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1168 examples of  selfishness  in sentences

1168 examples of selfishness in sentences

One consequence of a state of rapacious infatuation, like that which we have just related, is the intensity of selfishness which smothers all recollection of the past, and all just anticipations of the future, by condensing life, with its motives and enjoyments, into the present moment.

without one distress, Sick of herself through very selfishness!

" The clasp of her hand showed how thoroughly, despite the momentary doubt, she felt with me; and I could not now recur to that secondary selfishness which had so imperiously repelled her from the sick-chamber.

As she grew up, and became a more equal and rational companion to her parents, the cares and business of life necessarily occupied more of her time and thoughts, and gave her less leisure for solitary meditation; and her daily increasing sense of the duties and responsibilities of a Christian, led her to regard as selfishness that indulgence of her own thoughts and feelings in which she had so much delighted.

The myopia of such crude selfishness continues to determine his politics to this very day.

Howsoever it may be perverted and turned right round and away from God and goodness to selfishness and evil, it can be converted, and turned back again to God.

The interests of the great masses are not being sacrificed, as in former times, to the selfishness, ambitions, and aggrandizement of sovereigns, or to the intrigues of statesmen unwilling to surrender their scepter of power.

I am not persuading your lordships to lay restraints upon virtue and prudence, but to consider how seldom virtue and authority are found together, how often prudence degenerates into selfishness, and all generous regard for the publick is contracted into narrow views of private interest.

He and Marston had been schoolfellows, and the violent and implacable temper of the latter had as little impressed his companion with feelings of regard, as the frivolity and selfishness of the baronet had won the esteem of his relative.

Marston knew Sir Wynston well; and he rightly calculated that whatever effect his experience of the world might have had in intensifying his selfishness or hardening his heart, it certainly could have had none in improving a character originally worthless and unfeeling.

Only once have I deviated from the life of consistent selfishness at which every sensible man should aim, and see how I am punished!

There was not apparently, at this early time of his life, one grain of selfishness about him.

Much less was it right to use it to gratify a dreamy whim that had in it perhaps just a touch of selfishness.

" Mr. Kemp thought it over, and after a vain attempt to raise the promised reward to five pounds, finally compounded for two, and went off to bed after a few stormy words on selfishness and ingratitude.

To be true to the divine self in us, is indeed to be true to all; but it is only by being true to all, against the ever present and urging false self, that at length we shall see the divine self rise above the chaotic waters of our selfishness, and know it so as to be true to it.

What reasons can you assign for the refusal, except such as are founded on selfishness, and are, therefore, morally worthless?

Probably there never will be order or tranquillity in the island until it shall receive that justice which the prejudices of the English will not permit them at present to grant,so slow are all reforms which have to contend with bigotry, ignorance, and selfishness.

It was the battle of reason and truth against prejudice and bigotry,the battle of a new enlightenment of general interests against the selfishness of unenlightened classes.

At bottom, love of self, self-interest, selfishness individual and corporate.

As a theory, the philosophy of selfishness has often been exposed.

Our civilisation has been based on selfishness, our commerce on competition and the unrestricted love of wealth, our education on the motive of self-advancement.

And science and knowledge, made the instrument of selfishness and competition, have armed man against man, class against class, and nation against nation, with tenfold the power of destruction which belonged to a less educated and highly organised age.

The civilised world has been shocked during the past months at the spectacle of the open adoption by a great Power of this philosophy of selfishness.

The true internationalisma spirit of mutual understanding and fellowship between men and nations, to replace the suspicions, the competition, and the watchful selfishness of the past generationis the moral task that lies before Europe and America to-day.

The selfishness of ambition does not exclude the more kindly feelings of domestic affection.

You may renounce the outward world, and isolate yourself in a cave or in the depths of a forest, but you will take all your selfishness with you, and unless you renounce that, great indeed will be your wretchedness and deep your delusion.

It is easy for a man, so long as he is left in the enjoyment of his possessions, to persuade himself that he believes in and adheres to the principles of Peace, Brotherhood, and Universal Love; but if, when his enjoyments are threatened, or he imagines they are threatened, he begins to clamor loudly for war, he shows that he believes in and stands upon, not Peace, Brotherhood, and Love, but strife, selfishness, and hatred.

Search for a rock, a principle, and having found it cling to it; get it under your feet and stand erect upon it, until at last, immovably fixed upon it, you succeed in defying the fury of the waves and storms of selfishness.

For selfishness in any and every form is dissipation, weakness, death; unselfishness in its spiritual aspect is conservation, power, life.

Every slip, every fall, every return to selfishness is a lesson learned, an experience gained, from which a golden grain of wisdom is extracted, helping the striver toward the accomplishment of his lofty object.

And as you proceed, day by day detaching yourself more and more from the inward selfishness the Love that is selfless will gradually become revealed to you.

It is because human loves are narrow and confined and mingled with selfishness that they cause suffering.

From "Joaquin Miller's Complete Poems." HELPING' OUT "I always look out for Number One," was the favorite remark of a man who thought he had found the great rule to success, but he had only stated his own doctrine of selfishness, and his life was never very successful.

A man must be big to succeed, and selfishness is always cramping and narrow.

A reason for this is that the strongest instincts in children are those relating to self-preservation and the gratification of personal desires, hence selfishness, greediness, anger, and the fighting instinct are natural to the child, while generosity, good manners, respect for the rights of others, and sympathy require, in order to be properly developed, persistent effort and education.

If, on the other hand, the child is taken up whenever it cries and walked and rocked and fondled, it quickly learns that individuals were made solely to wait on it, and the great instinct of selfishness is aroused which is likely to carry in its wake a world of trouble and disappointment.

4. How is selfishness early aroused?

Probably in nothing else is vanity and selfishness more easily displayed than in dress.

If selfishness is ever overcome, if it is ever transformed into service, it will be when love is triumphant; for love alone is great enough to sacrifice itself for another.

It is desired that he shall be generous and possess good will towards others, that he shall have sympathy and the spirit of sacrifice for those dear to him; but too often the fruit of promise is eaten into by the worm of selfishness.

"Selfishness is the most universal of sins and the most hateful.

Dante placed Lucifer, the embodiment of selfishness, down below all other sinners in the dark pit of the Inferno, frozen in a sea of ice.

Think, if you can, of one crime or vice which has not its origin in selfishness.

" As already stated, the primary instincts of the child favor the development of selfishness and the gratification of the appetites and passions.

He would not have denied his selfishness, and indeed rather prided himself on that quality; yet behold him now waging a contest in which a man wastes money, time, comfort, and self-respect, that he may wrest from real sorrow and discomfiture the shadow of a happiness which he cannot grasp when he has reached it.

Love, diffused amongst the species, is the best and purest of earthly motives, concentrated on the individual it seems but a dual selfishness after all.

I know there is an outward amiability about many young persons, some young girls especially, that seems like genuine goodness; but I have been disposed of late to lean toward your view, that these human affections, as we see them in our children,ours, I say, though I have not the fearful responsibility of training any of my own,are only a kind of disguised and sinful selfishness.

Disguised selfishness!

And his granddaughter too, whose disguised selfishness was the light of his household!

It is a question of inspiring our future citizens while they are boys and girls with the spirit of true patriotism as against the spirit of rank selfishness, the anti-social spirit of the man who declines to take into account any other interest than his own; whose one aim and ideal is personal success.

This is really a question of how far they will prove able to get out of the habits and traditions of their former social state, how far they will be able to take generous views and make sacrifices and unselfish efforts, and how far they will go in self-seeking or class selfishness regardless of the common welfare.

The fundamental error of orthodox political economy and of Marxian socialism is to assume the inveterate selfishness of everyone.

I do not think one can count on any limit to their selfishness and treason.

It was an exasperating piece of private selfishness, quite typical of the individualistic state of mind, and the failure to anticipate or arrest it on the part of the Government was a worse failure than Suvla Bay.

Youth and necessity will carry this against selfishness, against the unimaginative, against the unteachable, the suspicious, the "old fool.

I never heard of such selfishness before!' 'Men are always selfish,' she said sententiously.

'I see all plainly enough; it is fate, I suppose.... Selfishness.

How we human beings thrive in each other's unhappiness!' 'Quite true, and we have been reproaching ourselves for our selfishness.' 'Yes, and hers is infinitely greater.

And what is so strange is her utter unconsciousness of her own fantastic and hardly conceivable selfishness....

I never knew how high I stood in my own estimation until I found how far the discovery of my folly and selfishness made me fall.

" "You show your selfishness by dwelling on what you have lost.

The passage of the Balkans was a campaign full of excitement, and was accompanied by so much hardship that selfishness got entirely the upper hand of me, and life became a battle for physical comfort.

The income from his books and other sources, which might have been spent in a life of luxury and selfishness, he distributed lavishly where he saw it was needed, and in order to do this he always lived in the most simple way.

It is the culmination in aggression of that, at first, entirely protective trade unionism which the individual selfishness and collective short-sightedness and State blindness of our owning and directing and ruling classes forced upon the working man.

It's like a spreading poison in this country, and the beastly root of it is just selfishness.

They are selfishness incarnate and a stumbling-block to all national progress.

That cause is a moral one, and is to be found in the recklessness, the conceit, the sophistry, the selfishness, which are necessarily engendered by Slavery itself.

The obstacle to their mental and moral union is found in a third person, Densdeth, in whom manly strength and genius have been corrupted by selfishness and sensuality into the worst form of spiritual evil.

But we dare not hope the designs of such will not always be frustrated by the same barbarous selfishness they were in Georgia.

The outside of his life is whitewashed; but his heart may be as foul as ever; as full as ever of selfishness, greediness, meanness.

If we let into our hearts selfishness and falsehood; if we lose faith in God, and fancy that God's laws are not well-made enough to prosper us, but that we must break them if we want to prosper; then we turn God's good gift into an idol and a snare; into the unrighteous Mammon.

This continued for several days, and when at last nature was exhausted by the violence of these paroxysms of phrensy, the vital powers which had been for seventy long years spending their strength in deeds of selfishness, cruelty, and hatred, found their work done, and sunk to revive no more.

But the sacrifice was sweet; selfishness directs our actions ... and I sought you!

And never again will the world have a truly great art or literature until men like usin the divine selfishness of their, callingdemand, first and last, that they, themselves, be satisfied by the work of their hands.

He used to say he did not know which was the most difficult for his mind to conceive of, the cruel depravity manifested by the ignorant colored man, or the unscrupulous selfishness of the slaveholder, a man of education, a husband and a father, who could consent to use such a tool for such a purpose.

War and fighting and being a king,that's nothing but selfishness!

Perhaps the solution of this political problem can only be found in the selfishness of the French character, and the want of connection between the different departments.

Perhaps the solution of this political problem can only be found in the selfishness of the French character, and the want of connection between the different departments.

Then she saw his true naturehis selfishness, brutality, cowardice, evenand revolted.

Yet do not feel that you must never indicate any trouble of your own, for it is conducive to selfishness when a wife hides all her worries and indispositions to listen to those of her husband.

But there are few with his bravery and, therefore, the strongholds of selfishness and self-indulgence remain impregnable.

True, this selfishness of his at least respects everyone's liberty and applauds all originality; but it helps no one, troubles itself for no one, bears no one's burden; in a word, it lacks charity, the great Christian virtue.

He flattered himself that in this feeling he was only anxious that Vernon should grow spirited and independent; but, had he examined himself, he would have found selfishness at the bottom of it.

Nearly every one bolted for the door, which led through the passage into the street; and in their headlong flight and selfishness, they stumbled over each other, and prevented all egress, several being knocked down and bruised in the crush.

They wept together; and once more, as they had not done since they were children, each brother put his arm round the other's neck, and remorseful Eric could not help being amazed, how, in his cruel heartless selfishness, he had let that fair child go so far astray; left him as a prey to such boys as were his companions in the lower school.

We know from their own avowals that a great anger possessed them, that they were indignant at the sacred idea of the Church being lost and smothered by selfishness and stupidity; they were animated by the spirit which makes men lose patience with abuses and their apologists, and gives them no peace till they speak out.

After hearing these sermons you might come away still not believing the tenets peculiar to the High Church system; but you would be harder than most men, if you did not feel more than ever ashamed of coarseness, selfishness, worldliness, if you did not feel the things of faith brought closer to the soul.

He knew now that he cared for her more than for any living being; beyond all thought of passion or of selfishness.

Matthew Maltboy was so perfectly free from selfishness at this moment, that he would cheerfully have spared a few words from Miss Whedell's delightful monologue for the gratification of his late rival ("late" was now decidedly the word, in Maltboy's opinion) over the way.

Although I was born and raised in the midst of slavery, I had not the least idea of its barbarous selfishness till I was forced to pass through it.

The Kurnai began by kneading the stomachs of the lads about to be initiated (that is, if they have been associating with Christians), to expel selfishness and greed.

I own that the life of solitude which an old maid's includes, may, if the heart be so inclined, be equally productive of selfishness, moroseness of temper, and obstinacy in opinion and judgment, but most fervently I trust such will never be my attributes.

It can never be while my beloved aunt and uncle are spared to me, which I trust they will be for many, many years longer; and even should they be removed before I anticipate, I have so many to love me, so many to dearly love, that I can have no time, no room for selfishness.

"Thank God, Kate," I said, "for your sake and mine!" "Can you spare me, after you are well again, Charlie,if he" "Am I a monster of selfishness and ingratitude?" She kissed me, took up her work, and sat down to sew.

And it was not a tyrant selfishness, a wild ambition, that ruled his life, but a rare concurrence of mental aptitude, moral impulse, and bodily necessity, that kept him incessant in adventure.

But the Porto Rico people were largely favorable to United States sovereigntyjust as the Cubans would be if it were not for the selfishness and jealousies, hatreds and scheming, regardless of the favor or prosperity of the people, that the most deplorable warfare known in the later years of the earth has engendered.

To yawn in the presence of others, to lounge, to put your feet on a chair, to stand with your back to the fire, to take the most comfortable seat in the room, to do anything which shows indifference, selfishness, or disrespect, is unequivocally vulgar and inadmissible.

"The chiefest of which is?" "A goodly return for the investment, trulyI desire not to deny the agency of natural causes; but, trust me, there is a sort of professional glory in thus defeating the selfishness of our rulers.

He has entrenched his gains behind acknowledged barriers, and he preaches their sanctity, because they favor his selfishness.

The selfishness of the old negress had struck me on the raft as something rare even in one of her shallow race, and my conviction of her cowardice and coldness prevented me from taking advantage of her cupidity, as I might have done otherwise.