97 examples of scrimmages in sentences

I ain't easily scared when I've time to prepare for a scrimmage, yet, I'm free to say, I'd have given a couple of wolf-scalps to've been on the other side of the gully, just at that time.

As old Grandma SAMPSON cut off her old man's long hair, so she could handle him in one of them little fireside scrimmages which we married fokes enjoy, so fokes would crop you, my hi toned old Joss stick.

On Friday evening the two doors, which were exactly opposite to each other, being left open, the process of undressing was enlivened by a continual fire of abuse and insulting remarks, which might have led to a regular scrimmage between the two parties if the presence of the prefect, patrolling the passage, had not prevented either side from advancing beyond the threshold of their own doorway.

The Millville people were getting rather the worst of the scrimmage when out rushed Thursday Smith, swinging a stout iron bar he had taken from the press, and with this terrible weapon he struck out so vigorously that the diversion in their favor enabled the retreating villagers to gain the office, where Booth and Bob West fired several shots that effectually checked the mob.

we hev Bone in, and hear the perticklers of the scrimmage at Blue's Gap.

"Ay, lad, I'm thinkin' that we had best stand by the general, for he may be needin' us before this mornin's work is done, an' we sha'n't be takin' a great deal of time from Jacob, because, in case of arrivin' before Colonel Gansevoort is ready for us, the scrimmage will soon be over.

"They have already done more than could have been expected; but yet I had a hope that the scrimmage would have lasted a bit longer.

From time to time, in consequence, furious scrimmages arisegenerally between two boysthe others looking' on and laughing, knowing well that they themselves are guilty of the same tricks.

There'd surely be a scrimmage on the decks; and how could we explain that to the police, who, I am able to assure you from personal observation, are within hail?

" "Sho! who's goan to b'leeve that o' a man who fit like a wild-cat, wuz offered permotion on the field, and reported tew headquarters arfter his fust scrimmage.

In an exciting scrimmage every one blazes at the tiger, not one bullet perhaps in five or six takes effect, and every one is ready to claim the skin, as having been pierced with his particular bullet.

Sometimes Esther would start in pursuit, and playful scrimmages would ensue, the hilarious uproar of which would turn poor Mrs. Flower's brain.

I have only time and room enough to tell you that when the final contest came, Tug sent his men round the ends so scientifically, and led them into the scrimmages so furiously, that they won a glorious victory of 18 to 6.

" During the contest for the seatwhich was frankly fought in pitched battles and scrimmages, and by corruption and perjuryI managed to save Miss Dashwood's life.

"One thing I remember happened when they had scrimmage closeit mighter been the one on Long Prairiethey brought a young boy shot through his lung to Mr. Phillip McNeill's house.

One hundred and three fights and scrimmages; the story of General Reuben F. Bernard.

One hundred and three fights and scrimmages; the story of General Reuben F. Bernard.

One hundred and three fights and scrimmages; the story of General Reuben F. Bernard.

One hundred and three fights and scrimmages; the story of General Reuben F. Bernard.

The moment the attendant with his one good eye caught sight of the superintendent the scrimmage ended.

We headed off the girl, and after a rough-and-tumble scrimmage threw her into the wagon, kicking, screaming, and scratching like a wild-cat.

One dog in our camp was champion of the ridge, and though other camps brought in their pet canines to eat him up, he was always the top dog at the end of the scrimmage, and he had a winning grip on the fore foot of his antagonist.

In days gone by many lives were often lost in these holy scrimmages.

"But the girl has her mother with her!" "All the stronger probability of a scrimmage," replied Dalrymple, sipping his punch with a covert glance of salutation at Suzette.

A lively scrimmage followed, amid a general cracking of ribs and snapping of spines.

97 examples of  scrimmages  in sentences