Do we say serigraph or lithograph

serigraph 0 occurrences

lithograph 35 occurrences

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A flashing lithograph is set by way of testament wherever traffic turns or lingers.

Then followed a week of lesser department stores as she worked her way down-town, of offices tucked dingily behind lithograph and small-ware shops, and even an ostrich-feather loft, with a "Curlers Wanted" sign hung out.

Thus there is a family of graph (or write) words: graphic, lithograph, cerograph, cinematograph, stylograph, telegraph, multigraph, seismograph, dictograph, monograph, holograph, logograph, digraph, autograph, paragraph, stenographer, photographer, biographer, lexicographer, bibliography, typography, pyrography, orthography, chirography, calligraphy, cosmography, geography.

from an exquisite lithograph by J. Goldicutt.

V. engrave, grave, stipple, scrape, etch; bite, bite in; lithograph &c n.; print.

The poster-simile did not occur to Nick; but he thought that the red-haired girl with the self-conscious eyes, standing beside Mrs. May, was like a coloured lithograph in a magazine, compared with a delicate painting in a picture gallery, such as he loved to go and see in San Francisco.

Out of that store, too, comes a deal of the vivid drapery displayed upon the Fête Dieu, and much of the art-union resource combined in the attractive cheap lithograph element so edifying to the connoisseur.

The Literary Gazette first published the Ground Plan of the Zoological Gardens, from a lithograph circulated among the members, towards the close of the year 1827.

This is like a lithograph out of one of Pierce Egan's books, only much more spirited and picturesque, and displaying a far higher and more Hellenic sense of the beauty of athletics.

Copied, by permission, from a handsome Lithograph, published by Mr. Waller, Fleet-street.

R59671. PHILIP AND THE ETHIOPIAN [by the Providence Lithograph Company]

R61019, 13Apr50, Providence Lithograph Co. (PWH)

PROVIDENCE Lithograph Company.

R59671. PHILIP AND THE ETHIOPIAN [by the Providence Lithograph Company]

R61019, 13Apr50, Providence Lithograph Co. (PWH)

PROVIDENCE Lithograph Company.

A small table and a couple of deck chairs graced the floor, while upon the walls a heterogeneous collection of pictures, including a coloured lithograph of a cottage and a brook, a fearful and wonderful portrayal of an otter, and a very fancy stag of unlimited points dazzled the eye.

(From a lithograph after a sketch by Hullmandel.)]

The admirable lithograph by Strixner is well known.

First, is the Armoury, (from a coloured lithograph, published by Ackermann)an arched apartment, with a richly-blazoned window, and the walls filled all over with smaller pieces of armour and weapons, such as swords, firelocks, spears, arrows, darts, daggers, &c.

"And I hope that steering-knuckle doesn't come for a month," the girl told a framed lithograph of "Custer's Last Fight," which, contrary to all precedent, was free from fly specks.

The book on her lap lay open at a coloured lithograph of Mazeppa bound upon his steed and in full flight across the Tartar steppes.

In order to illustrate the value of this process, I made two photographs of a highly-colored chromo-lithograph, representing a lady with a bright scarlet hat and purple feather, a yellow-brown cape and a dark-blue dress.

To test the relative color-sensitiveness of plain emulsion plates, plates stained with eosine, and plates stained with the blue-myrtle chlorophyl, I exposed one of each kind through the same yellow screen, giving each five minutes exposure, on the same piece of copy, which was the chromo-lithograph already described.

Do we say   serigraph   or  lithograph