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15911 examples of  seest  in sentences

15911 examples of seest in sentences

Thou most revered object of my regard, who art looking down, perhaps, with compassion on the petty labours of various mortals, now trying to commemorate thy merit, thou seest that I am influenced by no arrogant conceit of having praised with peculiar felicity the perfections that I so ardently admire.

"Thou seest now, father, in how frightful a difficulty I am placed.

Seest thou these scrolls?

Her tenth child was born on the 18th of April, 1816, for whom she thus prayed with thanksgiving"Be Thou pleased, O Lord God Almighty, yet to look down upon us, and bless us; and if Thou seest meet, to bless our loved infant, to visit it by Thy grace and Thy love; that it may be Thine in time, and Thine to all eternity.

seest thou, good master, how that his arms hang from his body?

" "Yea, good father," said Robin, "but thou seest that my clothes are of the finest and I fain would not get them wet.

Thou seest how Saint Godrick, that holy hermit whose natal day this is, hath placed in my hands two swords and in thine never a one.

"What seest thou?" said a voice whose very direction I could not recognise.

"What seest thou?"

"What seest thou?" "Life called out of lifelessness by Law.

"What seest thou?" was uttered in an even more earnest and solemn tone than heretofore.

My occupation in this retired spot is, as thou seest, the cultivation of the ground, and the customs and duties of husbandry."

Again Isfendiyรกr addressed Kurugsar, and said: "Thou seest with what facility all opposition is removed, when I am assisted by the favor of Heaven!"

" "Thou seest, silly babbler, there is one of the former, at least, who does not hold him in dread.

"Thou seest we have not passed the time idly, though yesterday was a festa.

I respond most heartily to the last two lines; but I venture to add, with regard to the preceding six, "Love that holy One, and the impalpable resistance will vanish; for when thou seest him enter to sup with thy neighbour, thou wilt love that neighbour as thyself.

All this land that thou seest I shall give thee, and to thy seed for evermore.

Thou seest I may bear no child, wherefore I would thou took Hagar my maid, that thou might get a child which I might keep and hold for mine.

The guise thou seest doth with my kinde agree.

Thou seest, Belford, by the above precautionaries, that I forget nothing.

A fair contention, thou seest: nor plead thou in her favour her youth, her beauty, her family, her fortune, CREDULITY, she has none; and with regard to her TENDER YEARS, Am I not a young fellow myself?

Thus thou seest, that the noblest of the sex mean nothing in the world by their shyness and distance, but to pound the poor fellow they dislike not, when he comes into their purlieus.

H. Marian, thou seest, though courtly pleasures want, Yet country sport in Sherwood is not scant: For the soul-ravishing, delicious sound Of instrumental music we have found The winged quiristers with divers notes Sent from their quaint recording[201] pretty throats, On every branch that compasseth our bow'r, Without command contenting us each hour.

Widow or wife, or maiden if thou be, Lend me thy hand; thou seest I cannot see: Blessing betide thee, little feel'st thou want; With me, good child, food is both hard and scant.

seest thou not the sun go down, Cloudy and dark?

Seest thou not? HOST.

My life, alas! is what thou seest!

World, now thou seest what 'tis to be a ward.

'Seest thou, dear child,' he would say, 'all these discomforts come upon this house because of my abode in it; for as for poor Andrew, he is known to be elsewhere, and however peaceably I may behave myself, you will be allowed no peace till I am either gone out of sight like him, or lodged in gaol for some fancied offence.

At length, raising her eyes to heaven, she said, 'O Thou that seest into the hearts of mortals, and knowest in this matter the spotlessness of mine, dark though it be otherwise with frailty and with sin, save, I pray thee, this innocent creature who is denied the milk of its mother's breast.

Suffice to hear, that thou seest before thee one of the burners of the tower.

Rodorick, thou seest, all wayes are stopt to flie; Be desperat then, fight bravely, and so die.

Shall I send this letter?Thou seest I have left room, if I fail in the exact imitation of so charming a hand, to avoid too strict a scrutiny.

Seest thou now how the raving girl threatens her mother?

Seest thou not that this unseasonable gravity is admitted to quell the palpitations of this unmanageable heart?

Thou seest, Jack, that I have provided an excuse, to save my veracity to the women here, in case I should incline to marriage, and she should choose to have Miss Rawlins's assistance at the ceremony. Nor doubted I to bring my fair-one to save my credit on this occasion, if I could get her to consent to be mine.

Thou thinkest thou hearest and seest devils, black men, &c., 'tis not so, 'tis thy corrupt fantasy; settle thine imagination, thou art well.

If thou seest ought amiss in another, mend it in thyself.

"If thou findest in human life anything better than justice, truth, temperance, fortitude, and, in a word, than thine own soul's satisfaction in the things which it enables thee to do according to right reason, and In the condition that is assigned to thee without thy own choice; if, I say, thou seest anything better than this, turn to it with all thy soul, and enjoy that which thou hast found to be the best.

Hold up thy head dead night; seest thou not day?

Thou seest my love, that will keep company With thee in tears; hide nothing then from me; For when I know the cause of thy distemper, With mine own armour I'le adorn my self, My resolution, and cut through thy foes, Unto thy quiet, till I place thy heart As peaceable as spotless innocence.

Or, perhaps, thy wit so fine Strayeth in some elder book, Whereon our modern Solons look With severe ungifted eyes, Wondering what thou seest to prize.

Love, which compels the beloved person upon thoughts of love, seized me in turn with a delight in his passion so strong, that, as thou seest, even here it forsakes me not.

"Thou seest who I am," answered the other; "one among the mourners.

Silence fell upon the celestial choristers; and the Apostle spoke thus: "Wonder not if thou seest me change colour.

" "Wait," said my guide, "until then seest their band Sweep round.

And surely as thou seest me here undone, I saw my whole three children, one by one, Between the fifth day and the sixth, all die.

Come, thou art a cavilling companion: Because thou seest my heart is drown'd in love, Thou wilt drowne me too.

Thou seest thou art prevented in thy plot And therefore desperately coin'st any thing, But I am deafe to all such stratagems.

And this thou seest is the sole hope of my line;the only heir that is left to the name and lands of Willading!

Thou seest the ninth precious gift that God bestowed, and thou seest all that is now left of his bounty.

Thou seest the ninth precious gift that God bestowed, and thou seest all that is now left of his bounty.

"Thou seest, Adelheid," he continued, after a pause"for Adelheid will I call thee, in virtue of a second father's rightsthat we are making our folly respectable, at least to ourselvesMaster Patron, thou hast a well-charged bark!"

"I am, what thou seest, but a poor mariner that hath no better bark under him than this of Baptiste, and on a sea

or, is this, after all, but an exception to what thou seest in commonas much a matter of astonishment to thyself, asby San Francesco!

If thou seest thy Friend in Trouble, says Epictetus, thou mayst put on a Look of Sorrow, and condole with him, but take care that thy Sorrow be not real.

And so he came at last to the forty-fourth verse, and there he read these words, "And He turned to the woman and said to Simon, Seest thou this woman?

Could such a spirit aught ensnare? MEPHISTOPHELES Observe it well, it is not drawn with care; One of the angles, that which points without, Is, as thou seest, not quite closed.

He tells us that when the statue of the Night was opened to the public view, it drew forth the following quatrain from an author unknown to himself by name: The Night thou seest here, posed gracefully In act of slumber, was by an Angel wrought Out of this stone; sleeping, with life she's fraught: Wake her, incredulous wight; she'll speak to thee.

Thou seest all my sin a thousand times more clearly than I do; and if I look black and foul to myself, oh God, how much more black and how foul must I look to Thee!

"And now thou must wait until thou seest her eyes.

And all the rest thou seest in this array, To make their moan, their lords in battle lost Before that town besieged by our confederate host: 80 But Creon, old and impious, who commands The Theban city, and usurps the lands, Denies the rites of funeral fires to those Whose breathless bodies yet he calls his foes.

Thou daily seest that sun of beauty shine, And lovest at least in love's extremest line.

"The City, which Thou seest, no other deem Than great and glorious Rome, Queen of the Earth.

Tim., i, 2. Again, if the word God is of the second person, in the text, "Thou, God, seest me," why should any one deny that Paul is of the first person, in this one?

"SYNร†RESIS is the contraction of two syllables into one; as, Seest for see-est, drowned for drown-ed"Ib., p. 213.

"Words ending in ee drop the final e on receiving an additional syllable beginning with e; as, see, seest, agree, agreed."Ib., p, 227.

"Thou God seest me.

"Thou, God seest me."Id., E. Gram., Revised Ed., p. 195.

"The city which thou seest, no other deem Than great and glorious Rome, queen of the earth.

"Synรฆresis is the contraction of two syllables into one; as, seest for seรซst, drowned for drown-ed."Id.

"Words ending in ee are often inflected by mere consonants, and without receiving an additional syllable beginning with e: as, see, seest, sees; agree, agreed, agrees.

"Thou, God, seest me.

When He sees there is no hope, He pities thee, while thou seest it not, and dost not pity thyself.

" Those whom the disturbance had assembled now drew off in various directions, and the Marquis of Montserrat said to the Grand Master of the Templars: "Thou seest that subtle courses are more effective than violence.

"Thou seest, Edith," whispered the queen, "we shall but incense him.

Thou seest that this is an inspiration that sets the desires of Love before thee, and proceeds from a place no less gentle than the eyes of the lady who has shown herself so pitiful toward thee.'

"Thou, God, seest me."

O Bharata, it is superfluous then to say that if thou seest neither myself nor Sahadeva nor Krishna, thy dejection will certainly increase.

The face of the people seems to speak peace, but Thou, Lord, seest the heart.

I pause,am alone,but 'Thou God seest me.'

Jesus, Thou seest my heart, aid me that I loiter no more.

Oh! take possession of my heart, And let it hence Thy temple be; Willing, Thou seest me, now to part With all, that is unlike to Thee; O let the Spirit's seal be given The earnest of my future heaven!

And thou seest by my bandages, my poor friend, what it is that has in consequence arrived to me!

"Thou seest," said he to his wife, "these javelins I brandish: I will bring them back to thee this very day dyed with the blood of Franks.

To your will, say: Thou seest that everything passes away; therefore love not the world, love Christ.

Again, God had no respect to Cain, and therefore neither to his offering: therefore thou seest that regard is had first to the worker, then to the work.

Here thou seest plainly that such a man is not righteous, being destitute of that faith and belief which is necessary to make him acceptable before God and His Son; yea, he is an enemy to this faith, and therefore to righteousness also.

Thou seest that Paul here, as in almost all other places, treats much of faith; that we are not justified by works, but by faith alone.

She prayed aloud: "Blessed Virgin, Thou seest my dire need.

But thy eyes are empty, and thy breast is full of ashes, and thou seest us not."

We all know the pathetic fortitude of a famished little boy-prince of Sendai, who in the drama is made to say to his little page, "Seest thou those tiny sparrows in the nest, how their yellow bills are opened wide, and now see!

Thou seest, count, we have here at the mon

Thou seest thy Queene there.

Seest thou that morose figure, that pale complexion, those deadened eyes, and faded lips?

Thou seest they will not come!

Thou seest, Medea, The children will not comeso, get thee gone! MEDEA.

Thou seest, Garceran, I learn right well, And Christian, Mooress, Jewess, 'tis the same.

I cast her likeness from me in the tomb And now am here, and shudder, as thou seest.

Seest thou, they are already glad and gay; Already plan for future marriages!