15911 examples of seest in sentences

"Now," quoth the Sheriff to a man-at-arms who stood near him, "seest thou Robin Hood among those ten?" "Nay, that do I not, Your Worship," answered the man.

Thou seest it not; I see it fade, Like one that may not bide.

" "Seest thou those mountains in the east, O man of ready aim?" "'T is only vapours that thou seest, In mountain form and name.

" "Seest thou those mountains in the east, O man of ready aim?" "'T is only vapours that thou seest, In mountain form and name.

Let the sounds but reach thy heart, Straight thyself magician art; Walkest open-eyed through earth; Seest wonders in their birth, Whence they come and whither go; Thou thyself exalted so, Nature's consciousness, whereby On herself she turns her eye.

For eighteen years, O patient soul, Thine eyes have sought thy grave; Thou seest not thy other goal, Nor who is nigh to save.

A light divine Dawns gracious in thy soul; Thou seest love and order shine, His health will make thee whole.

And, pledge of life and future high, Thou seest the Master stand; The life of love is in his eye, Its power is in his hand.

Thou thinkest thou hearest and seest devils, black men, &c., 'tis not so, 'tis thy corrupt fantasy; settle thine imagination, thou art well.

And when thou seest my heart to mirth incline, Thy tongue, wit, blood, warm with good cheer and wine: Then of sweet sports let no occasion scape, But be as wanton, toying as an ape.

Love, which compels the beloved person upon thoughts of love, seized me in turn with a delight in his passion so strong, that, as thou seest, even here it forsakes me not.

"Thou seest who I am," answered the other; "one among the mourners.

When thou seest a husband and a wife between whom there is true love, thou shalt rejoice in it, and their happiness shall gladden thee like the cheerful light of a beautiful day.

"Thou, God, seest me.

The solemn style, or mode, is that used in the Bible, and in prayer; as, Thou seest, he feareth.

2. Wells's account of the same thing is this: "In the simple form of the present and past indicative, the second person singular of the solemn style ends regularly in st or est, as, thou seest, thou hearest, thou sawest, thou heardest; and the third person singular of the present, in s or es, as, he hears, he wishes, and also in th or eth, as, he saith, he loveth.

" Those whom the disturbance had assembled now drew off in various directions, and the Marquis of Montserrat said to the Grand Master of the Templars: "Thou seest that subtle courses are more effective than violence.

"Thou seest, Edith," whispered the queen, "we shall but incense him.

thou seest my heart.

But thy eyes are empty, and thy breast is full of ashes, and thou seest us not."

We all know the pathetic fortitude of a famished little boy-prince of Sendai, who in the drama is made to say to his little page, "Seest thou those tiny sparrows in the nest, how their yellow bills are opened wide, and now see!

what would I have given, that Lady had been like thee: seest thou her?

Thou seest.

And naught's to come, and naught has been, and all Thou seest is but this present fleeting hour!

'Tis but the mountain's peak thou seest, and not The toilsome climb to reach it, nor those steps By which alone the climber guides his feet.

15911 examples of  seest  in sentences