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235 example sentences with  sectarians

235 example sentences with sectarians

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell were by no means narrow sectarians, but they believed it to be best to conform to the rules of Friends as laid down in the "Discipline."

Augustine at first showed great moderation and patience and gentleness in dealing with these narrow-minded and fierce sectarians, who carried their animosity so far as to forbid bread to be baked for the use of the Catholics in Carthage, when they had the ascendency; but at last he became indignant, and implored the aid of secular magistrates.

Encouraged by impunity, whole troops of these infuriate sectarians, from the very extremities of Hainault, put themselves into motion for Munster; and notwithstanding the colds of February, they marched along, quite naked, according to the system of their sect.

The audacity and violence of these ferocious sectarians knew no bounds.

It received into its protection the persecuted sectarians of France, Germany, and Hungary; and the tolerant wisdom which it exercised in these measures gives the best assurance of its justice and prudence in one of a contrary nature, forming a solitary exception to them.

schismatic; sectary, sectarian, sectarist^; seceder, separatist, recusant, dissenter; nonconformist, nonjuror^. bigot &c (obstinacy) 606; fanatic, abdal^, iconoclast.

It is indeed joyful, sir, as you said, to see politicians, sectarians, philanthropists of all classes uniting in spontaneous sympathy for a cause pleaded by a stranger.

The genus of Rothschilds has done more for the spread of socialism than its most passionate sectarians.

His parlour was just painted; but half-a-dozen sectarian books and an ill-toned flute amused us for an hour; then we again started, in harder rain than ever, for Newport.

M. Hector France is no savage iconoclast gone mad with sectarian hatred.

"I only wish you to face one result of a theory, which, while it pretends to offer the most comprehensive liberality, will be found to lead in practice to the most narrow and sectarian Epicurism for a cultivated few.

It is simply horrible to think that some self-styled Christian sectarians act as if Christ died for white men only.

There should no sectarian or party feeling be allowed to creep into your institution.

Preferring, for his own part, to be known by no sectarian name but to be reckoned among 'Christians only,' Taylor was recognized far and wide as a writer extremely 'dangerous' to the ordinary type of belief.

In this field Unitarians have always been pioneers, and their aims have usually been to promote culture without sectarian zeal.

Men and women whom he had thought he had cleansed and set on a wholesome way of living, turned back again to the drink and the deviltry of their lives, and the various sectarians who came along all agreed that the cause of his failures wasJoshua was not a Christian!

The motive of this policy was no doubt conscientious, but the effect was the same as that which has followed similar sectarian zeal in other countries.

He dwelt upon the decrease of the sectarian spirit, and hailed the coming of Christian charity and brotherly communion.

Efforts are now making to obtain the repeal of the law which makes marriages performed by sectarians (as all save the established church are called) void.

He dwelt upon the decrease of the sectarian spirit, and hailed the coming of Christian charity and brotherly communion.

Efforts are now making to obtain the repeal of the law which makes marriages performed by sectarians (as all save the established church are called) void.

There is no reason why any modern should not read and enjoy Browne or Wither, in whose softly flowing verse the sweetness and contentment of the countryside, that "merry England" which was the background of all sectarian and intellectual strife and labour, finds as in a placid stream a calm reflection and picture of itself.

Even he was more reasonable than those sectarians, who have prevailed in almost all religions, and who, believing that the Deity created man for the express purpose of inflicting upon him every species of torture, have inveighed against the most innocent gratifications, and have erected luxury into a deadly sin.

But it does not appear that through all these years of work and political influence he ever asked for an appointment for himself." Catholics, Jews, Protestants and non-sectarian charities sought his aid in legal matters, and so broad was his love for humanity that all found in him a ready helper.

Then again he fairly shocked them by making the organization non-sectarian, and securing one of the best tacticians in the city to instruct the boys in military science....

The hospital is non-sectarian.

This is no time therefore for party or sectarian feeling to be allowed to influence our minds.

The dross of atheists, and sectarian brass: As if the experiment were made to hold 740 For base production, and reject the gold.

It had nothing to learn in the world, and it wanted to learn nothing outside its sectarian convictions.

Too often, it played to the gallery, fanned sectarian passions and threw norms to the wind.

The absolute freedom of religious belief and practice, for the first time found in this colony, had, as its first effect, the banishment of all forms of sectarian persecution, so that the maxim of the Broad Church"Freedom in non-essentials"was here put in practical activity to an extent probably never before known in the Christian world.

The Public School Society had been organized for the free and non-sectarian education of all children unable to meet the expense of education in the private schools, and received subsidies from the municipality.

The direction was rigidly non-sectarian.

The old Cameronian patriarch, in his sectarian exaltation, seemed almost a luminary in the intellectual twilight of that secluded community, and it was possible there to understand how even a narrow religious fanaticism could become an ennobling element in the character of a community living in such a restricted and materializing atmosphere.

I have, in the course of my life, become more or less acquainted with many able men, and Dr. Nott was the most remarkable of all the teachers I have ever known, considering the limitation of his position and profession,that of a Presbyterian clergyman in a time when sectarian differences ran high, and his sect had no lead in public opinion.

But Agassiz was no sectarian, and held no other creed than a belief in the Creator.

He had absolutely no scientific jealousy or sectarian feeling.

Himself the son of one of the most distinguished of the great Unitarian leaders of liberal New England, his broad, common-sense views of sectarian questions first widened my religious horizon, emancipated me from the tithes of mint and cummin, and helped me to see the value of observances, and his hand was always held out to me in those straitened moments in which my impulsive and ill-regulated manner of life continually landed me.

In a word, on those remote and sweet islands, which, basking in the sun and cooled by the trades, seemed designed by providence to sing hymns daily and hourly to their maker's praise, the subtleties of sectarian faith smothered that humble submission to the divine law by trusting solely to the mediation, substituting in its place immaterial observances and theories which were much more strenuously urged than clearly understood.

He was a Roman Catholic; but, like his father, liberal and tolerant in opinion, and free from sectarian bias in the administration of his government.

No longer lonely sectarians of beauty, pale prophets of one lovely face, there is now no type whose secret is hidden from us.

That a philosophy originally so catholic as that of Comte should assume a sectarian character, was a contingency she foreboded and deprecated."

The government in each of these commonwealths is doing everything possible to further the cause of education, and the tendency is to treat education as peculiarly a function of government and to make it, where the government acts, non- sectarian, obligatory, and freea cardinal doctrine of our own great democracy, to which we are committed by every principle of sound Americanism.

He went to church quite regularly, but was non-sectarian, and was just as apt to appear at the Eskimo Mission Chapel as at St. Mary's when the Bishop preached.

He would disencumber what is popular of what is vulgar, confused, sectarian, and preserve and illustrate it by disencumbering it.

Backwoods utopias: the sectarian and Owenite phases of communitarian socialism in America, 1663-1829.

Backwoods utopias: the sectarian and Owenite phases of communitarian socialism in America, 1663-1829.

Wherever this unfortunate sectarian schism was introduced, it divided families, and burst asunder the bonds of friendship.

As he was a fruitful bough, that overhung the wall, it is fitting that he should not be buried within the walls of any sectarian enclosure."

For the board-room is often a battle-field where political or sectarian animosities exhibit themselves in a rugged way.

Their legends about conversions from other sects very often make mention of Nirgrantha sectarians, whom Buddha's teaching or that of his disciples had alienated from their faith.

A violent sectarian spirit, too, was beginning to show itself afresh, although as yet chiefly amongst the lowest and most ignorant classes.

His mind was stored with the most vulgar accusations of an exceedingly vulgar set of sectarian distinctions; and he fancied it a high proof of Protestant perfection to hold all the discarded usages in abhorrence.

Absurd as all this may seem to-day, and wicked as it will probably appear a century hence, it formed, and forms, no small part of sectarian belief, and entered into the animosities and jealousies of those who seem to think it necessary to quarrel for the love of God.

On the other hand, the social sentiment has thrown off sectarian restrictions, and an enthusiasm of humanity has succeeded.

She made us familiar with the battle of the Boyne and the sufferings in Londonderry, in both of which her great-grandfather had shared, but was incapable of that sectarian rancor, which marks so many descendents of the men who met on those fields of blood and fought for their convictions.

It was Anti-Roman as much as it was Anti-Sectarian and Anti-Erastian.

They have made a cult of religion; and they are absolutely religious, but not in the least sectarian.

It was founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church, in honor of the centenary of its organized existence in this country, and is "denominational but not sectarian."

There is a too common opinion that a college or university which is not denominational must therefore be irreligious; but the absence of sectarian control should not be confounded with lack of piety.

Our superintendent and chaplain were strong sectarians, but very weak Christians, and they readily made friends of the "Mammon of unrighteousness."

All sectarian barriers were for the time burned away by the flame of sympathy, and wonderful to tell, the Universalist clergyman who married us was allowed to pronounce the eulogy in an orthodox Congregational church.

Sectarians are doing this very thing, all over the land, every day.

A fervent Calvinist, a stubborn sectarian, unbalanced by prayers and hymns, he wrote religious poetry which he illustrated, paraphrased the psalms in verse, lost himself in the reading of the Bible from which he emerged haggard and frenzied, his brain haunted by monstrous subjects, his mouth twisted by the maledictions of the Reformation and by its songs of terror and hate.

"I should have left them in Paris," he told himself, as he turned out some books which were particularly insufferable: those of the Abbe Lamennais and that impervious sectarian so magisterially, so pompously dull and empty, the Comte Joseph de Maistre.

In his other book Homme, and in his brochure le Jour du Seigneur, written in a biblical style, rugged and obscure, he sought to appear like a vengeful apostle, prideful and tormented with spleen, but showed himself a deacon touched with a mystic epilepsy, or like a talented Maistre, a surly and bitter sectarian.

OWENS COLLEGE, Manchester, a non-sectarian university, founded by John Owens, a liberal Churchman, in 1846, and supported as well as extended by subsequent bequests, the medical school of which is one of the finest in the kingdom; of the students attending it in 1897-98, 639 were arts students, 99 women, and 418 medicals.

There are 'Beylistes,' or 'Stendhaliens,' who dwell with rapture upon every detail of the master's private life, who extend with pious care the long catalogue of his amorous adventures, who discuss the shades of his character with the warmth of personal friendship, and register his opinions with a zeal which is hardly less than sectarian.

As our Dean got older we find him drawing more kindly to those whose Christianity was shown in other guise than in sectarian precision with some spice of persecution.

I had not the least intention of staying with my brethren, because I saw that they had been taught to be sectarians, rather than Christians, to love their own sect and to hate others, which was contrary to the convictions of my own experience as well as to the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

He said it would be better for us to turn Congregationalists, as then we should probably be able to get assistance from the fund, I replied, that I cared little by what name I was called; for I was no sectarian, but could unite in the worship of God with all good Christians.

"With a boy's fondness for a name and a banner I seized on the word, and for some years called myself and others by it as a sectarian appellation" ('Autobiography,' pp. 79, 80; cf. 'Utilitarianism,' p. 9 n.)

Dada J.P. Vaswani (2 August 1918 โ€“ 12 July 2018) was an Indian non-sectarian citation spiritual leader.

Iconoclasm may be carried out by people of a different religion, but is often the result of sectarian disputes between factions of the same religion.

Even though most Salafis are nonviolent, their ultra-orthodox ideology breeds hatred and sectarian division.

A man who obstructed police officers and sang sectarian songs has been ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work.

In a statement, the State Department said "sectarian militias may threaten U.S. citizens and Western companies throughout Iraq".

Iraq imploded in the midst of a sectarian conflict that Iran did much to inflame.

Opposition movements giving voice to disaffection are often sectarian in form โ€” a sectarianism that may be rooted in religious or ethnic identity, as in India or Turkey, or expressed in hostility to migrants and Muslims, as in much of the West.

She and Mairead Corrigan shared the 1976 Nobel Prize for galvanizing a mass movement to protest sectarian violence during the time known as the Troubles.

That's probably even more true if the nation isn't heavily sectarian.

There is currently 24 hours curfew in Zangon Kataf, Kaura, Kauru and Jemaโ€™a LGA in the Southern Kaduna senatorial zone to stem the spate of sectarian crises in the area.

The two ideals namely Socialist and Secular added in 1977 only strengthened the resolve of the CA that India was going to be a non-sectarian polity with the people of India in thoughts.

A key objective of the Brotherhoodโ€™s insurrection was to split the Army along sectarian lines.

If you don't organize co-workers to be an active part of the struggle and union life, it's easy for bureaucrats or sectarian activists to take over your union and run it in your name.

In Northern Ireland, he encounters the massacre of mourners at a republican funeral, and a community drawn together to cope with a violent and sectarian society.

Itโ€™s not just about sectarian provocations or band parades, when framing the Bill they were also thinking of trade union and community protests.

Look at the Jews and the Scots, with their miserable factions and sectarian disputes, their loyalties and patriotisms and exclusions, -- their annals now become a classic heritage, because men of genius took part and sang in them.

President Obamaโ€™s bombing campaign to support a repressive, sectarian government and Kurdish separatists will reduce more Iraqi cities to rubble, kill thousands more civilians and turn ISIS into the unstoppable monster that Zubaai predicts.

As an alternative model of governance Rojava has proven that people from different ethnicities and religious groups can organise at the local level, live, produce and struggle together without a centralised state, even during times of sectarian war.

Sectarian policies of the Maliki government hamper the right to education of Iraqi children in predominantly Sunni areas.

The anti-government forces and their leaders even declared that they will realign Syria against Iran; in doing so they used sectarian language about returning to their โ€œnatural orbit with the Sunni Arabs.โ€

The cleric was kidnapped during the ISIS/JaN sectarian onslaught in Latakia; the that were found as a result of this particular sectarian assault on a civilian area didnโ€™t merit much attention in the western press.

The cleric was kidnapped during the ISIS/JaN sectarian onslaught in Latakia; the that were found as a result of this particular sectarian assault on a civilian area didnโ€™t merit much attention in the western press.

The ongoing sectarian violence and the inability of the current Iraqi leadership to achieve national reconciliation and to establish a secure social environment have threatened to destroy the countryโ€™s unique historical properties.

The reader discovers a young boy, the sixth of eight children, living a carefree childhood in Iraqโ€”until sectarian violence between Shiโ€™ites and Sunnis led his family to seek refuge in Syria in the fall of 2010.

The Restoration moderated most of the more strident sectarian writing, but radicalism persisted after the Restoration.

This is the legacy of sectarian oppression that has been imprinted upon Syria by Western hegemony and it will take generations for it to be turned around.

To avoid the competition, they are changing the names on exam notebooks to cut off the road for any โ€œunwantedโ€ honour student who might be from a decent anti-sectarian or anti-occupation family to have one of these scholarshipsโ€.

To Lipset, the โ€œProtestant sectarianโ€ nature of American religion is a key indicator of this emphasis on individual choice, and is reflected in the large and varied range of churches that exists in the United States.