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2274 examples of  sensitive  in sentences

2274 examples of sensitive in sentences

You need not feel sensitive, however, but may consider that I am acting.

[Footnote 2: "Read in the light of what we know of his long struggle, his frail physical health, his sensitive temper, his crushing double defeat at the hands of death, these somber verses have an individual, personal note, hardly present, perhaps, in the love-poems, with all their passionate beauty."

The more sensitive they were, the less would be the degree of fear necessary to make them aware of the Force present in the house.

Although the South Seas constitute the last fortress of romance, and a mention of the coral atolls immediately conjures up a vision of palms and rice-white beaches, the sensitive person senses the dark and bloody past when the wizard men were the rulers, and death stalked in the palm groves.

Paredes spoke as softly as he had done the other night while reciting his sensitive reaction to the Cedars's gloomy atmosphere.

It was some minutes before he had regained his normal composure, and even then the sensitive nerves of his partner were offended by an occasional belated chuckle.

My imagination held good for full fifteen minutes, and by the time we were ambling back to the fence I had got on to our new sensitive electrical plant for registering the sound, height, range, speed and direction of hostile aircraft.

There was vagrancy in the smile of his singularly sensitive mouth and vagrancy in the relaxed way that he rode.

His body was large and knotty, but the head was small, and the face had sensitive and delicate features.

Rooted esteem and deep respect lay at the bottom of her sentiments, which were, however, so lively as to have chased the rose from her cheek in the endeavor to forget them, and to have led her sensitive father to apprehend that she was suffering under that premature decay which had already robbed him of his other children.

She knew nothing of books, this quaint old woman, and had a very antiquated taste in wall-papers; yet there would seem to be other ways of being wise, and it may indeed be held that books act too much as insulators between us and the earth, to the mysterious currents of which gnarled shapes of unlettered old men and women may be the more sensitive as lying closer to the Mother.

There are indeed truths which find a response in our hearts without apparently going through any logical process, not because they are illogical, but because the scales of logic are not delicate and sensitive enough to weigh them.

She could see that he was breathing fast through parted lips and that the lips were both cruel and sensitive.

And Sheila did not remember that his mouth had so sweet a firm line from sensitive end to end of the lips.

she repeated, just a trifle blankly; then, seeing the hurt in his face, about the sensitive and delicate lips, she put out a quick, penitent hand.

The St. Bernard is sensitive to a degree, and seldom forgets an insult, which he resents with dignity.

The Poodle is exceptionally sensitive, and is far more efficiently taught when treated as a sensible being rather than as a mere quadrupedal automaton.

His nature is somewhat shy, and equally sensitive to kindness or correction by his master.

These swing from a single joint at the axis of the spindle, which is the most sensitive arrangement, and make from 300 to 350 revolutions per minute, at which speed their centrifugal force lifts the counterpoise.

" "You're sensitive," Angela said.

The excuse seemed a fairly good one, and the invitation was calculated to save sensitive feelings.

But it was not quite good enoughor the feelings were too sensitive.

Miriam was accustomed to making philosophical reflections concerning her relations with the rest of the world; and in regard to these relations she was at times very sensitive.

He was gravitating to the majority, where he hoped to find "rest"; but he was dreadfully sensitive to the opinions of the minority he was on the point of leaving.

Thy father was greatly mistaken When to a sensitive boy he death in death thus depicted.

Deeply indeed was I hurt by the father's words of derision; Not that I'm sensitive, proud beyond what is fitting a servant; But that my heart in truth had felt itself stirred with affection Toward the youth who to-day had appeared to my eyes as a savior.

The interest attached to the memory of the beauteous but unfortunate Lady Jane Grey, renders the slightest event of her life acceptable to every lover of English history; while her youth and intellectual acquirements, her brief reign of nine days, and finally her expiation for her innocent crime on the scaffold, combine to rouse the feelings and excite the sympathy of every sensitive heart.

And yet the talk around table and hearth on the two or three occasions when the beautiful young widow honored their roof with a sojourn was hard on Sylvia's sensitive nerves.

Robert shivered in his blanket, not so much from actual cold as from the sinister aspect of the world, and his sensitive imagination, which always pictured both good and bad in vivid colors, foresaw the enormous difficulties that would confront them.

Miss Severance, who was usually sensitive to inconveniencing other people, had not cared at all about the motor behind hers that was tooting its horn or for the elderly lady in feathers and diamonds who was waiting to get into it.

Or was the trouble only that she had done something to wound his aloof and sensitive spirit, seldom aloof to her?

(5) I focused my camera on the book fixed it firmly, and put a sensitive plate inside it.

In morbidly sensitive persons both pain and sensation are induced by lower stimuli than in the healthy, but the number of just perceptible grades of sensation between them is not necessarily different.

Lord Rayleigh and others have found that sensitive flames are powerfully affected by the vibrations of whistles that are too rapid to be audible to ordinary ears.

Ordinary pigments are never pure, and the test colours may be distinguished by those of their adventitious hues to which the partly colour-blind man may be sensitive.

Varick's hearthis big, sensitive heartwas buried in the grave of his wife....

The girl was sufficiently clever and sensitive to realize her good fortune in the matter of Bill Donnington.

Dr. Panton told himself that Lionel Varick was an even more sensitive man than he had hitherto known him to be.

Under that rather exceptionally calm, steadfast-looking exterior, the man was extraordinarily sensitive.

It can't be that he has had experiences which make him sensitive!

CHAPTER XI "SO SENSITIVE" Adelaide was about to go in search of her brother when he came hunting her.

"The child is so sensitive, and Arthur has given her a terrible shock.

"These principles, as well as every just rule of criticism, are founded upon the sensitive part of our nature.

As a child he was shy, sensitive, and sickly, and suffered much from bullying and fagging at a school whither he was sent after his mother's death.

And poor Spike is so sensitive; he gets things you wouldn't think he'd get.

No one can read her sensitive verses, and not be sure that she was the sweetest and most soothing of bed-side visitants.

I penetrated his thoughts without his being aware of it, and was careful to say nothing which could betray to his sensitive vigilance my suspicions respecting his position, or my surmises about his plans respecting myself.

He reported only what had been registered on the sensitive tympanums of his ears, to the last whisper of footfalls stealing past the dark wall of the shop.

The leavesor, rather, leafletsare very sensitive and have a habit of folding over one another in wet and dull weather, and also in the nighta habit that is peculiar to all the members of the acacia family, to which the locust belongs.

His disposition was serious, and his conscience sensitive; but he had a pleasant vein of humor, and a generous nature.

The solar rays reflected from this sphere pass through the lens, and act on the sensitive surface.

As the sun moves (apparently) in a circle round the flask, the image formed by the lens moves round on the sensitive paper, forming an arc of a circle.

The sensitive fluid for preparing the ferro-prussiate paper is made as follows: One part by weight of ferricyanide of potassium (red prussiate) is dissolved in eight parts of water, and one part of ammonia-citrate of iron is added.

There is a practical limit to this with ordinary simple burners; as when they are too large they are very sensitive to draught, and liable to unsteadiness and smoking.

"But while sensitive to the evils of society, he felt confident that all would be righted.

He was very sensitive, and he never came back to the Eddlewood Colliery; the very next day he found a job in another pit.

There comes a slight dip in the smooth turf; the horse stumbles and recovers himself unhurt; but in that short interval of time all has vanished, all things earthly, from that quick eye and that sensitive and sympathetic mind.

One point figure chart of the five sensitive leaders.

The missing miniature; or, The adventures of a sensitive butcher (Die verschwundene Miniatur)

He entered the room every day with an intention of conciliating; but the mutual tempers of the mother and the son were so quick and sensitive, that he always failed in his purpose, and could only avoid a storm by dogged silence.

It is the absurd fate of the imaginative writer that he should be thus sensitive to atmospheric conditions.

The place seemed larger as he drew near to it, and the smeared plasterings queerer, and a crowd of children and men and women (the women and girls, he was pleased to note, had some of them quite sweet faces, for all that their eyes were shut and sunken) came about him, holding on to him, touching him with soft, sensitive hands, smelling at him, and listening at every word he spoke.

Much of their imagination had shrivelled with their eyes, and they had made for themselves new imaginations with their ever more sensitive ears and finger-tips.

And he began to wonder whether he had not been mistaken about Ally after all, whether her nature was not more subtle and sensitive than he had guessed, more intricately and dangerously mixed.

They are very sensitive to frost.

These shrubs are often called Sensitive Plants, on account of the leaves of several of the species of this genus shrinking when touched.

They are very sensitive to cold, and should not be placed out of doors before the end of May.

He has a plump body, with short, legs, neck, tail, and wings, a big head with the eyes set in its back upper corners, a very long bill which is soft, sensitive, and can be bent a little; and the three outside feathers in each wing are very much narrower than the rest.

" It was not the first time he had said something of this kind to her; for he knew that she suspected herself of being too ready to find blemishes in others, to the neglect of their better qualities, and that this made her uneasy and also very sensitive to the charge.

And the fury of the Pennsylvanians knew no bounds; for, from general to drummer boy, the troops of that great State were horribly sensitive to any comment on the Hon.

But one saw others suffer, and my own sensitive and timid nature perpetually foreboded disaster.

I think I am probably more and not less sensitive to all these fine and rare things than perhaps most people; and I suppose it is this very sensitiveness that makes me averse to them all in mass.

In ages, too, when life was more precarious, and men were so much less sensitive to the idea of human suffering, one finds a light-hearted cruelty practised which is insupportable to modern ideals.

A good many people seem to be born inside a hard carapace which cannot expand; and it protects them from the sensitive apprehension of injury and hurt, which is in reality the only condition of growth.

Indeed, it is one of the most singular features of the time that not only old, or feeble, or specially sensitive people died, but strong men, heads of housesnot regarded as by any means specially soft-heartedraised, too, by circumstances out of reach of actual hunger, diedjust as O'Connell had diedof sheer distress of mind, and the effort to cope with what was beyond the power of any human being to cope with.

There are some sensitive-skinned people whom, we know, cannot endure the contact of flannel; such can, however, usually wear, without inconvenience, the mixed goodsespecially if it be washed once or twice before it is used.

Pernicious habits may be formed in this respect, which should be corrected, though we are aware some natures are more delicate and sensitive to cold than others.

They are therefore generally extremely sensitive to either praise or blame.

On the contrary, there are people of good character and irreproachable minds, who, rather than admit their few little weaknesses, carefully conceal them, and are very sensitive if any reference is made to them; and this just because their whole merit consists in the absence of errors and defects; and hence when these errors come to light they are immediately held in less esteem.

Hence, people of extremely different temperament frequently marry for lovethat is to say, he is coarse, strong, and narrow-minded, while she is very sensitive, refined, cultured, and aesthetic, and so on; or he is genial and clever, and she is a goose.

With the exception of those that are beautiful, good-natured, and intellectualthat is, the very few and exceptional,I believe a new face for the most part gives a sensitive person a sensation akin to a shock, since the disagreeable impression is presented in a new and surprising combination.

The lieutenant was a short, full-faced, fleshy Italian, with lightish hair and eyes that were apparently dull, until you suddenly discovered that that was merely a cover to their really restless way of taking in everything and fixing the impressions on his mind, as if on a sensitive plate.

I also owe some consideration to the Spaniards, whom I should completely disgust by making with the emperor an unequal arrangement, about which their glory and the honor of their monarchy would render them very sensitive.

Even Ithuel, usually so sensitive on the subject of English power, and who had really so much to apprehend should he again fall into the hands of the Proserpines, was masticating his food with the keen relish of a man who had been hard at work the whole morning.

Of a peculiarly sensitive disposition herself, Eliza's heart abounded with sympathy for the trials and sufferings of the poor.

The lips were sweet and sensitive, beautiful when smiling, but even more beautiful in repose.

But the fair face with its sweet, maidenly expression, the tender blue eyes with their rich poetic depths, the sweet, sensitive lips were ever present.

Both men started, and then Mr. Russell, bestowing a look of infinite compassion upon his unfortunate friend, raised the mug obediently to his sensitive lips.

My father was a man of firm character and unimpeachable integrity, and yet sensitive and modest to a painful degree.

He was intensely sensitive to atmosphere, and too often that of his home had the same effect on his young soul as the low-hanging, leaden skies of a Swedish December day before the first snow has fallen.

The poetic element in these works strongly appealed to Giorgione's sensitive nature, and we find him developing this side of his art in the Beaumont "Adoration," and the National Gallery "Epiphany," both of which are clearly early productions.

During long periods, social changes are so gradual that they are unnoticed save by the more sensitive and perceptive.

The Americans are suspicious of servile adulation from a stranger, yet are very sensitive to criticism.

It is the natural ally of faith which it alone can render with an infinite outlook; and it is the complement of that mystery which is required to supplement it, and which is an abiding presence in the habit of the sensitive and serious mind.

But his health failed, his nervous system collapsed, the back of his neck grew sensitive, his hand, still firm when it seized a heavy object, trembled when it held a tiny glass.

During the last month of his stay in Paris, when he was weary of everything, afflicted with hypochondria, the prey of melancholia, when his nerves had become so sensitive that the sight of an unpleasant object or person impressed itself deeply on his brainso deeply that several days were required before the impression could be effacedthe touch of a human body brushing against him in the street had been an excruciating agony.

Nino could bear it no longer, being very sensitive about sounds, and he made for the door.

But when a sensitive girl is motherless, cut off from friends and pleasures, presented with the alternative of solitude or marriage with some detested man, or locked up to forget a dream which was half realised and very sweet, then the case is different.

"You are very sensitive to music, are you not?" said Charlotte Benson, contemplatively.

"I seem to have been very sensitive to-night.