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28605 example sentences with  seek

28605 example sentences with seek

I carried such a report to my wife that we were determined to seek her acquaintance, and were not less surprised than recompensed to find such gentleness, urbanity, affection, and intelligence, under circumstances so illy calculated, as might be supposed, to produce such amiable virtues.

It is, at any rate, a mistake to suppose that a man who has attained reputation in any branch of science, literature, or general knowledge, should not seek the highest medium of communicating it, or that he would throw away his time and efforts in writing for these mere idealities of magazines without the strong inducements of either fame, money, or, at least, personal friendship.

The reasons which I have mentioned, at the opening of the year, have inclined me to seek repose from further travel.

Qualities so remarkable deserve all our powers of investigation; yet their very frequency seems to have caused them to be overlooked; and our writers on agriculture have continued to urge those who seek improvement, to apply precepts drawn from English authors, to soils which are totally different from all those for which their instructions were intended.

It may, without offense, seek to render its life memorable in the annals of the human race.

As the evening approaches, day after day they seek out some convenient landing place, and, pitching the wigwams on the beach, spend a goodly portion of the night carousing and telling stories around their camp fires, resuming their voyage after a morning sleep, long alter the sun has risen above the blue waters of the east.

If ever a person or thing alarmed Tilly, she would hastily seek protection near the skirts of her pretty little mistress; or, failing that, would make a charge or butt at the object of her fright with the only offensive instrument within her reachwhich usually happened to be the baby.

But I make it a rule, in all cases, to proceed on the strictly classical lines of inductive inquirycollect facts, make hypotheses, test them and seek for verification.

He does not seek for cheapness, but for the perfection of art: this is the only thing he has in view.

At sunrise he left his dog in charge of the flock and set out to seek the runaways, knowing, first, that there was little danger in the day-time, second, that some would escape.

The late outrages and aggressions of the slave power to possess itself of new soil, and extend the influence of the hateful and God-provoking "Institution," is a practical commentary upon its benefits and the moral qualities of those who seek to sustain and extend it.

As though his thoughts drove him to seek protection, he came closer.

In the confusion of departure no one had observed him; no one was in a humor to seek him out; the passengers were pressing to the gangway, the stewards concerned only in counting their tips.

I was about to follow to seek for Talbot in the customs shed when a white-faced steward touched my sleeve.

This entire country is seemingly under a constant and active internal pressure from volcanic forces, which seek relief through the numberless springs, jets, volcanoes and geysers exhibited on its surface, and which but for these vents might burst forth in one terrific eruption and form a volcano of vast dimensions.

My first duty to myself and my fellow citizens is to seek a tailor and replenish my wardrobe.

in spindles, leaves the supply barely equal to the demand, while the diminished crop, and the cry of Secession at the South, with the introduction of an export-duty, have alarmed the spinners of England and led them to consider the effects of a deficiency and to seek new sources of supply.

Then shut the drain cock and open both gauge cocks and you will see the water seek its level, and you can rest assured that it is reliable.

She was vain and ambitious; but her vanity led her to seek the praises of others, and her ambition taught her how to gain them.

It is not in my especial province, but I neither seek to evade nor assume responsibility."

Does not every threshold seek Meadows and the flight of birds

Of course the most tempting thing to seek is sport.

To study the plant, to see how it gets its living, why it will grow on one side of a brook in profusion, and yet refuse to seek the other bank, is not his care.

The holly of the English Christmas, all-besprent with crimson drops, is hard to be found in New England, and you will have to thread the courses of the brooks to seek the swamp-loving black alder, which will furnish as brilliant a berry, but without the beautiful thorny leaf.

Now, too, ere the trees come into leaf, is the time to seek the boxwood, called, I hope improperly, by the ominous name of the Southern dogwood.

Some young boys, playing at hide-and-seek, were using the Wolsey oak for "home," and, whilst waiting there, dug a hole with their knives, and came upon a life-preserver that the baronet had always carried.

The men who profit by the abuses and desire to perpetuate them will continue to besiege the halls of legislation in the General Government as well as in the States, and will seek by every artifice to mislead and deceive the public servants.

The reason is not far to seek.

I believe the negro race," he continued, "to be marked out by the hand of God for servitude; and you must pardon me if I express my surprise that a gentleman of your evident intelligence should seek such a connectionyou must be labouring under some horrible infatuation."

She then continued: "One poor woman in particular I noticed: she had a babe in her arms, poor thing, and was weeping bitterly because she knew of no place to go to seek for shelter or protection.

Before they went away that day, Arnold managed to seek Judith out alone, and with shamefaced clumsiness to slip his knife, quite new and three-bladed, into her hand.

Having decided, therefore, to seek admission into this social arcanum, the captain, who had either not quite appreciated the standard of the Clarendon's membership, or had failed to see that he fell beneath it, looked about for an intermediary through whom to approach the object of his desire.

Since to have a black face at such a time was to challenge suspicion, and since there was neither the martyr's glory nor the saint's renown in being killed for some one else's crime, and very little hope of successful resistance in case of an attempt at lynching, it was obviously the part of prudence for those thus marked to seek immunity in a temporary disappearance from public view.

You must remember, William, that blood is thicker than water, and that the provocation is extreme, and that a few hotheads might easily lose sight of the great principles involved and seek immediate vengeance, without too much discrimination.

There had never before been any special need for any vigorous opposition to lynch law, so far as the community was concerned, for there had not been a lynching in Wellington since Ellis had come there, eight years before, from a smaller town, to seek a place for himself in the world of action.

Should she seek to make restitution, it would necessarily involve the disclosure of at least some of the facts.

They had heard that the white people were going to kill all the negroes, and fled to seek safety.

And I maintain that it is likewise his right and duty to seek by every proper means from the legal authorities set over him such interpretations of the law as will best help him to serve his country.

The reasons why public opinion may be so effective in the United States are not far to seek.

My next work was to view the country, and seek a proper place for my habitation, and where to stow my goods, to secure them from whatever might happen.

nor had I any other employment, if that had been over, at least that I could foresee, except the ranging the island to seek for food; which I did, more or less, every day.

How frequently, in the course of our lives, the evil which in itself we seek most to shun, and which, when we are, fallen into, is the most dreadful to us, is oftentimes the very means or door of our deliverance, by which alone we can be raised again from the affliction we are fallen into.

There was no law to which they could appeal, no refuge they could seek from the very worst with which their brother might threaten them.

She could not look upon any form of suffering without, in a measure, feeling it herself; nor could she read or listen to an account of great physical agony without a sensation of faintness which frequently obliged her, at such times, to leave the room and seek relief in the open air.

In other places at low water they seek for cockles, mussels, and periwinkles.

" We must seek for the accessories and circumstances usually introduced by the painters in the old legendary traditions then accepted and believed.

Thus one legend relates that Joseph went to seek a midwife, and met a woman coming down from the mountains, with whom he returned to the stable.

But though his general merit has been universally acknowledged, I am far from thinking all the productions of his rural Thalia equally excellent; there is, indeed, in all his pastorals a strain of versification which it is vain to seek in any other poet; but if we except the first and the tenth, they seem liable either wholly or in part to considerable objections.

Seek the rough Alps where snows eternal shine, And joyless borders of the frozen Rhine.

He that wants money to follow the chase of pleasure through her yearly circuit, and is left at home when the gay world rolls to Bath or Tunbridge; he whose gout compels him to hear from his chamber the rattle of chariots transporting happier beings to plays and assemblies, will be forced to seek in books a refuge from himself.

He will seek, then, I am sure, to reach one of the rivers that flow toward the coast, so as to descend it on a raft.

That the Portuguese, moved by a sentiment of hatred, would seek to be revenged on him, Dick Sand, who had treated him as he deserved, might also be conceived.

The plain was likely to be inundated, and it did not present a single elevation on which it was possible to seek refuge.

But refuge, where would they seek it in this low desert, without a tree, without a bush?

However, Dick Sand, alone, did not seek in sleep the repose which was so necessary to him.

If the ant-hill is submerged, do not seek to enter it again.

It was a rather difficult task, because he would have to seek the lower orifice, slip through it, and then rise to the outside surface of the waters.

They did not seek to know what it was written to mean, nor what sense it must carry to every simpleminded hearer; but they solely asked, how they could manage to assign to it a sense not wholly irreconcilable with their own doctrines and preaching.

I saw that I was shut out from the ministry of the Church of England, and knew not how to seek connexion with Dissenters.

I remove to a distance from your person with an intention of avoiding you as an enemy; and yet I incessantly seek for you in my mind; I recall your image in my memory, and in different disquietudes I betray and contradict myself.

I seek not to conquer for fear I should be overcome; happiness enough for me to escape shipwreck and at last reach port.

"I do not seek," he says, "the fairest face but the fairest heart.

The particular development of this spirit of clarity in Berlin, the centre of German influence, lay in the tendency to challenge all historic continuity, and to seek uniformity based upon practical needs.

The drivers, apparently, do not seek the shelter of a roof, but kindle their cooking-fires on the flats on the opposite side of the road, and sleep at night under the shelter of their carts.

"Fear him not; he is a brave knight and good Christian, who comes to offer his sword to our father and seek his counsels.

" "Well, everywhere," said Father Antonio; and then, recollecting his young friend, he suddenly turned and said, "Let me present to you one son who comes to seek your instructions,the young Signor Agostino, of the noble house of Sarelli."

One after another of the lessees were driven to seek refuge at Natchez, and their work was entirely suspended.

[410] More significant yet, when conditions became bad in the provinces, Insurgent officers sent their women and children to seek American protection in Manila or elsewhere.

It remained to stamp out the dying embers of insurrection, while continuing to seek to protect those who put their trust in us.

Shortly thereafter Colonel Denby and I discovered that when Filipinos came to see the commission in order to impart information or to seek it, he was conferring with them privately and sending them away without our seeing them at all.

Captain Horn had frequently heard of them in the past year or two, and it was generally supposed that they had some sort of rendezvous or refuge on this coast, but there had been no effort made to seek them out.

But for God's sake seek it as wise men and not as posturing knaves.

"By what right do you seek to touch me, sir?" "Sweetheart," said I, following her, and much astonished, "because I have always done it

I laugh out loud, out of sheer jollity, as I watch the sun playing at hide-and-seek with them.

Then I open the high folding-doors of the wardrobe, and run my eye over its contents; but the most becoming is no longer what I seek.

Who could oppose the union of two souls who seek to find no other happiness than in a mutual love?"

The explanation of these refusals is not far to seek if we believe Arnault's description of Pauline"An extraordinary combination of the most faultless physical beauty and the oddest moral laxity.

It was only, however, when her palace was in flames and surrounded by a howling mob that the dauntless woman deigned to seek refuge in flight, and, disguised as a boy, suffered herself to be escorted to the frontier.

This decision was reached before the June meeting or the June riot; and it is quite in vain to seek the real reason for it in what appears on paper about the processions on the eighteenth of March or the equally insignificant prior manifestations.

And hereby the soul is brought to loathe itself and sin, and is made willing to desire, seek for, accept of, and prize remissions of sins.

This considering of sin, with its due aggravations, would help to prize mercies at a high rate, and cause the soul more willingly wait for and more seriously seek after remission; knowing that God is more angry for great sins, than for sins of infirmity, and may therefore pursue the same with sorer judgments, as he broke David's bones, withdrew his comforts, &c. 6.

The believer, having taken this course with his daily provocations, and laid them all on him, would aquiesce in this way, and not seek after another, that he may obtain pardon.

6; to a menstruous cloth, Isa. xxx. 22, and the like, that this may move them to seek with greater care and diligence, to have that filth taken away.

And this will make them so much the more to abhor it, and to seek to be washed from it.

No; the cause of her restlessness was yet to seek.

When very young, Christopher Columbus came into Spain, or Portugal rather, to seek his fortune like other men.

"Who are you, maiden, and what seek you?"

"We hope the (European) Commission will continue to seek a solution that does not restrict the industry's ability to innovate," Apple said.

We intend to build on this, as we seek to continue, our Party’s transformation.

We must establish emergency coronavirus testing sites that are open 24 hours, including mobile or drive-through locations, to give every citizen the chance to be tested and seek treatment, as South Korea has done.

We must push aside our riled up emotions and battered psyches and seek the core of basic humanity within ourselves that holds fast to hope, to love, to faith, to charity, and to peace.

"We prefer to download the black boxes in Iran, but if we see that we can't do that because the boxes are damaged, then we will seek help," Ali Abedzadeh, head of Iran's Civil Aviation Organisation, told a news conference in Tehran.

Western sanctions first imposed on Russia in 2014 over its annexation of the Crimea in the Ukraine have forced Russia to seek alternative sources of incomes and also new friends.

We still audaciously look down upon people who seek psychiatric help and that is what could have possibly forced the budding superstar to bring his life to such an abrupt end.

What do employees seek in a post-COVID workplace environment?

What people may not realise is that these novel arrangements expose them and the companies they work for to huge cybersecurity risks, as criminals seek to take advantage of the new vulnerabilities that are exposed.

When Stephanie discovers that the crash was not an accident, she enters a dark, complex world to seek revenge on those responsible and find her own redemption.

Whether through indiscriminate violence, merciless killings or religious fundamentalism, there are many who seek to violently drive us apart.

While he applauded the federal government for acknowledging as much, he expressed hope that the advisory group would continually seek input from those without seats at the government table.

While he conveyed to me his personal embarrassment and his desire to seek forgiveness, his comments were hurtful and wrong, said Mayor Martin Walsh in a statement.