20412 examples of seek in sentences

Men who sought to rebuke rudeness used to represent manners as reasonable and ordinary; now they seek to represent them as private and peculiar.

But behind her volubility lurked always an inexplicable intensity of purpose whose cause Simpson could never fathom and was afraid to seek for.

If there were a few more like him then (to adapt Porson) "the Germanised Greek would be sadly to seek."

The result is that they seek you out to tell you that an enemy submarine has been sunk off the Scillies or that the Crown Prince is in the Tower.

Beloved, who shall tell me where thou art In what delicious Eden to be found That I may seek thee the wide world around?

In thy mind seek thy beauty, and thy wealth.

Your easy Essays indicate a flow, Dear Friend, of brain which we may elsewhere seek; And to their pages I, and hundreds, owe, That Wednesday is the sweetest of the week.

Ease, comfort, competenceof these possess'd, Let prodigal adventurers seek the rest: Dear England is as you,a Field the Lord hath blest.

And entertain'd ye in a worthy service, Where your best wages was the world's repute, That thus ye seek his life, by whom ye live? Have you forgot too, How often in old times Your drunken mirths have stunn'd day's sober ears, Carousing full cups to Sir Walter's health?

She is willing to assume her full responsibility for the existence slavery within her limits, nor does she seek to share or divide it with others.

116; did not seek his society, iv.

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why, my soul, dost thou complain, Why, drooping, seek the dark recess? Shake off the melancholy chain, For God created all to bless.

No farther seek his merits to disclose, Or draw his frailties from their dread abode; (There they alike in trembling hope repose)

But it commonly happens to such writers, that they seek for their favourite ornaments even where the subject affords them not; and by that means have twenty insipid conceits for one thought that is really beautiful.

I love thee, and enjoy In thy sequester'd depths, the bliss, in crowds I seek in vain.


A young gentleman, educated for the legal profession, and the son of one, who at an earlier period had met with her in the same class, had come to seek relief in an advanced stage of consumption.

Come then, my love, let us together rise, Forget the things behind, and seek the prize; By fervency of spirit daily show We pilgrims are, and sojourners below: And should some storm of fierce affliction come, Portending shipwreck in the sight of home; In Jesus anchored, strength shall be supplied, Till we the fury of the storm outride; And reach the haven of serene repose, Where all our sorrows shall for ever close.

Good children ever are inclined Obediently to live; Humble, and teachable, and kind, They wish to know the Saviour's mind, And often seek that they may find, What God alone can give.

In this matter, I do not see my way clear; however, as I was requested to seek another place for itthe old one being required for another purposeI began to think it was an intimation that I ought to resign, and therefore mentioned the subject to my members, and left it.

Two persons came to seek the Lord at the prayer-meeting held in our kitchenone obtained salvation: truly the Lord is among us: a larger number attended than usual.

Dearer than sons or daughters; Thou; Dearer than mother's love; Gladly for Thee I all forego, And seek my bliss above.

Who could oppose the union of two souls who seek to find no other happiness than in a mutual love?"

The explanation of these refusals is not far to seek if we believe Arnault's description of Pauline"An extraordinary combination of the most faultless physical beauty and the oddest moral laxity.

20412 examples of  seek  in sentences