606 examples of sentry in sentences

The history read: While doing sentry duty on the mountains on March 28, we were left twenty-four hours without being relieved and during that time my feet were frozen.

Men's feet and hands were frozen on sentry duty or merely while asleepfor the soldiers slept as a rule in the open, merely huddled in their blankets before a firethe severely wounded simply dropped in the snow, and for most of them, no doubt, that was the end of it.

The Vallejo home covered the largest plot of ground on the north side of the plaza, and its great house had a hospitable air, despite its lofty watchtower, begrimed by sentry holes, overlooking every part of the valley.

A Hun sentry, waking with a start, sounded the gas alarm.

It was taken up all along the German line and overheard by a vigilant British sentry, who promptly set himself to make all possible noise with every possible means.

They were passing up now between the sentry-guarded gates of the enormous and exquisite palace of Versailles; and, beyond the great expanse of gravel on which they had just set foot, rose up the myriad windows, pinnacles, and walls where the Kings of France lived again as they had lived two hundred years before.

They threw two bundles of wheat on the floor and put a sentry at the door with orders to keep it open.

So, in order to look less like a tramp when I met the general, I bound up the foot, and, always with one eye on the sentry, and moving very slowly, shaved and put on dry things.

From the interest the sentry showed it seemed evident he never had taken a bath himself, nor had seen any one else take one, and he was not quite easy in his mind that he ought to allow it.

The cock was an old peasant woman with a ruffled white cap, and when she left, in spite of the sentry, she patted me encouragingly on the shoulder.

After a while it grew dark and he brought me a candle and left me, taking with him, much to my relief, the sentry and his automatic.

And bribing the sentry, even were he willing to be insulted, would not have taken me farther than the stairs, where there were other sentries.

Each time a sentry challenged I struck the matches on the box and held them in front of the red seal.

He waited until two houses within a hundred yards of him were knocked down, and then went away from there, leaving word with the sentry that I could find him outside the gate to Paris.

DAVIES, MARGARET KENNEDY. Where stands a winged sentry, by Margaret Kennedy.

The very inkstands are heavy and vast, and you just catch a glimpse round the edge of the semi-sentry box which guards the desk of the chief cashier, of a ledger so huge that the mind can hardly realise the extent of the business which requires such ponderous volumes to record it.

The sentry challenged, but the ruffians returned no answer, and decamped, finding us on the alert, and probably not knowing our weakness; for had we come to blows our party must have got the worst of it, though I have not the least doubt that our Affgh[=a]n guard would have stood by us even against their own countrymen.

Please, Sir, me and ROBINSON were told off for guard six months ago, and we think it's too much to expect us to do sentry-go so soon.

At present it will be my duty to put you under a sentry's charge; and that it may be done in a way the least offensive to yourself, your prison, for the night at least, shall be this cabin.

" Andrea Barrofaldi, glad that his companion was momentarily appeased, now proceeded toward Raoul's little prison, and was immediately admitted by the sentry, who had his orders to that effect.

His smiles and translations soon collected a group of officers, and the sentry respectfully dropping a little on one side, the deck around the state-room of the prisoner became a sort of parquet to a very amusing representation.

" "Walyess'pose I will," sighed the skipper, as he rolled up his blankets and prepared for two hours' sentry duty.

Every night a detachment went on duty in three reliefs, each relief consisting of two men, who stood sentry for two hours, at the end of which time they were relieved by two others.

On either flank of this enclosure, and twenty yards or so distant from it, paced a sentry.

It was now on the western side of the Sierra de Chusca, in the rude, barren country over which Fort Defiance stands sentry.

606 examples of  sentry  in sentences