164 examples of scratched his head in sentences

" Summerling cleared his throat and thereafter scratched his head.

"Why didn't you tell me that in the first place?" Bull scratched his head in perplexity.

His host scratched his head.

" Tom looked at Mr. Jinks' legs, scratched his head, and grinning from ear to ear, added the assurance that he was rather pleased to get rid of Fodder, who was too small for a man of his weight.

The batman scratched his head, then slid softly away into the night.

Cabesang Tales became serious and scratched his head.

The brute has gone lame, you see.' "Pa waited and scratched his head while these here words sort of sunk in.

When he had, as I thought, finally mastered the principle that if you borrow one from the shillings' column you must pay it back in the pounds' column, I set him the following sum: "Supposing you owed the butcher sixteen shillings and three pence halfpenny and took a pound note to pay him with, how much change ought he to give you?" Private Goodbody scratched his head for several minutes and at last decided that he did not know.

" Tignol scratched his head in perplexity.

" The old man scratched his head in perplexity.

What do you say to this, eh?" My friend scratched his head in quest of a new argument.

Simeon, forgotten, looked up at her and scratched his head; he turned in behind her, caught the edge of her skirt and bore it like a queen's page.

Curlydown raised his hat and scratched his head.

The initial letters of each word made up the words he wanted to crib to us, and when he scratched his head with the right hand the answer was 'No,' while with the left hand it was 'Yes'.

He scratched his head in a meditative way for some moments.

Jake looked rather blank, took off his cap, scratched his head, and then said: "I dunno.

He scratched his head and appeared in doubt.

Mr. Robinson scratched his head.

" "If it was under his coat, how do you know it was his fiddle?" The German scratched his head in a reflective way.

The man scratched his head perplexedly and looked a few feet up the hill at the manzanita bush that marked approximately the apex of the "V." He nodded his head and said oracularly: "It's one o' two things, Bill: one o' two things.

" The cowpuncher pushed back his hat and scratched his head.

" Tapotte mari scratched his head, and smiled feebly.

The man addressed removed the pipe from his mouth, scratched his head, thought it over a moment, and then replied: "Fivefour living and one married.

"'Cause yo' gave it to me, suh." "Tommy," said his mother reprovingly, "what did I say I'd do to you if I ever caught you stealing jam again?" Tommy thoughtfully scratched his head with his sticky fingers.

" The darky scratched his head reflectively, and finally suggested: "Den, mebbe it's had a relapse.

164 examples of  scratched his head  in sentences