419 examples of seashores in sentences

] SEA-KALE.This plant belongs to the Asparagus tribe, and grows on seashores, especially in the West of England, and in the neighbourhood of Dublin.

"Men seek retreats for themselves,houses in the country, seashores, and mountains; but it is always in thy power to retire within thyself, for nowhere does a man retire with more quiet or freedom than into his own soul."

PLACE: on the seashore.

"And mosquitos?" "Like sands on the seashore, and of a size which it is dreadful to reflect upon even now.

A child and a man were one day walking on the seashore when the child found a little shell and held it to his ear.

And thereafter he went down to the seashore and embarked in a boat with intent to sail to Camelot where King Arthur was then holding court.

So he dwelt there unmolested in a strong castle of stone built up upon a rock near to the seashore, whence he might behold all the ships that passed him by.

And now I shall tell you how Sir Tristram rode: the way that he took led him down by the seashore, and by and by to a deep forest, which was then nearly altogether devoid of leaves, so that the branches above him were in some places like to the meshes of a net spread against the sky.

Many buildings were thrown down, and from one large mountain which the earthquake rent asunder there issued such an immense quantity of water that the whole neighborhood was flooded, trees were torn up by the roots, and, in one hour, from the seashore all plains were covered with water (the direct distance to the shore is two and one-half leagues).

As in Samar there are hardly any other country roads than the seashore and the shallow beds of rivers (it is better in the north of Leyte), the carabao is used only once every year in treading over the earth of the rice-field.

Pigafetta (p. 92) certainly mentions that the King of Cebu, after his conversion to Christianity, caused many temples built on the seashore to be destroyed; but these might only have been structures of a very perishable kind.

He lived in a tub on the seashore, and he lived by gobbling up schoolmasters and governesses.

There was, indeed, the man in Homer who walked by the seashore in a very gloomy mood; but his case seems to have been thought remarkable.

Go to the seashore and look at the sand, and behold the smallness of the particles thereof'I am giving you the gist of the Lord's words, you understand'and then realise that your seed shall be as numberless as those sands.'

For, to begin with, Miramon dealt unusually with a little fish, and as a result of these dealings came to them, during the afternoon of the last Thursday in September, as they stood on the seashore north of Manneville, a darkly colored champion clad in yellow.

Now when these unusual appearing allies stood silently aligned before them on the seashore, Dom Manuel said, with a polite bow toward this appalling host, that he hardly thought Duke Asmund would be able to withstand such Redeemers.

Like people who had escaped from an earthquake to some seashore where by chance a boat might come for them all, these Belgian families struggled to the port of Dunkirk and waited desperately for rescue.

There are here and there quicksands on the seashore, and the unwary traveller who wanders there is lost.

What men know to be practicable, a thousand motives will incite them to try; and there is reason to believe, that from the time that the generations of the postdiluvian race spread to the seashores, there were always navigators that ventured upon the sea, though, perhaps, not willingly beyond the sight of land.

And this is Boston, and seashore and country too.

The book of the seashore.

I have been tramping two months along seashores, and living a daily life in the presence of the Infinite.

"For many years I wandered by seashores, asking questions of the sea.

Why the links of this almost perfect chain should have been broken on the seashores appears unaccountable, since they are, by reason of their general sterility and exposure, extremely favourable to the growth of the greater portion of the order.

They have all the irregularities of modern seashores, running up to form little bays here, and jutting out in promontories there....

419 examples of  seashores  in sentences