1873 examples of scratches in sentences

exclaimed Toby, with a violent effort, "he's going to carry the scratches I g-g-gave him on his f-f-face for a w-w-while.

"The horse is driven across the ice one way, making a lot of long, deep scratches in the ice, where the scratches criss-cross one another they make squares.

"The horse is driven across the ice one way, making a lot of long, deep scratches in the ice, where the scratches criss-cross one another they make squares.

In general, it may be said that bastinadoing in Tunis is a matter of form, many of the strokes ordered to be inflicted being never performed, and those given being so many taps or scratches.

But that don't explain the scratches; does it?

"Scratches I got when I was a kid," flashed the fat man.

"I didn't get any medal, or palms or decorations or crosses of war: I didn't get anything except an occasional calling down and a few scratches.

It was hot, there was little to eat, and after hours of wrangling it appeared that our precious scratches of Turkish took us to the Gallipoli instead of the Asiatic side.

And now, let me ask you, have you any cuts or scratches on your fingers?" Reuben Hornby held out both his hands for my colleague's inspection, and I noticed that they were powerful and shapely, like the hands of a skilled craftsman, though faultlessly kept.

I felt my way about for hours, almost hopelessly, by an exhaustive process at last discovering a bridge, and about midnight, covered with dirt and scratches, reentered the inn which I had quitted in the morning.... I descended the valley, diverging from the path at Randa to mount the slopes of the Dom (the highest of the Mischabelhörner), in order to see the Weisshorn face to face.

Without any particular adventures, and with only the usual number of scratches and falls, and only the common depth of dye in lips and fingers, the boys sat down to rest beneath the shade of some fine trees, which skirted a beautiful wood.

The feeble animals can only draw a plough which merely scratches the surface of the ground.

Carefully dressed in the very worst of taste from his scarfpin to his boots, he had evidently just been too carefully shaved, for there were scratches on his wide, ludicrous face, and his smile was as rueful as a clown's.

I did seven journeys with ponies and got off with a bump on the head and some scratches.

"Dan wuz mighty so' fum 'is woun's en scratches, en wuz laid up fer two er th'ee days.

Does not Mr. Bryant say, that Truth gets well if she is run over by a locomotive, while Error dies of lockjaw if she scratches her finger?

when she now and then trips the foot of the unwary and mayhap even scratches, it is too bad after all that you came this way.

He purrs and coughs and scratches his chin, and very gradually the air of the dug-out begins to vibrate with life.

O make him enjoy me, my friend, that Krishna so fickle, Me whose masses of curls were like loose-slipping flowers, whose amorous words Were vague as of doves, that Krishna whose bosom is marked With scratches, surpassing all in his love that the science of love could teach.

This determination having become known, we had a constant succession of visitors, and a considerable number of blows, scratches, and rubbing noses were the consequence.

"I will just make a few scratches on this fourth sheet of paperso.

Seethe scratches I made on the paper are red.

Bear sign was everywhere, tracks and trails and beds and scratches.

Many of the scratches and marks on their silver ware, which housekeepers deplore, come from the careless handling together of forks, knives, and spoons.

Marks and scratches may sometimes be removed by rubbing with a flannel cloth dipped in sweet oil.

1873 examples of  scratches  in sentences