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1354 examples of  scrapping  in sentences

1354 examples of scrapping in sentences

The longest game of the younger league's season lasted nineteen innings, Washington defeating Philadelphia in that combat 5 to 4, and it was played late in September when the two teams were scrapping for second place.

And Rudolph Musgrave noted, with a delicious tingling somewhere about his heart, that her hair was really like the reflection of a sunset in rippling waters,only many times more beautiful, of course,and that her mouth was an inconsiderable trifle, a scrap of sanguine curves, and that her eyes were purple glimpses of infinity.

" "And to think," almost moaned Dan Dalzell, "that you're to be in a scrap, David, little giant, and I'm not to be there to see!"

I don't know if perhaps they had been listening,at least standing as near as possible, to catch any scrap of the conversation.

Indeed, when they lie thus one upon another, they remind me of a pile of scrap-tin.

The scrap of lace merely shows that it was torn off a good handkerchief, but there is nothing about it to show that the handkerchief was different in any marked way from the average filmy scrap of muslin and lace which every smart woman carries as a handkerchief.

The scrap of lace merely shows that it was torn off a good handkerchief, but there is nothing about it to show that the handkerchief was different in any marked way from the average filmy scrap of muslin and lace which every smart woman carries as a handkerchief.

I don't know why I have foreborne writing so long; but it is such a forlorn hope to send a scrap of paper straggling over wide oceans.

I wish I could remember how Owens told that scrap!

Boys, you never heard about a real scrap.

[10] 40 Beside their moss-grown hut of clay, Not twenty paces from the door, A scrap of land they have, but they Are poorest of the poor.

This scrap of land he from the heath 45 Enclosed when he was stronger; But what to them avails the land Which he can till no longer?

We must here revert to the time before Edith had been blessed by receiving intelligence of her husband from Seacomb, and had so cheerfully replied to the note which he wrote to her on a scrap of paper torn from his pocket book.

Their inferiority has thrown them on the scrap heap.

But Galton could not have foreseen that the signing of a scrap of paper by one of the Modern Europeans would let loose all the other Modern Europeans in a pandemonium of horrors the lowest of the Negro races could not but envy as a masterpiece of its kind.

Besides, they had a scrap with me.

The speakers sat at a table behind her, so that she could not see them without turning quite round, which was impossible; but she listened eagerly to the following scrap of chat: "Is the baron going on to-morrow?" asked a gay voice in French.

"Mamma," I heard a little girl inquire recently, as she fingered a scrap of pink gingham of which her mother was making "rompers" for the baby of the family, "why are the threads of this cloth pink when you unravel it one way, and white when you unravel it the other?" The mother was busy; but she laid aside her sewing and explained to the child about the warp and the woof in weaving.

"Or the sort that looks like golden jelly?" "Not a scrap.

I write this from the college, where I have only this scrap of paper.

He gathered to himself every scrap of credit which the affair could be induced to yield, and receivedI admit quite deservedlythe most handsome encomiums from his superiors in office.

The Services are all right when there's a bit of a scrap going sometimes, but there's a nasty sort of feeling of dry rot about them, when year after year all your preparations end in the smoke of a sham fight.

Germany means scrapping, and look where our ships are, or ought to be.

Just wait a minute; I believe the scrap of newspaper verse you enclosed has been in my wallet ever since.

He got this letter out to mewritten on this scrap of paper.

The smallest scrap of printed paper in the lining of a tea chest, or wrapped about a roll of silk, would suffice to suggest the whole art to a mind like that of Gutenberg.

When the order was communicated to them, each one wrote his name on a scrap of paper and pinned it to his breast, that his corpse might be recognized, and, if possible, conveyed to his friends.

Every scrap of local defence would, in proportion to its amount, be a diminution of the offensive defence.

He could no longer leave a scrap of paper about.

Not far beyond, in a scrap of meadow by the road, sat a girl knitting in the morning sunwith a placid glance at us as we rattled by; and ten hours later, when we rattled past again, there she still was, still knitting, in the evening sun, and again her quiet eyes were just raised and dropped.

He said that the step taken by His Majesty's Government was terrible to a degree; just for a word"neutrality," a word which in war time had so often been disregardedjust for a scrap of paper Great Britain was going to make war on a kindred nation who desired nothing better than to be friends with her.

My dear Friends,My brother and Emma are to send you a partnership letter, but as I have a great dislike to my stupid scrap at the fag end of a dull letter, and, as I am left alone, I will say my say first; and in the first place thank you for your kind letter; it was a mighty comfort to me.

But I shall be seriously obliged by any refuse scrap.

Because the French dramatist, forty years ago, would sometimes construct a Chinese-puzzle play around some stolen letter or hidden document, are we to suffer no "scrap of paper" to play any part whatever in English drama?

"Without a scrap of evidence it's plain as the nose on your face," the detective answered.

Meanwhile I offer the name as a terse and snappy one for a Persian kitten, such as I saw the other day convert several shillings'-worth of my aunt's Berlin wool (as it is still, I believe, called, in spite of The Daily Mail) into sheer scrap.

But now Elsley has gone raging out into the raging darkness; trying to prove himself to himself the most injured of men, and to hate his wife as much as possible: though the fool knows the whole time that he loves her better than anything on earth, even than that "fame," on which he tries to fatten his lean soul, snapping greedily at every scrap which falls in his way, and, in default, snapping at everybody and everything else.

At nights, when they encamped, Crusoe was thrown on the ground like a piece of old lumber, and left to lie there with a mere scrap of food till morning, when he was again thrown across the horse of his captor and carried on.

At the end of that time he jumped up, bolted a scrap of skin that somehow had been overlooked at supper, and flew straight over the prairie to the spot where he had had the scuffle with the Indian.

The last tiny scrap dropped on the floor, burned out, and he crushed the ashes under his heel.

goldarn an' blue blazes!" He had suddenly remembered having placed his memoranda in that hat, and as he studied its empty depths his mind pictured the important scrap fluttering along the sandy scene of his early-morning tumble.

The author of 'Supernatural Religion' is doubtless right in deprecating that 'illogical zeal which flings to the pursuing wolves of doubt and unbelief, scrap by scrap,' all the distinctive doctrines of Christianity.

So I would not tell her a scrap, even a simple thing like Hรฉloise going to the Madeleine.

"Ef I was goin' to scrap wid anybody," he said to Mr. Carstairs, "I'd as lief tie meself up wid dumb-bells as take to carry all this stuff on me.

But before he could reach him Policeman McCluire, mindful of the insult put upon him by this stranger, sprang between them and said: "Here, now, no scrapping here; get out of this," and shoved Hefty back with his hand.

"I guess," said Gallegher, in an awed whisper, "that there's going to be a scrap.

Then he said slowly, as if he had been giving the matter profound consideration; "There isn't a scrap of doubt in my mind that if Oily Dave took the fish he took the lard as well.

A scrap of paper with writing upon it was crumpled up in the handkerchief, and spreading this out she read: "Please come and help me, for I have had a tumble down a steep rock and twisted my foot.

On some pane in every inn-window there was a scrap of Byron; and in young ladies' portfolios there were portraits of the poet, recognizable, through all bad drawing and distortion, by the cast of the beautiful features and the Corsair style.

A small leaden box lay under the tile, which she opened, and, taking from it a little white powder, which she folded in a scrap of paper, replaced the box and the tile over it.

This was to obtain the scrap of paper containing the list of clues as suggested by Mr. Howell, a clue that might have brought about a premature discovery of the so-called hoax.

The nave, though Norman at its heart, has been altered in a most interesting way to Perpendicular without scrapping the earlier work.

It is to be hoped that the town will never be inveigled into scrapping this memorial, which for quaintness and unconscious humour is almost unsurpassed.

At the ledge, caught on a projecting point on the far side, partly in, partly out of the car, was a morsel of white lace, a scrap of feminine apparel; although what part, or how it had come there, was not at once obvious to M. Floรงon.

That she had leaned out, or partly passed out, of the window at some time or other, as the scrap of lace testified. 4.

They had given her the scrap of torn lace and the dรฉbris of the jet as a guide, with very particular directions to see if they corresponded with any part of the lady's apparel.

"Because," went on the Judge with decision"because this was found in the compartment;" and he held out the piece of lace and the scrap of beading for the General's inspection, adding quickly, "You have seen these, or one of them, or something like them before.

M. Devaux opened the palm of his hand and displayed the scrap of paper in the hollow rolled up into a small tight ball.

Could you eat a mouthful, just a scrap on the thumb-nail?

And as a last example of the present hysterical disposition to scrap things before they have been fairly tried is the outcry against examinations, which has done so much to take the keenness off the edge of school work in the last few years.

I arrived in Goa from the UK early in 1995, after scrapping a potentially lucrative yet un-inviting career in accountancy, originally no more than another faceless backpacker with meagre funds hoping to enjoy the chilled hazy life of a shack-wallah.

I do not know why I looked back after I had passed, but as I did so, I saw the girl, for she was little more, pull a scrap of chamois from a little bag she carried and quickly rub rouge upon her hollow cheeks, using the saloon mirror for a toilet glass.

"I have been trying all winter, without success, to arrange my photographs in scrap-books with merely names and dates.

I do hear also that those same girls when they git in to dinner takes off their waists altogether and sets down to eat all stripped off to a scrap of an underbody.

To-night Oates, captain in a smart cavalry regiment, has been 'scrapping' over chairs and tables with Debenham, a young Australian student.

Even Orientals write things down: and though they write them from right to left, they know the importance of a scrap of paper.

He distinctly argued, as on a principle applicable to other cases, that victory was a necessity and honour was a scrap of paper.

I suppose he would be quite puzzled if we said that violating the Hague Conference was "a military necessity" to us; or that the rules of the Conference were only a scrap of paper.

" There certainly was a treaty binding Britain to Belgium; if it was only a scrap of paper.

If there was any treaty binding Britain to Teutonism it is, to say the least of it, a lost scrap of paper: almost what one might call a scrap of waste-paper.

If there was any treaty binding Britain to Teutonism it is, to say the least of it, a lost scrap of paper: almost what one might call a scrap of waste-paper.

"We were in front of Tournai at the time, scrapping our way from house to house through Faubourg de Lille, the city's western suburb.

We went into that scrap for an ideal, and we're the only country that did.

" Gilbert took a scrap of ribbon from his breast, a ribbon with a blue ground and a rosebud on it,a ribbon which he had chosen himself for Marian, in the brief happy days of their engagement.

John Saltram contemplated the scrap of colour with a smile that was half sombre, half ironical.

And when Mrs. Governor Dexter's best silver-gray brocade was spoiled by Miss Pimlico, and there wasn't another scrap to pattern it with, didn't she make a new waist out of the cape and piece one of the sleeves twenty-nine times, and yet nobody would ever have known that there was a joining in it?

Any scrap of information, however apparently trifling, that can be thrown on this subject by our readers will be highly valued, and given an appropriate place in our pages.

But if you can show him that he can't down you, no matter how good a scrap he puts up, he'll respect you an' like you the way Jack does Dad.

"We, who were driving the Racing Teams, had put our leaders to bed in the few bunks there were; for we could not afford to take any chances of our leaders scrapping in such close quarters, and possibly being put out of commission.

Believe me, it's goin' t' be a scrap worth seem' when those two dogs really get woke up to' it.

The only real way to make crucible castings of true steel was to melt the proper proportions of cast steel scrap with the proper amounts of silicon and manganese to produce that chemical composition which was known to be necessary in best castings.

My scrap book is almost full nowmy second one, I mean.

A scrap of paper.

A scrap of paper.

A Williamsburg scrap book.

When the boy had told him what he wanted, the great newspaper man scribbled a few words on a scrap of paper and handed it down to him, saying: "'Here, take this.

Just knowing how to scrap isn't much good.

It's nice to know how to scrap if scrapping has to be done, but it shouldn't ever have to be done,between nations, anyway."

It's nice to know how to scrap if scrapping has to be done, but it shouldn't ever have to be done,between nations, anyway."

"Now, Gus, cut out the scrapping.

It is booking-office, parcel-office, waiting-room and all combined, and the telegraph instrument is there too, some of the needles blocked over with a scrap of paper.

Almost every one who has a scrap of news or gossip looks in at the office to chat about it with him.

We had been burrowing under the auditorium, and presently found ourselves in a large cellar where a Chinese was cooking on a brazier an unspeakable melange of dog, fish, and rat for the actors' supper, with not a scrap of ventilation anywhere!!

Through the brick passage he had a glimpse, as through a funnel, of green leaves climbing on a tiny treillage, and of a broken urn on a scrap of sward.

All the men were Scrapping to see who would be Next to sit in the Hammock with her.

"'Tisn't everybody'd ha' thought what a comfort a little scrap o' religion can be to an old woman in my state.

" William set down his plane, picked up an odd scrap of wood and cut out the skewers with his pocket-knife; while Naomi watched with a smile on her face.

There will be much noise and some irregular scrapping for days, but the tin lid has been placed upon the grand attack.

Through the open door of the hall many strange gentlemen now entered, who announced themselves as the remaining magnates of the illustrious Ordermostly angular suspicious-looking fellows, who with extreme complacency blazed away with their definitions and hair-splittings, disputing over every scrap of a title to the title of a pandect.

In plotting and scrapping they were abreast of the worst and took the consequences.