924 examples of seen on in sentences

Further, in the line of vehicular sensationalism, a modish wicker-bodied phaeton and a minute pony-cart were seen on a pleasant afternoon to issue from a driveway far up a street that now has a name, but which used to be adequately identified by saying "up toward the Fair Grounds.

That alone, if nothing else remained of Pagan antiquity, would indicate a grandeur and a folly such as cannot now be seen on earth.

So the letter ran for several pagesdescriptions of things she had seen on the trip west, and loving messages for her friends at Camp, and closing with a hasty "Goodbye, Jo dear."

A red glare could be seen on the sides of the deer as they bounded over the tall dry grass, which was soon to be no longer a refuge for them.

"One of his kind has never before been seen on the island, and, strange to say, he has never attacked one of us geese.

The following statues in bronze and white marble are to be seen on this Piazza.

The children could be seen on barrel staves with a pair of old boots nailed to the centre into which they slipped their feet with their own boots on.

He was remembering the dog he had seen on the rocks an hour or two ago, and the creature's evident distress, which probably meant that Miss Selincourt was in trouble also.

The arms of this early benefactor of the church may yet be seen on the ancient font.

The stream near the bank of which our camp lay, flows into the southeast arm of Yellowstone lake, and for which the name "Upper Yellowstone" has been suggested by some of our party; but Lieutenant Doane says that he thinks he has seen on an old map the name "Bridger" given to some body of water near the Yellowstone.

* Never, I thought, as I stood moodily gazing, had I seen on the earth a creature so fair (though, analysing now at leisure, I can quite conclude that there was nothing at all remarkable about her good looks).

Droz, a Genevian mechanic, once constructed a clock which was capable of the following surprising movements:There were seen on it a negro, a dog, and a shepherd; when the clock struck, the shepherd played six tunes on his flute, and the dog approached and fawned upon him.

There were a few books, which Gilbert remembered as Marian's literary treasures, neatly arranged on a rickety old chiffonier by the fire-place, and the desk and work-basket which he had seen on his previous visit.

I explained that the photograph was taken eight years ago, and that the uniform was one I had seen on the west coast of Africa, worn by the West African Field Force.

He paused, and then made some marks, like cabalistic signs, which are still to be seen on the paper.

But the mistake was seen on all sides as soon as made.

The whistling duck of the Adelaide River, was also only seen on this part of the Victoria.

Landscapes as decoration may be seen on the walls of the so-called Casa Nuova at Pompeii.

" While we were discoursing thus, word was brought that several parties of the enemies were seen on the farther side of the river, upon which my lord gave the word to march; and as we were marching on, my lord calls out a lieutenant who had been an old soldier, with only five troopers whom he had most confidence in, and having given him his lesson, he sends him away.

Here beneath, where the main ravine of Taormina cuts into the earth between the two spurs of the city, are terraces of fruit trees and vegetables, and, wherever the naked rock permits, similar terraces are seen on the castle hill and every less steep slope, looking as if they would slide off.

The yellow kowhai, seen on the hillsides, shows the russet tint of autumn at the height of spring-time.

But Marion's boat-cloak was seen on the shoulders of their chief, and in the huts were found more clothingblood-stainedand fragments of human flesh.

b. Write an account of the life of a boy or girl in any colony; tell about the house, furniture, dress, school, and if a journey to another colony is made, how it is made and what is seen on the way.

I had looked forward to the probability of beholding her from afar off, if she was ever to be seen on the boards of the Theatre Français; but to be admitted to her presencereceived in her houseintroduced to her in person ...

Go and notify the idle rogues in my kitchen, that their master is at hand; and remember, that there is no necessity for speaking of all the wonders we have seen on the great deep.

924 examples of  seen on  in sentences
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