51 examples of self-abasement in sentences

It was hoped that this evident self-abasement by Persia would appease even the Russian bureaucracy.

Our chief task is to show the delusion of those, who, while condemning their own sins by words of confession and self-abasement, make a merit of humility; but, Doge of Venice, there is still a virtue in the sacred rite I have this evening been required to perform, which can overcome the mounting of the most exalted spirit.

How different was his ordinary life from that of his illustrious father, with no repentance, no remorse, no self-abasement!

In the mean while Cromwell in his quarters at Edinburgh laboured to unite the character of the saint with that of the conqueror; and, surrounded as he was with the splendour of victory, to surprise the world by a display of modesty and self-abasement.

He was aware of the necessity of covering the workings of ambition within his breast with the veil of exterior self-abasement; and therefore professed to take no merit to himself, and to see nothing in what he had done, but the hand of the Almighty, fighting in behalf of his faithful servants.

At first, most of the listeners were disposed to believe him one of those exaggerated spirits who exalt themselves by a pretended self-abasement, but his natural, quiet, and thoughtful deportment soon produced a more favorable opinion.

But the only thought which did rise in his mind was one of utter self-abasement.

" So said Campbell, who, in the over-sensitiveness of his conscience, had actually worked himself round during the past night into this new fancy, as a chivalrous act of utter self-abasement.

Self-abasement or humility is a feeling of pain arising from the consideration of our weakness and impotency; its opposite is self-complacency.

Something of her misery and self-abasement crept into the letter to Ted, together with a passionate remorse for having doubted him and her even more vehement regret for having gone out with Willis Hubbard.

Their piety had no weakness of self-abasement in it.

Self-abasement paved the way To villain-bonds and despot sway.

My friend who transmits to me this account, adds the following words, which I desire to insert with the deepest sentiments of unfeigned humility and self-abasement before God, as most unworthy the honour of contributing in the least degree to the joys and graces of one so much my superior in every part of the Christian character.

There is an end to everything; there must be an end even to humiliation, to self-abasement.

His face wore a look of hot, flurried excitement, and his manner was one of abject, cringing self-abasement.

We have many words beginning with Self, but most of them seem to be compounds rather than derivatives; as, self-love, self-abasement, self-abuse, self-affairs, self-willed, self-accusing.

She had spoken to him first over a difficulty about the alisphenoid of a rabbit's skull, and he had found that, in biology at least, he had no reason for self-abasement.

It is indisputable that outbreaks of self-abasement and emotional revival have a distinct relation to periods of scarcity.

," said Hill, giving in in utter self-abasement.

She laughed plaintively and shook her head in humble self-abasement.

They seem to have expected that the picture which they presented of their friend's transparent sincerity and singleness of aim, manifested amid so much pain and self-abasement, would have touched readers more.

It made humility, self-restraint, self-abasement, objects of unceasing, possibly not always wise and healthy, effort.

A very agony of self-abasement will be no armor against the poisoned shafts which assumed superiority will hurl against me.

Sometimes fear froze his vitals, then a flush of self-abasement burned him with its flames.

With self-abasement I was asking for an explanation of the electric telegraph.

51 examples of  self-abasement  in sentences