425 examples of scribbles in sentences

Gervase scribbles when he has time.

He scribbles dozens like that.

Write, inscribe, scribble, scrawl, scratch.

Before the age of twelve she began to scribble short essays and poems.

I hope I have some share of reputation; which I would not willingly forfeit for a frolic, or humour: and I believe no Gentleman, who reads this Paper, will look upon it to be of the same last and mould with the common scribbles that are every day hawked about.

This makes him venture to talk and scribble, as chouses do to play with cunning gamesters until they are cheated and laughed at.

But all bad, careless, and hasty authors, who scribble with the bread actually before their eyes, use this style of writing six times on a page, and rejoice in it.

I will say nothing of the tenderest parts in your own little volume, at the end of such a slatternly scribble as this, but indeed they cost us some tears.

My dear F.,I scribble hastily at office.

I must scribble to make up my hiatus crumenae, for there are so many ways, pious and profligate, of getting rid of money in this vast city and suburbs that I shall miss my third: but couragio.

Excuse my abortive scribble.

"Air you a-goin' t' scribble

But I am getting to scribble away my own thoughts quite too freely.

LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Bruce Bairnsfather: a photograph The Birth of "Fragments": Scribbles on the farmhouse walls That Astronomical Annoyance, the Star Shell "Plugstreet Wood" A Hopeless Dawn The usual line in Billeting Farms "Chuck us the biscuits, Bill.

I didn't fight against it, and began by making a few pencil scribbles with a joke attached, and pinned them up in our cracked shell of a room.

I did not even scribble a word of adieu or of explanation.

He turns round on his heels and scribbles out a great many prescriptions, but his skill is not worth a toadstool.

"If Mævius scribble in Apollo's spight, There are who judge still worse than he can write.

He had begun to draw caricatures with his pencil when a school-boy at the Charter House, and to scribble them with his pen when a student at Cambridge, editing The Snob, a weekly under-graduate paper, and parodying the prize poem Timbuctoo of his contemporary at the university, Alfred Tennyson.

Pardon, learned Sir, this scribble to my age and weakness, both which are very great, and command me wherein I may serve you, as, Learned Sir, Your obliged, thankful, and obedient servant, ROBERT AINSWORTH.

Bewildered by such wealth of subject, one is but too apt to sit at gaze, and finally go home with merely a dozen pages of scribbles added to the little canvas jotting-book!

A gentleman next enters, and immediately the juniors sink out of sight, and scribble away with eager application; the senior puts down his pen and comes out from his desk.

Between Scribbles he wrote a few Verses about, "When Willie Came to say Good Night."

Thus I scribble to thee the musings with which, in my now shady allotment, I try to encourage myself to hope; and which perhaps are as incorrect as the lament which the beautiful spring will sometimes prompt, "With the year seasons return, but not to me.

You dip into it for a moment, choose a suitable quotation and scribble it down with a blunt pencil on your blotting-pad; then you wind the lanyard of the listening-box round your neck and start talking to the germ-collector in that quiet self-assured voice which you believe spells business success.

425 examples of  scribbles  in sentences