256 examples of servants' in sentences

At the remote end of the aisle of blackness a slit of yellow showed beneath the door, behind it the babble of servants' voices.

At this time, also, the servants' dinner will be served.

One of the maids had run into the stable, during Maud's absence, and had told him the news that his master was engaged to Miss Maude Falconer; for the servants, who are so quick to discover all our little secrets, had already learnt this one, and the servants' hall was buzzing with it.

Some buildings which Clough, the founder, intended for warehouses, would make store-chambers and servants' rooms[1190].

There was nothing very compromising in the note, but Mr. Van Torp certainly did not know that his butler regularly offered first and second prizes in the servants' hall, every Saturday night, for the 'best-put-together letters' of the weekto those of his satellites, in other words, who had been most successful in piecing together scraps from the master's wastepaper basket.

In sum, so great is her grace in the heavens as gives her glory above the earth, and so infinite are her excellencies in all the course of her action; and so glorious are the notes of her incomprehensible nature, that I will thus only conclude, far short of her commendation:She is God's love, and His angels' light, His servants' grace, and His beloved's glory.

It may have come from the servants' quarters.

It is curious to find that so far back as the period to which we allude, there was in Paris a kind of servants' registry office, where situations were found for servant-maids from the country.

And" "Pshaw!" said Mrs. Carteret, "mere servants' gossip.

He call us 'servants'.

It was amusing to watch Nathaniel, with the monstrous burden in his hands trying to help Mrs. Brooks down the front steps; for Aunt Madge was not enough of a fine lady to send the pair around by the servants' door.

In other words, thou shalt not put him to servants' workto the business, and into the condition of domestics.

It was her own immediate interest to drink; it was her tradesman's interest that she should drink; it was her servants' interest that she should be pleased with them for getting drink for her.

They don't need it, I'll confess, but it makes conversation in the servants' hall.

'If you will go in-to the servants' hall and wait,' the housekeeper deigned to say, after reflecting, 'I'll see what can be done.

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[Illustration: West Front of Mansion House, Showing Bowling Green and Part of Serpentine Drive] [Illustration: Experimental Plot, with Servants' Quarters (restored) in Background]

" "It's in the servants' wing," said Cecil, anxious to be off.

There were also cells and sleeping-rooms for the monks, servants' quarters, stables, a huge kitchen, and an immense dining-room, together with a large guest-hall and a nunnery.

Both in our work in the city and in our own servants' compound, we emphasize personal cleanliness and that of the home, and have regular inspection of servants' homes.

May Irwin was the low comedian who played the servants' parts in Daly's comedies from the German.

In all establishments whatever, of course some disparity exists between the accommodation of the drawing-rooms and best bed-rooms and the servants' kitchen and attics; but on a plantation it is no longer a matter of degree.

" "We'll finish this one to your health in the servants' hall," said honest John Baker.

In the servants' quarters Roman, a more or less dissolute peasant, thinks it his duty to look after the morals of the women servants.

256 examples of  servants'  in sentences