1168 examples of selfishness in sentences

One consequence of a state of rapacious infatuation, like that which we have just related, is the intensity of selfishness which smothers all recollection of the past, and all just anticipations of the future, by condensing life, with its motives and enjoyments, into the present moment.

Only once have I deviated from the life of consistent selfishness at which every sensible man should aim, and see how I am punished!

" Mr. Kemp thought it over, and after a vain attempt to raise the promised reward to five pounds, finally compounded for two, and went off to bed after a few stormy words on selfishness and ingratitude.

To be true to the divine self in us, is indeed to be true to all; but it is only by being true to all, against the ever present and urging false self, that at length we shall see the divine self rise above the chaotic waters of our selfishness, and know it so as to be true to it.

Probably there never will be order or tranquillity in the island until it shall receive that justice which the prejudices of the English will not permit them at present to grant,so slow are all reforms which have to contend with bigotry, ignorance, and selfishness.

It was the battle of reason and truth against prejudice and bigotry,the battle of a new enlightenment of general interests against the selfishness of unenlightened classes.

At bottom, love of self, self-interest, selfishness individual and corporate.

As a theory, the philosophy of selfishness has often been exposed.

Our civilisation has been based on selfishness, our commerce on competition and the unrestricted love of wealth, our education on the motive of self-advancement.

And science and knowledge, made the instrument of selfishness and competition, have armed man against man, class against class, and nation against nation, with tenfold the power of destruction which belonged to a less educated and highly organised age.

The civilised world has been shocked during the past months at the spectacle of the open adoption by a great Power of this philosophy of selfishness.

The true internationalisma spirit of mutual understanding and fellowship between men and nations, to replace the suspicions, the competition, and the watchful selfishness of the past generationis the moral task that lies before Europe and America to-day.

You may renounce the outward world, and isolate yourself in a cave or in the depths of a forest, but you will take all your selfishness with you, and unless you renounce that, great indeed will be your wretchedness and deep your delusion.

It is easy for a man, so long as he is left in the enjoyment of his possessions, to persuade himself that he believes in and adheres to the principles of Peace, Brotherhood, and Universal Love; but if, when his enjoyments are threatened, or he imagines they are threatened, he begins to clamor loudly for war, he shows that he believes in and stands upon, not Peace, Brotherhood, and Love, but strife, selfishness, and hatred.

Search for a rock, a principle, and having found it cling to it; get it under your feet and stand erect upon it, until at last, immovably fixed upon it, you succeed in defying the fury of the waves and storms of selfishness.

For selfishness in any and every form is dissipation, weakness, death; unselfishness in its spiritual aspect is conservation, power, life.

Every slip, every fall, every return to selfishness is a lesson learned, an experience gained, from which a golden grain of wisdom is extracted, helping the striver toward the accomplishment of his lofty object.

And as you proceed, day by day detaching yourself more and more from the inward selfishness the Love that is selfless will gradually become revealed to you.

It is because human loves are narrow and confined and mingled with selfishness that they cause suffering.

From "Joaquin Miller's Complete Poems." HELPING' OUT "I always look out for Number One," was the favorite remark of a man who thought he had found the great rule to success, but he had only stated his own doctrine of selfishness, and his life was never very successful.

A man must be big to succeed, and selfishness is always cramping and narrow.

Love, diffused amongst the species, is the best and purest of earthly motives, concentrated on the individual it seems but a dual selfishness after all.

'I see all plainly enough; it is fate, I suppose.... Selfishness.

How we human beings thrive in each other's unhappiness!' 'Quite true, and we have been reproaching ourselves for our selfishness.' 'Yes, and hers is infinitely greater.

And what is so strange is her utter unconsciousness of her own fantastic and hardly conceivable selfishness....

1168 examples of  selfishness  in sentences