2074 examples of separations in sentences

This accident determined Drake to contract the number of his fleet, that he might not only avoid the inconvenience of such frequent separations, but ease the labour of his men, by having more hands in each vessel.

None of the separations recorded were occasioned by any theological difference with the parent society, but through disagreement on matters of "government.

Mere separations weigh As dust in balances of love.

These separations were one of the chief outrages complained of in Africa.

There are several reasons why they endeavour to persuade the men of this, which are all grounded in their prudence and circumspection; respecting which, something shall be said in a future part of this work, particularly in the chapter ON THE CAUSES OF COLDNESS, SEPARATIONS, AND DIVORCES BETWEEN MARRIED PARTNERS.

This is the reason why the causes of coldness, separations, and divorces, are brought together into one chapter.

There are separations from the bed and also from the house.

There are several causes of such separations; but we are here treating of legitimate causes.

He saith, if, except for whoredom, he shall put away his wife, and marry another, he committeth adultery; because putting away for this cause is a plenary separation of minds, which is called divorce; whereas other kinds of putting away, grounded in their particular causes are separations, of which we have just treated; after these, if another wife is married, adultery is committed; but not so after a divorce.

But these causes do not operate to prevent the permission of separations grounded in their proper causes, respecting which see above, n. 252-254; and also of concubinage, respecting which see the second part of this work.

Causes of coldness, separations, and divorces in marriages, 234-260.

Add to this, the mental ignorance, and moral degradation; the daily separations of kindred, the revelries of lust, the lacerations and baptisms of blood, sanctioned by the laws of the South, and patronized by its pubic sentiment.

How the imagination is fascinated by what may have there transpired of human joy or sorrow,the solitary struggles of the soul for better things, the dawn and the fruition of love, the separations and reunions of families, the hearth-stone consecrated by affection and prayer, the bridal throng, the birth of new lives, the farewells to the world, the funeral train.

Separations of families had been frequent.

Such separations are regarded as death, and the slaves re-marry.

Can that be a mild system of servitude which permits such enforced separations?

Those painful separations, which already desecrate and desolate the Atlantic coast, are not enforced here by the stern need of seeking bread; and where they are voluntary, it is no matter.

Sales and Separations "My mother was separated from her mother when she was three years old.

It is true enough that "marriage involves one union, but many separations.

Horrible murders, barn-burnings, failures, deaths, births, marriages, separations, lawsuits, slanders, and petty larcenies outran each other in her glib speech, and her fingers flew as fast on Sam's blue jacket as her tongue clappered above it.

But in these almost daily separations between Plantagenet and Venetia, how different was her lot to that of her companion!

Well; soon these separations will cease, and my freed spirit soar to mansions of unclouded bliss.

For you all feeling is infinite and eternal; you recognize no separations, your being is an indivisible unity.

She told me, but the reason of the separation I have forgotten in the many similar reasons for separations and partings which have since been confided to me.

Yet now, what does the window do but mock the separations and proud isolations of Christian men?

2074 examples of  separations  in sentences