1354 examples of scrapping in sentences

The longest game of the younger league's season lasted nineteen innings, Washington defeating Philadelphia in that combat 5 to 4, and it was played late in September when the two teams were scrapping for second place.

Germany means scrapping, and look where our ships are, or ought to be.

But before he could reach him Policeman McCluire, mindful of the insult put upon him by this stranger, sprang between them and said: "Here, now, no scrapping here; get out of this," and shoved Hefty back with his hand.

The nave, though Norman at its heart, has been altered in a most interesting way to Perpendicular without scrapping the earlier work.

It is to be hoped that the town will never be inveigled into scrapping this memorial, which for quaintness and unconscious humour is almost unsurpassed.

At the ledge, caught on a projecting point on the far side, partly in, partly out of the car, was a morsel of white lace, a scrap of feminine apparel; although what part, or how it had come there, was not at once obvious to M. Floçon.

They had given her the scrap of torn lace and the débris of the jet as a guide, with very particular directions to see if they corresponded with any part of the lady's apparel.

"Because," went on the Judge with decision"because this was found in the compartment;" and he held out the piece of lace and the scrap of beading for the General's inspection, adding quickly, "You have seen these, or one of them, or something like them before.

M. Devaux opened the palm of his hand and displayed the scrap of paper in the hollow rolled up into a small tight ball.

Could you eat a mouthful, just a scrap on the thumb-nail?

And as a last example of the present hysterical disposition to scrap things before they have been fairly tried is the outcry against examinations, which has done so much to take the keenness off the edge of school work in the last few years.

I arrived in Goa from the UK early in 1995, after scrapping a potentially lucrative yet un-inviting career in accountancy, originally no more than another faceless backpacker with meagre funds hoping to enjoy the chilled hazy life of a shack-wallah.

To-night Oates, captain in a smart cavalry regiment, has been 'scrapping' over chairs and tables with Debenham, a young Australian student.

"We were in front of Tournai at the time, scrapping our way from house to house through Faubourg de Lille, the city's western suburb.

" Gilbert took a scrap of ribbon from his breast, a ribbon with a blue ground and a rosebud on it,a ribbon which he had chosen himself for Marian, in the brief happy days of their engagement.

John Saltram contemplated the scrap of colour with a smile that was half sombre, half ironical.

"We, who were driving the Racing Teams, had put our leaders to bed in the few bunks there were; for we could not afford to take any chances of our leaders scrapping in such close quarters, and possibly being put out of commission.

When the boy had told him what he wanted, the great newspaper man scribbled a few words on a scrap of paper and handed it down to him, saying: "'Here, take this.

Just knowing how to scrap isn't much good.

It's nice to know how to scrap if scrapping has to be done, but it shouldn't ever have to be done,between nations, anyway."

It's nice to know how to scrap if scrapping has to be done, but it shouldn't ever have to be done,between nations, anyway."

"Now, Gus, cut out the scrapping.

All the men were Scrapping to see who would be Next to sit in the Hammock with her.

There will be much noise and some irregular scrapping for days, but the tin lid has been placed upon the grand attack.

In plotting and scrapping they were abreast of the worst and took the consequences.

1354 examples of  scrapping  in sentences