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8861 example sentences with  seniors

8861 example sentences with seniors

Upon which they proceeded to blows, Dridrano all the while bellowing, "I beg, my worthy seniors, for the honour of science, that you will forbear!

The news caused a profound sensation, the like of which had probably never been witnessed at The Birches beforeno, not even on that memorable occasion when the intelligence arrived that Scourer, one of the past seniors, had ridden his bicycle through the plate-glass window of Brown's big crockery-shop, and was being brought home on a shutter.

It was some time before the new-comers could find their way about alone without turning down wrong passages, or encroaching on forbidden ground, and getting shouted at by irate seniors, and ordered to "Come out of that!"

" "And you look out too," muttered Noaks, glancing at Mugford with a fierce expression on his face as the two seniors moved off, "you beastly young sneak.

John Acton, a tall, wiry fellow, who looked as though his whole body was as hard and tough as whip-cord, was standing leaning on the end of the mantelpiece talking to another of the seniors, who sat sprawling in a folding-chair on the other side of the fire; while seated at the table, turning over the leaves of what appeared to be a big manuscript book, was no less a personage than Allingford, the school captain.

The Third Form Chronicle, as it was to be called, would recognize the fact that junior boys had as much right to be heard as seniors, and would afford them the opportunity of airing their views on any subject they chose to bring forward.

It was hardly to be expected that the light-hearted juveniles of the Third Form should trouble their heads to take much notice of this disagreement among the seniors.

The close of the previous holidays had witnessed a general parliamentary election, and with the details of contests which had taken place in their native towns vividly impressed upon their minds, the younger boys, from the Lower Fourth downwards, threw themselves into the present conflict with an amount of energy and spirit which was not to be found in the more sober and deliberate action of their seniors.

These games, it need hardly be said, were not carried on when any of the prefects or members of the Sixth happened to be present; but during the half-hour between the end of tea and the commencement of preparation, when it rarely happened that any of the seniors put in an appearance, the conduct of the place went steadily from bad to worse.

So the Quebec Chronicle, which is the second surviving senior in America, is also among the great press seniors of the world.

He replied, "I note that he seats himself in the places reserved for his betters, and that when he is walking he keeps abreast with his seniors.

Eating, drinking excessively of Denslow's costly wines, dancing to music which grew livelier and more boisterous as the musicians imbibed more of the inspiriting juice, and, catching scraps of the scandal, threw out significant airs, the company of young persons, deserted by their scandalized seniors, had converted the magnificent suite of drawing-rooms into a carnival theatre.

"Leave, seniors," cried he, "this idle lamentation to helpless women and children: we are menwe have hearts, not to shed tender tears, but drops of blood.

There was Thomas Newcome arrived at the middle of life, standing between the shouting boys and the tottering seniors and in a situation to moralise upon both, had not his son Clive, who espied him, come jumping down the steps to greet his sire.

Those masters or seniors who were kind to him, he loved with boyish ardour.

It is, however, permitted and expected that the dissentients, if few in number, much more a single dissentient, shall listen attentively and give the most respectful and impartial consideration to the arguments of brethren, and especially of seniors.

One of the seniors, a refined young man named Allan Charter, took the crowd through the library and the laboratory and also down to the gymnasium and the boathouse.

"It isn't quite so boyish as Putnam Hall wassome of the seniors are young menbut that doesn't matter.

The seniors took no part, but three had been "told off" to act as referees, and they stood around as if inspecting the buildings and the scenery.

called one of the seniors to Dudd.

said one of the seniors.

"They had no business to go off on such a lark," said one of the seniors.

Both Jack and Fletcher had graduated the year before, but still took an interest in their old haunts, and patronized the fellows who were not yet through the mill, at least the Seniors and Juniors; of Sophs and Freshs they were sublimely unconscious.

With many allusions to their policy, but with no direct intimation of their own intention, the seniors of the council continued the conversation until the hour for the meeting in the Doge's palace drew nigh.

Ere the two seniors of the Council left the palace, however, they held a long and secret conference together.

The seniors of the party at Benfield Lodge were all assembled one morning in a parlor, when its master and the baronet were occupied in the perusal of the London papers.

His seniors, Francis and George, were yet bachelors.

Go and gather together the seniors and aged men of Israel, and say to them: The Lord God of your fathers hath appeared to me, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, saying: Visiting I have visited you, and have seen all that is fallen in Egypt, and I shall lead you out of the affliction of Egypt into the land of Canaan, Ethei, etc., unto the land flowing milk and honey, and they shall hear thy voice.

Thou shalt go and take with thee the seniors of Israel to the king of Egypt, and shalt say to him: The Lord God of the Hebrews hath called us; we shall go the journey of three days in wilderness that we may offer to our Lord God.

They came both together and gathered and assembled all the seniors and aged men of the children of Israel.

Then our Lord said to Moses: Go before the people and take with thee the older men and seniors of Israel, and take the rod that thou smotest with the flood in thy hand, and I shall stand tofore upon the stone of Oreb, and smite thou the stone with the rod and the waters shall come out thereof that the people may drink.

Moses did so tofore the seniors of Israel and called that place Temptation, because of the grudge of the children of Israel, and said: Is God with us or not?

Aaron and all the seniors of Israel came and eat with him tofore our Lord.

And all the seniors of Israel came and did homage to David in Hebron, and anointed him king over them.

When the people was departed, Rehoboam made a counsel of the seniors and old men that had assisted his father Solomon whiles he lived, and said to them: What say ye? and counsel me that I may answer to the people, which said to Rohoboam: If thou wilt obey and agree to this people, and agree to their petition, and speak fair and friendly to them, they shall serve thee always.

"Your military service should have taught you more respect for your seniors, as well as how to eat and drink temperately," said Pertinax.

When her seniors had done with this letter, she carried it to her own room, reading and re-reading it a dozen times; nor could she muster resolution to return it; but, finding at length that the epistle was forgotten, she succeeded in retaining it without awakening attention to what she had done.

" "Your honour is jestingsince many of his seniors are still living.

The two seniors burst out laughing.

These ladies were considerably his seniors, and had in turn been brought up at Barracombe by their grandmother; whose maxims they still quoted, and whose ideas they had scarcely outgrown.

Among his seniors the youth perceives a certain jealousy of him.

We are, as you have no doubt observed, a very fine body of men, and the officers are the pick of the service, though the seniors are hardly up to the same standard as the rest of us.'

The house's way of signifying its comprehension of the fact was to be cold and distant as far as the seniors were concerned, and abusive and pugnacious as regards the juniors.

On Apr. 10th I addressed my formal Latin letter to the Seniors.

There was supper in Hall at 9 o'clock: I have known it to be attended by a few undergraduates when tired by examinations or by evening walks; and there were always some seniors at the upper table: I have occasionally joined them, and have had some very interesting conversations.

It would seem as if Airy's knowledge had matured in so remarkable a manner, and the original work that he produced was so brilliant and copious, that by common consent he ranked with men who were much his seniors: and the natural gravity and decorum of his manners when quite a young man well supported the idea of an age considerably greater than was actually the case.

Miss Sheepshanks added, through me, Ā£2000 to her former gift: I transferred it, I believe, to the Master and Seniors of Trinity College.

But as he had three seniors, his prospect of a fellowship was distant; and he was anxious to free his mother from the inconvenience of contributing to his support.

The departing engineers would be compelled to return, and then He laughed aloud and began pacing back and forth across the rotted floor of his prison as he pictured the consternation of the two seniors.

And it wasn't a serious dating relationship, but she hung around with him, and he -- seniors were allowed to drive to school.

In some cases, yearbooks are mailed to the parents' homes of graduated seniors.

International competitions are split between juniors, under sixteen by their year of birth; and seniors, for women sixteen and over again by their year of birth.

ā€œEspecially for the seniors that donā€™t even have college looks yet who were depending on their senior year, itā€™s like their exposure is not there,ā€ said Whitney M. Young Magnet High School senior basketball player Jaehshon Thomas.

Fargo Davies seniors Kaleb Glover and Pablo Nunez battle for control during soccer practice on Monday, August 3, 2020.

Going to need the seniors Hehn and Messy to play the games of their lives.

ā€œHaving reliable, affordable transportation is a key component that allows many seniors to remain independent and living in their homes.ā€

Having such a high percentage of seniors show up, that shows how much everyone in the senior class loved it and is going to miss it.ā€

Having this happen during our senior year has been very unfortunate and devastating for most of us seniors.

He said the district will ā€œwill honor our seniors with some special surprises in the coming weeks as well as in person when it is safe to resume large gatherings.

If any non-seniors are reading this, Iā€™m not trying to dissuade you from writing about heavy topics or personal ones either ā€” quite the opposite.

I feel like most seniors have been trying hard to get to this moment.ā€

I feel saddened for all the seniors who have to end their athletic careers this way.

ā€œI find volunteering with the seniors so rewarding.

I remain firmly committed to doing everything we can to slow the spread of this deadly virus, so we can protect the health and safety of our families, our frontline workers, our seniors, and our small businesses.

And for larger highrises that have elevator access, she said seniors could be a segment of the population that property owners target to fill vacancies.

Ms. Conway declined to discuss her conversations with Mr. Trump about seniors, but she noted that he had promised not to touch safety-net programs that affect them.

New Delhi, Jan 4 (IANS) An assistant Commandant of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has sent a legal notice to seniors officials of the Jharkhand Police demanding an unconditional public apology over alleged ā€˜defamationā€™ and ā€˜mental harassmentā€™.

New sign-ups also get a visit from a client service coordinator, who does assessments, and checks if seniors need to be connected to additional services ā€” the sort of information that they might have found at a traditional senior center.

Of course we want to get all the seniors adopted to show them some love.ā€

Canada slowly, due to the tremendous work of Stanley Knowles, of whom we are all proud, I am sure members on all sides of the House are proud, finally moved to bring in seniors pensions in the 1920s, 1930s.

Councillor Holmes moved a motion related to income data, noting the varying needs and incomes of seniors.

ā€œDuring the wildfire, I had the opportunity to visit the seniors evacuated from Fort McMurray.

Ed Prochot talks about the integration of Seniors and Youth.

Fees (including GST) are $50 for adults and seniors, $45 for children and youth.

For general information regarding both programs, consult the Low-income Seniors & Low-income Disabled Persons Tax Deferral Program information page.

For seniors, financial assets and information can be spread far and wide both physically and digitally.

For seniors living at home that are looking for a little help or companionship, Penny Lane may be able to help.

Fraud Against Seniors Madam Speaker, I am very excited to once again rise in this place to speak to Motion No. 203, a motion to combat seniors fraud.

Fraud Against Seniors Madam Speaker, I am very excited to once again rise in this place to speak to Motion No. 203, a motion to combat seniors fraud.

However even in the IMPACT study, only 25% to 30% of the seniors became completely free of depressive symptoms.

However for children and seniors, it can be life-threatening.

In fact, the Conservatives consistently put shameless self-promotion ahead of seniors.

In fact, the potential benefit of enabling seniors to continue with their savings invested rather than forcing them to prematurely sell their investments could actually increase the government's tax revenues once an account holder passes away.

Inside Dauphin we have a large seniors population which indicates a very important need in the form of our Dauphin Regional Health Centre.

ā€œI see us as the community services link to the health- care system, specifically for seniors and adults with disabilities,ā€ says Brownsberger.

I should point out the seniors facility is more toward the central living complex and is through the good work of the Yukon Housing Corporation and their investment in that area.

It also has children, seniors and the voluntary sector, all of which have direct links to the disability community.

And it's always an idea that brings forward the rights of seniors and the privileges that we're supposed to have.

And, Mr. Speaker, I can also tell you that I am getting letters from seniorsā€“seniors who are again on fixed incomesā€“who are, you know, considering what they should do in retirement.

And, Mr. Speaker, I can also tell you that I am getting letters from seniorsā€“seniors who are again on fixed incomesā€“who are, you know, considering what they should do in retirement.

It is with great pleasure to introduce to this House and to Yukon seniors the Seniors Property Tax Deferment Act.

It is with great pleasure to introduce to this House and to Yukon seniors the Seniors Property Tax Deferment Act.

It's important to have persons on the committee who are seniors, but age should not be defined.

It was an emotional moment for several seniors, who have been playing for the team for the past four years, said coach Carson MacDonald, as it represented the arrival of a program that has rarely been in contention when it came to wins.

Lots of seniors were entitled to the guaranteed income supplement, but they never asked for it.

Mathyssen said there was a need for ā€œurgent government actionā€ on seniors.

OAS, CPP and health care are very much of concern to seniors.

Obviously, the contribution of seniors is something we always have to acknowledge, and it is not just because they have been at it for a long time, because they have, but it is also because of the experience and the knowledge they have gained.

Obviously, today we're talking about seniors.

Obviously, we are trying to reach as many seniors as possible, to ensure they receive what they are entitled to.