10339 examples of seizes in sentences

Applied frequently, as a Top Dressing, this gentle stimulant imparts a new energy to the vine, and also to the Bug, who thus becomes so vigorous, and at the same time restless, that an uncontrollable impulse seizes him to visit the home of his ancestors, (Colorado.)

Since that disaster the bat skulks about till midnight to avoid his creditors, the cormorant is for ever diving into the deep to discover its foundered vessel, while the bramble seizes hold of every passing sheep to make up his loss by stealing the wool.

Dickenson, who succeeded Butler in command of the Palmettos, seizes the colors as the bearer falls dead; the next moment he is down himself, mortally wounded, and Major Gladden snatches them from his hand.

The line Guard comes to life, seizes his lantern and commences to march up and down as if salvation depended on his getting in so many laps to the hour.

" (Peter here turns up his sleeves to his dimpled elbows and seizes an imaginary implement.)

[He seizes the First Traveller.] FIRST TRAVELLER.

Does he make those happy, whom he seizes, as they are trying to escape the general devastation, and compels with their wives and families to a wretched servitude?

Whatsoever he hears well said he seizes upon by poetical license, and one way makes it his own; that is, by ill-repeating of it.

Silence, murmured Marcel; and he seizes a hand which he keeps within his own.

When he seizes his prey, how far can he leap?

She rushes in, seizes the child, calls to the husband that he shall follow her, and runs away.

"Now does the southwest collect his routed forces, checked but not conquered; he again advances on his recreant foe and seizes the vacant throne without a struggle.

" "My father, my father, he seizes me fast, Full sorely the Erl-King has hurt me at last.

The intense desire for sleep which is produced in Arctic countries when the frost seizes hold of the frame soon confuses the faculties of those who come under its influence.

In "Measure for Measure," (Act i. Sc. 1,) in this passage, "what's open made To justice, that justice seizes: what knows the law That thieves do pass on thieves?" does Mr. White believe the "that" and "what" are Shakspeare's?

Does he consider "To justice, that justice seizes: what knows the law" an alexandrine,and an alexandrine worthy of a student and admirer of Spenser?

We believe that Shakspeare wrote "What's open made To Justice, Justice seizes; knows the Law That thieve do pass on thieves?" We have pointed out a passage or two where we think Mr. White follows the Folio text too literally.

Sometimes His eye doth seem to glance on me, And then accursèd laughter seizes me,

'FORTY-ONE Confusion and disorderStrafford's army disbanded, but still in the countryPlot to seize Dublin CastlePlot transpiresSir Phelim O'Neill seizes CharlemontAttack upon the Protestant settlersBarbarities and counter barbarities.

[Illustration] PLATE 35 Radha disguised as a Constable arresting Krishna as a Thief Garhwal, Punjab Hills, c. 1785 Indian Museum, Calcutta Tired of Krishna's attempts to waylay the cowgirls, Radha dons a turban, brandishes a constable's heavy staff and seizes Krishna by the wrist.

Sly bachelors sometimes try to dodge him by stealing around the edge of a certain reef at low tide; but he is up to their tricks, seizes them and dashes them to pieces on the large black stone, just as one shatters rotten fire-wood.

For when I see thee but a little I have no utterance left, my tongue is broken down, and straightway a subtle fire has run under my skin, with my eyes I have no sight, my ears ring, sweat bathes me, and a trembling seizes all my body; I am paler than grass, and seem in my madness little better than one dead.

Horrified, the king begs his son to come out of the tomb, but Haemon seizes his sword and rushes forward to slay his father.

At the sound a frenzy seizes the crowd.

FABIAN SOCIETY, a middle-class socialist propaganda, founded in 1883, which "aims at the reorganisation of society by the emancipation of land and industrial capital from individual and class ownership, and vesting of them in the community for the general benefit"; has lectureships, and issues "Essays" and "Tracts"; it watches and seizes its opportunities to achieve Socialist results, and hence the name.

10339 examples of  seizes  in sentences