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606 examples of  sentry  in sentences

606 examples of sentry in sentences

In an instant the marine sentry had tumbled two life-preservers over into the water.

Out of the corner of one eye Dan Dalzell saw the marine start on the jump, but Dan was overboard, also, too soon to see exactly what the marine sentry was doing.

Like a flash the marine sentry had thrown his rifle to the deck.

She took out her purse, but was delayed a moment in getting the fare, keeping her eye, however, on her father as he hurried from the cab to a building before which a sentry was lazily pacing.

They were broken at regular intervals by the passing figure of a sentry.

We waited in suspense for what might follow, and in a moment a sentry came running from the wood with one arm swinging useless by his side.

That night it so happened that I was placed in charge of one of the rear pickets, and I sat with my back against a tree, smoking lazily and wondering what the morrow would bring forth, when I heard a horse galloping down the road, and a moment later the sharp challenge of a sentry.

And then I came to a sudden stop, for I had reached the spot where the first sentry had been posted, but there was none in sight.

Yet if that had happened, where was the body? I hurried on toward the spot where the next sentry had been posted, and as I neared it, strained my eyes through the gloom, but could see no trace of him.

There was no sentry there.

The third sentry was missing like the othersthe fourth had disappearedI made the whole round of the camp.

Not a single sentry remained.

I hurried back to the camp, passing the spot where we had quartered the men whom we had rallied, but who were not placed on sentry duty.

There is not a single sentry at his post;" and I told him what I had found.

" We crossed the great sunlit piazza together and entered the Questura, that sun-blanched old palace with its long cool loggia where the sentry paces day and night.

I don't want the sentry to overhear.

He found them demoralized, having for sixty hours remained motionless before the mob, with their feet in the mud, and their knapsacks on their backs, allowing the rioters to attack the Municipal Guard, burn the sentry-boxes, cut down the trees, break the street-lamps, and harangue the soldiers.

" "About me, now," added Toby Jucklin, briskly, "I'm hoping to g-g-get a b-b-bully g-g-good sleep tonight; unless Max fixes it so we have to t-t-take t-t-turns standing sentry duty.

Oh! standing sentry is an old trick with us!"

In other words, rig up a dummy to stand our trick as sentry.

Get that, both of you?" Steve and his fellow sentry admitted that they understood what their directions were to be.

In fact, he meant to crawl into his bunk shortly, so as to get a little more sleep before being called upon to take his turn outside as sentry.

Emile de Girardin is a public watchman; his journal is his sentry-box; he waits, he watches, he spies out, he enlightens, he lies in wait, he cries "Who goes there?"

After various consultations between the aide-de-camp of the Elysรฉe and the men of the Prefect Maupas, the two police-vans were placed on railway trucks, each having behind it the open barouche like a wheeled sentry-box, where a police agent acted as sentinel.

From the sentry-box where he was stationed Boillay saw defined on the windows black profiles and gesticulating shadows, which were Magnan, Saint-Arnaud, Persigny, Fleury,the spectres of the crime.

As he came out of the Rue Saint Sauveur, he saw at the corner of a little lonely street, in which all the windows were closed, a soldier of the line standing sentry, posted there doubtlessly by the main guard at a little distance.

When I want to think I do a bit of sentry-go.

A grey- coated sentry, pacing here in front of his snow-capped box, challenged and demanded their business.

The sentry tugged at an iron bellpull, and a bell tolled twice within.

It hurt her to think of Raoul herded among seven hundred miserables in this endless barrack, his every movement overlooked, his smallest speech overheard, by an eaves-dropping sentry.

Now if you'll stand sentry, Coddy and I will get tea.

[Illustration: C.O. (to sentry).

It wasn't there, but instead there was a sentry on the bridge, who, on being questioned, assured me that though there was not much to choose in the matter of temperature between the two places, I was still on the surface of the earth.

By a ludicrous mistake, no orders had been given to release the Governor and Tartar General, so that, after waiting for them for an hour, we heard that the sentry would not let them leave the room in which they were confined.

Yet, later, yielding to my importunity, he consented; and more than one dark night I was in the landing-boats that unburdened the lugger, though I could never bring myself to enter the Mohune vault again, but would stand as sentry at the passage-mouth.

The rattle of a rifle from a sentry near at hand gave her confidence; and all her trouble lay in the house behind her.

She would have cried out, but terror paralysed her throat; and the next moment she heard the tread of the sentry outside her window.

The sentry's story was explicit and not to be shaken by any cross-examination.

Later in the day on better acquaintance the surgeon explained the matter in this fashion: "The fellow was quartered in a village near Lille, doing sentry duty on a house occupied by German officers.

"The sentry did what he was ordered, but, you see, it has affected the poor fellow's mind.

The Elbe bridge is of beautiful structure, and there is a good regulation with respect to those who pass over this bridge; which is that one side of the bridge is reserved for those going from the new to the old town, and the other side for those going from the old to the new town, and if you attempt to go on the wrong side you are stopped by a sentry, so that there is no jostling nor lounging on this bridge.

And he left us alone by the window, while he stood a sort of sentry in front.

"And lastly, the hard-a-weather old quarter-master, stepping down the ladder, grunts out to the sentry at the cabin door, 'Turn the glass, and strike the bell!' "By this time the boatswain's call has been in his mouth for several minutes, his elbow in the air, and his finger on the stop, ready to send forth the glad tidings of a hearty meal.

The history read: While doing sentry duty on the mountains on March 28, we were left twenty-four hours without being relieved and during that time my feet were frozen.

Men's feet and hands were frozen on sentry duty or merely while asleepfor the soldiers slept as a rule in the open, merely huddled in their blankets before a firethe severely wounded simply dropped in the snow, and for most of them, no doubt, that was the end of it.

The Vallejo home covered the largest plot of ground on the north side of the plaza, and its great house had a hospitable air, despite its lofty watchtower, begrimed by sentry holes, overlooking every part of the valley.

Outside the ivory palace it was as I had supposed and the sentry at the gate slept heavily; and though I asked of him permission to enter the palace he only muttered a blessing on Singanee and fell asleep again.

A Hun sentry, waking with a start, sounded the gas alarm.

It was taken up all along the German line and overheard by a vigilant British sentry, who promptly set himself to make all possible noise with every possible means.

They were passing up now between the sentry-guarded gates of the enormous and exquisite palace of Versailles; and, beyond the great expanse of gravel on which they had just set foot, rose up the myriad windows, pinnacles, and walls where the Kings of France lived again as they had lived two hundred years before.

This Beaufort unlocked and, giving the password to the Swiss sentry who stood without, the two young men at length found themselves on the Quai des Tuileries.

So the old gentleman, accompanied by the Spectator, Captain Sentry, and a retinue of servants, set out in state for Drury Lane, and on arriving there went into the pit.

The sentry there knew the story and enjoyed it.

She was mindful of the sentry, but all his attention was in the busy hall.

"No," melodiously replied Flora, in full voice for the sentry's ear, but with resolute pressure on the door, "no, not at all....

They threw two bundles of wheat on the floor and put a sentry at the door with orders to keep it open.

So, in order to look less like a tramp when I met the general, I bound up the foot, and, always with one eye on the sentry, and moving very slowly, shaved and put on dry things.

From the interest the sentry showed it seemed evident he never had taken a bath himself, nor had seen any one else take one, and he was not quite easy in his mind that he ought to allow it.

The cock was an old peasant woman with a ruffled white cap, and when she left, in spite of the sentry, she patted me encouragingly on the shoulder.

After a while it grew dark and he brought me a candle and left me, taking with him, much to my relief, the sentry and his automatic.

And bribing the sentry, even were he willing to be insulted, would not have taken me farther than the stairs, where there were other sentries.

Each time a sentry challenged I struck the matches on the box and held them in front of the red seal.

He waited until two houses within a hundred yards of him were knocked down, and then went away from there, leaving word with the sentry that I could find him outside the gate to Paris.

DAVIES, MARGARET KENNEDY. Where stands a winged sentry, by Margaret Kennedy.

Being firmly persuaded that the slave was in the house, they kept sentry several days and nights.

This was repeated from one sentry to another till it reached the barracks and "No. 1" came out to see what was wanted.

The second sentry, thinking it had come from the man stationed at the end, repeated this, and the words went down the line as usual.

On the third day, he quitted the ship without asking the permission of the first lieutenant; when he returned on board the following day, the first lieutenant put him under an arrest, and in charge of the sentry at the cabin door.

M'Foy's eyes glistened, and he walked forward to where the first lieutenant was standing; but the sentry, who had been cautioned by me, kept him back with his bayonet.

The first lieutenant turned round, and perceiving what was going on, desired the sentry to see if Mr. M'Foy had a knife in his hand; and he had it sure enough, open, and held behind his back.

The very inkstands are heavy and vast, and you just catch a glimpse round the edge of the semi-sentry box which guards the desk of the chief cashier, of a ledger so huge that the mind can hardly realise the extent of the business which requires such ponderous volumes to record it.

Our guard was now reduced to six, the remainder being employed to escort Sturt's instruments into Cabul, so that I really did not much like the appearance of things; when about midnight my servant reported to me that the sentry saw a great many lights moving about us.

The sentry challenged, but the ruffians returned no answer, and decamped, finding us on the alert, and probably not knowing our weakness; for had we come to blows our party must have got the worst of it, though I have not the least doubt that our Affgh[=a]n guard would have stood by us even against their own countrymen.

Please, Sir, me and ROBINSON were told off for guard six months ago, and we think it's too much to expect us to do sentry-go so soon.

At present it will be my duty to put you under a sentry's charge; and that it may be done in a way the least offensive to yourself, your prison, for the night at least, shall be this cabin.

" Andrea Barrofaldi, glad that his companion was momentarily appeased, now proceeded toward Raoul's little prison, and was immediately admitted by the sentry, who had his orders to that effect.

His smiles and translations soon collected a group of officers, and the sentry respectfully dropping a little on one side, the deck around the state-room of the prisoner became a sort of parquet to a very amusing representation.

A sentry and a small flag at the doorway of a village hotel: this was the headquarters of the Sixth Army, which General Manoury had formed in haste and flung at von Kluck with a spirit which crowned his white hairs with the audacity of youth.

This was not the only sentry call from a French Territorial in front of a barricade.

One of the conquerors, the sentry representing the majesty of German authority in Belgium, examined the pass.

"And again!" said Harvard, 1914, as we came to another sentry.

If you lived in Kansas and could not get your wheat to Chicago, or any groceries or newspapers from the nearest town, or learn whether your son in Wyoming were alive or dead, or whether the man who owned your mortgage in New York had foreclosed it or notwell, that is enough without the German sentry.

And these were the rare occasions when they smiled, and they liked to have a German sentry see that smile.

Every sentry was a reminder of the hopelessness of being a correspondent these days without official sanction.

We alight and walk along a bridge, where the sentry of a lookout is on watch.

A sentry paced back and forth in front of the steps, and several officers were sitting on the porch.

" "Very well; you may retire, Colonel Trout, and, sentry, close the door.

CHAPTER XXVII THE BODY OF LE GAIRE Miles had stationed a sentry just inside the front door, but he was the only one of our men visible, nearly all of the others being at breakfast in the kitchen.

Next to Sir ANDREW in the Club-room sits Captain SENTRY, a Gentleman of great Courage, good Understanding, but Invincible Modesty.

[Footnote 7: Captain Sentry was by some supposed to have been drawn from Colonel Kempenfelt, the father of the Admiral who went down with the 'Royal George'.]

He expended the borrowed shilling on a cane and a packet of Breath Perfumers for himself, and for Christina a box of toffee which, being anhungered while on sentry duty the same night, he speedily devoured with more relish than regret.

" "Walyess'pose I will," sighed the skipper, as he rolled up his blankets and prepared for two hours' sentry duty.

Every night a detachment went on duty in three reliefs, each relief consisting of two men, who stood sentry for two hours, at the end of which time they were relieved by two others.

On either flank of this enclosure, and twenty yards or so distant from it, paced a sentry.

It was now on the western side of the Sierra de Chusca, in the rude, barren country over which Fort Defiance stands sentry.

A war for the Union would, he said, remind him of the Englishman who had a fight with the sentry in order that he might hang himself in the sentry-box, a right which he claimed for himself and every free Briton.

On the night of my arrival in New Orleans, strolling about the strange city, I found myself at headquarters, and a Massachusetts boy standing sentry on the porch in a spirit of comradeship invited me up.

A sentry challenged, sending a thrill of dismay through the anxious hearts, but St. Victor had the word, and on they went into the privy gardens, where often Anne had paced behind Mrs. Labadie as the Prince took his airing.

Moat and drawbridge there were at Portsmouth, and a sentry at the entrance, but here there seemed endless guards, moats, bridges, and gates, and there was a continual presenting of arms and acknowledging of salutes as the commandant rode in with the travellers.

Within the room Capper sat at the foot of the bed, motionless, alert as a sentry.