327 examples of scythes in sentences

This army of crusadersthe last in the history of the nationshad for its gathering cry the bells of the churches; for its arms, scythes and axes; Christ for its leader, and John Hunyady and John Capistran for his lieutenants.

To annoy the ships which advanced against their walls, they fixed grappling irons and scythes to joists or beams; then, straining their catapultasan enormous kind of crossbowthey laid those great pieces of timber upon them instead of arrows, and shot them off on a sudden at the enemy.

These crushed some of their ships by their great weight, and, by means of the hooks or hanging scythes, tore others to pieces.

It has become my earnest desire to plant things, and grow things, and chop things with axes; to mow things with scythes.

ye must be ruled with scythes, not sceptres, And mow'd down like the grass, else all we reap Is rank abundance and a rotten harvest Of discontents infecting the fair soil, Making a desert of fertility.

"Else could I bear, on all days of the year, Not now alone, this gentle summer night, When scythes are busy in the headed grass, And the full moon warms me to thoughtfulness, This voice that haunts the desert of my soul: 'It might have been!'

I follow virtues also; they differ not by the thickness of a nail, they are both scythes for the reaping angel of Death.

We rolled back our sleeves, stood our scythes on end and gave them a final lively stoning.

We would stand a moment in the shade, whetting our scythes, not saying much, but glad to be there together.

The scythes were oddly heavy and hot to the touch, and the stones seemed hardly to make a sound in the heavy noon air.

And mingling and harmonizing with these visions, we should hear the lowing of kine, and the tinkle of the bell that leads the flock, and the shout of the boy behind the creeping plough, and the echoes of the axe, and the fall of the tree in the distant forest, and the rhythmical clangor, softened into a metallic whisper by the distance, of the mowers whetting their scythes.

Several peasants, finding it too hot to mow, had thrown their scythes along the swarths, and were lying in the shade of an oak.

The peasants were at work, men and women, cutting the grain with rude scythes, binding it into sheaves, and stacking it in the fields.

Both tame and wild beasts were racing, and amongst all this people moved alongsome with spades and scythes, others with axes, and others, again, with fishing nets.

Isak was free of the soil now; he had two scythes and two rakes ready for the haymaking; he made long bottom boards for the cart for getting in the hay, and procured a couple of runners and some suitable wood to make a sledge for the winter.

Many of them still reaped with scythes and thrashed on the barn floor with old-fashioned flails, and one afternoon there was a curious plaintive singing under my windowa party of harvesters, oldish men and brown, barefooted peasant girls, who had finished their work on a neighboring farm, and were crossing our village on their way to their own.

Somehow they had ploughed and sowed and brought it to harvest, and now with scythes, with knives even, sometimes, they were getting it under cover.

And with them everywhere were the Russian prisoners, swinging scythes, binding grain, sometimes coming down the road, without even a guard, sprawled in the sun on a load of straw.

Of all the happy ages chief; Let every mower bow his head, In token of sincerest grief. "And let our brows be thickly bound With every saddest flower that blows; And all our scythes be deeply wound With every mournful herb that grows." Thus sang the mowers; and they said, "The world has lost its dewy prime; Alas!

"Think you our hands are made to handle penknives?" "Nor are ours made to wield scythes," said Arthur; and muttered betwixt his teeth, as he looked at the sword, which the Swiss continued to offer him"Usum non habeo, I have not proved the weapon.

And home foes, too; if these philosophers Put up the curb, my Lord, a half-link tighter, The scythes will be among our horses' legs Before next harvest.

KUONI and six hinds standing round him with rakes and scythes.

At that instant a fearful cry arose from beneath, which was echoed from the rocks around, and ten or fifteen savage-looking beings climbed from under the bridge, with lances formed of upright scythes.

"Back, Wallachian dogs!" cried Imre, cutting two of them down, while several others sprang forward with the scythes.

By the light of a few torches, a hideous crowd was seen before the windows, armed with scythes and axes, which they were brandishing with fearful menaces.

327 examples of  scythes  in sentences