15911 examples of seest in sentences

Thou most revered object of my regard, who art looking down, perhaps, with compassion on the petty labours of various mortals, now trying to commemorate thy merit, thou seest that I am influenced by no arrogant conceit of having praised with peculiar felicity the perfections that I so ardently admire.

"Thou seest now, father, in how frightful a difficulty I am placed.

Seest thou these scrolls?

Her tenth child was born on the 18th of April, 1816, for whom she thus prayed with thanksgiving"Be Thou pleased, O Lord God Almighty, yet to look down upon us, and bless us; and if Thou seest meet, to bless our loved infant, to visit it by Thy grace and Thy love; that it may be Thine in time, and Thine to all eternity.

seest thou, good master, how that his arms hang from his body?

" "Yea, good father," said Robin, "but thou seest that my clothes are of the finest and I fain would not get them wet.

Thou seest, Belford, by the above precautionaries, that I forget nothing.

A fair contention, thou seest: nor plead thou in her favour her youth, her beauty, her family, her fortune, CREDULITY, she has none; and with regard to her TENDER YEARS, Am I not a young fellow myself?

H. Marian, thou seest, though courtly pleasures want, Yet country sport in Sherwood is not scant: For the soul-ravishing, delicious sound Of instrumental music we have found The winged quiristers with divers notes Sent from their quaint recording[201] pretty throats, On every branch that compasseth our bow'r, Without command contenting us each hour.

Widow or wife, or maiden if thou be, Lend me thy hand; thou seest I cannot see: Blessing betide thee, little feel'st thou want; With me, good child, food is both hard and scant.

Tim., i, 2. Again, if the word God is of the second person, in the text, "Thou, God, seest me," why should any one deny that Paul is of the first person, in this one?

"SYNÆRESIS is the contraction of two syllables into one; as, Seest for see-est, drowned for drown-ed"Ib., p. 213.

"Words ending in ee drop the final e on receiving an additional syllable beginning with e; as, see, seest, agree, agreed."Ib., p, 227.

"The city which thou seest, no other deem Than great and glorious Rome, queen of the earth.

O Bharata, it is superfluous then to say that if thou seest neither myself nor Sahadeva nor Krishna, thy dejection will certainly increase.

Oh! take possession of my heart, And let it hence Thy temple be; Willing, Thou seest me, now to part With all, that is unlike to Thee; O let the Spirit's seal be given The earnest of my future heaven!

And thou seest by my bandages, my poor friend, what it is that has in consequence arrived to me!

To your will, say: Thou seest that everything passes away; therefore love not the world, love Christ.

Again, God had no respect to Cain, and therefore neither to his offering: therefore thou seest that regard is had first to the worker, then to the work.

Here thou seest plainly that such a man is not righteous, being destitute of that faith and belief which is necessary to make him acceptable before God and His Son; yea, he is an enemy to this faith, and therefore to righteousness also.

Thou seest that Paul here, as in almost all other places, treats much of faith; that we are not justified by works, but by faith alone.

Thou seest, count, we have here at the mon

Thou seest they will not come!

Thou seest, Medea, The children will not comeso, get thee gone! MEDEA.

Thou seest, Garceran, I learn right well, And Christian, Mooress, Jewess, 'tis the same.

15911 examples of  seest  in sentences