199 examples of seductions in sentences

The corruptions of the age, the seductions of power, and the evil influence of Cleopatra paralyzed a nature capable of better things.

The Swiss Guard of about a thousand men were all trustworthy; and there was also a small body of heavy cavalry of the gendarmery who had proved true enough to resist all the seductions of the conspirators.

" You were spoken to just now of the pollution of marriage; then you are shown adultery in all its poesy, in its ineffable seductions.

And I have perhaps been spared the guilt of many seductions in the time.

He had resisted the seductions which always beset solitary men with restless brains overwrought by depressing agencies.

We are now speaking of Alexander not yet intoxicated by prosperity, the seductions of which no man was less capable of withstanding.

They are appointed to guard the approaches to the public Treasury, and they occupy positions that expose them to all the temptations and seductions which the cupidity of peculators and fraudulent claimants can prompt them to employ.

War has slain its thousands, but alcohol its tens of thousands; and the fortitude which could bear without shrinking the most cruel inflictions of torture, has proved powerless to resist the seductions of strong drink.

Like the chiefs of her nation, when on an expedition among the foe, whether for revenge or profit, no impulses of vanity or wayside seductions had power to turn her aside from carrying out her plan as she had originally projected it.

The hardship upon the moth is that though he has already scorched himself terribly in the flame, and burned up all the tender fibre of his wings, yet he can't help returning to the seductions of the tallow-candle till his whole body has become a wretched cinder.

cried Freya, suddenly abandoning her seductions and becoming a poor, wretched creature crazed by fear.

Art with its seductions is to obsess the soul with foreign thoughts!

But if, instead of yielding to the seductions of our metaphor, be it sentence, shower, or bird, we analyze more carefully the notion suggested by it that we are constituent parts of the absolute's eternal field of consciousness, we find grave difficulties arising.

The young men of the capital flocked to his rooms, forgetting balls for cards, and preferring the emotions of faro to the seductions of flirting.

I would as soon expose myself, after a vow of celibacy, to the seductions of a lovely nymph, as encounter the fury of a jealous woman.

Indra was therefore the enemy of excessive self-mortification, and had in his service numerous nymphs who were called his 'weapons,' and whose business it was to impede by their seductions the devotion of holy men.

She had swiftly made up her mind that Mary Morrison, with her conscious seductions, was a much more important factor in the race than austere Honora Fulham.

The judges of the Areopagus well knew the power of gesture, and to avoid its seductions, they adopted the resource of hearing pleas only in the darkness.

To all its seductions Lola turned as deaf an ear as to the offers of Poland's Viceroy.

And to these seductions were added a sunny temperament, an infectious gaiety of spirit, and a playful wit which made her infinitely attractive to men much less susceptible that the amorous Louis.

I am proof against all female seductions.

"The strong seductions and fierce trials of the heart of genius who shall estimate?

There are many of the weak and vain, that would be happier in the cloisters, than if left to the seductions and follies of life.

It is the seductions of that branch of the system which consists in internal improvements, holding out, as it does, inducements to the people of particular sections and localities to embark the Government in them without stopping to calculate the inevitable consequences.

The friends whom he could reckon on as sure to welcome him and his bride were political acquaintances of mark, far above the Dunstone range, and Cecil could not but be gratified, even while Mrs. Duncombe and her friend declared that they were going to try to demoralize her by the seductions of the aristocracy.

199 examples of  seductions  in sentences