54 examples of shabbiness in sentences

On the whole, he did not think he was going to be shabby, but perhaps shabbiness was justified.

For the first time she was struck by its shabbiness; she had never given a thought to it before.

The room was seedy and shabby, but with a different seediness and shabbiness from that of Heron Hall; for there was an attempt to conceal its loss of freshness with antimacassars, large in size and hideous of pattern.

She was glad that Jason had not had time to procure a new livery, was glad of the old shabbiness of the room, that its aspect was not yet changed, and that it greeted her with all its old familiarity, Mr. Wordley would not let her talk until she had made, at any rate, a pretense of eating; but when they had gone into the drawing-room, he drew a chair to the fire for her, and said; "Now, my dear, I am afraid I shall have to talk business.

But that is a piece of benevolent shabbiness which must come to grief some day.

And, by the side of George Cannon on the platform, she was aware of her shabbiness and of her girlish fragility.

At night, with the gas lighted and the yellow blind drawn and the loose bundle of strips paper gleaming in the grate, the bedroom seemed very cozy and habitable in its shabbiness; like the rest of the house it had an ample supply of furniture, and especially of those trifling articles, useful or useless, which collect only by slow degrees, and which are a proof of long humanizing habitation.

The side street was her destiny; the side street and shabbiness.

His shabbiness was assumed.

I love its shabbiness.

I will not promise her a grand career for my darling: but I will pledge myself that nothing of that kind which the world calls evilno penury, or shabbiness of surroundingsshall ever touch Mary Haselden after she is Mary Hammond.

Shabbiness had slightly overtaken him in Putney.

He paused and resumed with some emotion: "I know the shabbiness of using this opportunity; but it's the last I'll get.

At first glimpse, alighting before the steps of the restored Mission church, Angela compared it unfavourably in her mind with the lovely shabbiness of San Gabriel.

What did you want?" Many a pair of just such slippers she had danced to the verge of shabbiness.

All thisnamely, the appearance of the house and its mistress, the shabbiness of the entrance to the former, the secret signal, etc. etc.surprised me a little; but I suspected nothing wrongnever dreamt of it.

He had taken off his white apron of waiter, and was disreputable in all the shabbiness of his attire as cook.

He found his friend at home, writing, with his desk pushed against the open window, and the dust and shabbiness of his room dismally obvious in the hot July sunshine.

The shabbiness of my room upstairs was not a matter for every stranger.

Thrown about in a sort of joyous disorder, Gertrude Sinclair's finery quite lit up the shabbiness.

At this Place he exchanged his gay Shabbiness of Cloaths fit for a much younger Man, to warm ones that would be decent for a much older one.

I have not noticed any shabbiness of late in the garb of those with whom I am acquainted.

She had seen her growing a little thinner and more tense everyday; had seen her putting on spectacles, and fighting anaemia with tonics, and yielding unresistingly to shabbiness.

Kate had a way of avoiding shabbiness, but of late her interest in decoration had been anything but keen.

The shabbiness of the chancel in particular is enhanced by a casement which does duty for an E. window.

54 examples of  shabbiness  in sentences