133 examples of self-esteeming in sentences

A certain Mistress Cary, to whom he was paying court, hath rejected him, and wounded him as much in his self-esteem as in his love, which, I fancy, was not great, but which, on that account, he is anxious to have appear even greater, as is the way with men.

I am afraid that the Germans, whose self-esteem takes another form, were deceived by this.

"Dr. Whewell's self-respect and immense self-esteem led him to imperiousness of manner which touches the border of discourtesy.

" "Speak them fair, and say naught to wound their self-esteem, or to menace their authoritythey will pardon much, if the last, in particular, be respected.

I have fed my self-esteem with luxuries and not with virtue, and, losing them, have nothing left.

England has but a few more weeks of this self-confident, self-esteeming security.

Our defeats in the war of 1812 have been greatly exaggerated; but, all the same, they did constitute rebuffs to our naval self-esteem which were highly significant in themselves, and deserve deep attention.

propio, -a, own, self, very, proper, fitting, suitable, becoming; de, proper to, peculiar to, suited to, befitting, belonging to; amor , self-esteem, self-love, conceit, vanity.

They obstinately refused to enter the garden, because they feared the thorns of the hedge, although they had neither wheat with which to satisfy their hunger nor wine to quench their thirst, but were simply intoxicated with pride and self-esteem, and being blinded by their own false lights, persisted in asserting that the Church of the Word made flesh was invisible.

Thus, Armado, describing Holofernes, says, "That's all one, my fair, sweet, honey monarch; for I protest the schoolmaster is exceeding fantastical,too, too vain,too, too vain; but we will put it, as they say, to fortuna della guerra";whilst Holofernes, not behind his counterpart in self-esteem, sees in the other the defects which he cannot detect in himself.

[Illustration: "It was not until he had consumed a pint or two of the strongest brew that he began to regain some of his old self-esteem.

It was also John Wingfield, Sr.'s boast to himself that he had never been beaten, which average mortals with the temerity to say "Nonsense!"that most equilibratory of wordsmight have diagnosed as a bad case of self-esteem finding a way to forget the resented incidental reverses of success.

But it seemed to us, when we looked at "our view," as if we could only see those invisible villages of which Brede had told usthat other side of the ridges and rises of which we catch no glimpse from lofty hills or from the heights of human self-esteem.

, he now makes sensation a universal and essential property of matter (la pierre sent), declares the talk about the simplicity of the soul metaphysico-theological nonsense, calls the brain a self-playing instrument, ridicules self-esteem, shame, and repentance as the absurd folly of a being that imputes to itself merit or demerit for necessary actions, and recognizes no other immortality than that of posthumous fame.

On occasion of my first visit, I was struck by an incident which explained the ridicule we have all heard thrown on the old poet for a self-esteem which he was merely too simple to hide.

Self-esteem gave value to the opinions of fools.

But it was quite clear that the only impression her looks or her personality had made upon him was the slight one of having met and forgotten herhardly flattering to her self-esteem.

Her self-esteem was at stake.

Eventually he soothed his self-esteem by associating his own trials and misfortunes with those endured by classical heroes.

Even Mr. Pallinson, obtuse as he was apt to be when called upon to comprehend any fact derogatory to his own self-esteem, was fain to confess to himself that this evening's efforts were futile, and that this dark-faced stranger was the favourite for those matrimonial stakes he had entered himself to run for.

His self-esteem was pleased at the thought that he should yet conquer this cool and open-minded girl by the force of his own intelligence.

This constant success engendered, as it is too apt to do, inordinate egotism, conceit, self-esteem, vanity.

From the first the English officers in command in this awkward country made up their minds that their men could do nothing in the meshes of the bush, and they clung to the more open strip with a caution and a profound respect for Native prowess which epithets can hardly exaggerate, and which tended to intensify the self-esteem of the Maori, never the least self-confident of warriors.

Age removed a good deal of his vanity, and I suppose it forced him to part with some portion of his self-esteem.

They say his speech was so full of dignity and unnecessary rage that some one declared he was simply trying to recover his self-esteem for Marguerite's having called him trivial and not yet altogether grown up.

133 examples of  self-esteeming  in sentences