10339 examples of seizes in sentences

As Death upon his hand turns o'er The different gems the world displays, He seizes first to swell his store The brightest jewel he surveys.

Dickenson, who succeeded Butler in command of the Palmettos, seizes the colors as the bearer falls dead; the next moment he is down himself, mortally wounded, and Major Gladden snatches them from his hand.

Sohráb now clasps his hands, and forward springs Impatiently, and round the Champion clings; Seizes his girdle belt, with power to tear The very earth asunder; in despair Rustem, defeated, feels his nerves give way, And thundering falls.


The utmost extremity of wrong has not always been practised; but those that have settled in the new world, on the fairest terms, have no other merit than that of a scrivener, who ruins in silence, over a plunderer that seizes by force; all have taken what had other owners, and all have had recourse to arms, rather than quit the prey on which they had fastened.

The hawk, when he seizes the hare with one claw, catches hold of any tuft of grass or irregularity of the ground with the other; a strong leather strap is also fastened from one leg to the other, to prevent them from being pulled open or strained.

One day, or rather, one night, the moment having come to save society, the coup d'état abruptly seizes the Demagogues, and finds that it holds by the collar, Whom?

It has eight of these long legs, and as the Monster crawls through the forest he seizes an animal with a leg and drags it to his mouth, where he eats it as a spider does a fly.

The line Guard comes to life, seizes his lantern and commences to march up and down as if salvation depended on his getting in so many laps to the hour.

Plato seizes the weapons of his great master, and is imbued with his spirit.

The eye of Genius seizes what escapes ordinary observation.

10 If human Sin confronts the rigid law Of perfect Truth and Virtue, awe Seizes and saddens thee to see how far Beyond thy reach, Perfection;if we test By the Ideal of the Good, the best, How mean our efforts and our actions are!

ruling over death and life Seizes the heart, in a voluptuous strife

Without order, but with wild cries and shouts, they dashed forward to meet the Kazáks; but not a single gun was taken from its belt, not a single sháshka glimmered in the air: a Tcherkéss waits till the last moment before he seizes his weapons.

His mind is a mixture of all sorts of inconsistencies, of the most absurd ideas, and of the soundest thoughts: sometimes he seizes instantly abstract propositions when they are presented to him in a simple form, and again he will obstinately oppose the plainest and most evident truths: because the former are quite new to him, and the latter are obscured by previous prejudices and impressions.

Kansa hurries to the spot, seizes the child and tries to dash it on a stone.

As Yasoda sets Krishna down, Trinavarta seizes him and whirls him into the air.

When Yasoda returns and sees the mess, she seizes a stick and goes to look for Krishna.

The calves sense its presence and as it sidles up, Krishna seizes it by the hind leg, whirls it round his head and dashes it to death.

Balarama, however, seizes it by its hind legs, twists it round and hurls it into a high tree.

Trees are heavy with blossom, peacocks strut in the glades and a general lethargy seizes the cowherds.

In a flash Krishna slays Kansa's demons and then, leaping on the dais where Kansa is sitting, he seizes him by the hair and hurls him to the ground.

The man refuses; whereupon his brother seizes it and goes away to the forest.

For when I see thee but a little I have no utterance left, my tongue is broken down, and straightway a subtle fire has run under my skin, with my eyes I have no sight, my ears ring, sweat bathes me, and a trembling seizes all my body; I am paler than grass, and seem in my madness little better than one dead.

Then, after explaining to him the use of the salve, she seizes his hand and begs him after he shall have reached his home again, to remember her, as she will bear him in mind, even against her parents' wishes.

10339 examples of  seizes  in sentences