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234 example sentences with  seductions

234 example sentences with seductions

To resist its seductions would have tasked the self-denial of a more constant anchorite than our dashing Jack ever aspired to be, in the lowest stage of his martial vicissitudes.

The corruptions of the age, the seductions of power, and the evil influence of Cleopatra paralyzed a nature capable of better things.

Yet a little while and one must bid adieu to that Youth which one has so heedlessly squandered, a last adieu to Youth with its days of high adventure, its carefree heart, its susceptibility to the infinite seductions of Romance.

And, O Lovelace, I conjure thee, if thou art a man, let not the specious devils thou has brought her among be suffered to triumph over her; yield to fair seductions, if I may so express myself!

Temperance was not one of the virtues of Gothic kings under strong temptation, and Athanaric, yielding to the force of banquets and imperial seductions, soon after died.

It is a revelation of glories such as only a lofty soul could conceive, but could not paint,a supernal happiness given only to favored mortals, to saints and martyrs who have triumphed over the seductions of sense and the temptations of life,a beatified state of blended ecstasy and love.

Civil liberty is only one of the sequences which exalt the character and dignity of man amid the seductions and impediments of a gilded material life.

The Swiss Guard of about a thousand men were all trustworthy; and there was also a small body of heavy cavalry of the gendarmery who had proved true enough to resist all the seductions of the conspirators.

Even the Count of Egmont was not proof against the subtle seductions of the wily monarch, whose severe yet flattering letters half frightened and half soothed him into a relapse of royalism.

His father, Antoine de Bourbon, although King of Navarre and a prince of the blood, being a lineal descendant from Saint Louis, was really only a great noble, not so powerful as the Duke of Guise or the Duke of Montmorency; and even he, a leader of the rebellion, was finally won over to the court party by the seductions brought to bear on him by Roman priests.

The vain amusements and allurements of the world have no sympathy with anything but dissipation, in which, the mind, yielding to the fleeting seductions of art, leaves the heart empty as soon as the illusion disappears.

You were spoken to just now of the pollution of marriage; then you are shown adultery in all its poesy, in its ineffable seductions.

No seductions of billiards or pleasant company ever kept him from the society of his mother.

A desperate seduction was stealing over him.

"You can make all right," urged Nobili, maddened by her seductions.

And I have perhaps been spared the guilt of many seductions in the time.

He had resisted the seductions which always beset solitary men with restless brains overwrought by depressing agencies.

He soon abandoned her, and adding inhumanity to seduction, refused to ensure a provision for the child of which she was pregnant.

We learn at the beginning that Philippe's austerity has not after all been proof against Gotte's seductions; but it has now returned upon him embittered by remorse, and he treats Gotte with sternness approaching to contumely.

the glowing spot surveys, And sees the monarch where he blissful lays; And watching till he takes his bow and spear To chase the wild gazelles now browsing near, She, ere the king returns, near by arrives With her two maids; with them for love connives, Joy and seduction thus voluptuous fly Her Samkhatu, Kharimtu from the sky, As gently, lightly as a spirit's wing Oft carries gods to earth while Sedu sing.

Sweet joy is slender formed, with bright black eyes That sparkle oft and dance with joy's surprise; Seduction, with her rare voluptuous form, Enchanteth all till wildest passions warm The blood and fire the eye beneath her charm; All hearts in heaven and earth she doth disarm.

[Footnote 8: "Sam-kha-tu," one of the maids of Ishtar, "Joy."] [Footnote 9: "Kha-rima-tu," one of the maids of Ishtar, "Seduction."] [Footnote 10: "Its-tu-ri

Thus, armed with Love's Seduction and her Joy, The greatest powers of earth thou dost employ; No flesh can face them but a heart of stone.

thy beast is dead," And Ishtar from his presence furious fled, And to her maids the goddess loudly calls Joy and Seduction from the palace halls; And o'er her champion's death she mourning cries, And flying with her maids, sped to the skies.

It is a pure "cloak and sword" novel, definitely located in Italy, with all the machinery of secret assignations, escapes from convents, adventures on the road and at inns, sudden assaults, duels, seductions, and revenge characteristic of Spanish fiction.

We are now speaking of Alexander not yet intoxicated by prosperity, the seductions of which no man was less capable of withstanding.

There may be folly in calling each truant inclination that deep sentiment and secret sympathy which firmly knits heart to heart, and doubtless a common fortune may bind the worldly-minded together; but this is not the holy union which keeps noble qualities in a family, and which fortifies against the seductions of a world that is already too strong for honesty.

"I will go seek this brave mariner," he said, trembling lest his self-command should be again lost by the seductions of such a communion:"it is time he had more substantial proofs of our gratitude."

We all have moments of weakness; moments when the seductions of life, the worthless ties which bind together the thoughtless and selfish in what are called the interests of the world, appear of more value than aught else.

They are appointed to guard the approaches to the public Treasury, and they occupy positions that expose them to all the temptations and seductions which the cupidity of peculators and fraudulent claimants can prompt them to employ.

The species of vertigo which had seized him is an accident frequent enough among young priests, who in spite of all the seductions which surround them and the occasions of falling, wish to remain steadfast in duty.

"It is in vain that in his successive halts from parish to parish, he has resisted the thousand seductions which surround the priest, from the timid gaze of the simple school-girl, smitten with a holy love for the young curate, to the veiled smile of the languishing woman.

Good Heavens, all seductions begin in the same way.

Hence Seduction, Rape, Adultery, the Invasion of trouble into families, and furious Jealousies with all their prolific brood of Wrong-doing and Woe.

which dates the downfall of Christian art from the moment when painters first lent an eye to its pernicious seductions?

As he walked away with this fresh weight on his mind he caught sight of the strolling figure of Peter Van DegenPeter lounging and luxuriating among the seductions of the Boulevard with the disgusting ease of a man whose wants are all measured by money, and who always has enough to gratify them.

"Oh, Undine's wonderfully able to defend herself, even against such seductions as Peter's.

XIV It was one of the distinctions of Mr. Claud Walsingham Popple that his studio was never too much encumbered with the attributes of his art to permit the installing, in one of its cushioned corners, of an elaborately furnished tea-table flanked by the most varied seductions in sandwiches and pastry.

His head was filled with visionsa welter of sublime imaginings, in which floated such figures as Ophelia and Cassandra, Gretchen, Delia, Phรฆdra, Manon Lescaut, and Virginia, and hovering amid these, shadows still nameless, still almost formless, and yet full of seduction!

The weed once inhaled, the habit once acquired, its seductions would not allow it to be easily laid aside; and we accordingly find that royal satire, public odium, and ruinous cost were alike inadequate to restrain its rapidly increasing consumption.

There are two ways of seduction and deceit.

The lot of these seducers after death is sad, since such seduction is not only impiety, but also malignity.

Their oppressions, and seductions, and debaucheries, are the theme of many an angry verse; and the indignation and abhorrence of the reader is relentlessly conjured up against those perturbators of society, and scourges of mankind.

He may be seen in every page running round the paltry circle of his seductions with incredible zeal and anxiety, and stimulating his jaded fancy for new images of impurity, with as much melancholy industry as ever outcast of the muses hunted for epithets or metre.

Knowing how powerful was her influence over Liszt, she thought to begin her new work at home, and it was on Liszt that she practised her first churchly seductions.

War has slain its thousands, but alcohol its tens of thousands; and the fortitude which could bear without shrinking the most cruel inflictions of torture, has proved powerless to resist the seductions of strong drink.

So as he stood, holding her in his arms, and wishing that her swoon might last for ever, so only that he held her, for she stole away his senses with the seduction of her fragrance and proximity, her father exclaimed, in dismay: Ha!

Like the chiefs of her nation, when on an expedition among the foe, whether for revenge or profit, no impulses of vanity or wayside seductions had power to turn her aside from carrying out her plan as she had originally projected it.

Dosso Dossi fared better, perhaps through having never experienced the seductions of Rome.

The first English novelist, in the modern sense of the word, was Samuel Richardson, a printer, who began authorship in his fiftieth year with his Pamela, 1740, the story of a young servant girl who resisted the seductions of her master, and finally, as the reward of her virtue, became his wife.

Every-where his seductions are successful, and Byron uses him as a means of exposing the weakness of the human heart and the rottenness of society in all countries.

"The Maid's Tragedy," which turns upon the seduction of Evadne by a licentious and profligate king, was prohibited during the reign of Charles II., as admitting certain unfavourable applications.

She took the enticing combination from Merle and held it fair before his yearning eyes; the last rite of a monstrous seduction was achieved.

The law professes to punish seduction and rape; but when either or both are proved, what are the sentences?

The hardship upon the moth is that though he has already scorched himself terribly in the flame, and burned up all the tender fibre of his wings, yet he can't help returning to the seductions of the tallow-candle till his whole body has become a wretched cinder.

But it is precisely this absence of rigid requirement which constitutes the fatal seduction of novel-writing to incompetent women.

War had captured the souls and bodies of men, and under her discipline of blood and agony men's wayward fancies, the seductions of the flesh, the truancies of the heart were tamed and leashed.

And, as if fearing a reappearance of Ulysses' scruples, she redoubled her seductions on their afternoons of voluptuous imprisonment.

" Little by little she had raised herself from the divan, and, while begging Ferragut's protection, was going toward him with outstretched arms; abject, and yet at the same time caressing, through that desire of seduction that always predominated over all her acts.

But her physique, so opulent in its seductions, now inspired him with an unconquerable repugnance; he was afraid of its contact and wished to avoid its electric surprises....

This woman even in her dying moments shed around her most amazing powers of seduction.

cried Freya, suddenly abandoning her seductions and becoming a poor, wretched creature crazed by fear.

At the beginning of the second century B.C. the Judean state was closely encircled by a ring of Hellenic cities and subjected on every side to the seductions of that debased Greek culture which had taken firm root in the soil of Palestine.

The glittering seduction of gold had deranged her.

"Greatly flattered and delighted by this preference, and blinded by a mad love for her, which I had not ventured to express, I most readily gave myself up to her seductions, and in a very short time she obtained such an influence over me that everything I possessed was at her disposal.

It is after those events that the stories are related of Lot's incestuous daughters, the seduction of Dinah, the crime of Judah and Tamar, the lust of Potiphar's wife, of David and Bath-sheba, of Amnon and Tamar, of Absalom on the roof, with many other references to such crimes.

Art with its seductions is to obsess the soul with foreign thoughts!

But if, instead of yielding to the seductions of our metaphor, be it sentence, shower, or bird, we analyze more carefully the notion suggested by it that we are constituent parts of the absolute's eternal field of consciousness, we find grave difficulties arising.

Thereafter, with perfume and paint and jewelry, she added to the splendor of her petalled seduction.

The young men of the capital flocked to his rooms, forgetting balls for cards, and preferring the emotions of faro to the seductions of flirting.

I would as soon expose myself, after a vow of celibacy, to the seductions of a lovely nymph, as encounter the fury of a jealous woman.

Indra was therefore the enemy of excessive self-mortification, and had in his service numerous nymphs who were called his 'weapons,' and whose business it was to impede by their seductions the devotion of holy men.

She had swiftly made up her mind that Mary Morrison, with her conscious seductions, was a much more important factor in the race than austere Honora Fulham.

The judges of the Areopagus well knew the power of gesture, and to avoid its seductions, they adopted the resource of hearing pleas only in the darkness.

the peace instituted for; under Richard II; repeal of these powers given justices of the peace the very next year; the common law vindicated; power given to chancellor in Jack Cade's case; jealousy of common law still preserved; given against the seduction of heiresses; in labor disputes; (see also Chancery, Equity Jurisdiction), government by, may bring on, military abuses; misuse of in America.

Seduction, injunction issued against; of service; action for.

The seduction of Emma, young as he was when he committed that offence, was, by many, not the first crime for whichnot, thank Heaven!

To all its seductions Lola turned as deaf an ear as to the offers of Poland's Viceroy.

And to these seductions were added a sunny temperament, an infectious gaiety of spirit, and a playful wit which made her infinitely attractive to men much less susceptible that the amorous Louis.

MADGE WILDFIRE, a pretty but giddy girl in the "Heart of Midlothian," whom seduction and the murder of her child drove crazy.

In a word, I left my home unwarned and unarmed against the seductions of vice.

I am proof against all female seductions.

"The strong seductions and fierce trials of the heart of genius who shall estimate?

I hope to be the last wretched female sacrificed by you to the arts of falsehood and seduction.

My resentment at the base arts which must have been employed to complete the seduction of Eliza I cannot suppress.

Let them despise and forever banish the man who can glory in the seduction of innocence and the ruin of reputation.

There are many of the weak and vain, that would be happier in the cloisters, than if left to the seductions and follies of life.

"In some degree it may be; but on the other hand, the influence which may have purified it is of the religion that I fear may be a seduction."

It is the seductions of that branch of the system which consists in internal improvements, holding out, as it does, inducements to the people of particular sections and localities to embark the Government in them without stopping to calculate the inevitable consequences.

He had lived with her for more than ten years; he was attached to her by all the ties of friendship and gratitude; he had constantly declared that he would never leave herno, not for all the seductions of princes.

The friends whom he could reckon on as sure to welcome him and his bride were political acquaintances of mark, far above the Dunstone range, and Cecil could not but be gratified, even while Mrs. Duncombe and her friend declared that they were going to try to demoralize her by the seductions of the aristocracy.

It is about climbing the corporate ladder and seduction.

Its subjects are sarcasm, seduction and finding true love.

Beaty writes that in 1959 Wertham tried to sell an another book to follow Seduction of the Innocent.

โ€œGERIATRIC needs to polish his seduction skills and get on the dating sites,โ€ said Price.

In โ€œabout 2033โ€, nuclear war has caused humanity to forget how to have sex and they have to relearn seduction techniques from old films.

Khilnani inferred that โ€œthe idea of India is anchored as much as in resisting powerful seductions,โ€ including a โ€œsingular definition of nationhood โ€ฆ as it was in realizing declaratory visions.โ€

As with advertisements, the meeting with an audience is accidental, but the posters do not take the form of address and seduction of advertisement.

This collection investigates how the lure of romantic relationships, the enchantments of art, and the seductions of power can be both destructive and transformative - and ultimately become a pathway to self-realization.

What does the seduction plot reveal about changing societal notions of gender, power and class?