1355 examples of seniors in sentences

" Upon which they proceeded to blows, Dridrano all the while bellowing, "I beg, my worthy seniors, for the honour of science, that you will forbear!"

He replied, "I note that he seats himself in the places reserved for his betters, and that when he is walking he keeps abreast with his seniors.

"Say, Rover, look out, or Jerry Koswell will eat you up!" said one of the seniors.

"They had no business to go off on such a lark," said one of the seniors.

When her seniors had done with this letter, she carried it to her own room, reading and re-reading it a dozen times; nor could she muster resolution to return it; but, finding at length that the epistle was forgotten, she succeeded in retaining it without awakening attention to what she had done.

We are, as you have no doubt observed, a very fine body of men, and the officers are the pick of the service, though the seniors are hardly up to the same standard as the rest of us.'

Each tribe was divided into ten centuries, five of seniors and five of juniors.

McKown, and L.L. Van Kleeck, Esqs., Mr. Robert Alsop, the late John Schoolcraft, Esq., G. Batterman, John Sloan, and other well-known gentlemen of the town, all of whom were his seniors in age, attended these meetings.

On the occasion of one of the annual gatherings at the Marshall house of the Seniors in her father's classes, she remarked fiercely to Judith, "If Father gets off that old Emerson, 'What will you have, quoth God.

After the chicken-salad and coffee had been successfully served and eaten, one of the Seniors stepped forward with an awkward crudeness and presented Professor Marshall with a silver-mounted blotting-pad.

But her father's quick heart was touched, and more than half of his usual little speech of farewell to his Seniors was an expression of thanks to them.

The younger members of both Sigma Beta and Alpha Kappa counseled early and enthusiastic "rushing" of the new prize, but the Juniors and Seniors, wise in their day and generation, brought out a number of damning facts which would need to be taken into consideration if Sylvia wore their pin.

The two seniors, called the 'City' and 'Foreign' respectively, corresponded roughly to our Home and Foreign Secretaries.

Our college buildings were threeone, West College, in the town, for the freshman and sophomore classes, and two on the hill above the town, North and South colleges, for the juniors and seniors.

Besides this we had a house of representatives for the juniors and a senate for the seniors, over which two of the senior professors presided, knowing the rules of the respective branches of Congress, and requiring their observance in the debates, which echoed the grave political questions of the day.

The comparatives elder and better, are often used as nouns; so are the Latin comparatives superior and inferior, interior and exterior, senior and junior, major and minor: as, The elder's advice,One of the elders,His betters,Our superiors,The interior of the country,A handsome exterior,Your seniors,My juniors,A major in the army,He is yet a minor.

Sahwah was a Junior and the Varsity team were all Seniors.

If some of his friends, the Seniors, at Cambridge, would only put his adventures into Greek verse, he might descend to posterity in sounding hexameters with the sons of Telamon and Thetis.

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Of these the great majority were his seniors, for whose society the maturity of his mind qualified him.

Frowenfeld felt that he must bring this to an end, and, like any young person who has learned neither deceit nor disrespect to seniors, he attempted to reason it down.

I have seen the experiment successful in boys' schools and in girls' schools, among very little children, and among the seniors and juniors at college.

One of his seniors has come into some property, another is out of health and retires, so there is some promotion in view.

1355 examples of  seniors  in sentences