133 examples of self-esteeming in sentences

There was no lack of self-esteem either in the man or his head.

"Ought I to listen to such praises, Mr. Powis," she asked; "praises which only contribute to a self-esteem that is too great already?" "No one but yourself would say this; but your question does, indeed, remind me of the indiscretion that I have fallen into, by losing that command of my feelings, in which I have so long exulted.

I am afraid that the Germans, whose self-esteem takes another form, were deceived by this.

But if you do, you rate them even more highly than they rate themselves; and English colonists are not much behind the citizens of the model Republic in honest self-esteem.

England has but a few more weeks of this self-confident, self-esteeming security.

They made their comparisons, and formed their conclusions, with the same deference to self-esteem, and the same submission to hope, as had been apparent among their competitors.

The tarboosh he wore tilted at an angle heightened the general effect of arrogant self-esteem.

Ordinarily even Jude Cartwright, with all his self-esteem, would never have aspired to a star so remote as Mervin's daughter.

Falling from the highest hopes of prosperity into the most painful afflictions, he thus wanted solid principles of action to support him, and was forced to retreat upon an excess of self-esteem, which allowed his pride to become a beggar, and

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All the follies of which you lovers are capable, we pardon, but you will always find us intractable when our self-esteem meets your own.

It was also John Wingfield, Sr.'s boast to himself that he had never been beaten, which average mortals with the temerity to say "Nonsense!"that most equilibratory of wordsmight have diagnosed as a bad case of self-esteem finding a way to forget the resented incidental reverses of success.

On occasion of my first visit, I was struck by an incident which explained the ridicule we have all heard thrown on the old poet for a self-esteem which he was merely too simple to hide.

I saw that my old mate was touched with this proof of confidence, and that his self-esteem had so much risen with the discovery of his origin that he made no objections to the trust.

He was not hurt, save in his self-esteem, and gathering himself together, he endeavored to walk with dignity into the dining-room; but he had hardly reached the door, when he was overcome with a mad desire to whoopand whoop he did.

Self-esteem gave value to the opinions of fools.

God guard me from self-esteem.

Further, the allied emotion of self-esteem comes into play.

Being both endowed with a good degree of self-esteem, neither the praise nor the blame of mankind was overpowering to either of us.

A phrenologist would tell us that strongly developed organs of self-esteem and love of approbation accompanied this trait of character.

Brought up as you were, the only child of indulgent parents, and given admiration and praise by all your associates, you could hardly reach the age of twenty-two without having developed self-esteem and love of praise.

The Rhodians, who formerly had possessed a vast amount of self-esteem, thinking that they, too, ranked as conquerors of Philip and Antiochus, and were stronger than the Romans, fell into such depths of terror as to despatch an ambassador to Antiochus, king of Syria, and summon Popilius, in whose presence they condemned all those opposed to the Roman policy and then sent such as were arrested to punishment.

Perhaps he had been afraid of the domination of his gentle wife with her soft insistence, and had girded at her throughout the years because of mere fanatic self-esteem.

Warlike and intelligent, and with a full share of self-esteem, they were not a race likely to put up with such an indignity.

From the first the English officers in command in this awkward country made up their minds that their men could do nothing in the meshes of the bush, and they clung to the more open strip with a caution and a profound respect for Native prowess which epithets can hardly exaggerate, and which tended to intensify the self-esteem of the Maori, never the least self-confident of warriors.

133 examples of  self-esteeming  in sentences