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10980 examples of  seasons  in sentences

10980 examples of seasons in sentences

Aman'da, in Thomson's Seasons, is meant for Miss Young, who married admiral Campbell.

Ame'lia, in Thomson's Seasons, a beautiful, innocent young woman, overtaken by a storm while walking with her troth-plight lover, Cel'adon, "with equal virtue formed, and equal grace.

Thomson, The Seasons ("Summer," 1727).

An Explanation of the Eras of Ancient and Modern Times, and of various countries, with a view to the comparison of their respective dates,stands first; next are "Facts pertaining to the course of the Seasons," under the "Observations of a Naturalist;" an excellent paper on the Tides; and a concise Natural History of the Weatherto be continued in the Companion for 1831; this is a delightful paper.

Yet these lines will kindle the delight and reverence of every lover of Nature, in common with the effect of the Seasons on the reader, who "wonders that he never saw before what Thomson shows him, and that he never yet has felt what Thomson impresses.

" Of the master's own functions Hammond wrote in another place: "A planter should have all his work laid out, days, weeks, months, seasons and years ahead, according to the nature of it.

The former by day and the latter at evening served in all temperate seasons as the receiving place for guests and the gathering place for the household at all its leisure times.

But in summer fruit and vegetables were frequent; there was occasional game and fish at all seasons; and the first heavy frost of winter brought the festival of hog-killing time.

In none of the seasons is she stinted to so short a space to perform her work as at the North.

Bureaucratic schemes for establishing the regular lifelong subordination of a labouring class, enlivened though they may be by frequent inspection, disciplinary treatment during seasons of unemployment, compulsory temperance, free medical attendance, and a cheap and shallow elementary education fail to satisfy the restless cravings in the heart of man.

It was the month of July, when, in ordinary seasons, a cloud is so rare that it is a joy to see one, merely as a variety upon the brightness.

It is not for nothing that the seasons changethat winter comes in the midst of summer.'

He was now a fine, healthy baby, bright-eyed and beautiful, and his colic was reducing itself to certain seasons on each day, instead of occupying the whole day and night as heretofore.

The study of Christ's life on earth reveals Him to us as incessantly busy, yet taking special seasons for prayer.

"Especially after a time of some special seasons of grace, and some special new supplies of grace, received in such seasons, (as after the holy sacrament), then will he set on most eagerly, when he knows of the richest booty.

"Especially after a time of some special seasons of grace, and some special new supplies of grace, received in such seasons, (as after the holy sacrament), then will he set on most eagerly, when he knows of the richest booty.

When I look back over my own life, the precious times were generally seasons of great suffering; so much so, that the idea of discipline has become a hobby.

"Last Summer, several of us Christian sisters were in the habit of spending short seasons of prayer together, that the Lord would send us a pastor.

It was there, where the seasons came only to bless, And the fashions of Eden still lingered, in dress, That these gay little fairies were wont, as I say, To steal in their merriest gambols away.

Mark's plan, as laid before his companion, on the occasion of the council mentioned, was briefly this:He proposed to pass the next month in preparing the half-acre they had commenced upon, and in getting in seed; after which they could do no more than trust their husbandry to Providence and the seasons.

The killing of wild game is permitted during certain open seasons in most of the forest regions.

"And earthly power doth then show likest God's, When mercy seasons justice.

If he manages to pull through these seasons he will be second to none but Tyson in point of wealth.

The house itself,a small cottage with a wide porch across the front and on the side to the west,unpainted for many seasons, was tinted by the brush of the elements, a soft and restful gray.

The Illinois river is navigable at almost all seasons to very nearly its head waters; and by means of a very short portage a communication is established between it and Lake Michigan.

Boats drawing from nineteen to twenty-six inches water can almost at all seasons ply on the Upper Ohio, and during the periods that the large boats are detained below the Falls, they are constantly employed in transporting produce, intended for the markets on the Mississippi, to Louisville, from whence it is drayed round to Shippingsport and re-shipped.

The streets, being only partially paved, can never be perfectly cleaned, and stagnant water remains in the kennels at all seasons; this and the exhalations from the swamps in warm weather, produce that pestilential scourge with which the place is annually afflicted.

I had been told that the judges often slept upon the bench; but I must confess, that although I have entered court-houses at all seasons during the space of fifteen months, I never saw an instance of it.

See/ SMITH, Adam. WEATHER and Seasons, their influence acknowledged, i. 332, n. 2; ii. 263; iv.

The model boat, who had lived through two seasons and lost most of his paint, caught the tone from them and never missed an opportunity of referring to his rigging in technical terms.

On the other hand, we should have been hit hard by bad seasons and we should have enjoyed a much less diversified diet.

R63842 Two seasons.

SEE Pleninger, W. B. The four seasons stick 'em book.

Four seasons stick 'em book.

Through all the seasons; stories to tell young folks.

Companion book for The Seasons pass.

The Twelve seasons.

The epigraphic survey of the great temple of Medinet Habu (seasons 1924-25 to 1927-28) by Harold H. Nelson. II.

SEE Pleninger, W. B. The four seasons stick 'em book.

Four seasons stick 'em book.

Dear friends: The seasons greetings.

SHIPTON, GEOFFREY M. Megiddo I, seasons of 1925-34.

Stillmeadow seasons.

Influenced by these feelings he arrived at the hall steps, and so, dismounting and giving his horse to his groom, Cadurcis, with a palpitating heart and faltering hand, formally rang the bell of that hall which in old days he entered at all seasons without ceremony.

In the course of so many long years of careful farming he had got his place into such a state of cultivation that it could stand two or three bad seasons without much deterioration.

The same bad seasons quite spoiled the land of such of his neighbours as had relied upon a constant application of stimulants to the soil.

This little Alpine plant should occupy a warm, sheltered, and dry situation, and be protected with an overhead screen in wet seasons.

"These have their seasons for singing, and are not in equal voice during the entire year.

At these seasons he rarely sings, and spends his time in hopping about the underbrush, searching for insects.

Everything seemed to change with the seasons, except Grizel, and Tommy's devotion to her.

'I know that it is town talk that you lost seven thousand last season; and God knows how many thousands in the three seasons before it!' 'Well, one must live,' Sir George answered lightly.

The narrative says:"During the earlier part of the day our ride had been over a very level prairie, or rather a succession of long stretches of prairie, separated by lines and groves of oak timber, growing along dry gullies, which are tilled with water in seasons of rain; and perhaps, also, by the melting snows.

With thee conversing I forget all time, All seasons and their change: all please alike.

"It would appear," says Dalton (300), "that most of the hill-tribes found it necessary to promote marriage by stimulating intercourse between the sexes at particular seasons of the year....

"The Ho population of the village forming the environs of Chaibasa are at other seasons quiet and reserved in manner, and in their demeanor toward women gentle and decorous; even in the flirtations I have spoken of they never transcend the bounds of decency.

Then came the invention of architecture as a means of providing convenient dwellings and necessary shelter from the inclemencies and vicissitudes of the seasons, with all the mechanical arts connected with it; and lastly, geometry, as a necessary science to enable the cultivators of land to measure and designate the limits of their possessions.

The heads of the mercantile houses were generally Englishmen; but the hardy men who traversed the woods for months and for seasons, to procure furs from the Indians, were for the most part French.

This great soul had his seasons, not of doubt as to his faith or discouragement as to his cause, but of profound sorrow at the atrocious or shameful spectacles and the public or private woes which had to be gone through.

Summer is the year itself, all that the other seasons have laboured for.

The delightful summer heat we, in America, enjoy in the coldest seasons, is quite unknown to our Saxon cousins.

The three fine sonnets headed Personal Talk, so well known, so warmly accepted in our better hours, so easily forgotten in hours not so good between pleasant levities and grinding preoccupations, show us how little his neighbours had to do with the poet's genial seasons of "smooth passions, smooth discourse, and joyous thought.

The Court of Four Seasons.

From thy bright unexhausted womb The beauteous race of days and seasons come.

One man, who was a fashionable teacher of French among the millionaires of New York for several seasons, appealed to me at a time of year when all his patrons were out of the city for a loan to enable him to give his wife medical treatment.

Sir Francis Bacon says, Some have been so curious as to remark the Times and Seasons when the Stroke of an Envious Eye is most effectually pernicious, and have observed that it has been when the Person envied has been in any Circumstance of Glory and Triumph.

But in all Seasons there will be some Instances of Persons who have Souls too large to be taken with popular Prejudices, and while the rest of Mankind are contending for Superiority in Power and Wealth, have their Thoughts bent upon the Necessities of those below them.

That this Stream, at certain Seasons of the Year, especially about the Feast of Adonis, is of a bloody Colour; which the Heathens looked upon as proceeding from a kind of Sympathy in the River for the Death of Adonis, who was killed by a wild Boar in the Mountains, out of which this Stream rises.

First-day meetings were looked forward to without pleasure, while the Quarterly and Yearly meetings were seasons of actual suffering.

Between the meridians of Cape Leeuwin and Bass Strait, the weather is generally very unsettled and tempestuous; and, at certain seasons, very much against a ship making the western passage from Port Jackson, which is by passing through Bass Strait, and along the south coast; but it

It is easy in these semi-slumbers to collect all the possibilities of happiness, to alter the course of the sun, to bring back the past, and anticipate the future, to unite all the beauties of all seasons, and all the blessings of all climates, to receive and bestow felicity, and forget that misery is the lot of man.

Such dress as may enable the body to endure the different seasons, the most unenlightened nations have been able to procure; but the work of science begins in the ambition of distinction, in variations of fashion, and emulation of elegance.

In the mean time, let us gratefully acknowledge that goodness which grants us ease at a cheap rate, which changes the seasons where the nature of heat and cold has not been yet examined, and gives the vicissitudes of day and night to those who never marked the tropicks, or numbered the constellations.

The day and night succeed each other, the rotation of seasons diversifies the year, the sun rises, attains the meridian, declines, and sets; and the moon every night changes its form.

If one hour were like another; if the passage of the sun did not show that the day is wasting; if the change of seasons did not impress upon us the flight of the year; quantities of duration equal to days and years would glide unobserved.

" SECTION LII "Bhishma said, 'The wheel of time revolves with its divisions, viz., with Kalas and Kasthas and Muhurtas and days and fortnights and months and constellations and planets and seasons and years.

During the proper seasons, Aden is well supplied with fruit; its trade in honey and wax might become very important, the adjacent countries yielding abundance of both, and of so fine a quality, as to compete with the produce of the hives of the Mediterranean.

I have had precious seasons of preaching and confessing, and have worked in blessedness many days restoring and beautifying the holy pictures and statues whereby these little ones have been comforted.

In the planting, hoeing, and picking seasons, the result of the labor was recorded in the same manner.

The growing cotton is particularly liable to accidents, and suffers immensely in "wet seasons" from the "rust" and "rot."

Yes; because naturally she was easily discouraged, and would have long fits of weeping; but she came to the conclusion that such seasons of depression were wrong, and that "there was too much to be done, for her to spend her time in that manner."

The other of a bowl embossed with figures, Where wanton ivy twines, And swelling clusters bend the curling vines, Four figures rising from the work appear, The various seasons of the rolling year; And what is that which binds the radiant sky, Where twelve bright signs, in beauteous order lye.

The Seasons of the year find no fond Parents, yet some are arm'd in silver Ice that glisters, and some in gawdy Green come in like Masquers.

Crowds of people came from all quarters to implore the spirits of the martyrs to send them favorable seasons, good crops, healthy children, etc., just as the old Romans had been accustomed to invoke the names of their ancestors for similar blessings.

The commencement of the two seasons, the range of the thermometer, the duration of the different winds, the liability to earthquakes, are subjects upon which the North is at variance with the East, and the West with both.

But the seasons do not harmonize with this graduated rise of the mountain-chains, and the temperate forms are interrupted, or confined to a few localities.

there also is faith prepared for him; but the times and the seasons, these are not given to him to know; and, if confusion and every evil work now prevail, Christ being all, he will bring order out of confusion, when the fulness of the time shall come.

Civilization's basic unitthe cityas it sprawls, cuts off man from more and more contacts with the earth and its multitudinous life forms; with fresh air, sunshine, starshine; with nature's sequencesday and night, the procession of the seasons; with the birth, growth, death animating so many of nature's aspects.

To obtain this favour, they fasted three or four months, using only the juice of herbs; and when reduced to extreme weakness, they were worthy of inspiration, and to be informed whether the seasons of the year would be favourable or otherwise; what children were to be born, and whether those born were to live, and such like questions.

from October to April; now denotes any wind connected with a continent regularly recurring with the seasons.

In dry seasons the crop is often destroyed by the ravages of a small beetle, which perforates the cotyledons of the plants, and destroys the crop on whole fields in a few hours.

In seasons when he chose to work, the result was sufficiently obvious, to himself and others, to astonish both.

But even in the best seasons he was a bad manager.

A few years before, a young artist came to the Bay and built a cabin near the settlement; there, during the summer months, he lodged, for several seasons,spending his time in studying the rocks of the coast and sailing about in his pleasure-boat.

Amid the depth Of those enormities, even thinking minds 375 Forgot, at seasons, whence they had their being; Forgot that such a sound was ever heard As Liberty upon earth: yet all beneath Her innocent authority was wrought, Nor could have been, without her blessed name.

The circling seasons come and go, And others garner as they sow; But year by year, in sun and rain, Thou till'st these fields with toil and pain, Where only tares and thistles grow!"

The slow years come and go; the seasons dawn And fade, and pass to swell the solemn ranks Of august ages in the march of Time.

All seasons and all climes In city crowded, and in solitude, Ye gather your unsatisfying food; Ev'n through the rosy gates of joy intrude Thy deep, sepulchral chimes.

There are three well-marked seasons, temperate and dry from November to February, hot and dry from March to May, and temperate and wet from June to October.

In certain seasons they could be virtually sure of replenishing their stock of water from the copious tropical or semi-tropical rains.

The question of free-will has at sundry times and seasons, and by champions many and furious, been disputed, till the ground about it is all beaten into blinding dust, wherein no reasonable man can now desire to cloud his eyes and clog his lungs.