97 examples of scrimmages in sentences

As old Grandma SAMPSON cut off her old man's long hair, so she could handle him in one of them little fireside scrimmages which we married fokes enjoy, so fokes would crop you, my hi toned old Joss stick.

When we had travelled rapidly in silence for two full hours, Sergeant Corney called a halt, saying as he did so: "There's no reason why we should push on so fast, an' much need to husband our strength, for no one can tell how soon we may be forced to take part in a hand-to-hand scrimmage.

"Ay, lad, I'm thinkin' that we had best stand by the general, for he may be needin' us before this mornin's work is done, an' we sha'n't be takin' a great deal of time from Jacob, because, in case of arrivin' before Colonel Gansevoort is ready for us, the scrimmage will soon be over.

"They have already done more than could have been expected; but yet I had a hope that the scrimmage would have lasted a bit longer.

From time to time, in consequence, furious scrimmages arisegenerally between two boysthe others looking' on and laughing, knowing well that they themselves are guilty of the same tricks.

"Pull that scrimmage off again," directed Coach Havens dryly.

"You were stunned by the force of that scrimmage, and there's some blood on your face.

I was under Mr. Darrin, somewhat, sir, in the scrimmage when the bunch went down.

The men on this deck, sir, can't think of anything in these days but line-ups and scrimmage tactics.

"There was a species of scrimmage.

"Ah, I thought I heard something like a scrimmage in the room," assented Lieutenant Cotton.

But I'm glad I had a chance to set him right about that scrimmage.

She saw a fresh-complexioned lad, somewhat flushed and red in the face, but of frank and pleasant features; dressed in a three-cornered cocked- hat, blue coat piped with white and gilt-buttoned, white breeches and waistcoat, and broad black sword-belt; a youngster of the sort that loves a scrimmage or a jest, but is better in a scrimmage than in a jest when the laugh goes against him.

From time immemorial it has been the custom at Oxford for the town-people and the scholars to engage, at least once a year, in a wild scrimmage, and the pitched battle was now due.

He now rushed into the scrimmage with no idea of fighting, and a valiant bargee singled him out as an easy prey, and aimed a heavy blow at him.

Sometimes Esther would start in pursuit, and playful scrimmages would ensue, the hilarious uproar of which would turn poor Mrs. Flower's brain.

I have only time and room enough to tell you that when the final contest came, Tug sent his men round the ends so scientifically, and led them into the scrimmages so furiously, that they won a glorious victory of 18 to 6.

" During the contest for the seatwhich was frankly fought in pitched battles and scrimmages, and by corruption and perjuryI managed to save Miss Dashwood's life.

She repaired immediately to the nursery, and without knowing anything of the technical terms of the noble game of football, instinctively realized that Jack and Tommy were having a "scrimmage."

One hundred and three fights and scrimmages; the story of General Reuben F. Bernard.

One hundred and three fights and scrimmages; the story of General Reuben F. Bernard.

One hundred and three fights and scrimmages; the story of General Reuben F. Bernard.

One hundred and three fights and scrimmages; the story of General Reuben F. Bernard.

" "Well, we got sorter dry after that las' scrimmage, an' Jack here said he reckoned thar'd be something ter drink down stairs; he contended that most o' these yer ol' houses had plenty o' good stuff hid away.

In days gone by many lives were often lost in these holy scrimmages.

97 examples of  scrimmages  in sentences