54 examples of shabbiness in sentences

It's warm in here, thank goodness!" He looked at her as she sat by his side in her plain black dress, and was impressed for the first time with a certain unsuspected grace of outline, which made him for the moment oblivious of the shabbiness of her gown.

She was glad that Jason had not had time to procure a new livery, was glad of the old shabbiness of the room, that its aspect was not yet changed, and that it greeted her with all its old familiarity, Mr. Wordley would not let her talk until she had made, at any rate, a pretense of eating; but when they had gone into the drawing-room, he drew a chair to the fire for her, and said; "Now, my dear, I am afraid I shall have to talk business.

But that is a piece of benevolent shabbiness which must come to grief some day.

Shabbiness of the Tuileries.

Tronchet, M. Tuileries, shabbiness of the, and removal of the court to the.

As Peter and his mother crept up the bank of the river, stopping occasionally to let the old negress rest, his impression of the meanness and shabbiness of the whole village grew.

His presence had a disastrous effect on the chill, unfrequented drawing-room, reducing it instantly to a condition of paltry shabbiness.

Can anyone find any trace of shabbiness in me?"

I will not promise her a grand career for my darling: but I will pledge myself that nothing of that kind which the world calls evilno penury, or shabbiness of surroundingsshall ever touch Mary Haselden after she is Mary Hammond.

For, after all, what is the root cause of all this dirt and ignorance and shabbiness and disease?

But it must be owned that these things, so unspeakably interesting at first, became a little threadbare before the end of the winter; we grew tired of the tawdriness and shabbiness which pervaded them all, of the coarse faces of the priests, and the rank odor of the incense.

Shabby,let me here pause to say that in Virginia shabbiness is the grand universal law, and neatness the spasmodic exception, attained in rare spots, an aeon beyond their Old Dominion age.

What did you want?" Many a pair of just such slippers she had danced to the verge of shabbiness.

She assured Hahn that its shabbiness did not show from the front.

One day when on the Seminary campus, I heard two of the students very thoughtlessly criticising the exceeding shabbiness of L's wearing apparel, his short pants, old shoes, and socks with no heels in them.

Their daily lives were surrounded by much shabbiness and many meannesses.

It was a young man of no very distinguished appearance, thin, red-haired, with a pasty complexion and a scrubby moustache; his clothes were approaching shabbiness, and he had an unwashed look, due in part to hasty travel on this hot day.

He found his friend at home, writing, with his desk pushed against the open window, and the dust and shabbiness of his room dismally obvious in the hot July sunshine.

Thrown about in a sort of joyous disorder, Gertrude Sinclair's finery quite lit up the shabbiness.

It may, of course, make itself odious by its modes of proceeding, by meanness and shabbiness and violence, by underhand and ignoble methods of misrepresentation and slander, or by cruelty and plain injustice; and then the odium of these things fairly falls upon it.

Kate had a way of avoiding shabbiness, but of late her interest in decoration had been anything but keen.

The shabbiness of the chancel in particular is enhanced by a casement which does duty for an E. window.

"You see," added Robert, "all the shabbiness is not on our side.

While the building is new and fresh this means little work; but as time goes on the poor construction shows, the surface varnish wears off, cracks come, and a general shabbiness appears, so that the tenant prefers to move into a new building.

Both Cuningham and Watson were shabbily dressed; but it was an artistic and metropolitan shabbiness.

54 examples of  shabbiness  in sentences