102 examples of sea-sickness in sentences

The correspondents just sent over by our "enterprising" newspapers, are hardly yet recovered from their sea-sickness.

It wasn't like sea-sickness, nor like the feeling produced by swinging.

Nature of sea-sickness.

The fine exhilaration of the start,the breeze gradually increasing to a gale; then horrible sea-sickness, home-sickness, love-sickness; after which, the weather which sailors love, games, gayety, and flirtation.

That the rocking or swinging of the ship, is the one and only cause of sea-sickness, may admit of a question; but that it is the principal cause, there can be little doubt.

She is very big and most healthy, and delightful to look at; even sea-sickness does not make her look plain, and that, you will admit, is a severe test; and what is more, her nature is as healthy and sweet as her face.

Rilboche, who detested the sea, made her appearance after some delay, looking even greener than her mistress, who, in rising from her berth, already began to suffer the agonies of sea-sickness.

As is usual in such a company, one of them was obliged to serve as a butt for the rest, and "Maestro Paolo," as they termed him, wore such a profoundly serious face all the while, from his sea-sickness, that the fun never came to an end.

that in a short time I became deeply interested concerning him, and I determined as soon as I had recovered from sea-sickness, to watch for an opportunity of inquiring into the particulars of his earlier history.

During the first two days at sea he had suffered the usual agonies from sea-sickness.

" "I would just as soon face the portages as the sea-sickness which will inevitably be my portion going through the Strait," she answered, with a laugh.

A fit of sea-sickness made me soon repent of the rash step that I had taken; but it was too late to return; the vessel kept mercilessly on its course, carrying me away from my only true friends.

Weak from sea-sickness, hungry, chilled, and without a single acquaintance in the great city, my situation was about as hopeless as it is possible to conceive.

"I began on my passage out, as soon as I got over my sea-sickness, and picked up the rest in camp.

I soon experienced sea-sickness in all its horrors.

They carried their rifles upside down as though that might ease the burden of them, and they had that bluish look of men who have suffered a bad bout of sea-sickness.

The steward was much concerned by his feeble condition, especially as it was no common case of sea-sickness; for John Saltram had told him that he was never sea-sick.

But neither youth nor sea-sickness lasts forever.

When we suggested that to sit facing the past might be conducive to a sort of sea-sickness and certainly to headache, and that a total absence of view was to be deprecated, it was impressed upon us that if the horses darted over the "khud," we could slip out suddenly and easily, leaving the driver and the ponies to be dashed to pieces by themselves!

Off Hatteras we encountered a wild storm which sent our great boat well-nigh to the stars, then with an almost perpendicular plunge, almost to Davy Jones' locker, until, with the nauseating sea-sickness, we were afraid, first that we should die and later we only feared lest we should not die.

The effect of this sea-sickness was to cure me of a slight fever and ague, and in fact the cure was so thorough that I have never had it since.

" He generously ignores the selfish fear of sea-sickness, of personal suffering, which had occupied the fore-front of my mind.

He's the very subject for sea-sickness, the brute! . . .

He has agonized with sea-sickness during the voyage, and this is the first day that he has found tolerable.

We had hardly reached the open lake before the boat encountered a heavy sea, which brought sea-sickness to all of the company for the balance of the journey.

102 examples of  sea-sickness  in sentences