95 examples of sequin in sentences

" The present consisted of a vase carved from a single ruby, six inches high and as thick as my finger; this was filled with the choicest pearls, large, and of perfect shape and lustre; secondly, a huge snake-skin, with scales as large as a sequin, which would preserve from sickness those who slept upon it.

Ask me, if thou wilt, for purses in scores, but do not move me to forgetfulness of the guilt of the disturber of the public peace!" "Not a sequin.

" "Nay, this will not sufficethou art known to be abounding in sequins; one of thy race and riches will never refuse a sure loan with securities as certain as the laws of Venice.

A thousand sequins, and that quickly.

You are now my debtor some six thousand sequins, and were I to make this loan of money in trust, and were you to return ittwo propositions I make on suppositiona natural love for my own might cause me to pass the payment to account, whereby I should put the assets of Levi in jeopardy.

" "Settle that as thou wilt with thy conscience, Hoseathou hast confessed to the money, and here are jewels for the pledgeI ask only the sequins.

As the pledges offered were really worth the sum to be received, Hosea thought, taking the chances of recovering back his ancient loans, from the foreign estates of the heiress, into the account, the loan would be no bad investment of the pretended sequins of his friend Levi.

"Nay, I have mistaken thy character!" said Donna Florinda, secreting the sequins, and taking the unresisting hand of the silent girl.

" "'Tis well, thou wilt find a hundred sequins in this sack.

"You will not trust, young Signore, to a smart wound?" "Not a sequin.

" As the Genoese concluded, he dropped into a palm that was well practised in bribes a sequin of the celebrated republic of which he was a citizen.

"Were this thy Italy, Gaetano, a sequin would not only supply the place of a dozen signatures, but, by the name of thy favorite, San Francesco!

" The Genoese dropped a sequin into the hand of the officer, passing him, at the same time, on his way to the waterside.

The rich man's florin is quickly coined into a sequin by vulgar tongues, while the poor man is lucky if he can get the change of a silver mark for an ounce of the better metal.

[10] Meaning sequin: the origin of the modern Anglo-Indianism, chick.' The father of Robert Orme, the historian, who was born at Anjengo.

But he answered the murmur by a laugh; and stopping in front of a beggar, who lay at the corner of an hospital roaring out for alms, demanded the instant loan of fifty sequins.

The prior clasped his hands in agony, that so much money should have been so near, and yet have escaped his pious purposes, The soldiers took off their caps for the discoverer, and bowed them still lower when he threw every sequin of it into the shakos of those polite warriors.

furniture alike sumptuous and massy; the gilding, although of two hundred years' duration, as bright and burnished as if it had but yesterday been touched with the brush; sequin gold, as the Venetians tell you to this day with pride.

Now and then a laugh, light, joyous, and yet musical, bursts forth from some illuminated coffee-house, before which a buffo disports, a tumbler stands on his head, or a juggler mystifies; and all for a sequin!

" The silver ducat of Naples is worth 80 grani, or rather less than 80 cents: the golden ducat, or sequin, of Italy, Holland, Turkey, etc., is worth a trifle more than two American dollars.

At a station called Sequin, I obtained lots of cotton seeds, and gathered some cotton in the fields as we went along.

peine une étincelle Par sequin qu'ils verront sortir de l'escarcelle.

autant l'étoile éclipse le sequin, Autant le temple éclipse un monceau de décombres, Autant vous effacez toutes ces belles ombres!

A Capri, l'on nous prit Antoine Aux galères pour un sequin!

Onceso said the traditionhe knocked a man down in the street, was brought before the delegato, as the police magistrate was called, and promptly fined one piastre, value about four and sixpence; whereupon he threw a sequin (two piastres) down upon the table and said that it was unnecessary to give him any change, inasmuch as he purposed knocking the man down again as soon as he left the court.

95 examples of  sequin  in sentences