1355 examples of seniors in sentences

" Upon which they proceeded to blows, Dridrano all the while bellowing, "I beg, my worthy seniors, for the honour of science, that you will forbear!"

He replied, "I note that he seats himself in the places reserved for his betters, and that when he is walking he keeps abreast with his seniors.

"It isn't quite so boyish as Putnam Hall wassome of the seniors are young menbut that doesn't matter.

The seniors took no part, but three had been "told off" to act as referees, and they stood around as if inspecting the buildings and the scenery.

"Say, Rover, look out, or Jerry Koswell will eat you up!" said one of the seniors.

The seniors of the party at Benfield Lodge were all assembled one morning in a parlor, when its master and the baronet were occupied in the perusal of the London papers.

Go and gather together the seniors and aged men of Israel, and say to them: The Lord God of your fathers hath appeared to me, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, saying: Visiting I have visited you, and have seen all that is fallen in Egypt, and I shall lead you out of the affliction of Egypt into the land of Canaan, Ethei, etc., unto the land flowing milk and honey, and they shall hear thy voice.

Thou shalt go and take with thee the seniors of Israel to the king of Egypt, and shalt say to him: The Lord God of the Hebrews hath called us; we shall go the journey of three days in wilderness that we may offer to our Lord God.

They came both together and gathered and assembled all the seniors and aged men of the children of Israel.

In this the seniors rendered not a little assistance.

On the occasion of one of the annual gatherings at the Marshall house of the Seniors in her father's classes, she remarked fiercely to Judith, "If Father gets off that old Emerson, 'What will you have, quoth God.

After the chicken-salad and coffee had been successfully served and eaten, one of the Seniors stepped forward with an awkward crudeness and presented Professor Marshall with a silver-mounted blotting-pad.

But her father's quick heart was touched, and more than half of his usual little speech of farewell to his Seniors was an expression of thanks to them.

The younger members of both Sigma Beta and Alpha Kappa counseled early and enthusiastic "rushing" of the new prize, but the Juniors and Seniors, wise in their day and generation, brought out a number of damning facts which would need to be taken into consideration if Sylvia wore their pin.

But seniors later did not have any qualms about accompanying Choppy and me for an important match during working hours.

If I had peanuts for salary, I had gems for seniors.

Thus Wish Wright and his brother, Welcome, both her seniors by several years, were her awe-bound slaves; and the twin daughters of Zebedee Bloom obeyed her least whim without question, even when it involved them in situations more or less delicate.

I used to listen with delight to the stories of my seniors, and to marvel that in so short a space of time so great an improvement had been made.

Among the "awkward squads" enrolled when rioting broke out and the corps seized the old Prison, were erstwhile grave and reverend seniors learning to "stand up like a man an' look prahd o' yourself" at the orders of the Sergeant-Major.

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Of these the great majority were his seniors, for whose society the maturity of his mind qualified him.

How many of my seniors at Oxford I had virtually despised because they were not evangelical!

I am ashamed of being a young rake, when my seniors are covering their grey toupees with helmets and feathers, and accoutering their pot-bellies with cuirasses and martial masquerade habits.

Another stifled glance passed between the seniors, but this time Miss Maria made no effort to restore the gloss of the surface.

1355 examples of  seniors  in sentences