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892 example sentences with  shabbier

892 example sentences with shabbier

They are nicely contrived lodging-houses, one and all,the best as well as the shabbiest of them,and therefore inevitably lack some nameless property that a home should have.

Perhaps it's only my fancy, butbut they seem to look down on me as they didn't before, andand sometimes they seem to avoid me, andI'm just the same as ever, exceptexcept I'm a good deal shabbier this spring.

They seemed still meaner and shabbier when two other girls appeared in yet prettier costumes of fresh daintiness; and when these two dropped their little hooded shoulder-wraps of silk and lace, and she saw that they were the two Ryder cousins, poor Angela suddenly began to feel a strange sense of awkwardness and unfitness.

Concluding that the universe is a shabby affair, they like to make it out shabbier still,and so, seldom brighten up till they have an ill thing to say.

His dress turned shabbier; with each ascending grade his diamonds, gold snuff-box, and jewels disappeared.

We are conspirators, strictly incog., dressed in the shabbiest of clothes.

It was incongruous in the extreme, this mingling of costly refinements with the barest and shabbiest necessaries of life, of fastidious culture with manifest poverty.

Mr. Bellingham chuckled and smothered a yawn, and at that moment his daughter entered the room; and, in spite of her shabby black dress and a shabbier handbag that she carried, I thought her appearance and manner fully justified my description.

All the shabbiest furniture, and the Carey furniture was mostly shabby, was covered with a cheap, gay chintz, and crimson Jacqueminot roses clambered all over the wall paper, so that the room was a cool bower of beauty.

Then with lagging steps he went in search of the shabbiest cab and oldest horse he could find.

Then with lagging steps he went in search of the shabbiest cab and oldest horse he could find.

They meant that he was always ready for sport, and time-wasting, and drinking, and that sort of generosity which is the shabbiest sort of selfishness.

"I don't want my brother to do anything shabby," replied the girl; "but I shouldn't be sorry, of course, if they did not."

You don't mind my doing anything shabby?" "Not in the least," replied Miss Nugent, promptly.

Captain Nugent walking into the town saw him first: a tall, well-knit young man in shabby clothing, whose bearing even in the distance was oddly familiar.

In this case, the whole coterie of the very shabbiest party that ever disgraced and divided a nationI mean the Whigsare, I know, chuckling over that silly charge made by Mr. Lamb on the hustings, and now confirmed by Lord Byron, of my having belonged to a Whig club at Cambridge.

A bit of shabby crape was tied round her hat, and she carried a sad little wreath.

He will never do anything great in the world, he will never lead a forlorn hope, or marry the Princess, or see far lands; he will never be anything but a poor, shabby clerk, but he is of such stuff as dreams are made of, and God has given to him His fairyland.

He was very old, very shabby, very tired.

"I call that shabby mean," he protested.

'Is it not pitiable to think of the years he spent in this monotonous place, without any society worth speaking of, with only the shabbiest collection of books, with hardly any interest in life except the sky, and the hills, and the peasantry?'

The art of making a very little money go a great way; the art of giving grace, neatness, prettiness to the smallest rooms and the shabbiest furniture; the art of packing all the ugly appliances and baser necessities of daily life, the pots and kettles and brooms and pails, into the narrowest compass, and hiding them from the รฆsthetic eye.

For my own part I would much rather have the shabbiest old house which had belonged to one's ancestors, which had come to one as a heritage, by divine right as it were, instead of being bought with newly made money.

Then she opened the door, and saw, in the gloom, a short, thin woman standing on the step, a woman of advanced middle-age, dressed with a kind of shabby neatness.

The perfection of the machine and of Mr. Oxford's attire and complexion caused Priam to look rather shabby.

Indeed, he was rather shabby.

These things were earned, not by Mr. Oxford, but for Mr. Oxford in dingy studios, even in attics, by shabby industrious painters!

Their wigs were of inferior quality to his, and their costumes shabby, but they did not mind, for whereas he got a hundred a week, they each got a hundred a day.

The library was spacious, the furniture in good taste but getting shabby.

We can't be shabby."

Hayes was tall, urbane, and dressed with rather fastidious neatness; Bell was round-shouldered and shabby.

Osborn knew he was being persuaded to do a shabby thing and hesitated.

Tell your father I think he's shabby because he left me out."

It was the price they, the Osborns, had taken for a shabby deed, and for which poor people and hard-worked women paid.

Now he's ill and in trouble, it would be shabby to turn him out because there's a riskit's only a riskthat we might lose something by letting him stay."

He had an eye for female beauty and the girl looked very well in her rather shabby furs.

He had not, within her memory, said anything that could justly offend her, and although he was a neighbor and there were no secrets in the dale, she had not known him do a shabby thing.

For one thing, it was rather shabby to hide and his doing so reflected on his companion.

The men's clothes were varied, for a number wore shabby uniforms, and others white linen with red silk sashes, while a few had chosen the plain black, and wide sombrero, of the Spanish don.

"I am an adventurer like the rest, but it is rather a shabby thing to try to gain an advantage in a battle with a woman.

At one corner, he saw two figures in shabby white uniform, and hesitated.

" He kicked the shabby case which whizzed and birred and struck five.

There's nothin' shabby about us, but we mean business.

Although over four miles in circumference, the city itself has a squalid, shabby appearance, not improved by the dilapidated ramparts of dried mud which surround it.

[Illustration] [Illustration] CHAPTER X MEETING A QUEEN First came a large company of soldiers almost exactly like Captain Jinks and the sergeant, except that their uniforms were a little shabbier-looking, and their arms a little less brightly polished.

The place seemed dirtier, too,worse paved, shabbier as to its brick-work and stucco, and worse painted,but whether through real deterioration, or by comparison with the neatly finished city which I had lately left, I cannot decide.

(It was steadily growing shabbier, too, since she left him hardly any time at all for tuning pianos.

" "It is no matter about advertising Prudy's purse, it was so shabby," said Aunt Madge; and on their way back to the ferry-house she bought her another.

One morning, still in the month of July, I broke away from the charms of Ambialet, and shouldering again my old knapsackwhich, by travelling hundreds of miles in all weathers, had become disgracefully shabby, but which was a friend too well stitched together to be thrown aside on account of ill-looksI continued my journey up the valley of the Tarn.

Besides, when they had stripped me naked, though my dress was so shabby my skin had all the sleekness of a gentleman.

I was poor and (by day) shabby.

The clergyman, who had just conducted to the platform an elderly professor in a shabby frock coat, followed by three well-washed children, each of whom carried a concertina, now returned and sat down beside a middle-aged lady, who made herself conspicuous by using a gold framed eyeglass so as to convey an impression that she was an exceedingly keen observer.

The house of the odious concierge was in a small, shabby street off the Boulevard du Montparnasse.

And somehow, too, the place was even shabbier, even meaner than she had expected.

It was ten o'clock when the three returned from Tivoli and the ColosseumMary Gowd silent and shabbier than ever from the dust of the road; Blue Cape smiling;

But she came back one night in an old gray coat and hat with a bundlethe shabbiest thing imaginable, looking like a tramp.

'I have seen you several times lately,' said the broken gentleman, who looked shabbier than before in the broad daylight, 'but II didn't like to speak.

He had said he would, but had dawdled skillfully and was still unfitly in bare feet and the shabby garments of a weekday.

Then all at once I felt shabby and mean.

If a solicitor doesn't swindle in the proper shabby-magnificent way, they chuck him for unprofessional conduct."

A Captain with a shabby uniform and a strong Southern accent told us how on March 9th he and his men defended their trench in water up to the waist and lumps of ice in it knocking against their bodies.

Years and years ago, when I was a child, hunting forlornly in my father's bookshelves, I came upon a small, shabby volume, bound in yellow linen.

It happened during the summer of 1723, when the poet, who was in his customary state of (theatrical) destitution, determined to replenish his shabby purse by bringing out a tragedy.

Gilbert Fenton found Jacob Nowell worse; so much worse, that he had been obliged to take to his bed, and was lying in a dull shabby room upstairs, faintly lighted by one tallow candle on the mantelpiece.

Gilbert Fenton was not prepossessed by Mr. Medler's countenance, which was not an open candid index to a spotless soul, nor by his surroundings, which were of the shabbiest; but the business being in this man's hands, it might be rather difficult to withdraw itdangerous even.

Reaching the door of the first on her list, she rang and was shown into a small drawing-room, shabby-genteel in its furniture and ornaments.

However, my exceedingly rough and shabby clothing made an incongruous contrast.

And so time went on, and the little Rabbit was very happy-so happy that he never noticed how his beautiful velveteen fur was getting shabbier and shabbier, and his tail becoming unsewn, and all the pink rubbed off his nose where the Boy had kissed him.

And so time went on, and the little Rabbit was very happy-so happy that he never noticed how his beautiful velveteen fur was getting shabbier and shabbier, and his tail becoming unsewn, and all the pink rubbed off his nose where the Boy had kissed him.

His watch and chain are no his ain His claes cost eighteenpence; Wi' cuffs and collar shabby, 0' mashers he's the daddy; Hats off, stand aside and let Past Tooralladdie!"

And if you could see Tom in his flannel shirt and his shabbiest old grey suit, and a felt slouch hat, you could not tell him from one of these lovely miners.

The hamlets edged in here and there grew thinner, smaller and shabbier.

"But the knuckle-duster was a complication; for it was his right hand that I had to watch; and yet I could not afford to free for an instant his left, armed as it was with that shabbiest of weapons.

Dressed in my shabbiest clothes, I trudged, hour after hour and day after day, through the gray and joyless streets and alleys, looking earnestly into the beady eyes and broad faces of the East-European wayfarers and wondering whether any of them was the man I sought.

Running into the shop, I fixed the necessary strip of court-plaster on my forehead, tinted my nose, and, having pocketed the stick of paint and a piece of plaster, put on my shabbiest overcoat and a neck-cloth, trod on my hat and jammed it on my head so that it should cover the strip of plaster.

Have you seen in your tour of Japan many a young man with unkempt hair, dressed in shabbiest garb, carrying in his hand a large cane or a book, stalking about the streets with an air of utter indifference to mundane things?

Both arms are gone, cut off at the shoulder joint;and the strangest part of it is that the same thing has been done to my shabby old skeleton which stands in my bedroom, There wasn't an arm on either of them."

A woman in a tidy calico dress, and shabby black silk cap trimmed with still shabbier lace, rose from her seat beside a sort of bread-trough, which fulfilled the office of cradle to a fine, fat baby.

Visitors from western cities and towns are often amazed, and vastly amused, to find in New York and other eastern cities little narrow-gauge street car lines, where gaunt horses haul the shabbiest of cars over the oldest and roughest of road beds.

Look at that four-story house near the western end of the block, the one a trifle shabbier than its neighbors.

Flattered by the honest baronet's invitation, he had met it almost more than half-way; and had dispatched six of his shabbiest horses to Birmingham to be repainted for the fete, and labelled "Kitchener," "Bobs," "Cecil Rhodes," "Doctor Jim," "Our Joe," and "Strathcona"names (as he observed) altogether more up to date than the "Black Prince," "Brown Bess," "Saladin," and others they superseded.

There were others who belonged in the category of Decayed Families, as exclusive as they were shabby.

It went back into the wardrobe very quickly, and she came down to tea in a gray barรฉge that was a little shabby.

"Like a kind of conspirator, in old shabby Shuba with the collar turned up.

he hedn't no business ter be so shabby."

"But, Aunt Linda," pursued Iola, "if it were shabby for an ignorant colored man to sell his vote, wasn't it shabbier for an intelligent white man to buy it?"

"But, Aunt Linda," pursued Iola, "if it were shabby for an ignorant colored man to sell his vote, wasn't it shabbier for an intelligent white man to buy it?"

The hat that hung in the passage below might have been much shabbier without necessarily indicating poverty.

The occasional soldier met in the streets looked shabbier in the shabby surroundings of the East.

In the afternoon I rowed over to Darien, and there procuring the most miserable vehicle calling itself a carriage that I had ever seen (the dirtiest and shabbiest London hackney-coach were a chariot of splendour and ease to it), we drove some distance into the sandy wilderness that surrounds the little town, to pay a visit to some of the resident gentry who had called upon us.

He was a square-built, burly, shabby-looking fellow, and was striding along so fast that we had to quicken our pace in order to come up with him.

But Mimo looked always a gentleman, even in his shabbiest coat.

I found in her stead (for she had departed in the interval) a delicate-looking young woman, plain and poor, a widow evidently from the style of her shabby mourning and sad expression of face, bearing in her arms a weird and sickly-looking child, evidently a sufferer from spinal diseasean infant as to size, but preternaturally old in countenance.

The next morning, dressed in a shabby blouse, alpaca cap, and trousers frayed out round the ankles, IHector Ratichon, the confidant of kingswas lounging under the porte-cochere of No. 65 Rue des Pyramides.

The very oldest and shabbiest have had my tenderest care.

Who can conceive of the redoubtable Dean of St. Patrick, then at the very summit of his fame, dispensing such splendid favours to a wretch whom he knew to be engaged in the shabbiest of all traffics at the expense of himself and his friends?

He himself in his most famous years lived so plainly that some said he was miserly, and his clothes were sometimes almost shabby.

"That's rather shabby of you," he declared.

โ€œMy father is living in the village and used to sell 24 pieces for SSP 150,โ€ a shabby-looking Lado said.

I think the urgency here, Mr. Speaker, is the shabby and arrogant way in which this government has treated those volunteers.