board.

And yet the harsh world scowls upon us: our nerves are broken, and they wonder we are querulous; our blood curdles, and they ask why we are not gay; our brain grows dizzy and indistinct (as with me just now), and, shrugging their shoulders, they whisper their neighbours that we are mad.

He may doubt the justice of the praise or the censure of the professional critic; but it is hard for him to resist the fact of failure, when it comes to him palpably in the satire that scowls in an ominous stare and the irony that lurks in an audible yawn,hard for him to question the reality of triumph, when teeth flash at every gleam of his wit and eyes moisten at every touch of his sentiment.

Yet, singing, they sing as no white bird does (where none rears phoenix) as near perfection as nature gets, or, if scowls bar platitude, notes for which there is no rejection in banks whose coinageoh, neat!is gratitude.

But, if the blithe muse will indulge a smile, Why scowls thy brow, O Bookseller!

Menacing the one who slew him Scowls the brow's relentless feud, By his noble life blood crimsoned O'er his lips his hair is glued.

And, heedless of his life, he clung to his duty and his honour, presenting a smiling face to the scowls of hatred and envy, and spending blissful hours at Lucienne with the woman he loved.

As the Prince made his way through the crowded avenues of the Bergen streets to an accompaniment of scowls punctuated by feeble, forced cheers, he cut a goodly enough figure to win many an admiring, if reluctant, glance from bright eyes.

In spite of the scowls and winks bestowed upon me by Mr. Sewell, who let slip no opportunity to testify his disapprobation of the intimacy, Mr. Jaffrey and I spent all our evenings togetherthose long autumnal evenings, through the length of which he talked about the boy, laying out his path in life and hedging the path with roses.

Orazio seats himself at a distance, and scowls at Prince Ruspoli.

While they listened to him they saw only ugly scowls upon the rum-soaked visages of the other inmates of the place, who had crowded around and seemed to greatly enjoy their misfortune, and who broke into shouts of boisterous laughter when the manager explained to the boys that the golden rule of the "Golden Rule Hotel" had always read: "Do everybodybefore they do you.

904 examples of  scowls  in sentences