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11339 example sentences with  seizes

11339 example sentences with seizes

Just as system will speedily transform a haphazard business into one which seizes opportunities and stops the leakage of profits, so will sincere and well-directed effort bring you promptly and surely into an ever-growing mastery of words.

With a clutch, he seizes her at the feeble seat of life; and as the breath ceases and her whole body becomes again inert, he stoops to pull off the ring, which can have no especial value or meaning for himand then, repiling the cushions over her, creeps forth again, takes up the bottles, and disappears from the house.

When a wolf seizes any of their cattle, they can oblige him to quit his prey, by dropping a piece of money, their pipe, hat, or any other article they have about them at the time.

Unable to wield the sword, he seizes his poetical pen, resolved to become the Chronicler and Historian of the war, and thus add his little mite for the improvement of future generations.

Olympias, mother of Alexander the Great, aided by Polysperchon and the Epirotes, seizes Macedonia.

Masinissa, after many encroachments, seizes the Carthaginian provinces of Tyssa, with fifty cities; Roman ambassadors sent to settle the dispute.

Mithridates seizes Galatia.

Since that disaster the bat skulks about till midnight to avoid his creditors, the cormorant is for ever diving into the deep to discover its foundered vessel, while the bramble seizes hold of every passing sheep to make up his loss by stealing the wool.

The different gems the world displays, He seizes first to swell his store The brightest jewel he surveys.

"You know very well he will carry out any whim that seizes him; especially if you oppose the plan, which you usually do."

Dickenson, who succeeded Butler in command of the Palmettos, seizes the colors as the bearer falls dead; the next moment he is down himself, mortally wounded, and Major Gladden snatches them from his hand.

The new President, too, seizes the early occasion of the Silliman letter to indorse and strongly construe that decision, and to express his astonishment that any different view had ever been entertained!

- Walker, the filibuster, seizes temporary control of Nicaragua.

Victor Emmanuel seizes the States of the Church.

She rose slowly, turned, and seized the letter as a starving man seizes food.

As far as the logic of the affections goes, it was for the sake of this that he held to all the rest; for indeed the deeper Catholic truths are so internetted that he who seizes one, drags all the rest along with it under pain of self-contradiction.

April 9British defeat Germans at Vimy Ridge and take 6,000 prisoners; United States seizes fourteen Austrian interned ships.

The Bishop refuses, and Milo seizes his lands and goods.

The critic else proceeds without remorse, Seizes your fame, and puts his laws in force.

The deadly Winter seizes, shuts up sense, And, o'er his inmost vitals creeping cold, Lays him along the snows a stiffened corse, Stretched out and bleaching in the northern blast.

The big red man gets a hand over the parson's mouth, and the ribboned man seizes his moment.

Sohrรกb now clasps his hands, and forward springs Impatiently, and round the Champion clings; Seizes his girdle belt, with power to tear

Here and there an inspired human being seizes on the thought that the child should really be taught how to live at some time between the ages of six and sixteen, or he may not learn so easily afterward.

THE TURKISH-ITALIAN WAR EUROPE SEIZES THE LAST OF NORTHERN AFRICA A.D. 1911 WILLIAM T. ELLIS THE WAR CORRESPONDENTS Italy, by her sudden action in seizing possession of Tripoli in September of 1911, established the authority and suzerainty of western Europe over the last unclaimed strip of territory along the African shore of the Mediterranean.

MEXICO PLUNGED INTO ANARCHY HUERTA SEIZES A DICTATORSHIP A.D. 1913 EDWIN EMERSON WILLIAM CAROL Mexico has loomed large in the affairs of the world during recent years.

I walk, read or scribble (as now) just when the fit seizes me.

The utmost extremity of wrong has not always been practised; but those that have settled in the new world, on the fairest terms, have no other merit than that of a scrivener, who ruins in silence, over a plunderer that seizes by force; all have taken what had other owners, and all have had recourse to arms, rather than quit the prey on which they had fastened.

If the minister seizes the money, with which the American should pay his debts, and come to market, the merchant cannot expect him as a customer, nor can the debts, already contracted, be paid.

The hawk, when he seizes the hare with one claw, catches hold of any tuft of grass or irregularity of the ground with the other; a strong leather strap is also fastened from one leg to the other, to prevent them from being pulled open or strained.

This was apparent in his daily converse; and it may also be continually traced in his Diary, where, describing those with whom he became acquainted in his numerous travels, he seizes, on the prominent feature of their mind or manners, and with a word affixes to each his own particular mark.

One day, or rather, one night, the moment having come to save society, the coup d'รฉtat abruptly seizes the Demagogues, and finds that it holds by the collar, Whom?

These hideous Bastilles resemble that old human justice which possessed precisely as much conscience as they have, which condemned Socrates and Jesus, and which also takes and leaves, seizes and releases, absolves and condemns, liberates and incarcerates, opens and shuts, at the will of whatever hand manipulates the bolt from outside.

It has eight of these long legs, and as the Monster crawls through the forest he seizes an animal with a leg and drags it to his mouth, where he eats it as a spider does a fly.

He who first seizes the occasion, may be for general purposes intrinsically a feebler man than many who stand listless or hesitating till the moment be passed; but in Literature, as in Life, a sudden promptitude outrivals vacillating power.

The line Guard comes to life, seizes his lantern and commences to march up and down as if salvation depended on his getting in so many laps to the hour.

Naturally a child seizes directly what it sees, and thinks of pleasing itself only.

He seizes every opportunity of coming down here.

Mark how the animal seizes his glass,by heavens he will break it into a thousand fragments!

Plato seizes the weapons of his great master, and is imbued with his spirit.

Bishop Warburton seizes on the silence of Moses respecting a future state to prove, by a learned yet sophistical argument, his divine legation, because he ignored what so essentially entered into the religion of Egypt.

Father Payne has not much action, but he has a good voice; he lifts his arms slowly and regularly, leans forward somewhat, occasionally seizes both his hands and shakes them a little; but beyond this there is not much motion observable in him.

No mother who sends her child away to be nursed, and subsequently to her return seizes on every possible opportunity to keep her out of the way and out of her sight, will be likely to give her any choice of employment, or indeed any fondness for employment at all.

(FRIAR PAUL opens the window suddenly, and seizes SIEBALD.

A strange hesitancy seizes me.

She knew that it was like the panic that seizes people in the presence of an appalling disturbance of nature.

He is perfectly fearless in pushing out to its most logical consequences whatever truth he seizes upon; and hence he appears to many gifted and learned critics to draw conclusions from accepted premises which apparently conflict with consciousness or natural reason; and hence there has ever been repugnance to many of his doctrines, because it is impossible, it is said, to believe them.

" (Peter here turns up his sleeves to his dimpled elbows and seizes an imaginary implement.)

[He seizes the First Traveller.]

And one wonders that he is not frightened, that when a fear seizes even those who did not lead to corruption, he alone with such a tranquillity finishes his Rougon-Macquart as if he had strengthened the capacity for life of the French people instead of having destroyed it.

You must understand that a woman must be loved and must love some one in the world, and if she lacks true love she seizes the first pretext of itthe first shadow.

He tears the urchin from the saddle, seizes a club, and leaping upon Fodder's back, brandishes his weapon, and cheers on his men to victory.

His manner would forcibly remind one of the nervous tension that seizes upon the hounds when the scent grows strong, and they anticipate coming in sight of their quarry at any moment.

He grasped existence as a monkey seizes a nut, peeling off the coarse shell to enjoy the savory kernel.

At length, their horses being tired and their lances broken, Zadig had recourse to this stratagem: He passes behind the blue prince; springs upon the buttocks of his horse; seizes him by the middle; throws him on the earth; places himself in the saddle; and wheels around Otamus as he lay extended on the ground.

For every series of facts that are identical, it demands a cause, a law; and a vague dismay seizes upon it when it is unable to guess this cause and to trace out this law.

There are moments when a sort of panic seizes a bowler.

Should once the sparkles catch those bright abodes, Destruction seizes on the heavens and gods; Atlas becomes unequal to his freight, And almost faints beneath the glowing weight.

It was the weariness which, after supper, seizes upon one's limbs with half-aching numbness.

Wherever she opens the book she seizes the first words her eyes fall upon as a prophetic message to her.

When he rides out into this park, he often causes some leopards to be carried on horseback, by people appointed for this purpose, and when he gives command, a leopard is let loose, which immediately seizes a stag or deer; and he takes great delight in this sport.

The first thing is to be sure: Hamlet has never been sure; he spies at length a chance of making himself sure; he seizes upon it; and while his sudden resolve to make use of the players, like the equally sudden resolve to shroud himself in pretended madness, manifests him fertile in expedient, the carrying out of both manifests him right capable and diligent in executiona man of action in every true sense of the word.

Instantly he seizes the chance: when a thing has to be done, and can be done, Hamlet is never wantingshows himself the very promptest of men.

Mirza reminds me of them, especially when she seizes her prey.

What means the wild rage that seizes upon these furies?

Whereupon his irritated adversary seizes him by the collar, gives his head some well-applied blows against the curb-stone, and then, pushing through the crowd, carries him off bodily.

Tied to a partner of a petty and timorous disposition, he seizes an early opportunity to rid himself of the incubus.

Silence, murmured Marcel; and he seizes a hand which he keeps within his own.


This slave interest or power seizes upon persons of color in our States, carries them into States where men are property, and makes merchandize of them, sometimes under sanction of law, but more properly by its abuse, and sometimes by mere personal force, thus disturbing our quiet and harassing our citizens.

It is feared by the tyrant; he who usurps power, and seizes upon the liberty of others; he, for one, fears the ballot box.

The animal has smelt a truffle, and the man seizes her by the ear, for her manner is suspicious.

A bird seizes a noisy cicada from a sunny leaf, and as it flies away the captive draws out one long scream of despair.

Lastly, I came to the apse, that part of a Romanesque church in which the artist seizes the purely religious ideal, or allows it to escape him.

[Seizes Walter.] Wal.

[The man seizes her arm.]

She seized it as suddenly as a seemingly sleepy cat seizes an unwary mouse.

Angria, Mannajee, illegitimate son of Conajee Angria; quarrels with Sumbhajee; takes Colaba; imprisons Yessajee; his relations with the English; captures Caranjah; seizes Bombay ships; Captain Inchbird sent to punish; his territories attacked by Sumbhajee; increase of power of.

Inchbird, Captain, sent on a mission to Mannajee Angria; seizes Mannajee Angria's gallivats; commands ships sent to the relief of Mannajee Angria at Colaba.

Lowth, Captain, of the Loyal Merchant; seizes the Margaret; prevented by the Dutch from seizing the Vine.

Sunda Rajah, the, refuses dealings with Kidd; attacks English ships; seizes the Elizabeth; besieges Carwar factory; comes to terms with the English; cruelty of.

On the | hopeless | future | pondering, Chilly | grief my | life-blood | freezes, Fell de | -spair my | fancy | seizes.

Enter, springing from the bushes to the right, MICHAEL, who seizes him.

Benedickthat a young Frenchman, however noble in his blood, seizes the ball of wit and tosses it higher.

No peace nor quiet, have I, No rest, but trembling seizes me.

(Seizes it and takes a bite.)

(Seizes sods and takes them from the hearth.)

Ralph seizes a broom.)

(He seizes a handful of gold and puts it in Simon's pocket and another in his own.

He who has not been exposed to events, in which his existence was in imminent peril, can form but a faint idea of the value which one then sets upon the most common and simple objects, with what avidity one seizes the slightest means, that are capable of softening the rigour of the fate with which one has to contend.

Kansa hurries to the spot, seizes the child and tries to dash it on a stone.

As Yasoda sets Krishna down, Trinavarta seizes him and whirls him into the air.

When Yasoda returns and sees the mess, she seizes a stick and goes to look for Krishna.

The calves sense its presence and as it sidles up, Krishna seizes it by the hind leg, whirls it round his head and dashes it to death.

Balarama, however, seizes it by its hind legs, twists it round and hurls it into a high tree.

Trees are heavy with blossom, peacocks strut in the glades and a general lethargy seizes the cowherds.

Panic Seizes the Army.

The other seizes the child, who, having been drugged, is still asleep.

Or did it represent the allegory of fecundity, the Hindoo myth of life, an existence held between the hands of woman, distorted and trampled by the palpitant hands of man whom a fit of madness seizes, seduced by a convulsion of the flesh?

The romantic type of art, finally, seizes upon painting, music, and poetry as its essential and adequate modes of expression.

Meanwhile, Yzma seizes control of the empire, but when she learns Kuzco has survived, she and Kronk search for him.