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327 examples of  scythes  in sentences

327 examples of scythes in sentences

The next day, very early in the morning, he came quite naked into the street, having only a scarf about his middle, holding in his hand a scythe, and tossing about his hair as the priests of Cybele; then getting on the top of a high altar, he said that the place was happy to be honoured by the birth of a god.

Thus, to Saturn, [symbol: Saturn], they gave languid and even destructive influences, for no other reason but because they had been pleased to make this planet the residence of Saturn, who was painted with grey hairs and a scythe.

This army of crusadersthe last in the history of the nationshad for its gathering cry the bells of the churches; for its arms, scythes and axes; Christ for its leader, and John Hunyady and John Capistran for his lieutenants.

To annoy the ships which advanced against their walls, they fixed grappling irons and scythes to joists or beams; then, straining their catapultasan enormous kind of crossbowthey laid those great pieces of timber upon them instead of arrows, and shot them off on a sudden at the enemy.

These crushed some of their ships by their great weight, and, by means of the hooks or hanging scythes, tore others to pieces.

"Recreation," says Bishop Hall, "is intended to the mind as whetting is to the scythe, to sharpen the edge of it, which would otherwise grow dull and blunt.

As good no scythe as no edge.

Then only doth the work go forward, when the scythe is so seasonably and moderately whetted that it may cut, and so cut, that it may have the help of sharpening.

The roads are lined with peasants armed with all sorts of weapons, iron spikes, dung-forks, clubs, scythes, and old swords from the time of our great-grandfathers.

Fetch all the bags an' brooms an' scythes.

[Enter an army of fifteen Irish patriots, armed with pikes of great scythes.] 1st PATRIOT."Hurroo for KING JAMES, we'll dhrive the Orange-men into the say.

But alas! death's scythe had been at work, and there were many who could not come.

It has become my earnest desire to plant things, and grow things, and chop things with axes; to mow things with scythes.

ye must be ruled with scythes, not sceptres, And mow'd down like the grass, else all we reap Is rank abundance and a rotten harvest Of discontents infecting the fair soil, Making a desert of fertility.

Rank grasses were growing in the court, but they soon disappeared before the scythes that had been brought, in expectation of the circumstance.

"Else could I bear, on all days of the year, Not now alone, this gentle summer night, When scythes are busy in the headed grass, And the full moon warms me to thoughtfulness, This voice that haunts the desert of my soul: 'It might have been!'

A witness of the universal birth and of a like decay; Innumerable are the generations I have garnered with my scythe.

Each morning I depart, each evening I return, bearing within my mantle's ample folds all that my scythe has gathered.

Angels have fellow-angels; demons their companions of darkness; but I hear only sounds of a clanking scythe, my whistling arrows, and my speeding horse.

Her Coliseum and her Capitol are now two grains of sands that served once as a pedestal; but Death has swung his scythe: the monuments have fallen.

Upon reaching the wharf, I noticed a scythe and three spades, all apparently new, lying in the bottom of the boat in which we were to embark.

" "But what, in the name of all that is mysterious, is your 'Massa Will' going to do with scythes and spades?

Jupiter had with him the scythe and spadesthe whole of which he insisted upon carrying, more through fear, it seemed to me, of trusting either of the implements within reach of his master, than from any excess of industry or complaisance.

Legrand immediately took the scythe, and cleared with it a circular space, three or four yards in diameter, just beneath the insect, and, having accomplished this, ordered Jupiter to let go the string and come down from the tree.

Fastening one end of this at that point of the trunk of the tree which was nearest the peg, he unrolled it till it reached the peg, and thence farther unrolled it, in the direction already established by the two points of the tree and the peg, for the distance of fifty feetJupiter clearing away the brambles with the scythe.

I follow virtues also; they differ not by the thickness of a nail, they are both scythes for the reaping angel of Death.

"Haying" would begin next morning, and he would be wakened by the sharpening of scythes and the click of mowing machines.

The sturdy mower, that with brawny arms Wieldeth the crooked scythe, in many a swath Cutting the flowery pride on velvet plain, Lies down at night, and in the weird folds Of his wife's arms forgets his labour past.

" Louis proceeded onward to the Hรดtel de Ville, in a strange procession, headed by a numerous band of fish-women, always prominent, and recruited at every step by a crowd of rough peasant-looking men, armed with bludgeons, scythes, and every variety of rustic weapons, evidently on the watch for some opportunity to create a tumult, and seeking to provoke one by raising from time to time vociferous shouts of "Vive la nation!"

I heard the merry whistle of the whirling scythes; I heard their songsthey were so sweet!

One can hear their monotonous songs in the middle of the night keeping time to the circular movement of the scythes, the jingle of the cattle bells, and the young men's and girls' voices laughing afar in the silence of the night.

In the third year, a heavy harvest fell, Full filled, beneath the reaping-hook and scythe.

We rolled back our sleeves, stood our scythes on end and gave them a final lively stoning.

We would stand a moment in the shade, whetting our scythes, not saying much, but glad to be there together.

The scythes were oddly heavy and hot to the touch, and the stones seemed hardly to make a sound in the heavy noon air.

And mingling and harmonizing with these visions, we should hear the lowing of kine, and the tinkle of the bell that leads the flock, and the shout of the boy behind the creeping plough, and the echoes of the axe, and the fall of the tree in the distant forest, and the rhythmical clangor, softened into a metallic whisper by the distance, of the mowers whetting their scythes.

See men mow with the same "German" scythes that we use in America.

I sat with drawn breath and glared at it; at the relentless silver hands; at the fierce, and, as it seemed to me, living face of the Time on its top, who stooped and swung his scythe at me.

Ah, if scythes are whetting, the reapers will soon be harvesting the golden grain!

Several peasants, finding it too hot to mow, had thrown their scythes along the swarths, and were lying in the shade of an oak.

The peasants were at work, men and women, cutting the grain with rude scythes, binding it into sheaves, and stacking it in the fields.

Both tame and wild beasts were racing, and amongst all this people moved alongsome with spades and scythes, others with axes, and others, again, with fishing nets.

Isak was free of the soil now; he had two scythes and two rakes ready for the haymaking; he made long bottom boards for the cart for getting in the hay, and procured a couple of runners and some suitable wood to make a sledge for the winter.

When the dew began to fall close after the heat of the day, and the boys came out, each with his scythe to mow in readiness for next day, Isak came in sight close to the house and said: "Put away scythes for tonight.

He plucked Eleseus by the sleeve and said: "Here, come along, we'll go back home and throw those scythes on the fire.

You've got a new machine, they say?" "Ay." "Ay, there's talk of it about, and how it cuts quicker than a hundred scythes.

Many of them still reaped with scythes and thrashed on the barn floor with old-fashioned flails, and one afternoon there was a curious plaintive singing under my windowa party of harvesters, oldish men and brown, barefooted peasant girls, who had finished their work on a neighboring farm, and were crossing our village on their way to their own.

Somehow they had ploughed and sowed and brought it to harvest, and now with scythes, with knives even, sometimes, they were getting it under cover.

And with them everywhere were the Russian prisoners, swinging scythes, binding grain, sometimes coming down the road, without even a guard, sprawled in the sun on a load of straw.

Rage no more; But useless Lances into Scythes shall bend, And the broad Falchion in a Plow-share end.

The greatest difficulty existed from the fact that it would be impossible for the rescuing party to carry either muskets or their long scythes.

A certain portion of the men cut long sticks, like ox-goads, made to fit the bayonets; others fitted short handles to their scythes, while others carried short heavy sticks, to which again bayonets were fitted.

All the insurgents, with the exception of those forming the first line, quietly fitted their scythes and bayonets to the handles and waited the signal.

and in an instant scythes and bayonets flashed in the air, and in the centre of the crowd a dense mass of men flung themselves upon the line of troops.

I watch, the mowers as they go Through the tall grass, a white-sleeved row; With even stroke their scythes they swing, In tune their merry whetstones ring; Behind the nimble youngsters run And toss the thick swaths in the sun; The cattle graze; while, warm and still, Slopes the broad pasture, basks the hill, And bright, when summer breezes break, The green wheat crinkles like a lake.

Of all the happy ages chief; Let every mower bow his head, In token of sincerest grief. "And let our brows be thickly bound With every saddest flower that blows; And all our scythes be deeply wound With every mournful herb that grows." Thus sang the mowers; and they said, "The world has lost its dewy prime; Alas!

Some were armed with muskets, some with axes, some with scythes; some came on their masters' horses.

About a dozen scythes tied together are used.

In weed-cutting by hand, instead of with the long knives, it is wonderful how many trout get cut by the scythes.

One would have thought trout would have been able to avoid the scythes, being such quick, slippery animals.

The scythes mowed them all down in May, and again in July, in the broad "millpound," so that they do not grow so tall by the main stream; but the back brook, the natural course of the river before the mills were made, was left unmolested by the mowers, and is a mass of life and colour.

Whereupon seven monsters, like himself, came toward him with reaping hooks in their hands, each hook about the largeness of six scythes.

Haymakers were abroad, and I heard the sound of their scythes cutting through the heavy swathes with all their flowers; but the sunshine had not yet flashed down into the deep valley, and the grasshoppers were waiting to hail it from their watch-towers in the green herbage and on the purple heather.

His seed was sown by hand; his hay was cut with scythes; his grain was reaped with sickles, and threshed on the barn floor with flails in the hands of his slaves.

"Think you our hands are made to handle penknives?" "Nor are ours made to wield scythes," said Arthur; and muttered betwixt his teeth, as he looked at the sword, which the Swiss continued to offer him"Usum non habeo, I have not proved the weapon.

And home foes, too; if these philosophers Put up the curb, my Lord, a half-link tighter, The scythes will be among our horses' legs Before next harvest.

About a mile distant, on the left of the road is the Brades, where Messrs. William Hunt and Sons have established a considerable manufacture of iron and steel, which they form into scythes, hay knives, trowels, and every kind of hoe now in use.

Oregon settlers now had leisure time for building up their homes, so better houses were erected, fields were fenced and plowed, school houses and churches built, scythes and axes were wielded in place of the rifle that now rested in idleness above the cabin door.

The farmers were out, busy at work, their long, straight scythes glancing through the wet grass, while the thick pines sparkled with thousands of dewy diamonds.

It no longer really matters to any living person how the Northmen burned the bridge of boats at Manneville; nor how Asmund trod upon a burned-through beam at the disastrous siege of ร‰vre, and so fell thirty feet into the midst of his enemies and broke his leg, but dealt so valorously that he got safe away; nor how at Lisuarte unarmored peasants beat off Manuel's followers with scythes and pitchforks and clubs.

Pieces of jagged steel, like flying scythes, sliced the trees on the roadside.

It may be thought that this sentiment would not comfort a man lying on his stomach as sentinel on outpost duty, staring through the mist and rain, and listening for the slightest sound of an approaching enemy, or a man crouching beneath a ledge of earth, waiting for the quiet words of En avant! which would make him scramble up and go into a storm of shells with a fair chance of being cut to bits by flying scythes.

KUONI and six hinds standing round him with rakes and scythes.

Unlike the American farmer, they were too poor to buy machines to work for them, and with scythes and sickles in hand they cut the grain; with heavy flails they beat it.

l'Arabie, passer le Gange, soumettre des pays inconnus, faire trembler les Scythes sur les bords du Tanaรฏs, et ranger sous nos lois toute une moitiรฉ du monde.

SCรˆNE, F., lieu oรน se passe une action; l'action elle-mรชme. SCYTHES, anciens peuples barbares du N.-E. de l'Europe et du N.-O. de l'Asie.

Near the close of 1759 he complained that Thomas Knox of Bristol had failed to send him various things ordered, such as half a dozen scythes and stones, curry combs and brushes, weeding and grubbing hoes, and axes, and that now he must buy them in America at exorbitant prices.

Master of the fiery steed, And the chariot in its speed, As its scythe-wedged wheels of blood Through the battle's crimson flood, Onward rushing, put to flight E'en the stoutest men of might, Age to age shall tell thy fame; Thine shall be a deathless name!

Several thousand men and women, armed chiefly with pikes and scythes, collected together on the hill of Oulart under the guidance of a priest named Father John Murphy.

The royal flight created a great uproar at Cracow; the noblemen, and even the peasants, armed with stakes and scythes, set out in pursuit of their king.

I noticed that they used a different snath for their scythes here from that common in England.

American manure-forks and hay-forks, axes and augurs you will now find exposed for sale in nearly every considerable town, but one of our beautifully mounted scythes would be a great novelty here.

So pertinaciously they seem to adhere to this remarkable and awkward custom, that I saw two mowers walk down a hill, a distance of full a hundred rods, with their scythes under their arms, in order to begin a new swath in the same way; four or five men and women running after them full tilt to bind the grain as it fell!

Now ring the sharp scythes of the mowers all day, And they spread to the air the sweet-scented hay; They pile up the wagon ere daylight is done, And singing come home with the set of the sun.

I follow virtues also; they differ not by the thickness of a nail, they are both scythes for the reaping angel of Death.

There were behind the Acrosticks two or three Files of Chronograms, which differed only from the former, as their Officers were equipped (like the Figure of Time) with an Hour-glass in one Hand, and a Scythe in the other, and took their Posts promiscuously among the private Men whom they commanded.

Rage no more; But useless Lances into Scythes shall bend, And the broad Falchion in a Plow-share end.

In a week the heavy frosts with scythes and hammers had slashed and knocked down all the road-side growth and the kindly bushes that veil the drop off the unfenced track.

We was sitting inside 'ere with scythes, and pitchforks, and such-like things handy, when we see 'im come in without 'is hat.

Some of 'em 'ad scythes and some pitchforks, and one or two of 'em guns, and it was one o' the finest sights I ever seed when

"George Kettle and the men with the guns went first, then came the pitchforks, and last of all the scythes.

" Of the hay harvest And first of the meadows: when the grass ceases to grow and begins to dry out with the heat, then it should be cut with scythes and, as it begins to cure, turned with forks.

At that instant a fearful cry arose from beneath, which was echoed from the rocks around, and ten or fifteen savage-looking beings climbed from under the bridge, with lances formed of upright scythes.

"Back, Wallachian dogs!" cried Imre, cutting two of them down, while several others sprang forward with the scythes.

By the light of a few torches, a hideous crowd was seen before the windows, armed with scythes and axes, which they were brandishing with fearful menaces.

Rushing to the scene I found a few Southern whites armed with repeating rifles, facing a large band of negroes carrying a motley array of pitchforks, scythes, razors, clubs, and a few ancient shotguns.

" The red-men fled in panic along the narrow isthmus between the swamps and river straight upon the ambushed army of Jackson, who mowed them down with bullets as falls the grass before the scythes.

Worse than that, he cruelly lays scythes, bill-hooks and other formidable weapons edge upwards so as to cut and mangle the poor wretches when they drop plump upon them from the clouds.

On the W. buttress of the S. transept there are still marks where Monmouth's rustics sharpened their scythes and axes.

He was turned out of Wรผrzburg by 'that ingenious Jackanapes,' the King of Bavaria; he was an intimate friend of Hegetschweiler, one of the leaders of liberalism in Switzerland; and he was present in Zurich when a body of six thousand peasants, 'half unarmed, and the other half armed with scythes, dungforks and poles, entered the town and overturned the liberal government.'