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97 examples of  scrimmages  in sentences

97 examples of scrimmages in sentences

Hank, as I said, being a peaceable man, and much more given to fun than to fighting, kept good-natured, and avoided a scrimmage as long as he could.

I ain't easily scared when I've time to prepare for a scrimmage, yet, I'm free to say, I'd have given a couple of wolf-scalps to've been on the other side of the gully, just at that time.

As old Grandma SAMPSON cut off her old man's long hair, so she could handle him in one of them little fireside scrimmages which we married fokes enjoy, so fokes would crop you, my hi toned old Joss stick.

On Friday evening the two doors, which were exactly opposite to each other, being left open, the process of undressing was enlivened by a continual fire of abuse and insulting remarks, which might have led to a regular scrimmage between the two parties if the presence of the prefect, patrolling the passage, had not prevented either side from advancing beyond the threshold of their own doorway.

O'Flynn, poorly disguising his delight in a scrimmage, had been shouting: "Ye'll spoil the Blow-Out, ye meddlin' jackass!

The Millville people were getting rather the worst of the scrimmage when out rushed Thursday Smith, swinging a stout iron bar he had taken from the press, and with this terrible weapon he struck out so vigorously that the diversion in their favor enabled the retreating villagers to gain the office, where Booth and Bob West fired several shots that effectually checked the mob.

" "That first scrimmage showed me just what the men were after," Stoddard said.

we hev Bone in, and hear the perticklers of the scrimmage at Blue's Gap.

When we had travelled rapidly in silence for two full hours, Sergeant Corney called a halt, saying as he did so: "There's no reason why we should push on so fast, an' much need to husband our strength, for no one can tell how soon we may be forced to take part in a hand-to-hand scrimmage.

"Ay, lad, I'm thinkin' that we had best stand by the general, for he may be needin' us before this mornin's work is done, an' we sha'n't be takin' a great deal of time from Jacob, because, in case of arrivin' before Colonel Gansevoort is ready for us, the scrimmage will soon be over.

"They have already done more than could have been expected; but yet I had a hope that the scrimmage would have lasted a bit longer.

I had been detailed to hang 'round headquarters till the scrimmage began, but was given liberty to do as I pleased five minutes ago, consequently I came here to find out why the fight ain't on.

From time to time, in consequence, furious scrimmages arisegenerally between two boysthe others looking' on and laughing, knowing well that they themselves are guilty of the same tricks.

I assure you we wouldn't mind losing and taking a few lives if a scrimmage is necessary.

Such a type, for instance, may be picked out by a football coach for an important position in a line-up, simply on the tremendous impressiveness of the muscle make-up, only to see him bowled over and out in the first scrimmage.

"Pull that scrimmage off again," directed Coach Havens dryly.

"You were stunned by the force of that scrimmage, and there's some blood on your face.

I was under Mr. Darrin, somewhat, sir, in the scrimmage when the bunch went down.

The men on this deck, sir, can't think of anything in these days but line-ups and scrimmage tactics.

"There was a species of scrimmage.

"Ah, I thought I heard something like a scrimmage in the room," assented Lieutenant Cotton.

There was more quick action by four of the Brill players, and when the scrimmage came to an end the leather was found just three yards from the Roxley goal line.

There'd surely be a scrimmage on the decks; and how could we explain that to the police, who, I am able to assure you from personal observation, are within hail?

But I'm glad I had a chance to set him right about that scrimmage.

" "Sho! who's goan to b'leeve that o' a man who fit like a wild-cat, wuz offered permotion on the field, and reported tew headquarters arfter his fust scrimmage.

"Pretty old scrimmage, isn't it?

The ruler was dropped in the scrimmage.

with all your Quaker bringing-up, I do believe you are just pining for what our Jack would call 'a scrimmage.'

And oftimes in a scrimmage, boys, Iโ€™ve corked it with my thumb, To keep the life from leaking From the Old Keg of Rum.

She saw a fresh-complexioned lad, somewhat flushed and red in the face, but of frank and pleasant features; dressed in a three-cornered cocked- hat, blue coat piped with white and gilt-buttoned, white breeches and waistcoat, and broad black sword-belt; a youngster of the sort that loves a scrimmage or a jest, but is better in a scrimmage than in a jest when the laugh goes against him.

She saw a fresh-complexioned lad, somewhat flushed and red in the face, but of frank and pleasant features; dressed in a three-cornered cocked- hat, blue coat piped with white and gilt-buttoned, white breeches and waistcoat, and broad black sword-belt; a youngster of the sort that loves a scrimmage or a jest, but is better in a scrimmage than in a jest when the laugh goes against him.

The fifth man was holding on to the scrimmage with his left hand and reaching round with his right, trying to stick a knife into Yussuf Dakmar's ribs without endangering his own hide.

He had no roomperhaps no inclinationto get into the scrimmage; so he saw me first, and he needed no spur to his enmity.

I laugh aloud when, in the scrimmage wild, I smash the thigh bone of some lusty boy, And see him borne off, helpless as a child That, that is joy.

Rudyard Kipling, in his story of the taking of the Lungtungpen, tells how, after the scrimmage in the village, "We halted and formed up, and Liftinant Brazenose blushin' pink in the light of the mornin' sun.

From time immemorial it has been the custom at Oxford for the town-people and the scholars to engage, at least once a year, in a wild scrimmage, and the pitched battle was now due.

He now rushed into the scrimmage with no idea of fighting, and a valiant bargee singled him out as an easy prey, and aimed a heavy blow at him.

"Now," said the hunter, as he reloaded, laying on his back to avoid the shots of the robbers, "that's what I call the best of the scrimmage, to get them brown thieves with their lassoes out of the way first.

So thickly massed were the men who snatched at the cable, and so eagerly did they grab for it, that the simile of a hot handball scrimmage flashed into my thoughts.

A disturbance is a rare exception, but I have seen a few wrestling matches end in a regular general scrimmage, with broken heads, and even fractured limbs.

In an exciting scrimmage every one blazes at the tiger, not one bullet perhaps in five or six takes effect, and every one is ready to claim the skin, as having been pierced with his particular bullet.

"I don't mind taking a hand in the scrimmage myself!"

So that is how it came to pass that Luther and myself boarded the Campania together, landed in Liverpool, cast about for ways and means of getting into the scrimmage, and for the first month and a half of my four months of wandering on the Continent were brother conspirators, until the duties of partnership called my friend home and left me without a companion in adventure.

Three of them he spent on a whirlwind trip trying to see action in northern Flanders, but, much to his disappointment, was called away before the final scrimmage at Antwerp.

Sometimes Esther would start in pursuit, and playful scrimmages would ensue, the hilarious uproar of which would turn poor Mrs. Flower's brain.

As soon as I sot my eyes on the little varmint it come over me that I got the thing crooked, and in the scrimmage I let go of the right gal and grabbed another.

Then ensued a frightful scrimmage with ear-splitting squeals, and the game ended.

"I was looking for it at dinner the minute we cast off; and what a scrimmage there would have been at that table if you had drawn one of those pistols!

Then there is such a scrimmage!

The president of the club himself was one of the deserters; and the rest of the Dozen grew very bitter, and the arguments often reached a point where it needed only one word more to bring on a scrimmagea scrimmage that would make a lively football game seem tame by comparison.

I have only time and room enough to tell you that when the final contest came, Tug sent his men round the ends so scientifically, and led them into the scrimmages so furiously, that they won a glorious victory of 18 to 6.

Then Tug warmed up to the scrimmage, and his right and left arms flew about like Don Quixote's windmill for a few minutes, until two of the two dozen Crows lighted on his back and pinioned his arms down and bore him gradually to his knees.

Tug knew that History would be useless in a scrimmage, so, in a low tone, he bade him drop under a deep bush they were just passing.

Little Tad Horner was right in the hottest scrimmage, and he proved formidable for the freshmen, despite his size.

" During the contest for the seatwhich was frankly fought in pitched battles and scrimmages, and by corruption and perjuryI managed to save Miss Dashwood's life.

"One thing I remember happened when they had scrimmage closeit mighter been the one on Long Prairiethey brought a young boy shot through his lung to Mr. Phillip McNeill's house.

She repaired immediately to the nursery, and without knowing anything of the technical terms of the noble game of football, instinctively realized that Jack and Tommy were having a "scrimmage."

"Was a scrimmage, likely to take place at any time; that is ended, but they will probably hold him prisoner.

I was bound to stay where you put me, but I was uneasy, and wild to be in the scrimmage; and, if I had been there, I wouldn't have taken notice of a little red light that wasn't much behind the rear platform when we stopped.

"There came some sort of a fumble, too fast for the eye to follow, and then the ball rolled out of the scrimmage.

Lizzie an' I lost our hats in the scrimmage.

"'By jingo,' exclaimed Elnathan, forgetting, in his excitement, that his master was present, 'if I don't believe our men ain't giving the Hessians a salute this morning with ball cartridgesthere it goes again!I say, John, it's a piert scrimmage.'

Hefty chaps in a scrimmage, and both equal to engines of any kind.

'Commander says these are the jokers for a scrimmage,' one told Ken, as they hurriedly passed them across to the people in the boat.

They had a little scrimmage oncethirty-six men was all they was in it.

"I guess your client, old Charley Whitney, won't miss the chance to intervene in the suit and annex the whole business, in the scrimmage.

Steve and the tall private issued from the last scrimmage, breathing hard.

He fought the scrimmage through with those unread pages folded slim between a thumb and forefinger, often using them to point out things, and when after it he had reopened them and read them throughand through againto their dizzying close, the battery surgeon came murmuring privately "Cap, what's wrong; bad news?" "Oh!" said Hilary, looking up from a third reading, "what, this?

Offside and Scrimmage.

OFFSIDE AND SCRIMMAGE, by Charles Neville Buck.

One hundred and three fights and scrimmages; the story of General Reuben F. Bernard.

One hundred and three fights and scrimmages; the story of General Reuben F. Bernard.

Offside and Scrimmage.

OFFSIDE AND SCRIMMAGE, by Charles Neville Buck.

One hundred and three fights and scrimmages; the story of General Reuben F. Bernard.

One hundred and three fights and scrimmages; the story of General Reuben F. Bernard.

He forgot Browning and Miss Haysman for the moment, and joined the scrimmage.

As the brute fell, there seemed to be a general scrimmage, but the rest got off through the end door, which they at last broke down, just as the Senator and the Vicomte and the other miners came up the stairs.

The scrimmage was still going on when Grizel slipped out of the hotel, having learned that the diligence would not start until the following morning.

The moment the attendant with his one good eye caught sight of the superintendent the scrimmage ended.

We were as conspicuously mal ร  propos as an outsider at a bank directors' meeting or in a football scrimmage.

" "Well, we got sorter dry after that las' scrimmage, an' Jack here said he reckoned thar'd be something ter drink down stairs; he contended that most o' these yer ol' houses had plenty o' good stuff hid away.

"The custodian smothered the ball, and after a Ruby scrimmage the City goal escaped.

A scrimmage with the Woongas just now would spoil the plans he had made for discovering gold.

We headed off the girl, and after a rough-and-tumble scrimmage threw her into the wagon, kicking, screaming, and scratching like a wild-cat.

" Even the women caught the craze for "higher education" to fit themselves for "kid-glove" professional emoluments; they, too, tore each other's hair, scratched each other's faces in frantic football rushes, tumbling over each other in the wild scrimmage for fees, leaving the kitchens to the ignorant foreigners, who ruined digestions with preposterous cookery, which would have killed a nation of ostriches.

"So we scrimmaged round here and there till there was only one closet in the cabin left.

Then came a scrimmage, in which he was upset.

One dog in our camp was champion of the ridge, and though other camps brought in their pet canines to eat him up, he was always the top dog at the end of the scrimmage, and he had a winning grip on the fore foot of his antagonist.

In days gone by many lives were often lost in these holy scrimmages.

Our herd had been overlooked during the scrimmage, and had scattered so that I had to send one man and the horse wrangler to round them in.

It is a most amazing scrimmage altogether.

As in practice they invariably, instead of a foot-ball, use a fresh human head, and in a scrimmage leave half their number dead on the field, by having recourse to the 'Kogo' or 'Spine Splitting Stroke,' introduced from a local athletic game, some excitement will no doubt be manifested in sporting circles when they meet the Clapham Rovers, as, I believe, it is arranged they shall do at the Oval, early in November next.

Unhappily, it fell into the hands of a late comer for distribution, and it was his contention that the final lift did the work, that all previous effort was so much wasted energy; the early comers contended that the reward should be in proportion to expenditure of time and muscle and not measured by actual achievement,a discussion not without force on both sides, but cut short by a scrimmage involving far more force than the discussion.

In the scrimmage, at the stumps, 'Neath the goal, behind the sticks, Life's a ball, which Summer thumps, Winter kicks.

"But the girl has her mother with her!" "All the stronger probability of a scrimmage," replied Dalrymple, sipping his punch with a covert glance of salutation at Suzette.

A lively scrimmage followed, amid a general cracking of ribs and snapping of spines.